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I am looking to meet some creative souls; models (photographers, MUAs anyone creative) who wants to shoot some meaningful bold art. Send me the model that wants to keep shooting.  Send me a Muse.

I am here to create art; in the same way a musician has to create music I have to create art. If you are a model that feels the same way we should work together; its as simple as that.

I work TF on art projects and if I listed you that means I would like to work with you on an art project.  TF shoots are scheduled for weekday mornings only; other times are not available for TFs; you can of course schedule other times for a fee.

I am a Semi-retired award winning photographer/videographer. Yes I do video shoots too; I work with models to produce video for their sites.  I am St. Louis based; looking for models to collaborate. It's all about the creativity. Send me a muse; send me the model that really wants to keep on shooting art; especially if you are short or tall; mature or "bendy" (dancers, gymnasts, yogis and ballerinas). For ideas for shoots and outfits please check out my many "wish lists" listed here on this port. 

I love fine art and I am seeking models that feel the same way; someone who would like to work with me to develop creative art photos that stand out. It involves shooting whenever you or I have a creative art concept we need to explore. This could be studio and/or location. I've always had an eye for discovering talent and connecting people. I love helping creative people achieve the next level and have built some great relationships with creative people I treasure. I am always looking to built a creative team that wants to produce creative art projects.

To Models Outside of the StL Area:
Seeking models from all over the world (if you can make it here).
I love working with out of town models; they seem to really appreciate the killer outdoor locations the St. Louis area has to offer and several have said that the large number of great TF pics they get made the trip worth it.  It is actually cheaper to fly here to shoot TFs than to stay home and pay for a shoot; the same is true for video shoots.
FYI: There are trains from KC and Chicago to Kirkwood, MO and SWA has a lot of inexpensive flights to STL, so it is easy and cheap to get here.

I do not pay for models; that includes travel expenses.  If you are too far away keep me in mind if you are ever in town. If you can't get here please contact me anyway.  There are rare times I travel and may be able to squeeze in a side trip to you; I can put you on a travel list.
Sorry no minors; proof of age (18+) is required.

LOL Someone asked me what I was doing shooting in St. Louis instead of a coast. I told them I was waiting for a "no coast" intervention, save me, get me to a coast smile ... so if you know anyone tell them about me, everyone needs their big break.

If you are coming over to shoot bring a jump drive and your music.
Let me say that one more time if you are coming over to shoot bring a jump drive.

Over the years models have asked me for advice; I say shoot just a little outside your comfort zone.

A final thought: Art saved the world with the Renaissance. Art can save the world again. Sponsor the Arts.


Credits for Models: I'll be glad to give references on models with whom I've shot upon request.

Ok this made my day:
"Some of your images have been the creative inspiration for some of my models.  Thank you for providing the high quality images that make for good inspiration".

Thank you so much for the shoot this morning. I always love working with you. Full of great ideas and your energy is unwavering. Xoxoxo
Beth Brooks #2369894

"I am a huge fan of your images!!! I really liked the one with the blue wrap.  I would so love for you to use that creativity on me.. Your images are phenomenal and it would be a huge honor to get in front if your lens.  If I had the money I would have you on the next flight to Hawaii!!!  Outstanding work!!!
Chelsey" Mayhem #2878260
Chelsey I am waiting smile

From:Laura Michelle C    Mayhem #2144724 Model   
Thank you soooo much for today! The shots turned out amazing and you were just as amazing. I felt so comfortable with you, like I've known you forever!
Can't wait to work with you again!

From Chrissi Wylde Mayhem #649157 Model
Tony was a blast to work with! His high energy level really helps you get into the mood of the shoot, even if you are starting early in the morning! His enthusiastic and creative approach really made the time fly by, and I was very pleased to see the end results. Tony will offer advice along the way if you need it, or just sit back and let you own the camera... either way it's magic in the making! Thank you so much Tony, I look forward to working with you again!!

From BecKaJean    Mayhem #1278986 Model   
Thanks soo much for the wonderful shoot!!!! U were great and amazing to work with!! Makes me want to drive to st. louis just to shoot for a few hours!! I loved every minute of working with you and I would highly recommend you as well!!! un like some photographers you are full of energy and keep coming up with terrfic themes!! Can't wait to shoot again after it warms up a little! Thanks so much for the great 2 day shoot. I LOVE THE PICTURES ITS VERY HARD TO PICK FROM THEM!   

From Dawn Anne    Mayhem #1045803 Model
Thanks for being warm and respectful! You are full of amazing ideas and I look forward to shooting again and getting some into action!
Tony is one of the most creative minds I've come across. He is warm, and is great at getting the model in the mindset for a great series. Time breezes by when shooting with him!

From BellaMafia618 Mayhem #638345 Model
Had an amazing and fun time shooting with you! You were patient, open, creative and fun to collaborate with! You definitely helped me expand myself and portfolio. Looking forward to shooting with you again smile   

From Jena Goldberg, Mayhem #1848973 Model
"Fineline Art (such a great photographer, loved working with him!)"


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Casting Call
Jan 6, 2015 Seeking test models that have time to shoot next year during the weekdays.
Dec 1, 2014 Casting for female models



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