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(15) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Neck: 15"
Sleeve: 30"
Chest: 31"
Waist: 28"
Inseam: 30"
Shoe: 10.0
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Black
Skin color: Tanned
Shoot nudes: No
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
Genres: Acting
Parts Modeling
Performance Artist
Promotional Modeling
Spokesperson / Host

Last activity: Apr 20, 2014
Joined: Nov 01, 2010

Jercarr Morales

22 years old
New York, New York, US
I have more photos on Facebook, read below before sending a request

Mayhem #1916365

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/jcar2492

About me

1. NO DRIVE BY FRIEND REQUESTS. If you like my portfolio, please leave comments and/or tags. That says more than sending a friend request, and me having a large friends list (don't want FB part 2, lol). That especially applies to people outside of New York City & The US in general (unless you're already coming to NYC and want to work with me) and people new to Model Mayhem. Only send a friend request if you have a concrete plan to work together. ASAP, not "sometime", "soon", or "sometime in the future." Message me to discuss working together, and then send a friend request after we've agreed to work together or after we've worked together. I will not accept requests otherwise

2. Don't send a friend request, tag or message to advertise your services or offer “packages", “deals”, or “specials". Right now I'm only interested in TF photo shoots and acting roles to build my modeling portfolio and acting resume, and paid bookings.

Hi I'm Jercarr Morales. I'm a young aspiring male model and actor. I'm a bright, determined, driven, focused, grinding, hustling, hard worker and networker. You'll see that every single time you work with with me. I'm actually very friendly, humble, easy going, really funny (people say that know me say I'm a hot mess-in a good way), so don't let my writing throw you off. Presently I'm working on my building my modeling portfolio and adding to my acting resume. I'm taking it one step at a time and I'm always striving to be better at my two crafts. My ultimate goal as a model is to be in major commercial-print ads. I already know because of my height, slender size (I'm working out though), and youthful look that I'm not able to do the more known modeling genres such as high fashion, fitness, and runway. My acting goals are to be in commercials, web-series, movies, theater, and TV (I'm always told that I have the personality for a sitcom). I've audited acting classes at Thor East & with John Palotta, and I'm currently taking classes at Castillo Theater and other places to develop my acting skills. I've done a handful of extra work in movies and music videos to start my acting resume (see my credits below). My plan is to sign with a commercial agency (Abrams Artists Agency, CESD) and get a manager this year. I'm using this site to get me closer to achieving my goals and network (with serious people). I plan to be successful with both modeling and acting. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @thatboyJercarr


1. Jercarr Morales is my real name. It's pronounced Juhcar or Jacar, but you can call me J

2. I really am the age on my profile. My birthday is February 4th, 1992 (I'm 22 as of right now). If you still don't believe me, I will show you my ID on the day we work together.

3. All of my pictures are recent (black don’t crack)

4. Those are my actual stats

5. I live in Brooklyn (Ocean Hill-Brownsville)

6. While I do live there, I can travel to Manhattan (of course), Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Just not too deep in the last three.

7. If you want me to travel to Long Island, Westchester County, anywhere Upstate New York, New Jersey (that is not accessible by the PATH train), Connecticut, transportation must be provided or costs reimbursed.

8. Though I state that I do paid assignments in my profile, and expect travel reimbursements. If I submit to a TF casting, or a casting where travel costs aren't reimbursed, I will do it for TF or pay my own travel costs. I can read

9. I'm in college (Hospitality Management Major) and I have classes five days a week: Monday-Thursday 9AM-2:30PM, Friday 9AM-12PM (April 14th-July 29th, 2014 this semester). I'm available AFTER those times during the week, and completely free on the weekends. I'M NOT CUTTING CLASS FOR A TF SHOOT/PROJECT (especially since I pay some of my tuition out of pocket). However, when I'm not in school, I also work. We must plan a shoot (see 2C)

10. I have more modeling photos on my Facebook


1. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Once we have done a shoot, I must have the pictures and final retouches in no later than a month. I understand you're busy, have other projects (TF and/or paying), work, school, personal issues, life, and what not, However I need our pictures to keep my portfolio updated. I don't care that it's a TF shoot, we cannot work together if that will be a problem. I'm never waiting six months for pictures again.


A. If I contact you about working together, or I submit to your castings or availability notices, please let me know if you're interested in working together or not (if you can). I know some of you get a lot of messages/tags, your castings/notices get a lot of submissions, your busy, or you just don't want to respond. However so I won't waste either of our time & my five daily messages just say if you want to work together or not. While I can also figure out it on my own, it's much more respectful and professional than just ignoring or blocking me.

B. If we agree to work together, please communicate any changes ASAP (cancellations, time changes, availability changes, location changes, new portfolio direction, interest in working together, family issues, etc). Don't "forget" to follow through with me either (even if we're still discussing potentially working together while messaging each other). It is very disrespectful, unprofessional, and a waste of my time to completely break down communication like that. Do you like when that happens to you?

C. Unless I personally submit to a casting for a specific date and time (don't wait until the last minute to let me know I was selected), I cannot work on specific days and times, and on short notice. I'm in college, and have classes five days a week (ditto FAQ 9). I also have a part time retail job and freelance with multiple event companies (brand ambassador, catering, and staffing, if you're looking to hire) to pay my bills. My education comes first, and until modeling and acting can pay my bills, my jobs take priority (unless it’s a compensated gig). My availability changes week to week, because of the kind of work that I do. You must plan a week in advance with me for any shoot or project (weekends are preferred, though I'm flexible and can shoot on the weekdays). If that will be an issue we cannot work together.

D. Because I'm either in class (ditto FAQ 9), on the go, or at work, I'm really not able to speak on the phone. Please text or email me instead (I'll respond ASAP). I'm sorry if that doesn't work for you. If you really need to call me, and I don't respond, please leave a voicemail. I will do my best to get back to you, though it will probably be later.

E. Emails or texts are preferred (whichever works for you, I always provide my # & email) over messaging me on here. I'm sorry if you don't feel comfortable giving your direct contact info out. While I do have a computer and smartphone it's easier and quicker to respond that way. Also, in case something comes up we can directly contact each other.

F. I'm straight, not desperate for career advancement, fame, or money, don't try it with me (you know exactly what I'm talking about). I will block/report you, screenshot whatever is said, and never work with you again if it get’s that far. While I love what I do, I will not go to compromise myself to get to the top and/or get great pictures. Modeling and acting are not my life, it's not the only thing that I do, that I'm good at, and can be successful with. That's why I'm in college, have a job, and other business ventures. I respect myself too much, find another model to do that with.

3. FEMALE MODELS: If I contact you directly or through your casting or availability notice about shooting together...First off please be professional and respectful and just say if you're interested in working together or not & the concept that I want to shoot (rather than just reading my message and not responding). I believe that we'll work great together, the concept I want to shoot, and ultimately our shoot itself will turn out great. Don't use your height, weight, stats, age, experience or lack of, current quality of portfolio pictures, look, and the type of model you are/genre of modeling you do, as an reason/excuse for why you can't/won't work with me. If I thought that too, I wouldn't have contacted you to begin with (to answer that question). I intend to work together immediately and in the month that I contact you. If you're already booked for that month, with other shoots, work, school, have travel plans, etc, we can work afterwards, the following month ideally. Stay in regular contact and keep me updated on your availability (to answer those questions). I don't have a specific date in the month that I want to shoot with you. However the exact shoot date & time will be when you, the photographer shooting us, and myself are all available at our earliest conveniences. Refer FAQ #9 & 2C for my own availability (to answer those questions). I'm not contacting you to shoot "someday", "one day", "someday in the future,” "soon", "when the time is right", "when you're ready," "when you're ready to shoot with a male model", "when you ready to shoot the concept that I want to shoot, "when you get things together", or "sometime." Nor am I waiting months for you to "work things out” or "get things together". If you're a model outside of NYC or the US that I contact, the same rule applies. We will only stay in touch until we finally work together, you must stay in regular contact with me (via text/ Whatsapp and Facebook), and keep me updated on travel time, date, & availability changes. If I respond to your availability notice, and we agree to work together, you must keep me updated on your availability while you're in NYC, and not wait until the last minute to book a shoot with me (I can't put a shoot together on the fly). If I respond to your availability notice to shoot in NYC, and we agree to work together, it is your responsibility to cover your own travel expenses (unless you’ve specifically requested it in your availability notice). However if I directly contact you about shooting together, and you're outside of NYC, unless you’d rather cover your own travel expenses or have your own way of getting here, I will contribute to or cover all of your travel expenses to come to NYC to shoot with me (depending on the cost, length of travel, and my own available budget, on a case by case basis). I'M THE MODEL SHOOTING WITH YOU, NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER SHOOTING US (to answer the obvious question). I have a legit photographer (not a GWC/Guy With A Camera) that will shoot us (to answer that question). The photographer shooting us will be Frank Rivers #2142161, who I’ve done shoots with multiple times. You can see some of his pictures of me in my portfolio, look him up on here, or check out his website (copy and paste this link into your browser to see his site)>>http://tinyurl.com/pt72ncq (to answer those questions). You will get solo shots for your portfolio during our shoot, it's a three way collaboration (to answer that question). I don't have hair, MUA, wardrobe stylists, or clothing designers at this time. You’ll have to have that taken care of before we shoot (to answer those questions). The shoot that we do will be only for our three portfolios, no sites, publications, submissions, future sales, or anything else (to answer that question). This is an all around TF shoot and collaboration (meaning there is no compensation/pay for either you, the photographer shooting us, or myself; just great pictures), and there are no stipends (other than travel cost reimbursements for models I directly contact outside of NYC). I as a model and actor myself understand that you may do primarily paid shoots, limited TF, TF & paid shoots, only paid shoots, that this may be your only means of income, or that you have an agency and/or manager. However, I'm not paying to shoot with a fellow model (and my photographer will not pay you for this shoot). When I'm contacting you about shooting together, it's only for TF. If you only do paid shoots, this shoot and collaboration is not for you (to answer that question). The shoot that we do will be done at my photographer's studio in Mount Vernon (just outside The Bronx). He can pick you up if you want, or you can take the Metro North (we will not reimburse for this). I don't have references or a personal website at this time, I'm not yet an established model, my photographer does have both though (to answer those questions). When we're discussing working together, please don't take forever to respond. If you don't check your messages on Model Mayhem every day, please leave your # or your email that you check every day (if you don’t feel comfortable giving out your # while we’re still discussing shooting together). Regardless of of which method that I communicate with you, try to respond as quickly as possible (within 24 hours) please. Keep it simple, you either want to shoot together, and the concept that I want to shoot or you don't, just say yes or no. Don’t give excuses/reasons on why you can't do the shoot, and/or the concept that I want to shoot; give me a lecture, tell me about myself, tell me what kind of model you are/genre of modeling you do, your rates, how many paid shoots you do/how much you get paid; ask ten thousand questions (I know about safety concerns and what not, but still), ask silly questions, ask questions that I just answered here and probably are the answers to your questions (I won't answer them, and will direct you here if asked); say you need to think about it, say you need thirty minutes, an hour, or a day or two or a week to think about it; ask to alter/adjust/change the concept that I want to shoot or suggest a completely new one (we're only shooting what I've contacted you about shooting), say "maybe", or stop responding all together. If you do decide to shoot with me, you must provide your cell #, as all further communication will be done through texts & phone calls. Respond as quickly as possible (again within 24 hours) to any follow through texts and/or calls from my photographer and I going forward. We're not gonna keep contacting you/blowing up your phone, and you don't get back to us. Unless you're really busy (communicate in advance when is an appropriate time to contact you, and if/when you're busy in general) or have any "phone issues". If I don't get a response past 24 hours, I will assume you're no longer interested in working together anymore and move on. My photographer and I don't meet with models before we work together, so work out any issues/concerns you have prior to shooting with us. Once we've agreed to shoot together, please don't flake, back out later, say you need to rethink, consult with whoever, or ask to change/adjust/alter the concept that we've agreed to shoot (again we're only shooting that). Especially at the last minute, the day of the shoot, or at the shoot. I'm not having it. If this happens at the shoot, the shoot will end right then and there. You should have established the issues you had beforehand, especially after we' would've gone over them: You're being comfortable shooting with me, the concept we’re shooting, personal issues/drama, boyfriend or family objection or concerns, your manager or agent objecting to shooting, work schedule, general scheduling/availability issues, sickness, nervousness, family or friend issues/drama, religious issues, image issues, change in career direction, there being no compensation, travel issues, plans before or after the shoot, how long the shoot is taking, tiredness/exhaustion prior to the shoot, or any of the other millions of excuses I've heard. I don't want to hear that I'm being a jerk, rude, not understanding, inconsiderate, and/or I'm pressuring you. It is extremely unprofessional and a waste of my time and the photographer shooting us. We have no time for "buyers remorse." If you're no longer interested in shooting together; sick, have feminine issues, or have a real emergency and you need to reschedule the shoot, communicate it to both me and the photographer ASAP (not at the last minute, or day of the shoot). I also understand that if you have other paying projects that they'll take priority over booking our shoot date/time. However once we agree to work together, I expect this shoot booking to be treated with the same respect, priority, and professionalism that you'd give to those projects. Please keep me updated with any scheduling and availability changes, so that I know you still want to work with me. In both of those two instances, again don't have my photographer and I contacting you, and you break down communication or respond days, weeks, or months later. At the time we finally shoot, please be professional, respectful, on time, not worried/focused on plans after the shoot, and ready to shoot. Work out any nervousness, tiredness/exhaustion, issues, drama, past experiences from previous shoots, or uncomfortability beforehand (they will show up in the pictures later). The shoot should be between two and a half to three hours in duration, and will not be rushed. However like any shoot (or your trips to the hair dresser), it can go over for a variety reasons, so be aware of that. Please plan accordingly. I suggest not making major plans after this shoot, or just booking the shoot on your day off. Like all photo shoots, we want great shots don't we? Escorts (meaning someone who takes you to the shoot) are no problem, but they cannot be present on the set/location while we're shooting. They must wait in the lobby/lounge area, outside, or away from the set if outside. Keep in mind the shoot will not be rushed to accommodate them, so they too must plan accordingly. The shoot will go exactly as it's been planned. If that will be an issue we cannot work together. I don't care how long you've been a model, how many shoots you've done, who you've done shoots with, if you're with an agency/have a manager, that you've been doing things the way you've been doing them, if modeling is a side endeavor for you, if modeling is just a hobby for you, that you have to balance your other career(s), how you redefine the industry, how much you get paid, who you are, how old you are, how grown you are, your other priorities, or who you know in the industry. Respect me & my time (which I don't like being wasted), as well the photographer shooting us. We'll both be treating you with professionalism & respect, and we expect the same. If you can't do the same, we cannot work together.

I'm very sorry, but I have to have to be straightforward and blunt when it comes these things. Again myself and everyone else that uses Model Mayhem, frequently experience many of the above issues and problems that I mentioned with people on this site, and I won't tolerate it anymore. I know first impressions are everything. And reading everything that I just wrote, is a turn off that makes me come off as aggressive, off-putting, and unprofessional. That will probably lead to you deciding not to work with me, which I understand. However I’m the complete opposite. I'm very professional, and organized (as you can see with the essay that I've written in my bio that reads like a "flow chart"). I’m a pleasure to work with, humble, very friendly, follow instructions, take direction & constructive criticism well, funny (again a hot mess as some say), a diligent hard worker, committed and most importantly professional at all times. I just don't tolerate BS. Yes I'm young, not the conventional definition of a model, big in the industry, and still relatively new. However that does not justify at all not showing me respect or professionalism. Everything that I've written shouldn't stop you from wanting to work with me. It's only meant to deter unprofessionals, and the above issues, problems, drama, and scenarios. If you're professional, you should completely understand where I'm coming from, and probably copy some of what I've written to your own profile. If you're turned off, it's probably because you're unprofessional and what I wrote are things that you do, and would do with with me. I may not be able to change the industry in general, or how people conduct themselves on Model Mayhem, but thats how I'll always handle things. I keep it real as you can see. Enjoy working with me.

Acting Resume:
Web series
"Touched" (created by and starring Guiding Light's Lawrence Saint-Victor) as "Thug 4"
Extra work (movies)
Missed Connections (2 days) (#1903521 casted me)
Music videos
"Tourne" for French pop star Shy'm (casted by Marieta Blaskova & #418291)
"Tohm Girl" for Tohm Lev (#2223262)
"I Don't Like You" for "The Digital Dawgs" (#1462252)
"Been Around The World" for Jabari "Jubi" Gray (casted by #2194136)
"Sex + Money" for "Neon Dynamite" (casted by #1137452)
"U Can" for "Body Language" (casted by #1579551)

Casting Call
Apr 19, 2014 Hiring Brand Ambassadors from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal for a pre Easter event on 4-19-14 Expired


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Amanda Evans

Monique Adria

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