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Outlast Inland

Chapter 1

The girl in the red matte masi

He had come for the girl.  No he had come because of the girl.  He was moved across the planet because of her but this was just his circumstance now. This was Vegas and the summer heat was setting into the desert.  He missed the real world as he peered with his back to the strip out over the desert landscape from his third floor balcony.  He leaned against the rail looking out and smoked a 'spice' tipped cigarette.  There were a lot of buildings leading out toward the desert and its hills and 'mountains' beyond.  To the left was another higher apartment building with other balconies and to the front there were some signs visible from a strip mall or commercial center (something World, he can't remember now).   And there was the parking lot below.  He came out here more and more to smoke until he knew that he was severely addicted but it didn't matter.  His life was ruled by minutes now and a routine which was getting surely tighter and tighter. 

Still, he could hear the sirens in the winds and they knew who he was and felt for him.

His predicament was epic but pathetic.  He came for a girl but got lost in time.  Lost in Vegas, in a desert mirage.  This was after, I think. After the dive.

The dive was epic, that at least was epic.  Surely, no one could deny him that.  He thought about that the most as he looked out over the rail and smoked.  He thought about it, holding the moment in his hand.  It was an epic dive.

The girl was gone by now.  She might return but for now she was gone and that felt good.  He had wanted to save her.  He had always been naive but it felt good knowing that she was not in Vegas anymore.  He felt like he did it for her.

In a way, he knew he was crazy but it was all he had left.  And that dive.  That was fucking epic.  Ask anyone at Mandalay Bay who saw it if you can find them and if they're to be believed.  Perhaps there is video of it all but that is not for me to know.  There was some video leading up...actually quite a bit if you're talking about everything from the trip across the country and through Mexico. That was gone now though.  The last video was of the man frantically smoking two cigarettes, trying to keep the fire from going out. He filmed himself staring up at the sky leaning against a Light Pole.  He looked up at the sky at the fake clouds from the plane and held the cigarettes in front of the lens.  He was crying, he hoped people would understand somehow.  He left something else by the light pole and continued inside.  He was dropping things fast now and as he moved through the people and cars in the parking garage and headed for the escalator, he slid through the crowd which parted around him and what he was carrying. 

He believes this is where he shrugged off the last of his belongings, just after entering the casino. This was it.  He was so thirsty.  But he knew now they were coming for his head.  He could feel it.  Like a wire wrapping around his neck meant to decapitate him.  That was it then, they wanted his head.  He wrapped the scarf around his neck to protect himself.  He hissed again.  This time he was a CAT.  The first time he was a dog, and a cricket, or a group of them and possibly even a bird but that part is hard to remember. 
Now though, he was clearly a CAT.  He's not sure if he first marked the big man or if it happened the other way around.  He's not exactly sure when it happened either but he thinks it was the (second) time they saw each other.  There was no mistaking the menace.  There were others, others who had marked him, but his mark was on everyone.  Everyone and no one.

He was thirsty,...it was more than that though, as he strode through the casino he veered towards the small store, grabbing a bottle of soda and opening it in front of everyone, pouring it roughly in his mouth like an animal while the people around him remarked and complained in alarm.  He didn't give a fuck.  Fuck if he wasn't going to have a drink.  Things were speeding up though now and he moved in a rage through the casino, everything and everyone seemed to circle and close in around him.  He kept going, he slid alongside this group or that and then as quickly veered apart again.  He doesn't remember most of it.  All the details,...although he does a bit when he thinks about it.

He remembers the second time he saw the big man.  The man was a mountain.  Perhaps the biggest he'd ever seen.  The man called him out.  “This is going to cost you” he said. 

He spun and took after the big man (who was quite young), in his early twenties perhaps.  He came right at his face in a growl.  He felt like an animal and was sure that he sounded like one.  He asked if the man 'was a shark'?  Because honestly, that was the only thing he was afraid of.  He's not sure the man understood or could hear his words but he had clearly scared him. The big man turned away, looked frightened, for a second, like a little boy. 

He turned again and walked away but the big man recovered quickly and came after him.  The big man grabbed him from behind by the scruff of the neck and shirt and begin ripping it it off of his back.  He slipped out of the shirt (a handwoven one from the deserts of Mexico) as it ripped and threw it in the big mans face as the man reached out to strangle him.  He turned on his heel one more time.  Everyone was watching now.  He took one running step toward the rail and another...the man was reaching for his neck.  And he dove.  A few women shrieked out loud as we went over.  He felt like a seahorse in the air.  Or a tiny merman, or even like the water itself dropping into the fountain below. 

The fountain below did not however have a lot of water (maybe a couple of inches in the troughs of its cascading steps and it was considerably lower than the balcony he dove off; on another, lower level of the casino (possibly near the parking valet).  He's not allowed back in the casino so it's hard to remember. Everything.  But the dive was almost perfect.  It's possible his shoulder was a bit bruised in the fall but he landed on his hands and more or less rolled out of it.  He escaped through a tunnel or something, in any case, the big man was not going to follow him. 

What was left of his remaining clothes, he began to discard.  He had a sopping wet pair of running pants and two pairs of different length shorts underneath.  Everything was soaked.   By the time his basketball shorts dropped and he had only his soccer shorts left, it surely looked like he was getting rid of it all.   A young child with his parents walked by and he hissed at them all.  The child was horrified and they moved to cover his eyes..

He stalked off, the whole of the casino closing in on him.  He was now weaving his way through the gaming tables, pushing old people and young aside as he sought to escape.  Everyone and not a small number of groups of them were circling in coming for him, like the big man.  Everyone in the place was coming for him.  He was like a wild animal but when the security men finally were the ones to grab him he felt a little relieved and slumped into their arms, completely drained and for a moment unable to even stand. 

'Can you walk?  One of them asked.  He looked into the man's eyes and tried.  With his security guard escort, and still somewhat held up by them, they walked away from the casino floor.

At this point he knew his stare was deadly and would likely take years off of someones life if directed at a person.  It was the kind of look you would never forget he was sure and would probably rob you of a couple decades later in life.  He tried not to look at anyone.  They asked him to look at the wall and he tried but he was scared.

He was scared they would leave him which he was sure they wanted to.  He was much too dangerous to even look at, much less anything else and his first fear was that they would lock him in that room with nothing and the white and the point.  Everything was sucking inside that point.  They were tricking him to look away.  He couldn't let them leave him there all alone, there was nothing else, how could you leave ANYONE to that.  He felt bad for the men.  He knew they had families and more.  He also knew that others would come for him.  He remembered that he had allies, though he had no idea who they were.   They had tried to help him the first time and surely fought for his freedom and his life.

Eventually they took him back outside into the night.  Into the parking lot. This would be it if anything. This was the first best chance to slip away into the night.  If his allies played their parts right he would be freed.  There were others arrested and the police were gathering them up to bring to the transport vehicle.  He knew he had caused a riot in the casino and it was his fault that everyone was going to jail.  It didn't matter.  He remembered the girl. It was all for the girl.  The two local boys talked about how we would all be released soon (since we were locals), there was a girl arrested too, she was inconsolable, crying and trying to explain herself and her appeal but no one would listen. I felt bad for her too and I felt like I knew her in an alternative universe and I had put her here.

He felt like he had ripped these people out of another reality, this is what had happened.  The old world was gone. Even the people in it.  The girl looked like a mixture of people he knew.  She was pretty.  A Girl arrested for prostitution, the man she was with it seems,...he betrayed her.  She was going to miss her flight.  She was freaking out. 

I thought about the girl. My girl.  I did it for her. I thought about the girl and her spirit, trying to go further and faster than anyone had ever gone.  She was all we had and I did it for her.  She was our only hope.  I thought about the girl and I willed her further.  I thought about the other man too, from before; the original opponent I expected that day. I knew my adversary had actually been on my side, the man coming for my head, he was like a mixture of people,  myself and others I guess. I felt very close to the two of them.  She was the one.  The new nagual.  I prayed for her, in my way, she would go forever and never turn back.

Anyway, there's more to the story but first I want to tell you about her. Because that's her, man.  The fastest girl in Vegas.
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