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About Me
Photo by, Edited by LancelotTheVampire, MUA was Katie Grace Bouchard, Female Prom Victim was JennMichelle

***I am back from Basic Training/AIT from Fort Benning, GA. LETS SHOOT!.***

My main photography portfolio on MM:

My name is Lancelot Chamberlain.

I've gotten myself back into photography once again, now that I have the finances to support it. I'm a photographer, but also would like to model as well. I feel this would give me the chance to utilize both sides of the camera.

I have a lot of ideas that I'd like to get out, and my own location at my studio in Worcester. If you have your own location that you prefer, it's probably be more cost effective for me.

I'm very comfortable in my body, and I'm very open minded to new ideas and new styles.

I have no problem with any amount of make up or hair styling and I have a good amount of clothes and outfits for various forms of shoots.

I have props of my own if you wish to use them. (Swords, gas masks, chains, etc. ) Just ask and I'll make you a list, and see if you're interested in using them.

I normally tend to sway to specific artistic ideas when in shooting, but I have been trying to get more comfortable with free-lance and free-flow shooting.

I don't charge anything to be in a shoot, and I have no need for TFP shoots because I can always print off my own work, but I will work for having all originals for myself on a CD or directly uploaded to my flash drive as soon as possible.

Although I don't charge anything, I do want to know what you're looking for me to do before I agree to anything.

The only ways to contact me are here on Model Mayhem, Deviant Art, and my cell phone. It's probably faster to contact me via my photography account here, as opposed to my modeling account. I normally only check this one when uploading new pictures.

Body Modifications:
- LTV Logo Tattoo on my left Bicep
- Cold spider in my right forearm
- Design on lower neck between shoulder blades
- Industrial bar piercing on right ear
- Frenum piercing

Hope to hear from you...


Past Models/Photographers/MUAs I've worked with directly:
Feel free to ask for my professional opinion (or not so professional opinion) of each. I call it "The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful".

- Model: Raven Kitty Taylor x2 (MM #2010957)
- Model: Kennedy Fae x1 (MM #1329708)
- Model: Lil Dead Girl x2 (MM  #277465)
- Model: Sarah Pandora Hauk x1 (MM #1118152)
- Model: Heidi x1 (Not on MM)
- Model: Tara x3 (Not on MM)
- Model: Christa Renee x1 (MM #1352781)
- Model: Mary_Jean Binnall x1 (MM #1263904)
- Model: Miss Jinx x1 (MM #108522)
- Model: Alexa Karii x1 (Not on MM)
- Model: LeilaHazlett x1 (MM#1429917)
- Model: Olivia Pierce x1 (MM#466119)
- Model/Photographer: Devan The Impaler/DevanellePhoto x6 (MM #639210/#690029)
- Model: Sabath x1 (MM #186346)
- Model: Phaeidra D x1 (MM #1605142)
- Model: Northern Siren Model x1 (MM #1558923)
- Model: SherriMarie x2 (MM #682962)
- Model: _Xaphan- x1 (MM #1689694)
- Model: Kitten Kaboodle x1(MM #509907)
- Model: Miss Mischief x2 (MM #663923)
- Model: Vykkie Vulnerose x1 (MM #1496496)
- Model: Jovi Kates x1 (MM #1287912)
- Model: Derek Speten x1 (MM #676439)
- Model: Casey_Calypso x1 (MM #1508577)
- Model: Not_Your_ChinaDoll x1 (MM #409712)
- Model/Photographer: Alison Little/Alison Wonderland x20+/x5 (MM #282050/MM# 1558355)
- Model: Mikayla Dionne x1 (MM #1484283)
- Model: BrittanyTalia x (MM #1362357)
- Model: Miss Carnage x1 (MM #1218222)
- Model: Alaska Freed x1 (MM #1380123)
- Model: _Forlorn_ x3 (MM #612895)
- Model: Drusilla KillSwitch x1 (MM #140247)
- Model: Triana Trench x4 (MM #394342)
- Model: Jon B. x1 (Not on MM)
- Model/MUA: AZombie x21/ x5 (MM #1190035)
- Model: Courtney W. x1 (not on MM)
- Model/MUA: Lavida Livy x2/x3 (MM #1306284)
- Model: Rozalynn x1 (MM #1078150)
- Model/MUA: Jayne Riot x5-Mode/x7-MUA (MM #251673/MM #1182606)
- Model: Vivica Lase x1 (MM #598954)
- Model: Laney Bug x2 (MM #594571)
- Model: -Lydia- x1 (MM #477955)
- Model: Charlie Girl x1 (MM #888108)
- Model: _Lady D_ x3 (MM #1107454)
- Model: Saruladom x2 (MM #263920)
- Model: B Debauchery x2 (MM #623704)
- Model: Mochalicious x1 (MM #586735)
- Model: Tricia Lee x1 (MM #900281)
- Model: Courtney Vesper x1 (MM #876534)
- Model: YoukoSunshine x1 (MM #838148)
- Model: Beth Claire x1 (MM #638232)
- Model: Lena Mattux x1 (MM #390077)
- Model: Samantha Dark x2 (MM #645230)
- Model: Mel S. x1
- Model: Jen T x1 (MM #137862)
- Model/Photographer: SpookyDigitalGirl/Digital Evolution Project x17 (MM #559920/#751904)
- Model: Neeko Nissa x2 (MM #830243)
- Model: Yelena K. x2 (MM #596062)
- Model: KittieD x1 (MM #734529)
- Model: Angie Chambers x1
- Model: Kimber Dawn x1 (MM #132304)
- Model: Trina Lee x1 (MM #549353)
- Model: Serenity x1 (MM #513605)
- Model/MUA/HairStylist: KandicePretty x1 (MM #523200)
- Model: Eric Brandon x1 (MM #570960)
- Model: Amy Meridith x1 (MM #788404)
- Model: Lindsay Nicole x3 (MM #11765)
- Model: MsInnocence x1
- Model: Fetish Dolly x1 (MM #5023)
- Model: Christa Marie x1 (MM #534237)
- Model: Eric X. x1 (MM #264865)
- Model: Lunabella/"Gothic Diva" x1 (MM #505554)
- Model: Brian Parks x1 (MM#133307)
- Model: SilentPerformance x6 (Not on MM)
- Model/MUA: RedLittleGirl x1 (Not on MM)
- Model: Lindsay A. x1 (MM #282954)
- Model: Daphne Damage x1 (MM #434940)
- Model: Fayleon x1 (MM #372073)
- Model/MUA: Suspended Doll/Annis Sangsue/The Alter Evil x4
- Model/Photographer: HaloRoundMe x3
- Model/Photographer: Harley Quinn x2
- Photographer/Model: Spyke Photography/DragonFire x3/x2 (MM #874896/No Model MM profile)
- Photographer: Darkwell Studios x2 (MM #1392294)
- Photographer: Damsels in Distress x1 (MM #1079639)
- Photographer: Erb Photography x1 (MM #142546)
- Photographer: xTheDarkJester x5 (MM #1150752)
- Photographer: Shayl Photography x2
- Photographer: Addam/Addamidiom Digital x1 (as a model) (MM #416131/#11456)
- Photographer: Liquid Light x2 (MM #673218)
- Photographer/MUA/Hairstylist: RivkaBerman Photography x2 (MM #658041)
- Photographer: LouS x2
- Photographer: HS Photo x1
- Photographer: Visions by Baker Photography x1
- Photographer: M. Prophet x1
- Photographer: Robert Siegelman x1
- Photographer: GSPhotography/GSP-Lifestyle x2
- MUA: Lauren O'Jea x1 (MM# 1125264)
- MUA: Katie Grace Bouchard x3 (MM# 1155033)
- MUA: Matt Weston x1
- Hairstylist: Mallori Stender (not on MM)
- Hairstylist: Sisters Of the Moon x3 (MM#594865)
- Wardrobe Designer: Latex Nemesis x3 (MM #588031)
- Model/Wardrobe Stylist: Lectra Paris/Dementia Clothing x2 (MM #130597/#597845)
- Wardrobe Stylist (As a Model & Designer): Black and Blue Designs x2 (MM #317318)
- Wardrobe Stylist: SewOeno x1
- Wardrobe Stylist: MTCoffinz x5 (MM #626710)
- Wardrobe Stylist: Miss Noxy/Noxema Jones x1

Clubs/Promotions that I've worked at:

- Official Photographer of Dominia & The Colosseum in Providence, RI
- Hathor's Garden in Providence, RI (now closed)
- Dark Star in Providence, RI (now closed)
- Club Hell in Providence, RI
- Dark Intentions in Lowell, MA
- Sanctuary in Boston, MA
- Decadence in Providence, RI
- Black Sun Festival IV in New Haven, CT
- AAC '08 in Nashua, NH

My Affiliates:

- Initial Editor: Myself
- Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist: Lavida Livy
- Wardrobe Stylist: Dementia Clothing
- Wardrobe Stylist: Latex Nemesis


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