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Outlast Inland – Chapter 9

City of Souls

The man got fired the other night so he could go back to Vegas.  That wasn't his intent but later he realized it was the reason.  In any case, the next morning he found out he still had a job.  The city of souls was calling him though and one way or another he would be returning.  He had planned to drive down and find a job but not move there this time, keep it light and remember his purpose.  The man figured he could sleep in his car and take showers at the gym.  He could rent a room every 2-3 days which he could also use to shoot in.  Then he remembered the brutal summer heat and that it was still mid summer, sleeping in a car would be less than ideal.  Anyway, getting fired was more difficult than anticipated and he still had his job for better or for worse.  This was a good thing, maybe.  Jobs had always been somewhat difficult to secure, hard to hold on to and when he lost one, it usually upended his whole life for a few weeks or months.  But now he was a 5 year bartender and he told himself he could go anywhere he wanted.

He was pretty sure he would be fired the other day.  He was drunk at work and got sent home.  That should have been enough but he was still needed too badly as he was the only bartender.  This should have made him happy but he had already come to terms with his 'firing' and had begun to plan the next chapter in his life.  For years, things went down like this.  He would grind himself down into a rut and then get giddy by the idea of escape when it presented itself to him.  This had become part of his routine and the sudden change of scenery, the fresh starts and the new plans were becoming more and more intrinsic to his nature.  He was restless and every few years he felt the need to pick himself up and move himself across the country or out of it.  People would tell him that he couldn't keep running from his problems.  'You take yourself with you' ...so cliché.  'Wherever you go, there you are'...no shit.  People would always think this about him but it didn't matter.  He liked being an escape artist.

Moving was like a symbolic affirmation of the changes he imagined for himself and around himself.  At 38, he finally felt that he was close to becoming a confirmed bachelor.  He stopped worrying so much about having kids or whether he would ever have a family.  He'd never been positive that was what he wanted anyway.  More importantly, he was starting to believe that he was finally evolving past the need to 'own' someone.  He no longer dreamed of finding the 'one' and locking her down.  He fantasized less about finding a wife and more and more about his own freedom.  He understood that his freedom was contingent upon his ability to let others be free.  Men were raised to be jealous and possessive but he imagined he was more enlightened now.  He had all but retired from dating.  It was tough to tell if this new found resolve to maintain his freedom was real.  He was pretty sure no one had ever wanted to marry him anyway and he had never actually asked anyone.  There had been the idea before and he used to joke about it a bit with this or that ex but he'd never formally asked anyone.  If someone actually wanted to marry him, maybe even asked him, he might be stuck. 

For now though, he imagined himself free as the wind and only hoped he would live long enough to realize the adventurous life he imagined for himself.  Part of him would always believe that he was still 17 but his parents were in their seventies now.  He was getting older and feared that this was something he'd never be able to really accept.  The one caveat of losing your youth though, is that sometimes and by degrees perhaps, you just don't care anymore.  There was, in a way, that relief to getting older.  Also, he was beginning to feel younger than he had in years.  He also knew that he pushed himself too hard however and that if he wanted to live to a ripe old age, he would have to take better care of himself.

The planet was now standing on the brink of World War 3.  Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un were having a dick measuring contest and threatening to engage the entire planet in global conflict to satisfy their egos.

It was crazy to think that with all his personal dramas and selfish obsessions, none of it might matter if things went south and could not be deescalated.  His daily concerns about his job, his health, women, $.... It could all be made inconsequential in an instant if the rockets started launching and the bombs started dropping.  He wondered at work the other day what he would do if this were to happen.  Would he keep mixing drinks, work through his shift?  Would he walk out.  Where would he go?  If a war began, where could he go?  He felt bad for his own dystopian imaginings. He had a fairly negative world view and considered himself to be a pessimist most of the time. Maybe he was part of the problem.  Dreaming about some post apocalyptic mad max type landscape, perhaps he was helping to create everything he feared. 

There was something else though. Perception and believe are powerful, maybe all powerful.  He saw that 'doomsday' was here already.  One thing always happens while we are expecting another.  If we are worried by the potential of global warfare, perhaps we should be as fearful of the prison planet that already exists.  The 'freedoms' that our country was built on have historically come at the expense of others. Freedom itself as an ideal perhaps deserves introspection. 

Surely, money and the financial systems that seemed to move the planet mattered and many would argue still that 'money is the root of evil'.  The man was starting to realize that there was an even greater underlying problem.  The more he thought about it, the more he saw that war was the product of the patriarchy.  While women can also be violent, predatory and murderous, it would still seem to be the primary domain and occupation of men.  He saw the writing on the wall in the vestibule of the Newport bridge 'Civil War 2020'.  The idea stuck with him and now he believes in it fully.  He is beginning to understand though that true revolution will have nothing to do with guns or bombs.  True revolution depends on consciousness and evolving perceptions.  He suspects that women will figure prominently here. 

As a philosopher, I turn more and more to beauty.  Is there purpose in beauty?  Perhaps there is.  As a photographer who works regularly with so many women, I have come to see my models as the true leaders of the day.  There is no comparing their strength and daring or their remarkable influence.  Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump will not bring the revolution but perhaps these women can save us from ourselves.



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