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For and for most my greatest appreciation and thanks to all the wonderful models who have worked with me over the years and those that will work with me in the years to come.  Without you my artistic ideas and visions would be limited to flowers and sunsets - no matter how good I am I couldn't have created anything without you. 

Focusing a little bit more on the fine art film aspects of my photography and am available for styled shoots and models looked to expand their look in that area.

Since film carries a financial investment I will limit TF shoots to only 2-3 per month, and it has to be something that I think will benefit both our portfolios.

No nudity required.  It's not that kind of "fine art". :-) 
But looking at my portfolio it's obvious I'm not afraid of it either - just not what I'm focusing on - although at some point a B&W film boudoir style shoot might be something I want to work on as well. 

Unsure what I'm looking for, here's some inspiration:
(doesn't have to be bridal - but if you have the dress....)


Sometimes we all reach crossroads in our passion, our lives, our art.  I find myself at such a crossroad now.  I've semi-retired from being a full time wedding photography back to a m-f job and getting back to shooting just to create art. 

The years of shooting most everything of a creative nature in the studio has taken it's toll on me - and this last year the studio has bored me to death. .   My Solution, the boredom and the very studio itself is gone - I just couldn't feel inspired with perfectly controlled lighting anymore.   In it's place is the entire world around us.   Nature and locations, the surreal aspect of the imperfect and less than 100% controlled situations.

I've also spent the better part of my creative time since 2001 trying to get my digital work to look like film.   Well fuck it.  I'm going back to film.   For the immediate future all my personal work is film based.   That means I'm not shooting models for the hell of it anymore because every shoot hits my pocket, seriously medium format film is $2-$3 a shot counting film and processing.   Great models, great ideas - always welcome. It also means about a 3 week turn around on images - at best.   I use 2 labs for film - and while awesome - they aren't fast (or cheap).   

Most of my work is TFP.   Unless I have an overpowering artistic vision and you are the only model to bring it to life - I seldom pay models outright (but often cover gas if you have a drive), but on the other hand my work is well beyond most starting photographers on this site and I never charge models either.   To me a photo shoot is a collaboration and exchange of talent to create something greater than either of us could have done without the other.

What am I looking for in models?
Love models who bring their own ideas to a shoot and can be expressive.   More lifestyle with real expressions rather than fashion with stone cold glares.

Models who can keep their hands to themselves also apprecaited.  Lets be professional here.   I promise not to grope you and expect the same professionalism from you. :-)   Sense of humor is also a bonus. 

Escorts - fine but they must be able to lift and carry at least 50lbs of gear.  Seriously I will put them to work.

Nudes:  You'll see a fair amount of skin in my portfolio - I like this think it's all of a very tasteful and fine art nature.   Still if you don't do nude work please don't let the fact that these exist stop you from working with me.  I typically only do this type of work with models I've worked with on several occasions and have a solid working relationship with so I can focus on exposure and composition without being paranoid about look the wrong place or saying the wrong thing.  I'm never going to try and convince your to shed your clothes for arts sake. :-)

My flickr site dedicated to film




and of course my wedding photography site

Blue Shift Infrared Project
This project is currently closed to all TF shoots and available as a paid shoot only with the exception of anything in my casting calls that might be IR related. 

Greatly inspired by the amazing work of StudioCMC in Delaware
this studio infrared project is mostly done in a modified DSLR with one of the stock filters replaced with a traditional infrared filter - and then a few custom tweaks have been made.  I'm not the first photographer locally to do this - but my years of studio lighting skills combined custom white balance (in camera) and tweaks to the lights,  and the final results are fairly unique and striking amongst anything being done on the local level with this.  Printed on a metallic or pearl paper the prints are exceptional.  The effect is almost entirely done in camera with photography and not in photoshop.  The photoshop tweaks to these images are fairly light - just brightness and contrast for the most part - no more than I'd do for a good headshot or portrait.



MM Models I've had the pleasure to work with.
* indicates have worked on more than one occasion
** Indicates lots of times.
Dawn of the Rockies #3826 ** 
Teressa #33827 *
Kit #35963  **
TreannaDawn #16186 **
Ashlee #114759 *
Alisha #122483
Brittni Lynn #112530
Samantha OMP #235415
Ashly #154017
Jamie #5030 *
Candypants #158313  **
Jacquie #399192
Sara Liana #365532 **lots**
Lovelechavez #390263
tattoodangel #375650
Michelle #402701
Melanie #377484
Luna Sea #368772 *
LightningStorm #390827
Briana Rose Sprague #402314 *
BellaLynn  #231851
Rocky of the Rockies  #318932
Dangerous Curves#324990
Kyanne #404300
Andrew #541441
Danielle #516267
Agraphena #473406
JessM  #388046
CRJ (MUA)   #524637
Shannyv  #498985 **
Amber Tolchin #549335 *
Mari Lynn #528863
J-Chans Designs #542467 **
Shann Cox #555109
Dasha Vinae  #429210
Elizabeth Maiden #401472 **
Laura-Mrs Great Britain #587019 *
Pam S #534514
Angela Chung #520686
Leslie Moen #534914
Colorado Model Amber #5532
JLyn #343001
Durell #525689
Rochell #626945
Sean Moyer #381730
Lainey B       #653034
Natalia #451727
Ashley Klotz  #529860
AshyHin #577720
Kari Tanner #671759
Starphyre #669030
Kristilux  #668820 *
Perish #1262
Ianthe #691262 *
Sarah Cate #324990 *
Andrea #698230
ENLK (#605980)
Amber Tolchin (#549335)
Ianthe Wells (#691262)
eRin Tran (#697007)
Tricia (#550011)
Anastasia Danger #600887
Courtney Roxanne #715627
Xaphan #475954
Miss Ellen #197136
AEoN of AuDiOFLuX #184896
Kelsie Leigh #659810
Pinky and her Brain #712247
Anikka Von Lee #755572 *
Fetish Dolly #5023
sqooshie #711038
Catherine #1281525
Aly K #71492
Britts Eternal Sunshine #1830336
V Elliott #1868481
Miss Niki M #1603864*
A R I E S #26796*
Velocity #800145
Bigjae #1972466
Patrick Maderia #1944505
Joshua M #1924894
Sarah H #1892921
Molly #1992195
Stephanie ManerMillonig #1722815*
Jessica Rowell #2223415**
Miss Ashley Bell #2092090
Alyssa Caitlain #1367275*
Nabila Fenix #783467
Cynthia Hinojosa #1362817
Christa Mary #1124828
Ernes K #2448708
Bonnie88 #2001278
Laura Orduno #1450793
Victory Gail #2001597
Jenny Renee Boswell #2304811
Jessica - Allie #1839690
Valeri K #1812421
Anita Joy #1116591
Marie Francesca #2037102
Miss Bella Notte #2475031
Kellie Nedrow #1623067
Nicole Kristine #1928874
MaryBeth Foxx Lauro #1516486
Charlotte Gilner #1876239
Quest #9306
Dayna Louise #36789
Sassicaia #2500411
Adriana Michelle #1644840
Megan Pottinger #781569
Krystalle Crow #1283578
MeganAnn #1889313
Jenea #2520031
Antoinette #2205252
Talya Vylyt #2215786


Amazing monochromes   71 pics
Awesome ladies with tattoo art   11 pics
Beautiful Non studio nudes   24 pics
Blue Shift Infrared Project   23 pics
Fabulous Film   17 pics
Fine Art black and white nude   79 pics
Monochrome Mysteries   8 pics
My work in other portfolios   2 pics
Redheads for film project   21 pics



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