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I DO NOT SHOOT MODELS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE - that's simply my choice!

I ONLY SHOOT THE FEMALE OF OUR SPECIES that's simply my choice also. Just like it's my choice to live in the area I live in or the type of vehicle I drive, or, the types of white goods I buy or, the places I choose to go on holidays

I STARTED PHOTOGRAPHY AT AGE 14 my first model shoot was way back when the Miss Tasmania quest was all happening. In 1978 I photographed an entrant for her personal collection in the hope it might assist her in finding some work in the modelling field at that time. It was a great way for me to learn about posing models and about angles and skin tones and reflections and of making sure there were no other distractions in the photograph that would detract from the impact of the model I was shooting. I have been shooting models ever since that time. Cameras and equipment have changed so much since the 60's. With our digital age it negated the use of darkrooms with chemicals stored and used to bring photographs to life in print. Now computers allow us to purchase a chemical free darkroom program. The old way was definitely fun but the new age digital darkroom is (for me) equally as much fun.

Hi Malcolm
It was a pleasure working with you also you are a fantastic photographer you made me feel so comfortable with you straight away not alot of photographers have that talent! Thank you so much for a wonderful shoot and all the amazing clothes. I look forward to working with you again. I am loving all the photos thanks so much. Thanks again stacey.


ILLNESS  forced me out of photography a few years ago, but I returned after 5 months doing what I love to more than anything else, and that is, "Model Photography”. I had periods where the illness would resurface and this was a frustrating time for my love of photography and especially model photography. But I worked through those tough times and bounced back with just as much gusto although the energy levels physically was a thorn in my side, but, I just got on with it.

I STILL SHOOT I love projects and I have hired many models from Model Mayhem to shoot these projects of mine with me. So from time to time I post a "CASTING" offering a project in case anyone is interested.

HOWEVER, I do not seek models who are hesitant in wanting to shoot with me because they have had bad experiences before. If this is you then you best get out of and away from the photographic modelling scene because you will never be relaxed at shoots if this is all you worry about without doing something about it, as in reporting the incident,  If you have reservations about accepting assignments as a model it is not for you. I can accept models may have some anxieties... but, ask for references or read the references like I have proudly placed on here. Ask me to get in touch with them and providing they still have the same phone number I will ask them if they wouldn't mind giving you a call so you ask them for yourself, or, look them up on Model Mayhem to see if they still have their profiles up and get in touch with them about the standard and quality of my work and how they felt shooting with me. Also you must also be willing to accept a photographers request for you to supply references that we can also check out.

Ask about my marital status I am happy to let you know and let you talk with my wife of 42 years about my work and character with past models.

If you are after exorbitant or ridiculous compensation we will not shoot together. I state clearly the fee I will pay cash, in my castings. If you want more, then simply don’t apply. If you tell me you have some experience then I will ask you to let me have a contact point, if you expect that from me then I expect the same from you. Remember, I possibly don't know you either. I expect you to check me out and you should always expect the same.

I almost always offer brand new (with tags left on) clothing for you to wear for my project shoots which is yours to keep after our shoot together. I will supply you with professionally produced images via your email from the shoot also. If you are scared or not sure about working with me then don't. It is as simple as that. You will never put your best work into the shoot if you are unsure or scared. Just don't waste your time or mine. Sorry to be blunt but it is best you know where I stand from day one, then there are no misunderstandings.

THAT'S IT REALLY! Now it is up to you. Watch out for future castings I put up. My casting project shoots are mainly sheer-wear through to nude. If it's not you, I understand, so don't waste your time or mine by applying.

If you would like me to shoot you in clothing or lingerie or swimwear or active wear please contact me to see what we can arrange. Talk, ask questions and I will do the same. This is a fun field to be in so don't make it sinister or dirty or degrading. If that is your attitude, please, stay away from me. I am sick and tired of people saying: "oh you photographers are only after one thing" or “I know about people like you". No need for that and if that's your attitude you are best away from this industry and doing something that makes you happy and alive. I will always respect you unless you are rude, argumentative, a primadonna which means you make everything about you, or if you lie to me.

IF YOU were the only person in the world!
What could you do? Being so excited but unable to tell anyone!
No-one to talk to!
No-one to listen to you!
No doctors to keep you healthy!
No transport to go anywhere!
STOP and think how your life would be if YOU were alone in this world.
No job!
No money!
What would your life be worth to you then?
YOU SEE we all need people. But how do you treat those people around you? Do you help them, or do you secretly manipulate them to get what you want and use them for the betterment of your own ideals and wants and live a self-indulgent life for your own benefit.
HOW DO YOU treat loved ones and friends you already have? How do you treat strangers?
Hows your attitude when you can't have what you want?
What if all your people around you suddenly backed away from you?
What if your loved ones backed away from you?
What if strangers didn't want to be in close proximity to you?
Who would you be then?
What would be your life at that point?
HOW WE align ourselves in this world will determine the course we run. Is your family member/loved one or friend as important as you are? STOP! just think for a moment... are they, or is it YOU first and everyone else comes second?
CAN YOU answer the above question honestly?
Can you?
Will you?
It is not you who makes the world go round!
Can you give to others as well as you can give to yourself?
YES! really! Then you are to be congratulated. I congratulate you. I need you to teach me then. Would you help me willingly and for free? or, would you charge me for the knowledge you have to make me that kind of person?
DO YOU pay your mechanic for fixing your car or does he say "NO CHARGE it's my pleasure?"
Does the person at the supermarket register take money from you for the items you take off the supermarket shelf?
Does that worker get paid for the job they do?
Does everyone with skills not charge you for their expertise?
Do you ever bother to check those persons credentials for authenticity?
Are they so self indulgent they would lie about their qualifications in order to rip you off, and then find out you had been taken for a ride! How would you react? How?
IT’S ABOUT how we treat other's that matters. It's about how we interact and believe in others that helps life become a lot more pleasant, exciting and truly liveable. Play the game of life fairly and rewards will be there for you, and me!
NOTHING WRONG with having hopes and aspirations and dreams as long as you don't step on or over someone else for your own selfish gain. That includes me! Does it include you or does none of this apply to you?
WHAT'S HAPPENING to our world around us? or perhaps I should say, "what's happening to US PEOPLE in this world we are a part of?"
Which really holds the most reward?

Cheers and happy modelling.


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MODEL COMMENTS: glamour photography


"Amalia du Ville - Gold Coast"
Thank you very much for the lovely shooting. I had a great day. It's good to see that there are still a few photographers that put a lot of effort, love and hard work into their pictures. I can only say positive things about the way you work. You're professional, easy to work with, fun and you really care about your model feeling her best, Loved working with you and would recommend you to everyone smile

MODEL Amalia Du Ville

I loved working with you felt very relaxed and comfortable shooting and had alot of fun making such beautiful photos. i hope to work with you again soon smile 

"ARIANA D - Gold Coast"
You're a pleasure to work with, fun but professional. You made me very comfortable and relaxed as a model. I look forward to working with you again!! X 

Model: Ariana D

"Agnieszka - Gold Coast"
Dear Malcolm,
Thank you for all the work towards getting my portfolio - you are such a lovely person. I really like all of the photos and the print portfolio is great - very professional indeed."

From my series: "Forest Clump" is model Agnieszka 

"Megs Hunter - Brisbane"
Thank you for a amazing shoot! your the best!! lots of laughs and a amazing setting, awesome photographer, these are definatly gonna be my best pics YET!!! xxoxo
Woo, been getting lots of contacts already for work !!!! - Your the BEST!! 

PHOTO: Model Megs

"Ashleigh - Gold Coast"
I really loved working with you, you made me feel so comfortable straight away an felt i could trust you instantly! Your work is AMAZING, you are very professional during the shoot as well as the images that are being produced. Very classy shots, and really great ideas! We worked well together i feel the shoot was very productive, producing as many beautiful images as we could in the time frame we had. All in all Malcom you are a really awesome photographer to work with very talented, very easy to get along with, you have a great sense of humour that keeps the shoot flowing, you are highly professional and your images are just sensational. I feel so privileged to have had my photo's done by you and i look forward to shooting with you again sometime smile Ashleigh 

PHOTO: Model Ashleigh

"Emily - Gold Coast"
hi malcolm, thank u for a fun start 2 my day also enjoyed working with u immensely and can't wait 4 santa shoot. can't wait 2 c pics! and thank u again for letting me keep the outfits it's like having a whole new wardrobe that's the sweetest! talk soon em x 

  "Caitie - Brisbane"
Dear Malcolm,
It was relaxing and peaceful - the nature was stunning and the outcome was beneficial. Blissful! I really appreciate all your time and effort. You are an extremely creative and clever man. Thanks for the pictures, now I have something professional to pass around. Thank you again and I am enjoying my new wardrobe! Sincerely, Caitie.

"Kelli L - Brisbane"
Hi Malcolm
Thankyou for an amazing, fun and highly professional shoot, your work is fantastic and look forward to the next adventorous shoot, maybe horseback next time? P.s. I adore my hat :-)
Kelli :-) 

"Sierra - Brisbane - Gold Coast"
It was an amazing shoot and I absolutely love the pictures! I'm so glad I finally have some professional looking photos for my portfolio. I used some of them to send to a modeling agency, and they now want an interview. Thanks so much Malcolm for all the stunning photos. You have done an amazing job of conveying some of my personality on 'film'. Sierra

"Rachel Cassie - Gold Coast"
I love them! Thank you so much, Im very lucky to have the opportunity to work with you you're very talented.They look amazing! LOVE your work! Rachel

PHOTO: Model Rachel

"K-la - Gold Coast"
Hi Malcolm,
Thanks again for emailing those pics. Thanks again for producing such great images, they are all wonderful, I would love to work with you should you like to work with me again in the future smile K-la

"Ashlee Star - Brisbane"
I love them all, you're a genius. Thanks heaps. Have I told you your the best??? Ashlee

"Erin - Brisbane"
I love my photos so much, I look hot as. thank you so so so so so much!!!!!!! I can't stop looking at them, you're a really good photographer!!! Erin.

"Katie - Gold Coast"
You Are An Awsome Photographer Malcolm And Your A Blast To Work With The Compilation Images Are Awsome Thank You.

"Kelsea - Gold Coast"
Hi Malcolm
Thank you muchly for the pics, you have done an awesome job! They look pretty damn sexy. I couldn't be happier, The folio is brilliant, I hope to work with you again soon. Kelsea xx

PHOTO Model: Kelsea

"Summer - Brisbane"
Hi darl,
oh, oh, oh, oh, I love them, I do love your work ... I love my photos they are amazing ... Summer xoxo

"Lisa - Brisbane"
Hello Kind sir,
Thank you for the easy easy shoot yesterday although I am hurting in muscles I never knew I had! I love, love, love the pics,You did such a good job. Thanks so much Lisa Xoxoxoxo 

"Miss Kitty - Brisbane"
Hey malcolm,
so happy with the photos. Ur the king of photography!! Thanks so much (Miss Kitty) Xoxoxoxo

"Savannah - Gold Coast"
Good Morning,
I really love the photo's... I definitely have a lot of fav's, Thank you! Savahnnah

"Lia - Gold Coast"
Hi Malcolm,
Thank you again for Thursday, I really had a great & fun day & I wish we could have kept on shooting smile I really appreciate how helpful & kind you were, you also made me feel very comfortable. The photos are fantastic! Thanks again, Lia


2nd shoot with LIA
Thanks sooo much the photos are amazing, I can't thank you enough smile Thanks Malcolm u'r the BEST smile Lia Xoxoxo

"Kelly - Cairns" Hi Malcolm,
I received my model portfolio in the post today. 27/11/07 Thank you so much it is Awsome, I couldn't be happier!!! I really had a lot of fun doing the shoot with you! I love the photo's (so do all my friends!). Thank you again so much!! Kelly

"Sophia - Gold Coast"
Your the best!!!! I loved the location at the park! Wow. I'm so speechless. And your really quick! Love it! I'm so happy with all the photos you took Wow, thank you so much! They turned out so good!!! I'm so happy with them! =] Thanks Heaps Sophia

"Mel B - Brisbane"
Hi Malcolm,
I just want to say a HUGE thank you for the Display Book that you sent in the mail. I received it and I am soooo happy with the results. Thank you so much. Look forward to talking to you again in the future. Mel


"Megan - Brisbane"
I just love all the photos!! Really do I'm so happy, you're awesome thank U, they turned out amazingI'm so happy with the result already!! Thanks again malcolm. Megan xoxo

"Loruchi - Gold Coast"
I wasn't expecting this last photo. But the portfolio was just amazing, No words can explain how wonderfully produced each and every picture was. Thank you so much.

"Kelly Gold Coast"
Hi, the comic photo was great, so different, and the Christmas balls photo was awesome! You really have spoilt me... Thank you Cheers Kelly

"Alyse - Gold Coast"
Thank you kindly for all the time and effort put into my portfolio..its Awsome.!!!! I'm really pleased with the end result.!!!! Top stuff.!! Thanks Guys. Alyse

Model Alyse



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