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I m back in the industry after several years of dancing and am so delighted to be able to make some amazing work with like-minded proffessionals that share a similar artistic vision. Before I am a model, makeup artist, photographer, set designer, and digital artist, I am simply an artist. And I have tremendous respect for those in the industry that are using this to make statements, expressions and put out visions. I look forward to meeting with you and showing the world what our imaginations can implement.

I didn't come into the industry as a model, I kinda landed here by accident. When I got out of college I decided to go into makeup as a hobby an extra way to make supplemental income. Since a lot of models can be flaky little creatures, it was just easier to do the makeup on myself and do selfies. I got good in front of the camera after a million photos and finally felt comfortable. After that I began being hired a lot because I can do makeup and model. So you cut out the makeup artist. Although I LOVE working and meeting makeup artists if you so happen to have one on set!

That being said, there are two very different kind of people in this industry. Because all of us have limited time, resources, etc, do not even bother emailing me and trying to collaborate if you:

1) Have little to no idea how to really take pictures of other things and make statements with your camera. A lot of you just go outside and take pictures of scantily clad women. Then you just keep them in RAW and don't even try to adjust the curves, contrast and saturation? Go back to kindergarten.

2) Are simply a perv with cash trying to prey on insecure, beautiful young women that somehow feel important because you are flashing a 3000.00 Nikon at her body. I'm assuming you are the guy scrutinizing her for her baby fat role or peach fuzz when you have horrible acne and are morribly obese and disgusting? You should be grateful this creature even attempted to enter your filthy lair.

3) Think that because you are a photographer that you are higher on the chain of the industry. Without models you would be snapping photos of birds and fruit. Do you know how much time and effort it takes to keep your body "model worthy", if anything you should be paying me. You get to eat cake and I don't. I don't have enough middle fingers.

4) Want to be greedy and throw me 5 tears from a 5 hour shoot. Lame as hell.

So if you aren't one of "those" photographers and can handle working with a fellow visionary who happens to just also be a model I am so excited to meet and collaborate. But please for the love of god be an artist and not use this as some skeezy system of opression because you are going through a mid-life crisis. I have a lot to offer, and I am sure you to as well.


If we do decide to collaborrate. To speed up the proccess I encourage all photographers to visit my Pinterest page:
And browse through my idea boards. That way we can properly communicate what type of image we are both trying to achieve. All idea boards meant for viewing will have a PHOTOSHOOT tag.

Being a model is not just having a beautiful body, or having a genetically attractive disposition. A real model embraces the vision of her photographer, allows her body to think and participates and executes in the concept and artistic intention.of the shoots. Real models aren't just attractive they are talented in poise, energy , mood and expression that embodies and creates a true piece of art.

In addition to modeling over the last several years I have become a recognized entertainer in the Portland club industry performing under the personality as Miss Romania. Performing as a dancer has only strengthened my modeling and acting abilities and I'm excited to be able to commit more time to the art form.

I am available as an entertainer. I can be booked for bachelor and private parties through my agent Abby by visiting :www.your party or calling 503-446-6002. Your Party Girls is the most credible and proffesional party service in the Pacific Northwest. Please request Miss Romania.


Tony Licata, Sterling Heights, MI-Photographer
Steve Brown, Kalamazoo, MI- Photographer
Sarah Kuschall, Traverse City, MI- Photographer
Tony Freundl Traverse City, MI-Photographer
Allen Lee, Kalamazoo, MI- Photographer
Charles Barnes, Lansing MI- Photographer
Bill Strome Kalamazoo, MI- Photographer
David M. Converse, Grand Rapids, MI- Photographer
Pinup Girlz, Grand Rapids, MI- Production Company/Photographers
Tim Hall/Tempest Productions-Traverse City, MI-Photographer/Company
Thadius Bedford/Liquid Image, Kingsley, MI- Photographer/Company
Darrin Wasson- Studio Erotas, Spider Lake, MI-Photographer
Ryan Liu, Detroit, MI
Scott Roland, Portland, OR- Photographer
Paul Owens, Portland OR- Photographer
Craig Solomon, Portland OR-Photograoher
Hypnox- Portland OR- Photographer

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