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Paragon defined:

par·a·gon [PAR-uh-gon] (noun):
1. a model of excellence or perfection, an example of excellence
2. a benchmark of quality, a standard of virtue and excellence
3. a consistency of virtue, a norm of high quality, a canon of excellence
Synonyms: ideal, standard, epitome, quintessence, exemplar.

I continually endeavor to live up to the standards of my chosen name.

My stupid finger's been broken for 8 weeks! Fortunately, I could shoot, but I couldn't hold a mouse! So I have a ton of editing in front of me, but I still have 2 fingers and a wrist to rehab from 2 months of immobilization. New pics coming soon! :)

If you really want, you can read the rest of this LONG profile below, OR you can click straight to my portfolio and see if you'd like to shoot. I'd rather let my photos do the talking. If I were you, I'd opt for the latter choice. :)

Kind words from Shay Elise:
"I am AMAZED! You are like MAGIC! Just walking around my block with you, your camera, and our simple ideas, I get BETTER images for my portfolio and have MORE FUN shooting than I do spending ALL DAY fussing in fashion studios with photographers who've been published in MAXIM! Anytime, Anywhere! Just say the word and I will shoot with you! Ladies, you MUST work with this man! MAXIM, you MUST hire this man!"

Ya hear that Maxim? lol! Thanks, Shay, that means a lot! :)

I shoot TF on a selective basis, so don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always willing to work with reasonable people on reasonable terms. Especially for simple portfolio development or mutual creation of art when there's no paying client. So please don't hesitate to contact me. I will always love shooting and the creative process!

More about me:


I'm excited to be shooting great looking photos of great looking models all over the Chicagoland; basically, all around the south end of Lake Michigan. Located south of Chicago, I am in perfect traveling distance for Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

I excel in natural light situations and outdoor conditions. I actually thrive on the ever-changing variations of outdoor locations; sunny, overcast, partly cloudy, time of day, changing seasons, temperature, quality of light, all of these combine to make an image unique!

Favorite Quote (but I don't know who said it - I saw it on another portfolio):
"No one on their death bed ever said, 'I should have experienced less!'"

I'll definitely be more inclined to shoot with you if you're ready to turn a few heads, pique a little curiosity, stir some intrigue, raise some eyebrows, drop some jaws, and make people wipe the sweat from their brow... tastefully, of course. I have some ideas and I'm ready to hear yours.

Of course, something about art has always been sexy to those of us who appreciate it, so it's kind of hard to separate the two.

The current theme I'd love to expand on is similar to the one you see in my avatar (Thanks, Jenn D!). A discrete lingerie theme in unexpected locations. Very exciting way to shoot!... and Victoria's Secret is already starting to follow my lead! haha! (yeah, right! lol!). If it's good to have goals, then I'd love to have an entire portfolio full of those kinds of shots, each photo from a different model, with the definite goal of publishing a book. Let's go forth and create!

Age is not an issue, but looks are; it IS a visual medium, after all.
Attitude and spirit are even more important because those are what shine through.

I'm willing to work with new models to help them develop confidence in their looks, their bodies, and their form. You can't be shy and timid in front of a camera, but you have to start somewhere. If you can act and emote, that's a definite bonus. I developed my photography in "baby steps," you can develop your modeling the same way.

Few things are more disappointing than seeing a beautiful model with great skin covered in stains, graffiti, and cartoons. I know you think it's "your" art that defines who you are... but it's not... and it doesn't (or, if it does, then you've just defined yourself as a very shallow, superficial person). From a photographer's perspective, it's like asking us to shoot someone else's art - a 3rd party's art - that they've etched indelibly onto you. It also wreaks of an impulsive teenager's bad decision... and the more that statement infuriates you, the more your dissonant denial makes it true.

Please send me a message so we can compare our availability.

ESCORTS: Escorts are USUALLY fine with me, and are often a big help at a shoot, but there are some bad ones out there. I've only encountered two jealous wannabe boyfriends (not even actual boyfriends) and one VERY jealous ex-prison-inmate boyfriend. More often, the bad escorts I've encountered are the ones who make scheduling difficult by never being available. I realize that escorts are there for your safety, and no one encourages that more than I do. But if an escort makes shooting difficult by being less available than WE are, or cancels a shoot that's already been set up, then find another escort or you'll see my interest drop-off pretty rapidly; precisely because I'm NOT an ax-murderer NOR do I have a criminal record. So there is a point where the whole escort thing starts to become insulting... which is about the same time that the shoot itself starts to become pointless. Please don't let that happen.

You're only seeing my very recent images here, because up until this portfolio most of my previous work has been artistic nudes... which I'm not afraid to say I'd gotten quite good at it - but this portfolio is a different direction for me with new challenges. I can show you my nude art online, if you think it's necessary to get an insight of where I've been and from where I come.

I am as open and honest as anyone you'll ever meet; I don't lie about my achievements and credits to falsely impress you or to trick you into shooting with me; I DO know my craft, but I'm not a "Bigshot in the Industry", I don't pretend to be one, and I'm fine with that because it's fantastic to simply love what you do. :)

Note: bigshots in the industry don't really hang-out much on this site, but some incredibly talented photographers and beautifully artistic models do! That's what makes it great! :)

This little section below is for my own temporary thoughts, mind-wanderings, and/or mild rants: :)

1) If you're afraid to say you love someone's work, then I wonder if something is keeping you from letting go and creating work that others will love? hmm.

2) I'm not sure what it means when I see profiles - of both models AND photographers alike - that say, "I've been doing this a long time, so now I expect to be paid." Wait a second... what changed? Do you no longer like doing this? Did you ever like doing it? Or, the other thing I see is that this is your job and you have to pay the bills... as if no one else has to... and sort of implies that I'm doing this for... what?... because I love paying you when there are 20 models behind you willing to shoot TF? MY time is getting harder and harder to come by, but I'm still not squeezing people for money to do something I love to do. Not sure if I can work with someone who's lost the fire. Not sure why anybody would want to?

3) I expect interest and involvement, passion and desire, expression and effort. I remember a high school history professor from sophomore year who said, "I demand perfection. I rarely get it, but that is my expectation of you." I don't know if he ever did know my name, but that one statement has had a profound influence on my entire life. We should demand perfection, but we shouldn't go off the deep end when we don't get it. Along these same lines, I remember seeing Dennis Miller live, and he said one of the worst things you can do to a person is to have no expectations of them. It's true. If we have no standards to achieve, we deteriorate from within, and it shows very much so, outwardly. If we give too much and expect nothing in return, we do that person a terrible disservice.

ON GLAM PHOTOGRAPHY: The first lesson everyone should learn about Glam Photography is: "Glam is Not Real!" That's not a bad thing, it's a simple matter of fact. But we should also shout it from the highest mountaintops all across this great land!... so that the sons and daughters of our society won't grow-up with odd complexes of distorted reality.

Every aspect of Glam Photography, every facet, is every bit as much of an artist's creative vision as sculpting and painting. Sculpting and Painting are complete manipulations of reality, created solely out of the "artist's eye." Glam Photography is no different. It's merely a different medium. Distractions are deliberately overlooked or removed. Colors, shadows, highlights, and shapes are completely controlled by the artist. That's a good thing.

I'm saying this as a reaction to a video that is circulating, trying to blame ad photography as the reason some women have low self-esteem and/or low self-image. Remember, glam is not real. It never has been and it never will be, but you don't see "societal do-gooders" going around and defacing sculpture and paintings with ugly stickers and spray paint.

The other thing to remember - from a photographer's standpoint - is that no one will ever notice our work if we don't apply ALL of the tricks of our trade - to include the manipulation of images using that awesome digital darkroom known as Photoshop. So don't blame talented photographers for giving society what it demands. To reject the use of Photoshop is the same as denying the creative darkroom techniques in the days of film. Photo manipulation and retouching have ALWAYS been an integral part of any successful equation. It's nothing new to the digital era. As a photographer - and even as a viewer of photographic imagery - the sooner you understand this, realize it, and accept it, the better off everyone will be. But make no mistake, NONE of this art could be possible without the presence and abilities of a carefully chosen model. Which is why I am forever grateful to the creative models who are - and are becoming - wonderful artists in their own rite! :)

I hope that makes sense.

If you have a severely under-developed portfolio of images, but have a profile demanding lots of money to shoot, you can still contact me for the professional work you need... and for those rare cases, my rates are as follows:

- Portfolio Development:
. . . $200 for 3 hrs
. . . $250 for 4 hrs
. . . You get an immediate DVD of all High-Res JPGs, before we part ways.

- Professional Headshots:
. . . $75, 30-50 shots, done in 20 minutes. You get an immediate DVD.

- Custom Digital Retouching:
. . . $25 per photo


My Credits are the same as References. I'm hoping this list grows quickly!
Feel free to contact any of the Awesome Models below:

Maxx Silber MM# 3188884
Kristy Ann MM# 632357
Cameo Michelle MM# 1875179
Natalee Hawthorne MM# 1706273
LillyAnne June MM# 2663551
ADayAtATime MM# 2891357
Liz Ashley MM# 26159
Jess Robinson MM# 539418
Blair Jordan MM# 3165481
Carissa Lynelle MM# 1039732

Shay Elise - Not on MM
Jenn Doumel - No Longer on MM

Photographers I've met and Recommend:
Eric Penrod MM# 132447
Sunday Photo and Portrait MM# 3204488
ASD Photography MM# 2668522
Euphoreal MM# 2726845

In my list below, you'll see several nudes, but the vast majority are NOT. Many of those nude shots, though, give me great ideas for non-nude concepts. Others are just plain art and undeniably beautiful. Hopefully, you'll find a mutual inspiration for some work you'd like to try. If so, share your thoughts and let's work something out.


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