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About Me

~* Themes I would like to work on next*~
* Tribal
* Post Apocalyptic
* Fantasy/Horror
* Decay/Destruction/Metamorphosis
* Mental Illness/Psychological/Societal Expectations
* Societal Roles/Gender roles/ Unexpected associations/ Double meanings
* Opposites/Beauty&Ugly/Good&Evil/Symbolism

I would really like to create work that is unexpected, and surprising. Subject matter and imagery that makes people think and look twice. I do like typical beauty shots but my personal taste leans more in the fantasy art direction, almost surreal tastes.
The beautiful thing with digital photography is that these worlds can be created in a photograph. If any of this interests you I would love to talk further about collaboration.


Discerpo. Necto. Decrepitus. in Latin, loosely translated means to sever or cut and bind the decrepit.

I enjoy the concept of decay. I generally enjoy working with old materials... Unless a material really speaks to me, or I can't find something old that fits with my vision of the piece. I do my best to antique it by dying, painting or distressing the edges... So that the finished piece has a very specific look.

I want to achieve a look that that not only reflects me as the designer but also speaks to my customer. I want my work to look like old moth eaten, rained on rusted costumes that have been hidden in the dressing room of an an old abandoned theater. I want to make pieces that feel rich, exotic and full of history, but at the same time are comfortable well constructed, and can be dressed up or down and worn anywhere.

I would like my work to reflect the beauty that can be found in the constant decay and destruction of our environments. I don't feel I have completely achieved this in any piece yet but stay tuned, for I am working very hard on refining this vision into artistic and creative pieces of clothing...

Below is a little more about me, my process and my designs.

de•con•struc•tion - n. A philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth; asserts that words can only refer to other words; and attempts to demonstrate how statements about any text subvert their own meanings. In popular usage the term has come to mean a critical dismantling of tradition and traditional modes of thought.

If everything is described using language, then the above may apply to anything including fashion and art. :)

I sew on four different machines. But most of my pieces are made with my Vintage Singer machines because they never break, and I think they add nostalgia to my work I love them to pieces, one is a 1942 Electric machine and the other is a foot powered Treadle machine manufactured in 1929. Sometimes my fabric, or project forces me to hand stitch or use modern machines, but overall I wouldn't trade them for anything they are truly lovely pieces of machinery that I am very proud to own.

I don’t think that things stop being wonderful once they are old, or damaged…lost and dear to someone, or uncared for, abandoned, or misused or simply forgotten. They are no different than beautiful shiny things. These objects once upon a time were considered perfect shiny things too, until one day they were discarded for new shiny perfect things.

These things, nightgowns, and curtains, keys , scraps of lace, buttons and zippers…Each has lived a life of their own. Some have endured what our modern objects cannot survive. I find beauty and in the discarded, the imperfect, the decrepit…Somewhere deep down I think we are all curious about objects that have passed the test of time.

The cycle of out with the old in with the new mystifies me…if there is only creation, and destruction, then I chose to create. . Most of my materials come from local businesses, thrift stores, garage sales, sometimes things I found, things that no one else wanted or were passed to me so I could make something out of it.

What use does an object have unless one has a reason for having it?

I mix the old with the new; the unwanted get cut and formed, and then stitched into something entirely new, and different. Reborn. A true creation each one means something to me, each has a story of its own and is a part of my story… mixing history, and cultures, along with new concepts and philosophies. When I share this… it becomes a part of another persons story so it keeps the cycle going.

I don’t typically reproduce any of my work; due to the materials I use…it is virtually impossible... I am working on making variations of my favorite styles but each piece will have different details, fabrics and still be unique and one of a kind.

I want people to understand the method behind the madness, I want to share something that even after it has become decomposed…I hope, might be stored somewhere special because it was perfect once, and you just don’t have the heart to throw it away.

You will never run into someone with the same piece, everything I make is personal, and individual. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind authentic couture piece.


* If you would like to work with me lets work on something new and fresh not something that has been done a million times....If it has been done a million times why? What makes it so good in the first place? How can we make it new and different. Let's challenge each other.

*Lets do something daring and bold, something that has never been done before. I have tons of ideas and paintings that can be adapted into photographs. I want to help you capture the surreal, the ethereal and make what is or may seem intangible...seem...tangible...even if it is just in a photograph.

What you can expect from me...

*Most of my clothing is for sale or trade. Because of this my stock is always changing. I always have at least 10 one of a kind couture costumes in stock to be used for photo shoots and events. I have done many custom pieces that are obviously not for sale or rental.

* I have a my own large collection of couture costumes that are only available for rental. Along with them I have numerous, coats, shoes, hats, corsets,clothing, and jewelry, available for rental as well.

* My typical rental rate is $60 per day, per costume. Please keep in mind, my pieces are one of a kind couture items. The value of the item goes down each time it is worn, and washed. And take pride in the originality and quality of my work and I like to pass that on to my customers. I only charge a rental fee if the piece has already been shot, and is already for sale. If you want to take pictures of new work, trade work is an option.

*All accessories and my services are included in the base cost of the costume rental.

* Costume rental includes cleaning,fittings,possible alterations and repairs. I do not charge a deposit but I do require payment before pickup or delivery. I charge per costume, per day.

* I do offer discount rates for multiple rentals and am willing to work for full or partial trade. If you don't need me and don't require a fitting I will work with you. I will do trade work for the right opportunity,exposure and print work are valuable trades, I am very flexible with my prices and am always open to trying new things and working with new people so just ask. I don't bite.

* I do not charge for clothing rentals if I can model in them as well (5 costume maximum) To clarify this, I model as a hobby, and for Etsy currently and am trying to build my portfolio. If I model I will bring up to 5 full costumes and accessories for each model. I will need compensation for any additional costumes needed for the shoot or event.

*For the Mad Hatters shoot... I did the background, props, hair and makeup, Clothing designer and wardrobe coordination. Some of the photos I took myself, and did all of the photo editing myself. I am willing to help in pretty much any way I can to get the right look to accomplish your vision. Even now I can still look back at it and look at how I could have done it differently, and could revisit that theme 100 more times before I am satisfied with it.

* I have experience working with large groups of models, and work well under pressure I will show up prepared, on time and ready to go.

* I have scouted the location for most of my shoots, booked my own models, MUA's and Stylists I have done set design,along with Making the costumes and coordinating wardrobe and am willing to offer any of this as long as you are professional and communicate details.

* I am willing to make costumes for specific shoots, with adequate notice.

* When planning my own shoots I typically start booking models and photographers about a month in advance after I finish planning each theme, set, and clothing. I usually put about 30+ hours a week into each photo shoot and keep everyone updated with location, time, and what they need to bring. All parties benefit from organization. :)

What I expect from you............................................

* I expect a certain level of professionalism. Although I would prefer at least a weeks notice, I need to know certain details at least 24 hours in advance. I ideally ask that you have your models booked at least a week prior to shooting so if there are any last minute cancellations, or changes we can take care of them and continue on.

These include;

Theme (if applicable.)

Date, time and location of the shoot or event.

The number of models.

The size of each model. This includes height, shoe size, bust, cup and hip measurements. Most of this info is on the models profile. Sending a link to the model's portfolio is fine. But guessing between size 3 or maybe a 5 is not adequate, or appropriate. I need the models measurements to assure the garment will fit correctly.

* I don't work last minute unless the shoot proves to be particularly artistic and rewarding in one way or another.

* I know the work that goes into a photo shoot that will be successful for all parties, I need more than 24 hours notice before a shoot.

*If I am getting paid you can look as rushed as you want but I still require at least 24 hours notice.

* If you need to cancel or postpone I am willing to reschedule under most circumstances.

If you would like to see other things I have made and other photos from these shoots please visit my portfolio link or one of these sites :)

* http://www.etsy.com/shop/XXXavia


"Photos are our autobiography, a way of telling who we are." ~Jan Phillips

"If you plagiarize others' techniques, you steal their emotions and tell your spectators a lie with your work. Works as such equal zero." ~Wu Guan-Zhong


Models I have worked with :
~ Hyatt MM #2508181
~ Abella MM# 2897847
~ MeganJK MM# 594246
~ Graelston MM #1041816
~Nataiza Eve Maciel MM # 1204644
~Barbara V MM # 1694819
~Whitney Dynamite MM # 621520
~ Victoria Plague MM#1833720
~ Veka
~ Raven Morrigan
~Kelly Pennington
~ Nicole Rushton
~Meryl Bradley
~Tina Miller
~ Vanessa Greenhouse
~ Chandra Hewitt


~ Sean Donnelly
~ Aunna Thomas
~ Anders
~ Johnny J
~ AM/PM Photography MM #821505 x2
~ Carl Snider MM # 10142
~ Blue Eclipse Photography MM #816163
~ Jacob Davis MM # 808310
~ Sarah Trickler MM #2285280

Hair and MUA :

~ Luxe DeLite MM# 2531036

Bad Kittie Salon;
~ Lori Powers
~Meryl Bradley

Lux DeVil Salon;

~Tina Miller X2
~ Nicole Rushton X2

* I have not listed all collaborations, or people I have worked with indirectly.



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