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About Me

I do not offer TFP/TFCD shoots. I am a professional photographer, videographer and retoucher, and this is what I do for a living.

My rates are:
$250/ 1 hour
$400/ 2 hours
$600/ half day

That said, thanks for the visit! I have a wide portfolio, but Model Mayehm is my outlet for erotic, high fashion, sensual and glamour work. I find the human form to be the most beautiful and artistic of all creations, and I get deep satisfaction from bringing concepts of beauty to reality. It is my goal here to show the community that glamour, sensual and yes even erotic imagery, when conceptualized and created among creative professionals, is the highest form of art.

I've lived most of my life in Arizona, but moved to Phoenix from Tucson last year. I shoot with only professional Canon cameras and lenses, and yes it makes a difference. I am a serious professional and my rates reflect that. Remember, for every $120 you invest in training, hair or makeup, I've invested $170,000 in professional education and equipment alone just to ensure you look stunning. Although my rates are on the expensive side, if you want a cheap photographer there are buckets of them here and I take no offense. Just like your shoes, quality has a price. I will occasionally consider TFCD with the right models. By "right" I mean professional models who are reliable and on time, work as hard as I do, and have a look I would like in my portfolio. That doesn't mean you need lots of experience. If you have the right look and you're responsible, I will take care of the rest. I shoot weekdays 95% of the time, so please figure that into your schedule.

If you are looking for a glamour or fashion shoot, don't be intimidated by the erotic work in my portfolio. I just happen to be showcasing some of that here. If it's listed in my genres it means I enjoy shooting it equally well.

I enthusiastically support models who want to bring escorts along (especially if they can assist)! I also encourage you to talk to any model I've worked with for a reference. After all, the more comfortable you are, the better the shoot will be! Lastly, all images on this site are the exclusive property of Darren Houston and Underground Elegance Studio, LLC. While they may be freely added to list and used within the Model Mayhem Community, any use outside of Model Mayhem requires expressed written consent PRIOR to any use and all copyrights will be vigorously enforced.

Enough pontificating, right? If you like my work or want to plan a shoot together, message me or send me an email to


Pic of The day:

Check out my November 2012 interview in Fixe Magazine.

Desert Beauty* #105641 - Consummate professional, drop-dead gorgeous!
Ericka Grant* #643346 - Great edgy look, fantastic attitude!
Manda W #152271 - Extremely professional and so fun to work with.
Jaime Ford #1295970 - Beautiful, energetic and very professional.
Lexi Frieswyk* #789529 - Beautiful and easy to work with. GREAT poses!
Miss Moto #2237520 - Graceful, fun and a complete natural.
Rian Ann Shell* #2339443 - Great talent, Rian is on her way big time!
Erin Tiffany* #1803949 - GREAT personality, beautiful eyes, fun to work with
Laura New #751285 - Many amazing looks. Great model for nude bodyscapes.
Erin Cullipher #2159871 - Can be soft or edgy, very professional and easy going.
Nicole Annette #1748703 - Very naturally sensual - so easy to work with.
Alex Nahass #2030956 - Very complete, very professional and so alluring!
Selina Lee #851444 - Wow so very talented and easy to work with. Beautiful.
Megan Kathleen* #144796 - Down to earth, professional, and very, very sexy.
Ashley Scott* #2001495 - Stunningly sexy "girl next door" looks.
Michelle #1702588 - Very professional model, and definitely gorgeous.
Kira Kash* #1498632 - Photogenic and sexy like few I've ever worked with.
Taylor Lorelei #1415233 - A treat to work with such a lovely young lady.
MissChloe84 #2350724 - Very professional & sexy, very elegant. Great model.
Anastasia Rose #1889296 - Very sensual, easy to work with - a real pro.
NykkiSunshine #2373511 - A beautiful and talented model. Fun to shoot.
Rylie Ryder #2342084 - What a promising young model. Great future ahead.
Samantha Magazu #1482346 - One of the most beautiful models on MM.
Becca #1738801 - What a delightful and beautiful model. Fun to shoot.
Kandie Angel #1954187 - Very sexy, experienced and professional model.
Allie Vega* #2455266 - A natural in front of the camera, stunningly sexy!
Nicole Phoenix #2436532 - A bombshell in every sense of the word.
Ashley Haven #52421 - A very experienced, professional gorgeous model.
Lilith Lenae G* #2437492 - Sexy, professional with many gorgeous looks!
Rhiannon Sullivan #2454805 - So naturally sexy, great model, great figure.
Dev Sins #2387385 - Very erotic, very deep sensuality and grace!.
Tristan Lee72 #2473035 - Great attitude and great body to match.
Jamie Valida Bourne #2384063 - Very erotic model with a great attitude.
Lane Elizabeth #1120439 - One of the most experienced models on MM.
Tara Wienke* #2461477 - Great figure, very professional rising star.
Faith Krystal* #2410882 - What a gorgeous model. Stunning!.
Cara Mariee #1815306 - What a beautiful and talented young model.
Zuki SG (Fmr Mayhem Model) - Athletic, sexy and talented.
Lindsey K #2518307 - A stunning beauty with a very, very sensual look.
Lindsay Partain #2545867 - Very promising young model. Great future.
Lorallee Venna* #2450303 - One of the sexiest, funniest, models on MM.
Amber J Addison* #2440199 - One of my favorite models ever!
Lindy Hazel Smith #2504276 - Beautiful and exotic look, fun to shoot.
Talyn Falls #2556681 - Stunning beauty with a wide range of looks.
Natasha Lilly #699955 - Pregnant with a beautiful maternal glow.
VictoriaLynne *#2382649 - Even pregnant she is sexy and beautiful.
MissRhodes* #2588245 - Gorgeous, fun, delightful and sexy model.
Jordana Colette* #2715729 - One of the sexiest models on MM.
Heidi Faith* #1911919 - Dynamic, sexy, and professional!
Kaitlyn Ortiz #2512921 - A rising star on Mayhem and in the modeling world.
Kelsie Mitchell* #2570830 - Stunning beauty, mature and professional.
TSchwab #2421883 - Beautifully petite model with great attitude.
Beth Thieman #2596306 - Lovely new talent.
Rachel Kasang #2446090 - Beautiful model, the COMPLETE package.
Andrea Alo Castillo #2630436 - Stunning petite model.
Cecelia Ariadne #2465176 - What a stunning and sexy model!
Sweet Miss Melissa #2641670 - Very beautiful model. Pleasure to work with.
Kanessa #2639477 - An absolutely stunning figure and talented model.
Shelby Carr #2234359 - A dancer, a model, a professional, and a beauty.
London Reyes-Smith #2672697 - What a great model. Awesome shoot.
Caylene #2619377 - Gorgeous model with a sexy fun energy.
Skye G #2669825 - So very sexy. Love this model.
Tiffany Tantric* #2528468 - Simply the most erotic model I've ever shot.
Rachel Wayne* #2739426 - So sexy yet sophisticated, great energy!
Jessica Bateman #2689147 - What a stunning model, what a great shoot.
Stori G #2271721 - Beautiful, elegant with a great personality.
PastelCynosure* #2741843 - Primal sexuality in an elegant & sexy package.
Esabella Allure #2727439 - One of the sexiest models on Mayhem.
Sunshine_4 #2608445 - What an amazing shoot with a sexy model.
Angelle Tarango #2662605 - A very stunning model.
Erika Jo Smith #2300062 - Very alluring and sexy model.
Laurel Rae #1071692 - As gorgeous as she is professional. Great model.
Nick Prada* #1544916 - Great model, great abs, very natural.
Sessey #1407814 - I definitely want to shoot her again. Breathtaking.
Kaitlin Venus* #2727928 - OMG, always a fun photoshoot!
Willow Rayne #2659867 - Complete package, fun to shoot, GREAT model.
Nirvana Spivey #2580630 - Sexy, stylish, fun to shoot.
Lizzy Lethal #2834778 - Absolute joy to work with! Fun, sexy, talented!
Yasmina Saqqa #2841522 - One of the most beautiful model on MM!
Anja Strykehart* #2852001 - A very beautiful model, easy to work with.
Midnite Angel #2856707 - Fabulous, sexy and professional.
Lynelle Claire #2743970 - Gorgeous, talented and alluring look.
Carlene J Love #2897805 - Very pretty with lots of potential.
Kitty Tatts #2732726 - A stunning pinup model.
Chastity1313 #2690903 - Unbelievably breathtaking, sexy and energetic!
LiciousGia* #2870514 - The hottest new model on MM. She is special!!
LADiLUcKST3PHY* #2768871 - A sexy young model with a promising career.
Rachel Statz #2883649 - Beautiful and charming young model. Great figure.
Viergesub (Fetlife model) - Very sexy, very fun and down to earth. Wow!
LillyYvonne (Fetlife model) - Gorgeous, fearless, stunningly sexy!
AngelinaSombrottoMakeup #1580844 - Amazing MUA! Great talent!!
Moriah* #2236564 - Everything you could want in a model. Gorgeous!
Mia Mayflower #2915163 - As sexy as she is sultry. Beautiful...
Brittany Boysel #1594186 - What a sexy and stylish model. Wow.
Kaila D. Monroe* #1519918 - A stunning, professional, fun model!
Mia Terezia #2935482 - One of the most promising young models on MM.
Taylor1218 #2932047 - Sophisticated, elegant and gorgeous.
NoleyCRyan #2951235 - Sexy and aluring, amazing young model.
Brandee* Jo McBride #2669845 - Beautiful and talented.
Gauge Mega* #3016983 - The most amazing and unique look! Sexy!
Madixxx #2599103 - Great model. Stunning, sexy, and fun to shoot.
kelli Milstead #2977598 - CLASSIC Suicide Girl looks - so sexy.
Koko Rozello* #2838469 - Wow, can't imagine a more gorgeous model!
Stylez21 #1209918 - Professional, super fit and sexy model.
Chase B* #1130595 - What an AMAZING combination of innocent and sexy.
Gini19 #3015716 - Sexy, sultry Latina beauty. Great model.
Angelina Moy #3003118 - Sexy, sultry, and very professional.
Haley Jean G* #2406571 - Beautiful model destined to go far.
Kayla Michelle #3060479 - Great new model, great attitude.
Janey #2749412 - Great, sexy model with a great future.
Chelcea Baker #3068866 - Sexy, radiant, and so fun to shoot.
Jenna7* #686749 - What a stunning model! Sexy and professional!
Alisha-Michelle #3094940 - Beautiful model with lots of potential.
jenni_jay #3053067 - What a stunning, sexy, fun model.
HighwayUnicorn28 (Fetlife) - Great fetish model.
PhxRsng (Fetlife) - The most amazing Domme on Fetlife!
Misfit Moe #3122478 - Great sexy style and fun personality.
Blondie036 #3135310 - One of the sexiest new faces on MM.
Rachelle Nicole Hoffman* #2851131 - An absolute tattoo goddess!
Jackie Mtz #3086901 - Beautiful young model with a bright future.
Pretty B #3179788 - Gorgeous, professional and fun to shoot.
ELynne #3219790 - Great new model with lots of potential.
Rheanna Lease #3213046 - Great model, fun to shoot.
Carissa Ann* #2440199 - One of the very best MM models!
Tatto_Babe3* #3208292 - Sexy and fun! Stunning model!
EmilyMarieAZ #3057370 - Stunning, sexy breathtaking model.
Svetline #3232911 - Wow! The most elegant model in town
Tina Tinker* #3280561 - She will hit MM with a bang. SEXY...
Krystal Caulpetzer #3242956 - Gorgeous, professional new model.
Siren* (Fetlife) - Great model with a fantastic energy and sexy look.
Summer Fontaine* #3171952 - What an amazing new MM model!
Alyssa Phoenix #3114766 - Beautiful, and super fun to shoot
Dakota Brie (building profile) - Amazing figure and personality
Kristan Matthews* #3224495 - What a STUNNING beauty.
Nelle Teph #3285855 - Amazing model, elegant and sensual
__CupCake__ #2927605 - What a great Cosplay model
Sarah* (Fetlife) - What a drop dead stunning model
TesaEm #3302579 - What a chiseled fitness Goddess!
Bella-Rina #2741353 - Fun, classy and sexy - great model
Kendall Matthews* #3083499 - Graceful beauty personified.
Angel Taylor Paige #3275469 - Very promising young model
Alexxi_arts #3283063 - Young model with lots of potential.
Megan Mariee #304526 - What a professional, super sexy mode.
Mandi Green #3307756 - Sexy, stunning, confident and professional.
The Green Dragon #620497 - What an artistic beauty. Inspiring.
AriaRain* #3330502 - I have never shot anyone like her.
Foxxy #3314876 - What a stunning beauty and great model.
Robin G #3349315 - Amazing, sexy, sultry, fun model.
iNick Santa Cruz #3358188 - Very promising new model.
Iliana A Martinez #3190419 - Make-up Artist, model, fabulous.
Zahyra #31362 - Beautiful, experienced, amazing model.
Wynter Lake* #2927734 - What a fun and sexy model.
KenzieIris* #3338334 - Great, model. Sexy and professional.
Trident* #3341850 - She's got it all. Amazing model.
ShawnaCoolidge #3374323 - Fun, sexy, talented model.
Just a Rose (Fetlife) - Gorgeous, natural and energetic.
Julia (Fetlife) - Confident, sexy and enthusiastic model
Alexandria Sage* 3439458 - Gorgeous, fun and professional
Cassondra Sue #3459330 - What and amazing and sexy model
Kate Dawn #3449154 - Beautiful, funny, sexy and professional
Dakota Brie* (profile pending) - Rock star sexy model
Krystalyn Rose #3389104 - Sexy, artistic, and amazing
Ashleigh-Anne #1579574 - A complete bombshell
CrissyRaine #3442403 - Sexy, sassy, gorgeous newcomer
Raz #3420839 - What a stunning new model! Very natural!
madisonsigwardt #3595701 - Rising star in the local modeling world
VioletVengance* #3364963 - Gorgeous "Suicide Girls" look...
Shelby (brand new model) - GREAT first shoot, very pretty girl
Ashleigh Siers #3280476 - Sexy, professional and confident model
Remyaz #3632897 - what a sexy free spirit. Great shoot
SeasonalEyes (Fetlife) - Confident, sexy and fun fetish model
Model Andrea #3656621 - Beautiful and elegant
Nicole kosmata #3649815 - Confident, sexy and stunning
Madison (brand new model) - Rock star new model. Amazing
Cece Challenger #3670663 - My favorite model of all time
Merri Page #2922781 - An absolute goddess in latex!
MiSs BeHaViN #3660602 - What a beautiful new model
Alison Wonderland #3293963 - sexy, professional, perfect model!
Judy Anna #3200804 - very talented, experienced and professional
*These models have done multiple shoots with Alter Ego Studios


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