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(15) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Neck: 15"
Sleeve: 30"
Chest: 31"
Waist: 28"
Inseam: 30"
Shoe: 10.0
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Black
Skin color: Other
Shoot nudes: No
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
Genres: Acting
Parts Modeling
Performance Artist
Promotional Modeling
Spokesperson / Host

Last activity: Jul 27, 2014
Joined: Nov 01, 2010

Jercarr Morales

22 years old
New York, New York, US

Mayhem #1916365

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/jcar2492

About me

NO DRIVE BY FRIEND REQUESTS! If you like my portfolio, please leave comments on my pictures and/or a tag on my profile. That says more than us both accumulating friends, I don't want a 2ND FaceBook. That applies to people outside of New York City & The US (unless you're already coming to NYC & want to shoot with me) and people new to Model Mayhem especially. Only send a friend request if you have a concrete plan to shoot together (TF or your booking me for a paid gig) ASAP, not: "Sometime", "soon," "sometime soon," "sometime in the future," or "you'll keep me in mind." First message me to discuss shooting together, and then send a friend request after we've agreed to shoot together or after we've shot together. I will only accept friend requests until after we've shot together.

Hi I'm Jercarr Morales, an aspiring model and actor. Presently I'm working on building my modeling portfolio and acting resume. I'm taking it one step at a time and always striving to be better at my two crafts. I'm a commercial-print model specifically, looking to do commercial, lifestyle, and fashion shoots as well as keep my headshots updated. My end goal is to be featured in major commercial-print ads. As an actor, I do all genres (whichever gets me the million first). I'm aiming to be in commercials, web-series, movies, theater, and TV (I'm always told that I have the personality for a sitcom). I've done extra work to get started, and will soon take classes at an official acting school/studio (undecided where). I'm currently freelancing as both a model & actor. However I will sign with a commercial agency (IE: Abrams Artists Agency, CESD) and get a manager this year. I use this site to get me closer to achieving my goals and collaborate with like minded people along the way. I plan to be very successful with both modeling and acting. I'm aware and have been told countless times that I'm not the conventional definition of a model (in terms of height, size, and look). I'm also aware that I'm not big in the industry (yet), or super experienced, however none of these factors justify not showing me respect or professionalism (whether we shoot together or we're discussing potentially shooting together). I'm professional and respectful of everyone I work with, and expect the same. Please continue reading the rest of my "flow chart" bio to have your questions/concerns answered/addressed before you decide to shoot with me.


1. Jercarr Morales is my real name. It's pronounced "Juhcar" or "Jacar," (French-American pronunciation) but you can call me "J." Jercarr is my parents names Jerry & Carol combined

2. I really am the age on my profile. My birthday is February 4th, 1992 (I'm 22 as of right now). If you still don't believe me, I will show you my ID, ON THE DAY WE SHOOT TOGETHER.

3. All of my pictures are recent, I really do look that young (Black don’t crack)

4. Those are my actual stats on the left

5. I'm from and live in Brooklyn. Flatbush born and raised, but now living in Ocean Hill (a subsection of Bed Stuy). My subway station is Broadway Junction (A,C,L,J,Z trains)

6. I'm Puerto Rican (father) and African-American (mother). If we're gonna be technical about my ethnicity (some people are, I personally am not), I'm of Native American (both sides), Spanish (father's side), and Swedish (mother's side through slavery) descent. I'm not fluent in Spanish (don't judge me) or any language except English. I do know a few things in Spanish (poquito), Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Arabic however.

7. Transportation must be provided or expenses reimbursed or covered for work booked outside of NYC. However if I submit to a casting where it states they won't be, I will pay my own travel costs. Also if I submit to a TF casting, I'm fine with no compensation. I read as well as I write.

8. I'm in college (Hospitality Management Major) and I have classes five days a week: Monday-Thursday 9AM-2:30PM, Friday 9AM-12PM (April 14th-July 30th, 2014 this semester). I'm available AFTER those times during the week, and free on the weekends. I'M NOT CUTTING CLASS FOR A TF SHOOT/PROJECT. I (really meaning me) pay tuition out of my own pocket, financial aid doesn't cover everything. Tuition (along with rent) leaves me broke most of the time to keep it real. $2,368 spent on tuition ($262 a month times 9) so far, I'm not trying to screw school up. However, when I'm not in class, I work. We must plan a shoot (see 1C)

9. I have more modeling photos on Facebook (see the link above). The album "Modeling Portfolio" is public, so only send a friend request after we've shot together What I said at the top about MM friend requests above, applies with FB. My Facebook is for personal friends only.

10. I have an extensive H&M wardrobe and a few pieces from other brands. I have everything from suits, leather jackets, sweaters, shirts, etc, and in different colors (dark, light, and in between). I always bring multiple fashionable looks to every shoot

TROUBLESHOOTING-To prevent these frequently encountered problems/issues, please read this section before we shoot together, so we're on the same page:


A. Once we have done a shoot, I must have the pictures and final retouches in no later than two to three weeks. I understand you're busy, have other projects (TF and/or paying), work, school, personal issues, life, and what not. However I need the pictures from our shoot to keep my portfolio updated. I don't care that it's a TF shoot. We cannot work together if this is going to be an issue. I'm never waiting six months for pictures again.

B. If we agree to shoot together, don't flake or back out later. Unless you have an emergency, don't wait until the last minute (the day/night before, an hour or two before we're supposed to shoot, etc) to let me know we're not shooting due to: Cancellations, the need to reschedule, time changes, availability changes, scheduling conflicts, location changes, "new portfolio direction," now wanting pay for our previously agreed TF shoot, "you booked a paying job" on the day we're supposed to shoot together, you "forgot what day it was" the day we we're supposed to shoot together, no longer interested in shooting together, personal/family drama, etc. I do alot over the course of a day (ditto FAQ #8), and I could've done something else (worked and made money, studied, done another shoot, or just relaxed from my busy life) instead of had my time wasted. Don't "forget" to follow through with me, even if we're still discussing potentially shooting together via MM messages, text, or email. Again I don't care that it's a TF shoot. No or lack of communication in either case is very disrespectful, unprofessional, unacceptable, and a waste of time. Do you like when people do that to you?

C. Unless I submit to a casting at a specific date and time (don't wait until the last minute to let me know I was selected), I cannot work on specific days and times, on short notice, or at the last minute. Aside from college (ditto FAQ #8), I freelance with multiple event companies (brand ambassador, catering, and staffing-if you're looking to hire) to pay my bills. My education comes first, and until modeling and acting can actually pay my bills, my jobs take priority (unless it’s a compensated gig). I live on my own (rent and everything else ain't cheap in NYC) and support myself. My availability changes week to week, because of the kind of work that I do. You must plan a week in advance with me for any shoot or project. Weekends are preferred for shooting, though I'm flexible and can shoot during the week after class. If we agree to shoot together at a particular day/time or if I submit to a casting for a particular day/time, and you need to reschedule/cancel, (if you still want to shoot together) we must work with both our availabilities to set a new shoot date ASAP (not months, weeks, or year(s) later or "you'll let me know"). I'd do the same if I needed to reschedule/cancel.

D. Because I'm either in class (ditto FAQ 8), working, or on the go, I cannot discuss bookings on the phone. Please text/whatsapp or email me instead. I'm always on my phone (except when I'm working, taking a test, or shooting) and respond very quickly to both. I'm sorry if you're a phone person, but most bookings are handled over email and text these days anyway. It's also really not necessary in my case, I pretty much answer and address every question and concern you'd ask/have in this bio. If you really need to call me, I probably will only be able to speak for a few minutes (ditto). If I miss your call, please leave a voicemail, and I will do my best to get back to you (though it will probably be later).

E. Please email or text/whatsapp me, rather than messaging me on here. While I constantly check and respond to MM messages all the time & have a smartphone and laptop, it's easier and faster to communicate directly. I always provide my # & email (which I always check). I'm sorry if you don't feel comfortable giving your direct contact info out, but in case something comes up we can directly contact each other.

F. I'm straight, not desperate for career advancement, fame, or money, don't try it with me (you know exactly what I'm talking about). I will block/report you, screenshot whatever is said, and never work with you again if it get’s that far. I love what I do, but I will not compromise myself to get to the top and/or get great pictures, modeling and acting are not my life. They aren't the only things that I do, that I'm good at, and can be successful with. I'm in college, have a job, and I respect myself too much, find another model to do that with.


Please don't skim through this section like these are the terms and conditions for connecting to a WIFI network, read everything. The Star Wars opening theme song is appropriate when reading this:

A) Whether I message you about shooting together directly, or through your casting/availability notice, rather than reading and not responding, please be professional & respectful, and say if you're interested in shooting together or not when you first see my message. Before I contacted you about potentially shooting together, I took the time to look at your whole profile. I looked at your portfolio pictures, read your whole bio in your profile (no matter how short or long it was), and looked at your website (if you had one). I believe that we'll look great together, work great together, that the concept I want to shoot is great for us, and we'll ultimately have a great shoot. Don't use: your height, weight, stats, height/weight/stats in comparison to mine, age, experience or lack of experience, experience or lack of experience in comparison to mine, tattoos, piercings, hair color, current professional quality of your portfolio pictures, current professional quality of your portfolio pictures in comparison to mine, how you look in general, how young or old you look, how old or young you look in comparison to me, the type of model you are/genre of modeling you do, or the type of model I am/genre of modeling I do, as an reason/excuse for why you can't/won't shoot with me. I took all these possible "factors" into consideration, before I contacted you about shooting together. If I thought those things would be an issue too, I wouldn't have contacted you (To address that concern).
B) I intend to shoot together immediately and in the month that I contact you. If you're already booked for that month (with other shoots, work, school, have travel plans, etc) we can shoot together afterwards, but the following month ideally. Keep me updated on your availability and I'll follow through with you as well (To answer those questions). Follow through (twice a month) about your shoot availability is important. If that's something you don't want to do or will not continue to do, don't agree to shoot with me. I don't have a specific date/time in the month that I want to shoot with you on. However our exact shoot date & time will be when you, the photographer shooting us, and myself are all available at our earliest conveniences. Refer to FAQ #9 & 1C for my own availability (to answer those questions). I'm not contacting you for me to wait months or years for us to shoot. We're not shooting: "someday," "later", "someday later", "one day,""someday in the future,” "soon," "maybe","when the time is right," "at the right time," "when you're ready", "when you decide/are ready to model," "when you're ready to shoot again," "when you come back from your modeling hiatus," "when you're ready to shoot with a male model," "when you're ready to shoot the concept that I want to shoot", "when you work things out", "when you get things together," "when you get new headshots," "when you get professional pictures," "when you get new professional pictures," "sometime", "next year, "years from now, or "you'll keep me in mind." I've heard and basically quoted them all, don't waste my time. If you're a model I'm contacting outside of NYC/The US: What I said in 2A & saying here in 2B still applies. I'm contacting you so we can stay in touch (through social media and/or text/whatsapp) until you come to NYC (whenever that is), and we can finally shoot together (I will follow through with monthly). Once you know when you're coming to NYC or if I responded to your local availability notice, you must communicate your availability while you're here, and set a shoot date. Don't wait until the last minute to book a shoot with me. I cannot put a shoot together on the fly. No tourist acts, I know you want to sight see in NYC, spend time with your significant other and/or family, relax, do other shoots/projects, handle business unrelated to modeling, and what not while you're in NYC, but please honor our agreement to shoot together (especially if we'd been staying in touch for a while) and respect my time. If I responded to your availability notice and we agree to shoot together, it is YOUR responsibility to cover your own travel expenses, unless you stated IN YOUR NOTICE (not while we're messaging each other) that travel expenses being covered or reimbursed is a requirement of you coming to NYC and/or shooting with anyone here. However if you're outside of the five boroughs of NYC/The US and I'M THE ONE who directly messaged and booked you to shoot with me, unless you we're coming to NYC anyway, prefer to cover your own travel expenses, or have your own way of getting here...I will REIMBURSE some or all of YOUR travel expenses (just yours; not who you're coming with) to come to NYC to shoot with me. This does though depend on the cost and my budget at the time; on a case by case basis. Please tell me how much your travel expenses are and provide receipts when you arrive, so I can reimburse you. I won't reimburse you without receipts, so don't "lose" them. When I say "travel expenses," I specifically mean transportation (fare or gas). Not daycare for your children, daycare for your pet, daycare for your escort or significant other, lodging (unless I have the budget to provide that), or anything else you can think of, just transportation costs.
C) I'M THE MODEL SHOOTING WITH YOU, NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER SHOOTING US (to answer the obvious question by now). The photographer shooting us will be Frank Rivers, who I’ve done shoots with multiple times and is a good friend, mentor, and father figure to me. He is a legit, experienced, professional photographer, not a GWC-Guy With A Camera (to answer that question). You can look him on Model Mayhem #2142161, and you can see his website with this link (copy and paste this link into your browser)>>http://tinyurl.com/pt72ncq
He's also the photographer who did the headshot in my Model Mayhem portfolio (to answer those questions). You will get solo shots for your own portfolio throughout our shoot (if you're thinking of declining my offer because you're "looking for more solo shots"), this is a three way collaboration for a reason (to answer that question). I don't use hair stylists, MUAs, wardrobe stylists, or clothing designers for this shoot, you’ll have to have those things taken care of before the shoot (to answer those questions). The shoot that we do will be only for our three portfolios; NOT for future publications, submissions, future sales, or anything else you're afraid of happening (to answer that question). If you actually want to have our couples shots submitted for publication, featured on Frank's website, or what not, that's something we can discuss amongst the three of us before and after we've shot. In the same instance for the solo shots taken of you, that's something you and Frank can discuss before and after we've shot (I will not be involved in that process). However in both these cases, that's only if YOU choose that course, this shoot by default is only for our portfolios. This is an all around TF shoot and collaboration. There is no compensation/pay for you, the photographer shooting us, or myself (just great pictures for our portfolios). Other than the travel cost reimbursements I provide for models that I directly book outside of NYC/the US, there are no stipends. I as a model and actor myself understand that you may do only paid shoots, primarily paid shoots, limited TF, TF & paid shoots, shoot certain genres paid only (lingerie, implied topless, topless, implied nudes, nudes), shoot only with full teams, only do shoots that are guaranteed for publication, shoots with great promotion or goods in return, shoots with a specific set design (ie: haute couture dresses with a full-sized harp both provided-I just laughed when I got this demand), agency tests, only ad campaigns, shoots that will make you famous or bring you one step closer to fame ("beneficial shoots/shoots for exposure"), that this may be your only means of income, have bills and rent to pay, don't have time for TF, you're a student, you're a parent, you're married, have family/friends to take care of, have to make up for expenses incurred while you're in NYC and/or traveling (if I responded to your availability notice), or that you have an agency and/or manager. If these are things you're looking for or factors for shooting with people this collaboration isn't for you. From one model/actor to another, I respect your hustle. However, I'm not paying to do a photo shoot with a fellow model (and my photographer will not pay/compensate you for this shoot). When I'm contacting you about potentially shooting together, it's a straight TF shoot. If you want to know why I contacted you or responded to your availability notice knowing you only do paid shoots here's why: There are plenty of people in the industry (even celebrities or other industry big wigs) who will do unpaid projects/shoots if they like the concept/theme of the project and/or want to work with someone in particular (James Franco works on student films, John Legend did two free concerts in Brooklyn for charity, etc). Most of the photographers, MUAs, and stylists (with good intentions) you yourself have done shoots with, shoot with, or will shoot with, don't charge you for shoots. They like your look for their portfolio, and want to work with you and/or keep working with you. Heck even lawyers and doctors do pro bono work from time to time. If you're still not convinced/inspired and/or don't want to/have time to collaborate TF, you can stop reading this section at this point, not message me back a lecture about why I shouldn't have contacted you (or say what "your profile/notice <clearly> says"), or give me your terms for shooting with you (publication/promotion, goods provided, hair/mua provided. designer/stylist provided, etc) and only say no thanks (not, "not at this time," "not at the moment," or "not right now"). Give me a pass, I was only inquiring if you might be interested in collaborating with me TF. Note this is the same reason why other people keep contacting you about doing TF work, even though they know you only do paid work. With that addressed...Frank and I cannot make you famous or bring you one step closer to fame with this shoot, again this is a standard TF collaboration (not an agency test shoot or ad campaign). The shoot will be shot at Frank's studio (with complete professional equipment) in Mount Vernon (30-40 minutes outside The Bronx via car/Metro North & not in the hood of Mount Vernon, the suburbs). If you're comfortable, he can pick you up on West 125th in Harlem (or further uptown), drive you to the studio, and back to Harlem or further uptown, after we're done shooting (you have nothing to be afraid of, if you choose this option). Alternatively you can take the MetroNorth, which is a 35-45 minute train ride (we will not reimburse for this). I don't have references or a personal website at this time, I'm not yet an established model, my photographer does though (to answer those questions).
D) When I contact you about potentially shooting together don't take forever (days, weeks, months, or years) to respond. If you don't check and respond to your MM messages constantly and only check them once or every other day, week, month, year or you're "just getting to" or "seeing my message" after a few hours, a day, few days, a week, weeks, a month, months, a year, years, just leave your cell # when you reply back (even though we'd still be discussing shooting together). I'll still be interested in potentially shooting with you, if you really are just seeing my message (no matter how long it was ago that I sent it) just shoot me a text when you see my message. I'm not doing MM message tag, communicating once a day. If you're only going to provide your email, only do so if you check it constantly and respond promptly like you do with text messages. This also means, that you get your emails on your smartphone/tablet and you're constantly looking at & responding to them like a business professional does. If that's not the case, ONLY LEAVE YOUR # (you have nothing to be afraid of), I'm not doing email tag. If you "only communicate through MM messages and/or email until after you've been booked," you should be checking and responding to them constantly to be respectful of people's time in general. If we're texting, I'm not doing phone tag either, where you respond to each text every: thirty minutes, hour, other hour; once a day, every other day, once a week, every other week, once a month, every other month, once a year, or every other year. I have alot going on myself, and I'm not waiting around for a response from you. Only text me when you have the time, and can freely text back and forth. Again we can arrange a day & time when you're completely free to text back and forth about shooting together. Regardless of the method that we communicate, respond ASAP (within 24 hours) when we start discussing potentially shooting together. If you know you're busy with work, school, other priorities, projects, personal issues, etc, communicate that and when is an appropriate day/time to contact you BEFORE we begin messaging each other on here OR exchange contact information. We can arrange a day & time that works out for you when you're completely free to discuss potentially shooting together. I'm being courteous and understanding (I can't respond right away when I'm at work, school, etc myself) by even arranging a day/time to discuss a potential shoot with you. VERY FEW people on this site, in the industry (especially your agent or manger) or the professional world in general do that (whether the project is paid or TF). You either respond right then and there or ASAP, or you potentially lose that booking. When I'm contacting you about potentially shooting together, don't "forget" to reply back to me, reply "when you feel like it" or use the "I'll get back to you" or "just saw/getting to" my text, email, or MM message" lines. I shouldn't have to and will not contact you repeatedly to get a response and/or see if you're still interested in shooting or not (just say no if you're not), or get responses hours, days, weeks, months or years later. I understand people are busy and/or sometime forget things (I am/do too), but this is out of hand & annoying. Delayed or no responses to communication about a potential shoot (paid or unpaid) is unprofessional and a waste of the time of the person contacting you, whether it's me or someone else (agency models have gotten dropped for this). The faster I communicate everything about the shoot to you, the sooner you can decide whether or not you want to shoot with me, and whether I need to find another model. Please note when I first contact you about potentially shooting together, everything will be discussed through written communication only (MM messages, texts, whatsapp, or email), not a phone call. After we've solidified our booking, then we'll we speak on the phone (to go over everything we've discussed in writing and finalize things). While we could "nail everything down in a 15 min call;" "texts are easy to misinterpret (not in my case)," "you can't convey emotions through text (this isn't a soap opera)," and you just don't want to text back and forth all day. In the long run I keep everything in writing before we speak on the phone to prevent miscommunication, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or semantics leading up to and at our shoot.
E) I know you take exception to being directed to this section (especially with it being so long) and the FAQs above in my bio, when I first message you about potentially shooting together. You feel I should either answer & address every individual question & concern you have one by one in private messages we exchange and not in a long section like this, "save the info push for at least the second message upon my future conquests," "give you as much as information as possible" when I first contact you in my message, or just "keep things short and straight to the point." Ultimately you "don't have the time/too busy and/or won't take the time to read something this long." Consider this though, when you go out to eat/drink, doesn't the restaurant/bar have a menu for you upon arrival, before you order, or has it hung up where everyone can see it? The host/hostess, cashier, waiter/waitress, or bartender (especially on a busy day/night) doesn't have time to tell you everything the establishment serves or how it's prepared (sure they'll recommend what to get eat/drink and what not). That's why menus we're invented, it saves everyone time. As a cater-waiter working high profile events, we have to tell the rich, wealthy, celebrities, politicians, world leaders to read the menu to keep things moving. Most businesses in general these days have maps, directories, apps, instructions, etc, to answer/address most questions/concerns, so employees don't have to. Conversely I'm busy myself and don't have time to field your questions/concerns individually (ditto FAQ #8 & 1D), so I have written this section to cover everything about shooting with me. All the general questions and concerns, and what I expect professionally are explained throughout this section (the menu). I also troubleshoot every potential issue/scenario in this section that can come up prior to or at our shoot (as you're reading) in this section, rather than after we've agreed to shoot together in further private messages (that would take too much time to address one by one). Most electronic devices and cars come with troubleshooting guides, if we actually read them we wouldn't have so many problems (as is the case here with this shoot). I will ONLY discuss the shoot concept/theme I want to do and other specifics relating to the shoot (wardrobe, map of shoot, recap, etc) when we're discussing potentially shooting together in private messages. Please have read this entire section before you and I get into the specifics of the shoot, so we're already on the same page. Again I know this section is very long, but don't skim through it or "look over it", please read everything. I will direct you back here if you ask a question that's covered this section. I'm not trying to be difficult, rude, or mean, just read up before we get into specifics. Even if I did answer/address "a few of your basic/simple questions/concerns" or "just the ones you're asking me for right now or ask for in your bio" when we're messaging each other, you'd still ask/have more (the same way young children keep asking question after question), and we'd back at square root one, so no please read this whole section. Coming from a business background also (I'm a jack of many trades), I use the direct approach rather than being vague on Model Mayhem. This section is organized like this, so you or any other model looking to shoot with me can have as much information before deciding to shoot with me. It only takes 10-15 minutes (depending on how fast you read) to go through everything in this section and decide whether or not shooting with me is for you. If you are still interested in shooting with me after reading it, and subsequently like the concept/theme I want to shoot, we book a shoot, simple. It only takes less than a day to get this all accomplished sparing us both time & messages. While it seems easier to 'keep things simple", "answer the questions you're asking," and you "have no problems working with others communicating that way" again that is a short term solution that can lead to longterm problems of miscommunication, drama/issues and ultimately wasted time. I avoid those as much as possible, and make sure I have (and for this potential shoot you have) all the information from the beginning. This is how I handle booking all my potential shoots, and it works for me. You read and write long papers for school and work (the more details/information equals an A or positive review). In addition I hope you read and look over everything (including the fine print) before signing any document or agreeing to do anything no matter how long it is. Applying that rationale here, reading this section shouldn't be a issue/problem. The further you go into your industry career (if you're not already there), you'll be given contracts that are much longer than this section. For your sake, I hope you read everything (and not rely on your agent/manager to) before signing them. Ask TLC what happened when they didn't really read their first recording contract?
F) Keep it simple, if you don't want to shoot together and/or shoot the concept/theme I want to shoot, DON'T: say "you need to think about it", say you need thirty minutes, an hour, a day, a few days, a week(s), a month(s), a year(s) to think about it; have me "add/follow/like you on social media (FB, Twitter, IG) first" before you decide to shoot with me, ask to "meet with you in person to get acquainted/feel us out" before you decide to shoot together (my photographer and I don't do that), ask me to send you recent personal fitness, nude, or other explicit nude pictures of myself before you decide to shoot with me (it's just as creepy when the other sex asks for them), ask to modify the concept/theme that I want to shoot to what you're comfortable shooting, ask to modify the concept/theme I want to shoot because you only shoot certain genres paid (ditto 2C), ask to do a different shoot altogether (we're only shooting what I've contacted you about shooting), tell/give me your terms for shooting with you (rates, hair/makeup, designer/stylists, publication/exposure, etc), suggest doing another shoot (paid or unpaid) "that would fit us both," say "you'll be happy to negotiate on your rate to work with me-now or in the future", say "find us a paying assignment and you'll shoot with me," say "you're not shooting/posing with male models at this time," say you're "not currently interested in working/posing with male models", say "you're not interested at this time," "not at this time," "not interested in doing the concept/theme I've contacted you about shooting at this time," say "you're not doing TF shoots at this time," say "you have limited availability at the moment," say "this is just a hobby for you and/or you're only taking on few paid/publication shoots," say "maybe," say "you'll let me know", say "you'll get back to me", say "you'll keep me in mind, say "you'll get back to me if you're interested" (this isn't your dating life keep it professional), say "you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, or husband/wife (I'm not hollering at you), say "you have a child or children," say you "need to look for/book paying assignments before deciding to shoot with me or before shooting with me," or just stop responding all together in the midst of still discussing potentially shooting together. Give a definitive/straight/direct response to my offer to shoot together by ONLY SAY NO THANKS OR YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED, if you don't want to shoot with me. In addition don't tell me about how long this section is and/or how it's worded or make suggestions to shorten it (whether you want to shoot together or not), I'm not changing it. If you want to know why I contacted you or responded to your availability notice about doing a particular shoot concept/theme that would entail genres you say you don't shoot (lingerie, implied topless, topless, implied nude, nude), here's why: There are plenty of models & actresses, even celebrities, who change that position over time (Cameron Diaz just did her first nude scenes recently in the movie, "Sex Tape"), or change their position if they like the concept/theme of a particular project and/or want to work with someone in particular. Still not convinced/inspired, still wont shoot these genres, "your morals are non negotiable?" Do not message me back a lecture about why I shouldn't have contacted you (saying what "your profile/notice clearly says" or "you can see by your portfolio"), or block me, just say no thanks. I was only inquiring if you might be interested in shooting that concept/theme and as a result change your position. I'm no perv/creep, I respect your values. Note this is also the same reason (for the most part) why other people still contact you about doing these genres, even though you say your in your notice profile or notice that you don't do them. You're in the wrong industry if you get mad when people (professionally/respectfully) ask. To all the female models that don't shoot with male models or shoot only with their significant other just a heads up...if you plan to go further in the industry, working with other male models & talent (paid and unpaid) is inevitable. There will be photo shoots: the unpaid test shoots your agency (a legit one like Wilhelmina, Ford, Abrams) will have you do with the male models on their roster and outside of their camp; ad campaigns you'll get booked for; acting roles: playing the love interest of your male co-star in TV shows, movies, plays, commercials, or with an artist in music videos. Sometimes you'll even work with the same person on a different production (how many times have Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore and Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts acted together playing lovers?). You will even have to take pictures with your co-star or the artist to promote the production and even then some productions don't make it to production. The main point of all these jobs is modeling/acting as though you're really lovers for marketability (let's not get into dancing). Even if you don't shoot with me, get in the habit of working with other male models and talent (it's good for networking too). You may achieve success (great success at that) shooting alone, however if you want to go the next level you will have to collaborate with the opposite sex in some capacity.
G) If we haven't already been communicating by text, if we agree to shoot together, you MUST provide your cell # (this isn't up for debate). If you're a model that doesn't give out your # because you: "only communicate through MM messages and/or email," "only communicate through MM messages and/or email to keep everything in writing for yourself (you can screenshot on your phone too)," "only give out your # until you meet someone in person," "only give out your # until the day before, of, or a week before the shoot," or any other nonsense I've heard and forgot to quote, this collaboration isn't for you. All further communication regarding shoot logistics (the exact date & time we're shooting, what wardrobe to bring, how hair/makeup should look, what time we're meeting, recap of everything before we shoot, etc) will be done through texts & phone calls. Plus my photographer will call and text you to go over what you and I have discussed, and make sure we're on the same page. Respond as quickly as possible (again within 24 hours) to communication (calls, texts, or even an email with shoot ideas) from Frank and I going forward. We're not gonna keep contacting you/blowing up your phone, and you don't get back to us. Again communicate in advance when is an appropriate time to contact you, and if/when you're busy. Don't "forget" to respond to communication (ditto 2D) either. At this point, it will be very important that logistics are communicated ASAP. If we don't get a response past 24-48 hours, We'll assume you're no longer interested in shooting together anymore and move on. If you no longer want to shoot together after we've booked a shoot, just say so.
H) Once we've agreed to shoot together, please don't: no call no show, flake, back out later, say you "changed your mind", say "you need to rethink or consult" with whomever (significant other, manager/agent, family, yourself), say you're "taking a break/hiatus from modeling" (take it after we've shot together), "say you had a "scheduling conflict" (you should've had your schedule organized), ask to change, adjust, alter the concept/theme that we've agreed to shoot (we're only shooting what we've agreed to shoot nothing else), say you don't want to do certain parts or all of the concept/theme we've agreed to shoot anymore. Especially not at the last minute (the day before, of, or at the shoot), I'm not hearing it. If this happens at the shoot, our shoot will end right then and there. I will not be getting into an argument with you at the shoot (that would be unprofessional & unethical of me), and/or hearing your excuse/explanation, I'm just not shooting with you any further. You should not have agreed to to shoot together, if you had these issues/excuses/problems: Being comfortable/nervous, Being comfortable/nervous shooting with a male model, Being comfortable/nervous shooting with me, being comfortable/nervous shooting with me because I'm Black and Hispanic, general negative stereotypes of Blacks and Hispanics, being comfortable/nervous shooting with me because I'm American, being comfortable/nervous shooting the concept we’re shooting, being comfortable/nervous shooting the genres that the concept/theme of our shoot entails, being comfortable/nervous shooting the concept we're shooting and what it entails because I'm black, hispanic, and American, how old I am, how young I look, my look period, me being slender and not muscular, now that you're seeing me in person and you see that I really do look young, am short, slender, and don't have a super masculine look & body that you've lost the desire to shoot with me, personal issues/drama, no longer interested in modeling anymore, no longer interested in shooting with me anymore, you're only doing paid assignments now, significant other or any family/friend objection to shooting with me and/or the concept we're shooting, your manager or agent objecting to shooting with me/and or the concept we're shooting, work schedule, general scheduling/availability issues, sickness, nervousness, family or friend issues/drama, personal issues/drama, religious issues, image issues, change in career direction, there being no compensation for our shoot, this shoot not being "beneficial" to you, travel/vacation issues that make our shoot no longer a priority, plans before or after the shoot, how long the shoot is taking, tiredness/exhaustion prior to the shoot, or any of the other millions of things I've heard before. I don't want to hear that I'm a jerk, rude, not understanding, inflexible, you have a right to change your mind, I'm inconsiderate, a perv/creep, making/forcing you to do something you don't want to do anymore, and/or I'm pressuring you, it's BS. You are unprofessional and you wasted my time and the photographer's shooting us. We have no time for buyers remorse; once we've agreed to shoot together and/or at our shoot. My photographer and I lay out everything clear, concise, direct, blunt, and to the point (as you're reading in this section). We will go over everything about the shoot, everything discussed in this section, how exactly the shoot will go, and shoot logistics (shoot date/time, what wardrobe to bring, where to meet) via phone conversation AND text messages (verbal and written communication) one last time before we shoot together. I also will hold onto every message we exchange (just like some of you do yourselves) and screenshot them, as well as have a printed copy of this section (which is why won't argue with you) in case these problems happen at our shoot. Will all of these measures in place, there will be no miscommunication, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, semantics, and definitely no excuse on your part if the above issues/problems occur before we shoot together or at the shoot. Both Frank and I come from business and legal backgrounds, communication and record keeping are daily practice for us. Don't even think about trying to save face (lie) and act like it was something we did, to make you not want to shoot with us anymore. We're not stupid, unprofessionals, or pervs/creeps, you just weren't up for the shoot concept. In addition, don't agree to shoot with us (knowing full well you're not up for/uncertain about shooting with us and/or the concept/theme we're shooting), so you can get free professional pictures for yourself. I know this trick, you take a few pics with me, get your solo shots, take a few more pics with me, get more solo shots, "start to pull back," then you use one of the BS issues/excuses I mention above, say "it's getting late, "you're on your period," "you're sick," "you're tired", "have stuff to do in the AM and need to rest," "have plans/things to care of after the shoot," "had an emergency," "your escort is sick or tired," you're escort wants to go and he/she's your ride," "say we made you uncomfortable," say you're uncomfortable," and/or start an argument with me, to get out of shooting with me (Mama ain't raise no fool). If you no longer want to shoot together, not comfortable shooting the concept we've agreed to shoot and don't want to do it anymore, really are taking a hiatus from modeling/no longer modeling, have personal or long term health problems that prevent you from shooting with us and/or modeling in general, be honest, upfront, tell the truth, and let both Frank and I know immediately. Don't wait until the last minute, a week or two before our shoot, the day of or at the shoot. If you're sick/injured, have an emergency (personal or family/friend) and need to reschedule our shoot, just let us know if/when you can ASAP. If you have any feminine problems, please don't book a shoot or shoot with us while they're occurring. If they do occur last minute, PLEASE reschedule or cancel (if I booked you through your availability notice/from out of NYC/The US), we'll completely understand. When rescheduling our shoot, please follow through with us (and we'll follow through with you as well) on setting a new shoot date/time ASAP. Please don't break down communication and stop responding all together. If in the process of rescheduling our shoot, you decide you don't want to shoot together anymore (or for any of the reasons I just mentioned), tell the truth, be honest, and upfront, and let us know ASAP. Don't waste our time, the sooner you let us know, the sooner we'll move on. As a model and actor myself, I also understand that if you're offered or already booked with paying gigs that they'll take priority over setting our shoot date/time. However if we've already agreed to shoot together, I expect you to honor that agreement. Treat our agreement to shoot together with the same professionalism you'd give a potential paying gig. Please keep us updated (and we'll follow through with you as well) on new scheduling and availability changes. That way we know that you still want to shoot with us, and so we can arrange our schedules. In all of these scenarios I've mentioned, don't have my photographer and I contacting you, you break down communication and/or respond days, weeks, months, or years later.
I) When we shoot together, please be professional, respectful, not distracted, focused on our shoot, not worried/focused on plans after the shoot, hair and makeup done, wardrobe on, and just ready to shoot. Work out any nervousness, tiredness, exhaustion, personal issues, drama, negative experiences from previous shoots, sobriety (meaning don't come to our shoot with drugs or alcohol in your system), sickness (reschedule if you're not well), fear of Blacks & Hispanics (not all of us are thugs out to rob, kill, and harm you; I'm not), fear of Americans, or uncomfortability before shooting with us. There's only so much photoshop can do, all these things will show up in the pictures later and mess them up. I shouldn't even have to bring this up and break down what this means, but because it's happened MULTIPLE times...please come to our shoot with good hygiene: showered with HOT water AND soap for at least or more than five minutes, face washed, hair washed with shampoo & conditioner, lotioned your whole body, used powder if you sweat alot, used deodorant, teeth brushed, used mouthwash, used a hair product, and used body spray/perfume (in that order). Also don't come to our shoot with dirty clothes (especially underwear), that is disgusting and unsanitary. We do have a steamer, so don't worry about wrinkled clothes (iron them still, so we don't waste time). I really hope you're not thinking that I should pay for your laundry or dry cleaning if I expect clean clothes. NO SMOKING OR DRUG USE OF ANY KIND AT OUR SHOOT. I DON'T WANT TO SMELL CIGARETTES OR WEED ON YOU, MINTS AND PERFUMES DON'T COVER EVERYTHING, DO THAT ON YOUR OWN TIME. Please be on time for our shoot (account for potential traffic/transportation delays when coming to Mount Vernon, if you didn't come with us). If you show up late to the shoot, expect to stay later (if we haven't already cancelled it). I don't want to hear how long it took you to get to Mount Vernon. The shoot will not be shortened or rushed through, even if the shoot is on a weeknight/evening if you're late. It's not right (or professional on your part) that Frank and I arranged our schedules to shoot at a particular time (especially if we have work, or I have class the next morning), you showed up late (messing up our schedules) and want to leave shortly thereafter (or just get your solo shots like I mentioned in 3I). We're both busy, rescheduling isn't that simple. We'd both want to make up for the lost time on THAT day (not "next time") and get the shoot done. Our shoot in general should be three-three and a half hours in duration, and will not be rushed through. As is the case with the industry (fashion, acting, music, dance), anything in life (work, trips to the hair salon/barber, etc) or any shoot that you've done before, it can possibly go over that estimated time (that doesn't mean we'll be shooting past five hours) for a variety of reasons (lighting, getting different looks/poses, etc). Please keep this in mind, be flexible, and plan accordingly. If you show up late to the shoot, this still applies. I don't want to hear complaints of how long the shoot is taking, "how long it's gonna take you to get back home," or "it's getting late" (the displeasure in your face and body language will show up in the pictures). I highly advise not making major plans after this shoot or booking this shoot on a weeknight/evening. It's better to book this shoot on your day off, or when you haven't worked alot prior to shooting. We are very flexible when setting a date/time. While this is an unpaid shoot, without a full team (hair, mua, stylist, designer), and not an ad campaign, this is still a professional shoot being shot by a professional photographer, in a professional studio with professional equipment, and organized by a professional model. A real professional photographer (or any professional) doesn't rush through a shoot, but takes the time to get the right shots (poses, angles, looks, lighting, backgrounds, etc). At the end of the day, the three of us all want the pictures (including your solo shots) to come out the right way for our portfolios. If there was a full team involved in this shoot, do you think they would rush though a shoot if they want the pictures to come out right? We really would be shooting over five hours (paid or unpaid). An escort (one only, not an entourage) who takes you to the shoot, is absolutely no problem, and common sense. You as a female are shooting with two men (in Frank and myself) that you met online for the first time and don't know in a studio in the suburbs of Mount Vernon. Also whether you want to admit or not (deep down it's possible) you're shooting with a Black/Hispanic man; the stigmas associated with that may exist in your mind. Bottom line, bring an escort, if you want!! However my only thing is that your escort not be present on the set while we're shooting. They must wait in the lobby/lounge area, or outside (this isn't negotiable). They also must not be a distraction/hinderance to our shoot. Make sure your escort is completely on board with us shooting and what we're shooting. Keep in mind what I've just said, the shoot will not be rushed or shortened to accommodate them either. I want no issues/drama with your escort. Also, don't give your escort, significant other, or whoever, my # and have them calling/texting me every five minutes at the shoot (my phone is on vibrate), or doing the same thing distracting you (I understand about safety concerns and what not, but it does get out of hand). The shoot will only go exactly as it's been planned, agreed upon, and communicated, end of story. Yes plenty of productions and shoots in the industry, get scrapped, changed, altered, and adjusted and sometimes at the last minute. However keep this is in mind, people at the top of industry (and people at that level in general) have the time, money, and resources to absorb losses and take on changes like that. I (and most) can't afford/don't want to have my limited time, money, and resources wasted. That's the difference between Donald Trump losing A MANSION and me getting evicted from the room I rent . And of course you absolutely have the right to change your mind when don't want to do something anymore, but don't be a transformer on my time. I must stress this again: You would have had ample opportunity to decide whether or not shooting with me and the concept we're shooting was for you. Don't wait until at our shoot to decide that's the not the case anymore and make me the villain.
J) Female models, I know you're turned off (an understatement) from wanting to shoot with me after reading everything that I've written in this section, (thanks for reading it this far). You think this section (and my initial message) is "too long," "off putting," and redundant, with some or most of it being unnecessary, especially if you've been modeling for a while. You probably are feeling as though "I'm talking down to you," however if you didn't know, now you know. Modeling for a long time doesn't automatically mean you're professional and wouldn't do the things I've been talking about ("experienced" models did most of the things I talked about). After reading everything, you think I "demand/expect alot for a TF shoot" (even if I was paying you, you still think I demand/expect alot, and then you'd complain I wasn't paying you enough, we do that with our jobs), and one that doesn't even give you any exposure (is wanting the model I shoot with to have good hygiene and clean clothes too much to ask?), "I don't respect your needs" (that's just how I flow), I'd be difficult to work with (I may be blunt about what I want, but I'm one of the most easy going people to work with), that my "ego would suffocate you if we worked together," (you're just buggin now), and that I'd "babysit you" if we agree to shoot together/shoot together (definitely not true). In addition you think that I'm a "control freak," inflexible and/or "chauvinistic". You also feel "the tone of my words throws you off, as though you've done me wrong before you even finished reading this section." However if you don't do the unprofessional, unsanitary, or racist things, that I've been talking about throughout this section, you shouldn't feel "threatened and under attack." Conversely, if you had contacted me about shooting with you and directed me to a "male models" section in your bio (some female models on MM have stricter/rigid guidelines than mine for shooting with male models and photographers), where you lay out everything about shooting with you like I do with you, I have nothing to lose. I would read it completely and not be turned off from shooting with you. Whether your sections wording was harsh or sweet toned, it doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't do (and don't do) anything appropriate with you or any woman, I don't do drugs period (not even weed), I'm not racist towards white people or anyone outside of my race, I wouldn't be scared that if a white model contacts me about shooting together that she could be setting me up and luring somewhere to get lynched or beat to death with a bat (this is alot of black people's ridiculous fear of white people), I have good hygiene, clean clothes, stay in communication, respond ASAP to communication, and don't forget to communicate with who I'm working with (even though I'm busy all the time, especially when I do 14 hour catering shifts), don't flake, don't have a jealous girlfriend, not dangerous/violent, come with my A game to every shoot (healthy, rested, on time, etc) and wouldn't agree to a shoot and subsequent shoot concept/theme I'm uncomfortable doing (excerpts of things I talk about and have experienced with female models previously). Because I don't do things like that anyway, you writing them harsh or sweet, or at all wouldn't turn me off from shooting with you. My bark is worse than my bite, bottom line. You and everyone else in the industry has their own way of doing things (whether it's professional or not), and their own professional expectations (and some explicitly state them in their profile like me). You choose to work with them/they choose to work with you and meet those expectations (presumably). The main reason you think I shouldn't demand/expect alot (aside from no compensation), is because I'm not an experienced or established model (signed or unsigned) myself. Keep it real, you probably don't even consider me an actual model because of my height, size, and or look (or any commercial-print model if that's the case). Then there's the fact I'm 22 (I'm either around your age or younger than you), and you have thoughts on that too. While you're thinking those things, let me ask you this though...Since I'm not Tyson Beckford or a model of that caliber and I'm not "grown" or your "peer" & Frank isn't Annie Leibovitz or another well known photographer, does that justify not treating him and I with professionalism and respect? I also understand in general not everyone has my work ethic/standard with modeling (paid or unpaid shoots). However since the start of my modeling/acting career (August 1st, 2010), my work ethic has gotten me a lot of opportunities. I'm not a supermodel or anything; inspite of that & not being a conventional model, I have done and do countless photo shoots, and have built and am building some great contacts. I still shoot with, have a rapport with, and/or still talk to the photographers I've done shoots with since I first started modeling. Some of these same photographers, have shot my friends (for free) and launched their modeling careers or developed their port. I'm building a great career and connections, just keeping things professional. If you're unprofessional and get the same results, more power to you. I'm on the same course to success and fame working with my hundreds compared to your thousands. At the end of the day though, you should understand exactly where I'm coming from, from one professional to another. Every last unprofessional thing I talk about in this section, I've experienced and won't tolerate anymore. That's also why this section is so long (to prevent the issues and scenarios I mention). My expectations are really reasonable, realistic, and plain common sense. As I said before, if you plan to go further in the industry, you will have to work with other male models & talent. The people who book you for these jobs, may or may not spell everything out like I am here (I have to when working with people on Model Mayhem). However everything they have to say, will be in that long contract I hope you read before you signed. They will have the same expectations I have, and if they're not met, you ruin your own career. Having money and fame only amplifies what you already are. You may hide your unprofessionalism, jealous significant other(s) problem, and issues (personal & family) the first few career beneficial/paying jobs. However everything comes out in the end, ask any celebrity (Lindsay Lohan, Lil Mama, Macaulay Culkin, etc). For the models with jealous significant others, there are also plenty of high profile Hollywood splits (too many to name). You may get away with being unprofessional with us and others at the "beginning level," "hide your personal problems/issues, but everything will catch up with you on the "major level". I don't care how long you've been a model & doing photo shoots, how many shoots you've done, who you've done shoots with, if you've shot with male models before, if you're with an agency/have a manager, that you've been doing things the way you've been doing them, if modeling is a side endeavor for you, if modeling is just a hobby for you, that you have to balance your other career(s), how you redefine the industry, how much you get paid, that this is an uncompensated shoot, that this shoot can't make you famous or one step closer to career advancement, what you think of me (size wise, industry wise, experience wise, personally) who you are, how old you are, how grown you are, your other priorities, or who you know in the industry. If you're gonna shoot with me respect me & respect my time that I don't like being wasted, as well the photographer's shooting us. I have no time for BS. This may just be another TF shoot for you, but we'll both be treating you with professionalism: professional photos shot in a professional studio with professional equipment, the best photos (retouched) from our shoot that are sent to you promptly, a great experience working with two friendly, down to Earth, not ratchet, professionals in Frank and myself, the opportunity to network with us, and do more future shoots (solo & couple) & respect: no sexual advances, coming on to you, hitting on you, inappropriate touching/contact, inappropriate comments in that order (see 1E, I've had these issues with photographers myself), putting you or your escort in danger, inappropriate conversations, talking down to you. We expect the same regardless. Female models, I'm the only male model/talent on Model Mayhem that has been this honest & upfront with you, and not afraid to go there (you should respect that). That along with your own previous negative experiences in the industry, should lead you to want to shoot with me. If you're still turned off from wanting to shoot with me, it's because I hit a nerve and called out the unprofessional things you do with other people, and I would've been the next victim. And all the photographers, makeup artists, stylists, fashion show coordinators, and designers that've been reading this said AMEN!! I was an agency intern & fashion assistant, so I know you deal with these problems that I talk about too.

Acting Resume:
Web series
"Touched" (created by and starring Guiding Light's Lawrence Saint-Victor) as Thug 4
Extra work (movies)
Missed Connections (2 days) (#1903521 casted me)
Music videos
"Tourne" for French pop star Shy'm (casted by Marieta Blaskova & #418291)
"Tohm Girl" for Tohm Lev (#2223262)
"I Don't Like You" for The Digital Dawgs (#1462252)
"Been Around The World" or Jabari "Jubi" Gray (casted by #2194136)
"Sex + Money" for Neon Dynamite (casted by #1137452)
"U Can" for Body Language (casted by #1579551)



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