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Unique Nudes

Riverside, California, US
UniqueNudes.com - The Art of Richard Rasner

Mayhem #120679

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/UniqueNudes

About me

NOTE: Weekends book the fastest (as of Sept 2013 I am booked pretty solidly through the end of the year) but there is the occasional Sunday open.  Many weekdays are still available as are a few evenings. I am still willing to shoot with any model who has a desire to create fine art, but my time is getting more and more limited as demand increases for my work.  I will be happy to photograph you, but it may be a while before we can get something set up.  Just message me and we'll work it out.

If you want to expedite the process, the very fastest way to book with me is to fill out the questionnaire on my website and send it in.  Once you are in my database the booking process is much smoother and easier.
Direct Link: http://uniquenudes.com/NewModelFAQ

My name is Richard Rasner and I have been a fine art nude photographer for over 15 years now.  My ideal goal is to make fine art nudes a respected art form once again, by creating unique and tasteful works of art to be shared with the world.  My work has been displayed in museums and art galleries worldwide, and my first book "Whispers of the Mind" was published in early 2006 to great reviews and rapidly became a best-seller on Amazon.com. 

I am an actual functioning professional photographer; this is my only job.  As such, I treat it very seriously.  I never want to have a "day job" ever again.  If you are contacting me about work, please make sure you are both serious and reliable.  Other than that, I can't wait to hear from all of you.  It's been a few years since I have been on any of these sites (having long ago dropped OMP, Musecube and the like) but enough pressure from my models and an upcoming world travel schedule has made me cave in and change my mind.

ALL MY WORK IS PAID OR TRADE, but if you think that you are worth $300 an hour/3 hour minimum you better have the credits to back it up.  98% of all my work through here will be TFCD, but I offer 50% profit sharing on prints sold at my shows *plus* shared copyrights and lots of positive exposure (such as nationally published books.)  Also, when I do have high paid commercial shoots, I only use models that have shot with me TFP before.  It's only fair.

If you want to contact me for a shoot (or even if you have any questions about upcoming shows, book signings, etc) you can e-mail me or even call my cell.

Contact e-mail: nakayama.studios@gmail.com or info@uniquenudes.com

Contact Cell: 909-519-4456 (Noon-Midnight PST)

Please Tag or Note first before Friend requests.  I'm trying to limit my friends page to people I actually have some form of meaningful contact with.

**Upcoming work/open calls:**
Currently I am looking for models with a true vintage look (not Rockabilly) for my ongoing series about the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Am I also looking for heavily-tattooed models for the ongoing "Beauty of Ink" series, now announced as a book!

"Belles of the Sky" is currently on hiatus indefinitely, as is the Alice Project.

"Abandoned: The Relentless Passage of Time" Part 1 is now available from Blurb Press.

I am currently spending most of my time at the Riverside, CA studio, but I do try to get to my Alaska, Pennsylvania and Beijing (China) studios at least once a year.

-- 2009 --
Dallas TX Oct 23-26
Las Vegas NV Nov 4-10
Beijing, China November 18-Dec 3
San Diego, CA Dec 25-27
-- 2010 --
Jan 13-17: Ephrata & Lebanon, PA
Feb 11-13: Las Vegas, NV
Mar 17-22: Houston, TX
May 27-29: Las Vegas, NV
June 3-7: San Antonio, TX
June 14-21: Ephrata, PA
June 24-30: Orlando, FL
July 2-4: Big Bear, CA
July 10-11 & 16-18: Los Angeles, CA
Aug 20-23: Las Vegas, NV
Sept 2-7: Victorville, CA
Sept 9-10: Providence, RI
Sept 10-11: New Haven, CT
Sept 27-29: Cleveland, OH
Oct 6-11: Los Angeles, CA
Oct 22-25: Phoenix & Flagstaff, AZ
Nov 4-6: Las Vegas, NV
Nov 27-29: Primm, NV
-- 2011--
Jan 6-10: Lebanon, PA
Feb 9-14: Queen's Creek, AZ
Feb 19-20: Los Angeles, CA
Mar 16-20: Dallas, TX
Mar 21-26: Anchorage, AK
Apr 12-14: Las Vegas, NV
June 7-11: Portorose, Slovenia
June 12: Venice, Italy
June 13: Florence, Italy
June 14: Pisa, Italy
June 15-17: Rome, Italy & The Vatican (Holy See)
June 18-19: Bucharest, Romania
June 20-21: Vienna, Austria
June 22-24: Giswil, Switzerland
June 25-27: Venice, Italy
June 27-19: Rome, Italy
July 15-19: San Luis Obisbo, CA
Aug 4-6: Las Vegas, NV
Aug 6-7: Los Angeles, CA
Aug 11-16: Ignacio, CO
Aug 20-21: Big Bear, CA
Aug 25-30: Maui, HI
Sept 2-7: Victorville, CA
Sept 12-13: Houston, TX
Sept 14-16: Dallas, TX
Sept 17: Los Angeles, CA (Emmys)
Oct 5-10: Bakersfield, CA
Oct 11: Houston, TX
Oct 12: Dallas, TX
Oct 26-30: Las Vegas, NV
Nov 10-15: Winkelman, AZ
Nov 15: Los Angeles, CA (Manny Pacquio party)
Nov 18: Lancaster, CA
Nov 24-25: Las Vegas, NV
Nov 26-27: Primm, NV
December 2011: New Orleans. Hong Kong. Beijing.*
Jan 9-11: Las Vegas, NV
Jan 13-15: Ventura, CA
Jan 19-20: San Diego, CA
Jan 27-30: Austin, TX
Feb 03-05: Ridgecrest, CA
Feb 13-14: Primm, NV
Feb 17-20: Kern, CA
Mar 27 - Apl 2: Queen's Creek, AZ
July 27-29: Lone Pine, CA
Aug 10-19: Big Bear, CA
Oct 2-8: Bakersfield, CA
Dec 12-15: Laughlin, NV
Doing my best to actually stay home this year!

(Dates with a "*" are subject to change.)

The documentary about my "Fire II" shoot (featuring the Burning Sands production team) is currently in the editing studio and due for a Jan 2013 release!

**Upcoming Shows**
There are no shows currently planned; in the meantime be sure to check out my works on permanent display in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Beijing & Vienna.

Best Regards,
Richard Rasner
Nakayama Studios

Past Clients and Projects include:
Motion Pictures & TV:
Dark Reel
Angels in the Dark
Lethal Orbit
Conquest (History Channel)

Charity work:
The Los Angeles Midnight Mission
RatzenMauzers (rat rescue) RMCA of Las Vegas
Hollywood Hoopsters Celebrity Basketball Team
The Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas
Zombie Squad Chapter 009
Harmony Kids
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Heroes Against Hunger
Three Square
ChildHelp, USA

Corporate Work:
Crown Boxing
Arabian Breeder's World Cup 2007
Associated Press (AP)
ARME (A Rich Man Entertainment)
Millionaire Marketing Group
Mojo Republik (Lead Staff Photographer)
CatHouse at the Luxor Casino
Burner Bros. Productions/Odds On Records
Harry Mahoney's Erotic Heritage Museum
Zombie Squad Chapter 009
The Midnight Mission, Los Angeles
CieAura (official staff photographer)
KCXX Radio (official staff photographer)
KATY Radio
Killarney's Pub, Riverside
Avengence Records

Published Works:
Whispers of the Mind (Top 1,000 Sales Rank on Amazon - 2006)
Borders Pet Project (2007)
MojoRepublik Magazine (2007-2009)
Ultrafeel.TV (Dec 2007)
Univers d'Artistes (2008)
RevolutionART Magazine (Issue 12 - 05/08)
US Weekly (Nov 10, 2008)
RevolutionART Magazine (Issue 18 - 05/09)
Las Vegas Weekly (May 05 2009)
The Naked & The Lens (2009)
The DEATHbook Project (2009)
The New Nude (2009)
Abandoned (2009)
RevolutionART Magazine (Issue 23 - 03/2010)
EmPower Magazine (Vol 4 - Issue 1 2010)
NPS Magazine (Spring 2010)
Anata Your Art (2011)
RevolutionART Magazine (Issue 37 - 07/2012)

Celebrity Clients:
Mr. T, Billy Idol, Kevin Bacon, Seth Green, Dick Van Dyke... (the list really would take up too much space) and nearly every band under the sun.  For a peek at just a few of them, look at my music portfolio on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= … amp;type=3

Recent Showings:
The Palms - Long Beach (solo)
L.A. Center for Digital Art group show (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)
Apparatus Gallery (solo) - Las Vegas
Inter-Expo - Lodz, Poland
Personality Exhibition at thebeatfarm - Las Vegas
Horror @ The Box Office - Las Vegas
AVN Featured Art Show (Solo) - The EHM Fine Art Gallery
"LOVE" (Group Show) @ The Box Office - Las Vegas
Mini Mini at Push Gallery (Group Show) - Phoenix
Solo show - AMP Outdoor Gallery - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
The New Nude (Book Show) Abnormals Gallery, Berlin
Goose N Duck special exhibition - Beijing, China

Permanent Installations:
The Midnight Mission (1 image)
Austrian Arts Museum (4 images)
Erotic Heritage Museum (1 image + Video installation)
Goose N' Duck Beijing (1 image)

The Parisian for Fine Art Nudes
OMP Showcase (2004)
#1 on TheNudeInsider.com (11/06)
Artist of the month: Atmosphotography.com
deviantART featured artist (07/06, 12/07, 10/08 & 12/08)
deviantART featured print artist (multiple)

All of the films currently made about my work (from full-length documentaries to short makeup timelapse vids) can be found on Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/nakayamastudios
Canon, USA
MojoRepublik Magazine
RiskReactor.com UV
ZizZazz Energy Powder
The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum
KCXX 103.9 Radio
Zodiac Tattoo Studio
Nakayama Studios LLC
Professional Member of the National Press Photographer's Association

*If you would like references, I can provide a list of literally hundreds of models that I have worked with.  You may also check the section below for Model Mayhem models I have worked with and contact them through this site.  In addition, I was a member of TheBlackBookProject.com (promoting model safety and awareness) when it was still active.

NOTE: I have included all the models and artists on Mayhem that I have ever worked with in the spirit of full disclosure.  However, I CANNOT in good conscious recommend all of them.  Please note me for specific references.

Model Mayhem!
#370 Victoria Lane
#2864 Meet Maria
#3802 Englishman in LA
#4601 Divinora Darling
#6300 Kara Kay
#15852 Kristinoir
#16635 ForeverRain
#16883 Rebeckah
#18211 Brandelyn
#24391 LaRue
#25964 Ariel Hope
#35171 MonkeyToez
#51982 Xochitl
#61165 NyxValentine
#63913 Stacey
#70324 Heather Garvey
#72665 Tricia Q
#73864 Joy Fields
#94418 Eve Elle
#101440 Syrinx Beauty
#112398 Leslie Meyers
#113119 Miss Pinky Sui
#122588 Unicorn Rose
#131398 Nikki Jaden
#133256 Conundra
#133262 Leopardess Kat
#155349 Cataclysm
#162904 Spikey Clover
#172700 Kissy
#196589 Jennifer Purcell
#205534 Gigi La Bouche
#221950 Whitney Olsen
#234947 Cindi Khongwiset
#238614 ShanaJ
#242825 AngelinArizona
#258309 Jenn O. Cide
#275829 Summer Loraine
#282453 Jessie Geneva
#286521 Sybil Hawthorne
#305482 JewellSan
#312055 Sarah Sugars
#326805 NevaehLleh
#334110 Big A - Larger Than Life
#336013 Erika
#336790 Amanda
#356557 Austin23
#357110 SkyeDoll
#373569 Corinne of Las Vegas
#375031 Lil Miss Mayhem
#377771 Lucy Rider
#381075 Undermedicated
#383247 Groundling Kaylee
#385080 Ludovika Nox
#405985 Bast Queen of Cats
#423338 Rozaline
#489271 Staysha
#497452 SweetPea Suicide
#505719 CaliAly
#506489 Jacob Authier
#510021 Jessi 44
#515001 AciD_RaIN
#517701 Keith
#521352 Musketeer
#525810 Sara Skweek
#526411 GreenBirdGirl
#594061 Christina Desiere
#605189 Delilah Rae
#614674 S a r a b e t h
#618305 Cindy Stamps
#626508 Lydia Love
#627366 Irulan-Amy
#656074 Kaylynn Hills
#682702 -Christ-
#691631 Alaskan Ken Doll
#693982 Lisa Cash
#736148 Model Jade
#749497 E r z s e b e t
#767910 Monique Ravissant
#773942 Persephone Willows
#810167 Joykinz
#812939 Jenna Black
#822959 Mitdasein Model
#826439 Kittie M
#871184 Mandi Malfunction
#879943 Raye Pasag
#1033205 Julianne Leigh
#1033898 Alyssa Lauren
#1050216 Sin City Aerialist
#1056242 Demonika Devour
#1060619 Billy Jefferson
#1066495 Shadow Faye
#1070822 Passion Rayne
#1083423 Peter S. Hill
#1085193 KittyKat02
#1086034 JunZhi
#1134554 Ambere Sweet
#1145015 Gwendolyn Jane
#1163275 Xavier Muscle
#1166523 Mary Ezerskis
#1181269 Sasha La-T
#1191560 Ikaika San Nicolas
#1232528 Alexandretta
#1233487 Ali Doom
#1273506 Skydiver Renee
#1274787 LilyStarr
#1284651 Nordique Fier
#1308921 Kelli Lynn Sage
#1324346 Jesse James Cowser
#1337782 Eslynne Piroska Weaver
#1361421 Halley Kathryn
#1385429 Stradivarius
#1403661 Jade Alysse Berry
#1406542 Hanah Lewis
#1432744 Mr. Emerson
#1445524 Canary Doll
#1489836 Picklethis
#1518227 Cat Morales
#1542285 Missy Imp
#1551878 Darby Knox
#1562618 TrojanMouse
#1567170 Isobel Love
#1569331 Lucy Blaze
#1570146 Derrian Marquise
#1582135 Tiffany Cummings
#1584969 Bianca Diamond
#1641161 Shaylene Smythe
#1660375 Courtney Spillman
#1661448 Neko Love
#1679887 Kay-T Jewels
#1700802 Faith Adams
#1705702 Deborah Mayfield
#1713688 Kat Sheridan
#1735900 John Hochstein
#1741281 Shoshone Brown
#1754262 Frenchfri70x7
#1761025 Adam Johnson
#1761739 Unforgiven Tattoo
#1888630 I Am Tina
#1998329 L Shatto
#2032386 Sammie Jay
#2124618 Aries-Delight
#2194940 Bonanza Jellybean
#2257327 Summer Solstice
#2267767 Ryanne Elizabeth
#2277794 Kelliv
#2304191 Varoness
#2353025 YippieSkip
#2355669 Tawny Love
#2923540 Lilmislei
#3125253 Alyxx Constantine

Designer Mayhem!
#1910897  PickleThis! Designs

Makeup Mayhem!
#145610 Jessi Pagel
#362662 MDM Artistry
#366900 SandMstyling
#529442 Changeling Colors
#710474 Jennifer Herrera
#1337561 Von Razor Creations
#1817559 Letty Calzada-Riley

Photographer Mayhem!
#1052 Scott Church
#5419 Maria Rosaria
#5812 Matt Schneider
#9546 D.M. Gremlin
#19554 Adam Chison
#145090 Wynnesome
#163765 Etheral Images
#166811 Jen Moore Photography
#240212 ORiain Photography
#300916 Rauðskegg Photography
#321108 VistaVisuals
#357937 Neisus
#376430 Savage Arts
#373322 Jewell in the sand
#497937 Black Arts
#566394 J2 Portaits
#799463 Mitdasein Photography
#821106 Ariston Collander Photography
#1053869 Beyond Skin Deep Photo
#1545546 Nudes by Rev (Rev of Rope)

Photos I Took   119 pics


Bourn 2 Freelance


James Basilisk

Basilisk Photography

Alesia Anne

Andrew Huntington

Richard Overfield

Advocate for Art



Sandra Roz

Sofia Sousa

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