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For me, it's not just a photo shoot it's a chance to create, a chance to relate, a chance to meet. two souls meet one. ones yours and the other's mine, a chance to collaborate with another human being. it is a chance to share with the world my spirit no holding back. theirs is this animal inside of me that is growling at you waiting to be freed to be seen to share its self with the rest of the world freely.. don't be afraid just shoot.  to reveal our deepest most inner most parts. we must not be afraid to loose control we must not be afraid of yourself we must not be afraid of the future or the unknown. when it comes to  modeling for me it's not just a pose it is an act. I am letting you know who I am introducing my self with know fear because I know who  I am and what I am capable of. do you? so I will be my full self to see your reaction how will you react when you see this woman as a whole with the power of a man even stronger God. approaching you as she presses you outing you under pressure your only question would be what do you want from me? I want your spirit I want you soul I need your talent I have been called now you either face me or you run from me but I must reach that goal we must hit that home run. Reach is what I am don't Aim what is your aim. is  it just a game for you or is it what you truly feel your heart is asking you to do. because if to you this is just a game. then your not ready to see your capabilities.
honesty is the best policy, trust is all you need. ask your self this question and honestly answer your self. Do I trust myself? do you no what my answer is to this question? NO! actually it is a HELL NO, I get so nervous in front of a large crown. I am unsure of my self, I don't know the future. OMG my past I just I drop every thing and I am hated by so many I don't know I don't know If I can trust my self. see your past mistakes open your eyes and show you what an imperfect person that you are. but will you keep on living and walking in your imperfections? no I know I wont. after I spent years questioning my self being stopped by every one every time I try to make a move their is some hateful  person constantly trying to still my joy or my shine. and so you know what I did. I looked deeper into my past. so deep that it reached the point that I wondered why I was born the beginning of me the creator of me.   do you know how wild and crazy I have been in the past and the mistakes I have made? and then I here God say Good answer actually great answer. you now recognize and see yourself as just human and if you do not trust yourself then you sure are not going to trust the person in front of you if you do not trust the person in front of you then how can you work with that person? how will you expect to create a master piece with out trust in yourself or the person in front of you. you want to know who I trust? I trust God Jesus Christ the almighty with my body mind and soul trust him enough to know that not every one is able to stand before me with out a tremble because I know exactly who stands before me, which is Jesus Christ of Nazareth the almighty. when one is filled with the power of God darkness shatters trembles and questions who is this what is this is this a man or a woman? I don't understand but understand this  when God stands in front of a man or a woman he is attracting only himself he is speaking to himself as he says come fourth. now if that self does not relate then it just shatters.


my point is that I refuse to work with one that is filled with lies or scams in the past I worked with incredible photographers who failed to hand me the work that I deserved I was upset but could not do a thing about it an agreement is an agreement but verbal agreements alone do not count as an agreement their just words flying in the air you can make a promise with your mouth to someone but if it is not a written proof written agreement it does not count, that is where I failed. it wasn't them it was me I was not on my p's and Q's. but now I am no shoot will be done with out signing a written agreement. work cannot be sold by either you or I with out a written agreement. I will say this now before hand before we even meet.
No, I have flaws. I gave birth to a child in 2006 who is 8 years old now she is adopted by another family lives in new York.  I gave her up after she was taken away, by ACS. I moved to new York city to follow my dream. to chase after. meet a guy that I thought was my soul mate from God who I met on a social network called My space. he was beautiful green eyes curly hair Angelic. he convinced me to go to new York right before I was about to delete my MySpace account because of fear of scams he showed up. we talked. on the phone every day and we fell in love. I was never and have never been afraid to make a penny less move I walk by faith and not by sight and by the grace of God I have made it and I am still alive. in search of my soul I made thoughtless decisions. like no other. I am not ashamed of who I am I am not ashamed of my story because I know. because I know my story is a story that will not only please God but help others that are hidden suck in their fears their shells in shame their is nothing to be ashamed of your story is what makes you unique it is what makes you who you are. you past mistakes do not define you but the way you handle them does now if you handle them like a G. their you have it.   you? secrets, with no shame to pull out the spirit the unseen to meet. that is why I do not mind working for free eventually the money will come along but for now. I just would like to share my work my, I will never turn down money ofcourse if your kind enough to pay then hey. God bless you.  spirit my love my heart with you. in the past I worked with some pretty good photographers who I revealed my deepest sides of me. opened up my self did nudes and all I am ok with that but I am not into doing pornography shoots or any thing like that so if that's what your into I am not. although I am very open minded to art. all I see is art Gods creation being exposed. I am not afraid to reveal my true self so I prefer to work with photographers that are honest and reliable. I am very reliable. before we do a shoot we have to sign a model release form, before we do a shoot I would like to meet for coffee at a local coffee shop and discuss the shoot. no sloppiness.  I want to allow you to express yourself without holding back. because you choose to use your heart. Hello I am Ess born and partially raised in Africa Uganda kampala, I am pretty open minded when it comes to shooting. I love to create, as creative as it gets so feel free to inbox me iam interested in TFPs.


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