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(28) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 99 lbs
Bust: 32"
Waist: 24"
Hips: 34"
Cup: B
Dress: 6
Shoe: 4.5
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Asian
Skin color: Tanned
Shoot nudes: No
Tattoos: n/a
Piercings: n/a
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Paid Assignments Only
Genres: n/a

Last activity: Aug 14, 2014
Joined: May 09, 2008

Charlene Dang

26 years old
London, England, United Kingdom
My Portfol.io!

Mayhem #713852

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/charlenedang

About me
Hello MMs!!

Currently shooting 2nd round for British Hair Awards.
British Hair Awards: April - May 2011

New Travel plans:
Australia - Melbourne: February 2011 - April 21st 2011
Doha: April 22nd 2011 - April 23rd 2011
London: April 25th 2011 - May 23rd 2011
Doha: May 24th 2011 - May 26th 2011
Australia: May 27th - End of June
London: June - July 2011 ish
Europe - Paris - Rome - Milan - Florence: July 2011 - July 15th 2011
Australia: End of July 2011 - September 2011

Website relaunch. Yay! ^^ :


Fashion Spread for Open Sky Magazine
Published December 2010
Photography: Lukas L.
MUA: Song Thu
Stylist: Hoang Ku.
Model: Charlene D.
Wardrobe: Salvatore Ferragamo






Travel Plans:
New York: Feb 27th. 2010 - March 3rd. 2010
Miami: March 3rd. 2010 - March 6th. 2010
New York: March 6th - March 10th
London: March 10th - March 31st
New York: March 31st - April 07th

My Website will be Launching soon, in about 3 to 5 weeks time!

Watch this space: www.charlenengadang.com

Check me out in the new Music Video for Enya's new Album

Artist: Enya        Song: Trains and Winter Rains


Beach Shoot:
Beach shoot: April 14, 2009
Photographer: Felice Fawn
MUA: Siobhan Furlong
Model: Charlene Dang
Designer: Charlene Dang
Weather: about 5C




Shoot for DEP!Magazine. January 2009.

Photographer: Bobby Nguyen
MUA: Song Thu
Costume/Design: Kelly Bui
Model: Charlene Dang



Shoot back in September. Finally got through to be printed on Dep! Magazine.

Very happy to announce that I am now featured in Dep. Magazine February Issue, 2009. Five pages spread!

The magazine came out today! (Feb 09, 09) Very excited!

Dep! Magazine is the biggest and one of the most popular magazine in Vietnam. Equivalent to Vouge or Harper's Bazaar.

Although the photos are on my profile, this is what they look like on prints.

Photographer: Bobby Nguyen
Art Director/Stylist: Trang Sissy
MUA: Song Thu
Costume/Design: Kelly Bui
Model: Charlene Dang

Here's the preview before I can actually get my hands on the hard copy!



Shoot back in November by the Legendary Zemotion aka Zhang Jingna:

Photographer: Zhang Jingna
MUA: Michelle Webb
Hair: Viktoria Fix
Model: Charlene Dang








Shoot for Magazine. January 2009.

Photographer: Bobby Nguyen
MUA: Song Thu
Costume/Design: Kelly Bui
Model: Charlene Dang


Shoot for Magazine/Personal Photographer's and Designer's work.

Photographer: Lukas
Designer: La Seduction
Model: Charlene Dang


Magazine work:

Photographer: Bobby Nguyen
Mua: Song Thu
Designer: Kelly Bui
Model: Charlene Dang









Shoot on November 22, 2008 in New York. Before I left for the airport...

Photographed by the lovely Mark Tan....will update more later...here's a few sneak peaks...







Shoot on November 14, 2008 in Central Park

Photographs taken by the beautiful young talent Hannah Foto (Mayhem #632788) with hair and makeup done by Mr. Johnny G (Mayhem #659161) the beauty wizard!






Check me out in the new Music Video for Enya's new Album

Artist: Enya        Song: Trains and Winter Rains


Preview of my new Shoot...



Shoot for Jewelry Designer on Friday October 17, 2008




Shoot on October 5, 2008

Photographs taken and edited by the Lovely and Talented Felice Fawn (Mayhem #801773). Hair by the incredible and impossible made possible Sean Butt (Mayhem #583471). MakeUp done by the creative genius Sandra Bermingham (Mayhem #807764).

I want to thank Felice, Sean, Sandra first for all their hard work. They made this blank canvas (me) into something so absolutely incredible, I can hardly believe it myself.




New Photos for my Portfolio Below...
I put them as the first few so you won't be confused!

The list of some of the work I've done can be found at the End of this Bio session!! xxx





































I am hard working. I learn fast and listen well. I have great communication skills. I am outgoing and I have a great sense of style. I am a very unique individual.

I love modeling and acting, it is a very important part of my life. I have great skills in acting and modeling as I've been doing this for about 6/7 years.
I also have very good piano skills as I've been learning for about 13 years as well as performing for a variety of concerts and shows for about 6 years.

Football. Volleyball. Tennis. Soft Ball. Golf. Badminton. Squash

Body Enhancements:
Belly Pierced. Ear Pierced.

Workshops attended:
Acting classes. Piano classes. Theatre classes. Dance classes. Modeling Classes.

Although I've done lots of modeling, I'm hoping that by joining modelmayhem, I will have more opportunities to work with talented individuals from photographers, makeup artists, stylists to models, etc...

I am now signed. Working almost full time as a model. Unfortunately, this limits my time to outside work and I would like to spend the limited time I have working with outstanding teams and individuals who can create the same kind of work I can and the talents I've worked with over time.

I am only available for paid shoots. TFP are no longer an options as I do not need an update for my portfolio. Fortunately for me, I've got that working for my agency.

I am willing to travel to the ends of the World if expenses are paid and with the right projects and individuals.

I hope You all enjoy browsing through my profile and portfolio.

The best way for anyone to contact me in through modelmayhem or directly through emails.

Email: flyingpingu69@yahoo.com

With Endless Hugs and Kisses,

Charlene Dang. x

Below is the list of Credits for some of the Talents I was lucky enough to work with, and some of the Talents you see down here are lending me a hand in making what once was just dreams "out of reach" become reality!

Photograher's portfolio:

Nick D's Work:
Warwick Avenue
Convent Garden
Little Venice

BradPhotographer's Work:
Studio Clapham Junction presenting: Me, Myself and I.

Ben LuzArtPhotography's Work:
Location shoot Russel Square: Girl in the Park.

Ajay Chag's Work:
Studio WoodGreen: random Rock Chick.

Nghia Monkey's Work:
Studio: Diary of a Drug Addict.

Lukas's Work:
Location shoot - University of Arts & Design: Dance for the Sun Collection.
Studio Cars & Bikes: Racing Motorbike Collection.

Ha Quay's Work:
Studio: Shoot for Studio Opening.

Bobby Nguyen's Work:
Location Unfinished Garage: Sexy vs Devil for Stylist Sissy and clothing for Designer Kelly Bui & Designer Cao Minh Tien.

NaSon's Work:
Studio NaSon: Lost Bride Collection shoot for NaSon.

Yuliya Libkina's Work: Mayhem #725834
Location shoot - In the Park: Angel & Goth Collection.
(Yuliya is one of the best photographer I was lucky to shoot with! She's great in person and really knows how to work with "YOU!")

Kris Elliott's Work: Mayhem #736803
Location/Fashion Show: My Little Pill Box for Hat Designer Monique Luttin shot by Kris Elliott. (Kris is a genious and amazing photographer. It was great pleasure working with him!)

Hannah Mia's Work: Mayhem #371812
Location/Fashion/Beauty Shoot: Photographed with Yinsey by Hannah Mia and MakeUp by Sarah Baxter.
(This woman is an Incredibly talented photographer who knows how to capture "you"! She lets the model be "herself" and becomes your Friend!))

Kulbir Thandi: Mayhem #731631
Beauty Shoot: Photographed by Kulbir Thandi and MakeUP by Julia Jovival.
(Kulbir is a great photographer! I loved working with him! He's a genius with lights and studio work! Without him, the shoot would have never happened and we couldn't have such a great result!)

Felice Fawn: Mayhem #801773
Crazy Feathered shoot: Photographed by Felice Fawn, MakeUp by Sandra Bermingham and Hair by Sean Butt.
Felice Fawn, the new Love of My Photography/Modeling life. She's one of the absolute best in Photography. Not only is she amazing in person, she's best when you put her in a photo shoot. I love Felice's work, and today, with the whole team including Sandra and Sean and Amy and Rich...she made our "dream shoot" become a Reality. I was damn lucky to be working with a talent at such a young age.

John Seymour: Mayhem #427940
Beauty/Designer Jewelry Fashion Shoot: Photography by John Seymour for Designer Cat Morgotha Jewelry Collection, MakeUp by me and Hair by Miss Viktoria.
John: I really enjoyed working with John, he was really easy to work with and absolutely professional. Very open to ideas and love trying out new things and that just made it the more easier to create great work.

Nicholas Creevy: Mayhem #625956
Location/Urban Fashion Shoot: Photography by Nicholas Creevy, MakeUp by me and Rebecca Ryther.
Nicholas: It was very interesting working with Nicholas. He's a very good photographer even though he hasn't been doing this long. I loved the ideas that he has for the urban concept of the shoot. I found it very interesting and enjoyed working with someone who knew exactly where and what he wanted the models to do so he can get exactly the results he has shaped in his mind.

Jingna Zemotion: Mayhem #265104
Lacey Dark Angel: Photography by Jingna Zemotion, MakeUp by Michelle Webb, Hair by Miss Viktoria.
Jingna: The absolutely incredibly amazingly talented photographer that we are all dying to work with and I was lucky to worked with her on a trip to London this time!!! She is one that can transform the most ordinary idea of concepts to the most imaginative shoot you could every think of. Who would have thought a Dark Angel with wings can be shot at such creative ends that made it so difficult for when you see the result to dare say: "I've seen that before!". She's such an incredible and successful photographer at such a young age and amazingly sweet to be with in person and now I can't wait for the Beautiful Results!!

Make-Up Artists Portfolio:

Claudia's Work:
Studio LCF: Fashion/Editorial.
Location Shoot: Windsor including ---
The Park, The Waterfall, The Greek scene, The Horse Ranch.

Faye Hayward's Work:
Studio LCF: Fashion/Editorial.
Location Shoot: Windsor including ---
The Waterfall, The Lake, The Park, The Greek Scene.

Bunny Allen's Work:
Studio London: Fashion/Editorial Portfolio.

Anh Thu's Work:
Catalogue: Dance of the Sun Collection.

Song Thu's Work:
Location shoot - unfinished garage: Sexy vs Devil Collection.

Ngoc Dai's Work:
Studio shoot - VietImage: Lost Bride Collection.

Sarah Baxter: Mayhem #566995
Location/Fashion/Beauty Shoot: Photographed with Yinsey by Hannah Mia and MakeUp by Sarah Baxter.
(This woman is one of the best MUA you can ever ask for! Sweet in person, great in style and mad talented when it comes to MAKEUP)

Julia Jovival: Mayhem #654355
Beauty Shoot: Photographed by Kulbir Thandi and MakeUP by Julia Jovival.
(Julia is just damn creative with her work! She made me move from a blank canvas to a work of art! I absolutely loved working with Julia! She's amazing at work and awesome in person!)

Sandra Bermingham: Mayhem #807764
Crazy Feathered shoot: Photographed by Felice Fawn, MakeUp by Sandra Bermingham and Hair by Sean Butt.
Sandra, sandra, sandra....lets just say....she WoW you away with her work! Never have I seen such creativity on a blank canvas. I loved working with Sandra, absolute genius, absolute sweetie and absolutely and perfectly awesome in person!

Rebecca Ryther: Mayhem #696535
Location/Urban Fashion Shoot: Photography by Nicholas Creevy, MakeUp by me and Rebecca Ryther.
Rebecca: I absolutely loved working with Rebecca. This woman is amazing. She created the perfect "wet look" of the season on my face in just under 10 minutes, of course bases were already there but she transformed my eyes from "smoky silver" and made me the "urban chic" that I needed to be! She's a great person to be with especially when you are on a job and its like 10 degrees outside, we all need to keep ourselves occupy!

Michelle Webb: Mayhem #263725
Beauty/Fashion Shoot Lacey Dark Angel: Photography by Jingna Zemotion, MakeUp by Michelle Webb, Hair by Miss Viktoria.
Michelle: Michelle is an amazing MUA! We literally discussed an idea for about 10 minutes, had a few pictures shown as an example and she made me transformed into the new and the perfect resemblance of Miss Dior for Dior by John Galliano!

Hair Dressers' Portfolio:

Sean Butt: Mayhem #583471
Crazy Feathered shoot: Photographed by Felice Fawn, MakeUp by Sandra Bermingham and Hair by Sean Butt.
Sean, one word: Incredible. Never have I worked with such an amazingly creative/hard working hairdresser. Not only that he was great at his job (duh!) but he made the impossible....Possible. Without him, Felice/Sandra/Me wouldn't be the same! I loved him as a person, one of the nicest people I've ever met. With Sean, imagination and creativity Doesn't stop....THERE! It becomes a Reality.

Miss Viktoria: Mayhem #765401
Beauty/Fashion Shoot Lacey Dark Angel: Photography by Jingna Zemotion, MakeUp by Michelle Webb, Hair by Miss Viktoria.
Viktoria: Beautiful and Incredibly Creative. She created what you would call..."Perfection" out of tiny hair pieces and wigs on me! Who has absolutely the shortest hair that you could possibly imagine. I loved working with Viktoria, she was so fun to be with and she's just an incredibly beautiful talent!! Not only is she a Hair Stylist, she's also a MakeUp Artist and a MODEL!

Model's Portfolio:


One of the very few models I had the pleasure to know and work with. Amazing listener, great with direction and poses like crazy! It was great fun working with Yinsey.


I had great fun working with such a young and beautiful model. Sam was very interesting to work with and very professional at such a young age. Loved all her expressions on the shoot and how sweet she was in person.


Zhang Jingna


Hair Stylist
Sean Butt Hairdressing

Felice Fawn

Clothing Designer
Kriss Soonik

Yuliya Libkina

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