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Paragon defined:

par·a·gon [PAR-uh-gon] (noun):
1. a model of excellence or perfection, an example of excellence
2. a benchmark of quality, a standard of virtue and excellence
3. a consistency of virtue, a norm of high quality, a canon of excellence
Synonyms: ideal, standard, epitome, quintessence, exemplar.

I continually endeavor to live up to the standards of my chosen name.

Kind words from Shay Elise:
"I am AMAZED! Our shoot was MAGIC! Just walking around my block, with you, your camera, and our simple ideas, I get BETTER images for my portfolio and have MORE FUN shooting than I did spending ALL DAY fussing in fashion studios with photographers who've been published in MAXIM! Anytime, Anywhere! Just say the word and I will shoot with you! Ladies, you MUST work with this man! MAXIM, you MUST hire this man!"

Ya hear that Maxim? lol! Thanks, Shay, that means a lot! :)

I excel in natural light situations and outdoor conditions. I actually thrive on the ever-changing variations of outdoor locations; sunny, overcast, partly cloudy, time of day, exploring for new places, changing seasons, temperature, quality of light, all of these combine to make an image unique!

Please send me a message so we can compare our availability.

ESCORTS: Escorts are USUALLY fine with me, and are often a big help at a shoot, but there are some bad ones out there. More often, the bad escorts I've encountered are the ones who make scheduling difficult by never being available. I realize that escorts are there for your safety, and no one encourages that more than I. But if an escort makes scheduling difficult by being less available than we are, or cancels a shoot that's already been arranged, then find another escort or you'll see my interest drop-off pretty rapidly.

I am as open and honest as anyone you'll ever meet; I don't lie about my achievements and credits to falsely impress you or to trick you into shooting with me; I DO know my craft, but I'm not a "Bigshot in the Industry", I don't pretend to be one, and I'm fine with that because I think it's just fantastic to simply love what you do. :)

This little section below is for my own temporary thoughts, mind-wanderings, and/or mild rants: :)

1) If you're afraid to say you love someone's work, then I wonder if something is keeping you from letting go and creating work that others will love? hmm.

2) ON GLAM PHOTOGRAPHY: The first lesson everyone should learn about Glam Photography is that "Glam is Not Real!" And it's not a bad thing, it's just a simple matter of fact. But we should also shout that lesson to everyone we know, so that the youth of our society won't grow-up with false expectations and odd complexes of distorted reality.

Every aspect of Glam Photography, every facet of it, is every bit as much an artist's creative vision as sculpting and painting. Sculpting and Painting are complete manipulations of reality, created in paint and earthen materials, solely out of the reality of the "artist's creative eye." Glam Photography, in its digital-electronic medium, is no different. Distractions are deliberately overlooked, minimized, or removed. Colors, shadows, highlights, and shapes are completely controlled by the artist. That's a good thing.

I'm saying this as a reaction to a video that's been circulating through social media, trying to blame ad photography as the reason some women have low self-esteem and/or low self-image. Remember, glam is not real. It never has been and it never will be, yet you don't see "societal do-gooders" going around defacing sculpture and paintings with ugly stickers and spray paint.

The other thing to remember - from a photographer's standpoint - is that no one will ever notice our work if we don't apply ALL of the tricks of our trade - to include the manipulation of images using that awesome digital darkroom known as Photoshop. So don't blame talented photographers for giving society what it demands. To reject the use of Photoshop is the same as denying the creative darkroom techniques applied back in the days of film. Photo manipulation and retouching have ALWAYS been an integral part of any successful equation. It's nothing new to the digital era. As a photographer - and even as a viewer of photographic imagery - the sooner you understand this, realize it, and accept it, the better off everyone will be. But make no mistake, NONE of this art could be possible without the presence and abilities of a carefully chosen model. Which is why I am forever grateful for the creative models who are - and are becoming - wonderful artists in their own rite! :)

I hope that makes sense.


My Credits are the same as References. I'm hoping this list grows quickly!
Feel free to contact any of the Awesome Models below:

Maxx Silber MM# 3188884
Kristy Ann MM# 632357
Cameo Michelle MM# 1875179
Natalee Hawthorne MM# 1706273
LillyAnne June MM# 2663551
ADayAtATime MM# 2891357
Liz Ashley MM# 26159
Jess Robinson MM# 539418
Blair Jordan MM# 3165481
Carissa Lynelle MM# 1039732

Shay Elise - Not on MM
Jenn Doumel - No Longer on MM

Photographers I've met and Recommend:
Eric Penrod MM# 132447
Sunday Photo and Portrait MM# 3204488
ASD Photography MM# 2668522
Euphoreal MM# 2726845

In my list below, you'll see several nudes, but the vast majority are NOT. Many of those nude shots, though, give me great ideas for non-nude concepts. Others are just plain art and undeniably beautiful. Hopefully, you'll find a mutual inspiration for some work you'd like to try. If so, share your thoughts and let's work something out.


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