Lowell Joseph Gallin

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About Me


Lowell Joseph Gallin's Life Philosophy

1/3 One is never TOO YOUNG to start something new (preferably positive).

2/3 And never TOO OLD to enjoy That Happy Childhood we all wanted, but didn't have.

3/3 "Think Yiddish, dress British" (and "Think Mentsch, dress French" - I made this one up myself).


Lowell Joseph Gallin's Life Story

From Neurotic New York Jewish Wimp, Spoiled Suburban Brat and Mega Momma's Boy to ULTRA, UBER Alpha Male and Hunk of Israel : The Emerging Lowell Gallin Story (move OVER Benny - as in Goodman)


Lowell's Modeling Rave Reviews:

"I think your look is perfect for commercials. You exude positivity and trust and are the perfect 'everyman', reading 'family man' and 'loving Dad', etc. The perfect spoke-person".

Les Barany
New York, New York


Lowell's Primary Professions:

Actor (Entertainer/Comedian), Bon Vivant, Lebenskunstler, Philosopher, Polymath, Prodigy, Renaissance Man, Sage, Seer, Theologian (and Visionary).


Lowell's Personality Profile:

TOTALLY obsessive, compulsive, manic, wild and crazy. As one colleague said at college (Swarthmore), "You don't have to take drugs like the rest of us. You're that way all the time".

Which is true.


Ageless Adonis - Lowell's Drop Dead Gorgeous Good Looks (even at Almost Sixty!):

"And Joseph was of beautiful form and goodly to look upon"


Lowell's Modeling Philosophy:

I LOVE to model! Gives me time to THINK (my FAVORITE activity!). In college I majored in Philosophy (Swarthmore College, BA, 1979, Special Major in Religion and the Philosophy of Science). At heart I'm Plato's Philosopher King -- Homework: Plato's Republic - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Republic_%28Plato%29.


Lowell's Goals:

1/3 Training to become an American-Israeli bodybuilding and gymnastics champ by my sixtieth-going-on-17th birthday (April 29, 2016).

2/3 By my sixtieth-going-on-17th birthday (April 29th, 2016) to become the next Steve Reeves and Jack LaLanne ("verteutscht und verbessert" - translated into Yiddish and IMPROVED) -- Homework: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Reeves http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_LaLanne.

3/3 To promote The Body as Art: From Bodybuilding to Body Sculpting. And Health, Fitness and Beauty for ALL Peoples at ANY Age, Anywhere in This Wonderful World.


Lowell's (accurate) Self-Praise (in alphabetical order):

Aged and Cured (Ageless and Incurable) Kosher Roast Beef and Beefcake; Ageless Adonis; All American Born Star; Asperger, Religious, Married, Father of Two; (Ultra Uber) Alpha Male; Beefcake so awesome he makes Dolly look like Twiggy; Eros Incarnate; Gallin Global Warming Campaign Chairman; Gandalf UNcloaked; Grandpa Gorgeous; Growing Global (Kosher) Sex Symbol; Heartthrob of Humanity; Hollywood's Next Leading Hebe Heartthrob, Hunk & Hottie (A.A.R.P./Junior League); Hunk of Israel; Israel's Sexiest Emerging Super (Nova) Model (Bar-None - Post Refael-ite); Male Mae West, Marilyn Monroe (and Maude - as in "Harold and Maude"); Michelangelo's David's Grandpa; Naked Brunch; Prince of the House of Israel; Reincarnation of Ancient Mesopotamian Fertility god; Romeo Agent for God [The God of ISRAEL - There is no other], Stud for All Seasons; Triple B (Biceps, Brawn AND Brains - Who ever HEARD of a Hot Hebe Hunk who was not also a SY/Smart Yid?) Sweat Dreams Muscle god; Up and Coming Men's Underwear Model (Boxers ONLY - O-l-d Style Boxers, Thank You Very Much); Your Friendly Planet Earth Visiting Vulcan Alien Anthropologist in Residence, Zionist Modeling Champ (ALL of which is a LONG WINDED way of that H.A.H. [Hebes are Hot] and S.A.S. [Seniors are Sexy]).

With my Greek god genes, Stealth Bomber/Concorde Classical Male Physique and "Paul Newman beautiful blue eyes" (as per Leading New York Female Fashion Model) I am the male model of your dreams!

Lowell's Four Laws of Holy Hunk-dom:

1/4 Hebes are Hot

2/4 Hot is Holy

3/4 Be gorgeous for God

4/4 And a Hunk for Humanity

Quotable Quote:

"Muscles are moral - It's O.K. to have a body"
Lowell Joseph Gallin


Lowell's Theme Songs:

"Let Me Entertain You"

"Nobody Does it Better"

"Take It off, Take It Off, Take It a-l-l OFF"

"As Long As You Love Me"


Lowell's Links

Lowell's First Modeling Photo Shoot (with signed contract)

Story about Lowell's (first) invitation to come to a New York gay men's club as a male stripper (this is a true story):

Lowell and Friends at SAG-AFTRA:

Lowell Joseph Gallin

Lowell at Academia.edu

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"Wanna Dance?"


Reader's Advisory:

To the Humorless. Please note that the above is written in the spirit of the satirist Jonathan Swift.

"Jonathan Swift (30 November 1667 – 19 October 1745) was an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer (first for the Whigs, then for the Tories), poet and cleric who became Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Swift.

While I ALWAYS mean EVERYTHING I say, and I WILL be The World's Leading Male Art, Fashion and Fitness Model by my Sixtieth-going-on-17th Birthday (April 29, 2016), there is a HEAVY element of SATIRE in my musings above.

If you have a PROBLEM with satire or; if reading my wit and wisdom will make you MORE miserable and humorless than usual, please do not continue. Thank you.



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