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FASHION STYLING IS WHAT I DO! WHAT ABOUT YOU? http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/148/l_8156ea2e43a44431bf13857f97cf2175.jpg http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/137/l_e2aeadaf8f9147c1993d4398d9bd9a3b.jpg






http://modelmayhm-8.vo.llnwd.net/d1/photos/090814/12/4a85bce775bdb.jpg Hi friends! I know you would love to hear every juicy detail about me. Well ladies and gents, it's not enough time in one day! I will fill your ears with a little gossip though! I'm a fashion and wardrobe stylist that styles models, actors,actresses, musicians etc. I currently reside in Los Angeles taking marketing classes in California Design College. Recently I have been looking for great photographers, models and other clothing designers to collaborate with. My portfolio is in the process of being created and I need talented individuals that are eager to work! I'm also working on the launch of my woman's clothing line titled FEATHER. Now! I hope I have teased your ears with just enough info for you to get a closer look on Ms. Fallon. If you like what you hear and see contact me on here of course, email me at fallonmarketingcompany@gmail.com. My IM on Yahoo is fallon_seaborn. Reach me on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/lipstick83 Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/fallonseaborn Blackplanet, Photocrew, Facebook, or Yuwie. You can also use your cell phone and text msfallon83 to 729669 for the subscription to my broadcast. This will allow you to leave me a voice message. If for some reason you still can't reach me, just do what my girl Teyana says, " YOU BETTA GOOGLE ME BABY!"....LOL! God Bless:)


Fallon Seaborn formely known as Ms. Stylist Extraordinaire, is more than a name or just another pretty face! This Detroit native currently living in Los Angeles has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. Now 25 years old,  first making her mark on the fashion scene at the age of 15. Working at small boutiques around her neighborhood and eventually at the age of 21 became a merchandiser, buyer and manager of a popular boutique in Dearborn Michigan. From here is where she learned of her true passion and natural talent. Dressing and styling athletes, musicians, models, and the everyday working class. Fallon has done modeling, videos, and even acting. Her favorite career choice is behind the scenes making not only the person look good; but the whole ambiance of the fashion experience. Fallon became extremely serious about her talent and headed to Los Angeles to take her expertise to the next level. She has style,charisma, beauty, poise and one exciting personality to name a few. The work that is offered from this young woman is not just talent or fashion. Her natural gift is giving overall therapy through timeless style. Currently focusing on her new clothing line titled, FEATHER. This line is for voluptuous curvy women like herself! Ladies and gentlemen keep your eyes on this style queen because bringing the true essence of fashion is what makes this stylist extraordinaire!



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anCor: Whats your name, and where are you from?

Fallon Seaborn: My name is Fallon Seaborn, and I'm originally from Detroit Michigan.

anCor: Growing up did you enjoy putting together different styles, and seeing the end result?

Fallon Seaborn: It's funny you asked that because when I look back and reflect on myself as a kid, all I remember is my mom constantly coming up to the school from me getting kicked out of class for doing someones makeup or cutting there shirt because I didn't like the length or refusing to wear a uniform etc. I was always the girl that had to have the whole package together. My hair, nails, fit, shoes, accessories etc. I loved taking my friends, that I would hear people say wasn't all that attractive and I would dress them up and make the non believers sing a new tune!!

anCor: At what point in your life did you decide to take it to the

next level, and become a fashion stylist?

Fallon Seaborn: In 2007 the market for my field wasn't making the money like it use to in Detroit and I was really tired of doing the same thing. One day I typed in google fashion stylist and in my search I came across a woman named Crystal Wright. There was a phone number listed and I called and spoke with her. She was one of the strongest women I had ever spoke to in my life. I told her I would like to be a fashion stylist, working on my own an really taking my craft to the next level. She asked me one simple question. She said, "where do you live?"€ I responded with Detroit and she was like, "stop right there! First off, you need to move and get away from home because the industry is in Paris, New York and L.A." From that moment forward I set in my head that, I needed to make a move. I chose between L.A. and New York because I wanted to know how to speak French or Italian before heading to Europe. I woke up one day and said heads L.A. tails New York. The coin landed on L.A. and the rest is history.

anCor: Have you ever had to deal with a really difficult client

before? If yes; how did you handle the situation?

Fallon Seaborn: Yes! I've had to deal with several difficult clients. I nicely and politely do my job, stay professional at all times and kill them with kindness. I wasn't that good with difficult clients in the beginning. I'm from Detroit and were very up front people! I didn't bite my tongue so easily first starting out in the business. You grow and learn that the best way is keeping a smile on your face, do your job and never let the other person see there getting to you. This industry is very small and it takes one time for a person to try and run your name in the mud! My best suggestion would be to work with that client and no matter how good the money is, if the client isn't respecting you then don't work with them anymore. We are helping them just as much as there helping us and with all that being said, never compromise your self worth for a pay check!!!!

anCor: Out of all of the clients you have done business with, who was

your favorite an why?

Fallon Seaborn: I loved working with R&B artist Dwele! He is so laid back and down to earth! He has a really great style himself, so it's fun listening to his ideas and me adding my twist to the equation.

anCor: Are there any individuals in the music,fashion industry etc.

that you would love to work with? If yes who and why?

Fallon Seaborn: I would love to work with Beyonce, Teyana Taylor and Kanye. These three have such an amazing style and they take risk! There not afraid to go outside the box. I live for there creativity and massive trendsetting abilities.

anCor: Have you been featured in any magazines before? If yes name a

few, and how was that experience?

Fallon Seaborn: I was featured in Enfluenz magazine, Urban Elite and HHH magazine. I appreciated all three for taking the time out to research me and to allow me to be apart of there movement! They all ask different questions that really allowed readers to have more insight on what I do and what I will do in the future.

anCor: Do you ever feel that Fashion Stylist are over looked? If yes,

why or why not?

Fallon Seaborn: Most definitely we are over looked! I'm so glad more stylist shows are coming out and more of us are appearing on t.v. because these entertainers get all the credit for being fashion geniuses when really, it's us behind the scenes making it all happen. Some people don’t even take are job titles seriously. I hear people ask, "why do you get paid to shop?" I answer with why do we have firemen? If a fire breaks out pour water on it or grab a fire extinguisher. That seems to be able to fix the problem right? Wrong! Sometimes the fire may be to big and you need a professional to put out the flames! Same thing applies to fashion stylist. We know some of are clients already have a sense of style; but we live eat and breath this. We see stuff before the rest of the general public does. We have the time to go around and hunt in stores, show rooms and design houses for garments. Does the artist have time for all of that? Probably not! We let the client be who they are and perfect there craft why we run around and keep them hot to trot!

anCor: What do you believe sets you apart from other stylist?

Fallon Seaborn: I listen to my clients and I always incorporate there life style into the look. I ease my clients into looks! I just don't bombard them with all these new looks and expect them to love them all over night. I take my time with my clients and educate them before just placing a hot new trend on them.

anCor: Words of wisdom?

Fallon Seaborn: Always remember to be yourself, and never let anyone tell you you can’t do something! My favorite quote is, "never be afraid to go left when left is really your right!"€

Shout Outs: Thank Jehovah God for blessing me with such an amazing talent! Thank you AnCor for taking the time out to do this article on me. Mom, Dad I love you. My grandmother Cobbie for being that diva I needed in my life, my big sisters Dashana and London. They taught me so much about being sexy and classy at the same time. My mgr. Polo AKA The Fur King who has kept me grounded and pushing me in a positive direction. The whole Bosses that Meets Bosses and Exclusive Fashion and Furs family. My photographer Marcus Redd AKA MRM Media and makeup artist Jeff Siegel AKA Vanity Scientist. I love these guys for always making me look amazing on all my shoots. My cousin Deantai for just being one of my fashion inspirations and a loving cousin! Crystal Wright for always pushing me to be better in my craft and last but not least my supporters. Thank you all very much:)







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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Polo AKA The Fur King and Fallon Seaborn, Designer vs. Stylist
Posted on April 05th, 2010 in 5 minutes 5 questions with
BY: Book Author Joey Pinkney

Ladies first. Ms. Fallon Seaborn, what is your “stylist philosophy”?

Fallon Seaborn: I live by my philosophies and sayings, but the one that really stays with me is: "Never be afraid to go left if left is really your right!" A lot of people think being different or leading your own path is crazy.

I have my own style, and I do my own thing in life. When people see me, they have so many different opinions on how I should be. I think that hinders people. They never evolving into ones true self.

When I wardrobe style my clients, I allow them to bring to life what they imagined and add my flavor to the equation.

Now, Polo. What is your philosophy on the “art of fashion design”?

Polo: Fashion is what you make it, Joey. It’s like art. You have to imagine what you want and bring it to life.

Ms. Seaborn, what are some budget-friendly styling tips a person can use when they are coming up with something on their own?

FS: Don’t be afraid to shop on sale, consignment, thrift stores and at outlets. You will probably never be able to guess everything I have on or how much I paid for it. That’s because I love clothing! You should never go by the name; go on how you feel.

Some of the best looks are when the heart and effort is put into the fashion aspect of what they are wearing as opposed to a person just buying something for the sake of having a designer name. I shop all over for my clients. I rarely ever buy everything for my clients in one store. I like to see what’s out there.

There are so many up-and-coming designers that are majorly hot. But people are sticking to what they are accustomed to. I venture out because Louis Vuitton was once a new designer. You never know when you will find a diamond in the rough.

Polo, what is your view on fashion as a business? How has fashion become a business for you?

Polo: It was just a hobby at first. I was spending more and more on the clothes I was buying. I was like, “Whoa, I can do the same thing and go into business for myself!” And that’s exactly what I did!

Ms. Seaborn, what are some of your favorite brands? And why?

FS: Wow! Great question, Joey! I love so many. For my personal style, I’m a jean and purse fanatic. I love Escada, Versace, Joe’s, Moci and DCuts for my denim.

My favorite purse designers would be Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Fendi and Hermes. I’ve never owned a Hermes bag yet, but trust you me I’m working on it. I love these designers because of there cuts and designs.

I personally wear all the jeans by the designers I just named, and they have stood the test of time. Their designs are always hot and the fit is incredible for a mast majority of people.

My picks on the bags have been tested over time. I’m always carrying a lot of stuff, and I need to have a very durable bag I need space, but still be fly.

Polo, what is some good advice for up-and-coming fashion designers?

Stay focused. Stay at least 10 steps ahead of the game as well as the people that you are around. Keep you mind right, your time right and your grind right and you will be fine.

Ms. Seaborn, where do you get your inspiration from when coming up with new and exciting ideas?

FS: I’m loving the questions, Joey! I pull inspiration from all types of places: my friends, people, magazines, music and myself. I’m constantly trying to improve and be better then I was 5 minutes ago.

I know some really creative people, and they keep me on my toes and make me feel comfortable to know that it’s ok to be different.

Polo, what is most challenging about work now?

Polo: Making the customer happy. It’s hard work, but I do a good job at it. I love seeing the customer walking out with that smile on there face its a beautiful feeling.

Ms. Seaborn. If you could pick one person to style you for a photo shoot, with no involvement on your part, who would that person be? And why?

FS: For women, I would have to pick two people and for men one person. I love June Ambrose and Brea Stinson. They are really talented, and I love there style.

The man I would choose would be none other than my manager himself, Polo AKA The Fur King. Polo knows my edgy side.

It’s funny because I think it’s hard for a person to dress me because I’m a moody dresser. I can literally be over a look in two minutes! It’s annoying sometimes! FYI: I never make it to the club until it’s time to close.

Polo, how has you birthplace influenced your designs?

Polo: I was born in the Bronx where the people are fresh, but I was raised in Teaneck, NJ, where people are the best. Considering I’m only 10 minutes from Harlem AKA The Mecca, the influence was easy. My style is like no other, so it made it that more easier.


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I could not think of a better way to end out the first year for Urban ELITE than to have a woman such as Fallon Seaborn introduced to those who have yet to become familiar with her blossoming career in the fashion industry. Very beautiful and equally as intelligent, Ms. Seaborn is on the rise to great endeavors and huge success. Already connected to great names in the fashion and hip hop industries, the first lady of "Bosses That Meet Bosses" talked with Urban ELITE all about her thoughts on the industry and her current and future projects.  There's no question about this lady's drive and passion for what she loves....and if you look at her Myspace and Facebook photos...its clear she is definitely in the RIGHT career field!First of all thank you for the opportunity to speak with and interview you! For the Urban ELITE readers who are not familiar with you or your work, please tell everyone about yourself.
Thank you Shae for letting me be a part of such a great magazine! I truIy appreciate being interviewed by such a lovely young lady as yourself!smile

I decided to get into the fashion industry at a very young age. I was introduced to clothing from all the women in my family. I was so exposed to hi -end fashion. My grandmother was a seamstress and just a diva! Growing up was a fashion show. Everyone had their own individual style. The first break I received in the industry was working for an upscale boutique in Detroit called the Broadway. I started working there when I was 15 years old. All types of people from the entertainment industry, to the everyday working class shopped there. My mentor and a really good friend of mine named Dennis Greene helped me into the doors. He taught me to take fashion head on and not to be afraid of thinking outside the box.

So I understand that you are officially the "First Lady" of Bosses That Meet Bosses...how did you begin working with that company and Polo (The Fur King)?
I became the First Lady of Bosses That Meet Bosses in the earlier part of 2009. I met my manager Polo in 2006. We actually met on MySpace. He went to my page and started looking through my pics and noticed that I was a fashion stylist. From there he contacted me and we have been working together ever since. I’m titled the female Polo! [laughs] We work like crazy people and vampires! The two of us would be up on the phone for hours creating new looks and great new business ventures to enter off in. I feel he saw me in my first stages of my career and he also sees my growth. I work really hard! I just feel appreciative that he noticed that and was willing to be my booking manager and sign me to Bosses That Meet Bosses. Thanks P!

Has your clothing line "Feather" launched or is it still in development?
My clothing line Feather is in development. My partner Jodi Robinson and I are creating such an edgy yet classic style. Neither one of us is rushing the project. Where meeting great new people by the day and in the process coming up with really hot designs! The clothing line is more of our baby, so were nurturing it correctly! We already tested the L.A. market with the launch of a collection of dresses we did for LA Fashion Week 2009. The response was amazing and people loved them. Were just treading the water to see how far out we should swim. The ladies are responding positively. In that retro respect, were taking great pride in perfecting this ultra feminine; but sexy line.

What types of women does your line cater to?
Our clothing line has a split personality! [laughs]... I’m more of the edgy one and Jodi is into more simple; yet classic style clothing. Our line caters to a very curvy sophisticated woman that from time to time wants a piece that really makes a statement in the closet. Jodi and I have two great things in common. We both love the way clothes fit. No matter how edgy I get or how classic the item is, the fit is the key ingredient. We really pride ourselves on that aspect. The two of us are tall and curvaceous women. It’s difficult for us to buy clothes off the rack. We really wanted to cater to women that want to look great and appreciate their bodies at any size.

Do you have any major fashion pet peeves?
My major fashion pet peeves are everyone copying one another and not really incorporating anything of their own creativity into the look! People are thinking just because its designer or the hottest celeb had it on last week, that the look is FIERCE! [laughs] People! DESIGNER NAMES DOES NOT MAKE YOU FASHIONABLE! IT MAKES A LOT OF US BROKE!!!! ALSO, LADIES STOP WEARING LEOTARDS AS OUTFITS IN THE PUBLIC!!! WE ALL KNOW BEYONCE LOOKS GREAT; BUT SHE’S ON STAGE! CUT IT OUT LADIES!!!! Another peeve of mine is incredible looking outfits with very tasteless and cheap looking shoes, bad weaves and last but not least the men with 50 neon colors on! PLEASE! CUT IT OUT GUYS!!!!! It’s being passed ridiculous at this point!

What have you learned from being involved in the fashion industry?
I’ve learned to have very tough skin in this business! Everybody has an opinion on what style is and will not always agree with you on the look that you set fourth! Don’t get frustrated, just come to a great medium! Sometimes as a stylist we are so advanced that the average person might not catch on until years later! I always say fashion is like a baby. You can’t make them walk without attempting to crawl first! Relax! The client will come around. Give them some time to bump their heads. They’ll come crying and you will be right there to make it all right in the world of fashion!

Is there anything that makes your clothing line unique?
I think my clothing line is unique because it excites the eye! It has pieces that you need; but with a very updated twist.

Do you have any favorite things that you like to design?
I love to design t-shirts, jeans and jackets! I’m a hot pair of jeans, sexy hills, fitted top and smoking blazer to match kind of girl! I love fashion that has unique statement pieces.

What is your opinion on some of the latest fashion trends such as the "skinny jeans" and guys rockin' pink?
I like any trend that suits the person wearing it! What I don't like is everyone being Indians and no one is really trying to be a Chief! Stop being scared people! If boot cut or wide leg pants looks better on you, stick with what looks great! Trust me! You will save more money and time by buying what looks great oppose to what's in. I love men that wear pink.. but in moderation. If more men splashed the color in with navy or brightened up a boring brown suit, it looks amazing. Gentlemen! Stop trying to be Cam'ron or the leader of the Pink Panther Gang! [laughs] ..... Less in this case is always better!!'

Being from the Midwest as well (I am from Chicago) I have noticed the styles for women are a little different...possibly because of the weather differences. For example, in Chicago more girls wear bigger t-shirts and jeans whereas out here on the West Coast its more of a feminine look with the smaller tops or types of pants. Whats your thoughts or opinion on this?
I've traveled a lot of different places and that's why I completely understand why fashion is a multi billionaire business. Everyone has their own style and flavor due to religion, climate, nationality etc. I love that women interpret sexy in so many ways! Ladies can be so diverse in their dress code. They're noted to be gorgeous in their own right! Look at Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Teyana Taylor. These three women all have different flavors and are all known to be style queens! Teyana wears her clothes with a bit of sag and over sized shirts, while Beyonce wears the hottest steal your man from underneath your nose dresses to Mary storming through with the hottest Louis Vuitton jacket that no one can get until next year. All these women have great diversity; but seem to bring it back to one simple point which is just looking bloody haute!!!

Is there anyone in particular that you would like to see in your designs or become a stylist for?
I would love to work with Beyonce and see her in one of my dresses or hot jackets. I love her!!!!!!

What would you say to someone trying to get into the fashion industry?
I would say to anyone entering this business to stay very prayerful, never lose sight of what you love, keep as many positive people around you as possible and keep your mental realm strong. With these tools you will overcome anything!

Do you have any major plans or events taking place in 2010?
One of the biggest ventures that I’m excited about for 2010, is that more articles will be floating around about me. I’m actually going to have a fashion column in a great magazine out here in L.A. I can’t reveal just yet; because we’re still in negotiations. The process of me writing a book for women is under way. It’s a go to guide that gives women great tips on how to shop like the stars; but on an affordable budget. Also the book gives great skin tips on how to use everyday products that most would never notice as a great facial enhancement. Healthy skin is a key ingredient. I want to share with more women my secrets on how to have a more polished look. I’m excited! Plus there will be motion picture films in the works for me as well. I’m moving more into that side of the fashion biz. Movies have always been my ultimate goal and looks like I’m finally getting the opportunity to wardrobe style. Stay tuned! I will keep everyone updated on everything!

How can people contact you for business or to learn more about you?
All individuals that would like to work with me please contact my manager Polo at 1-800-777-6578, PR Ms. Prina at prina254@gmail.com my business line at 313.468.4215 I’m always looking for great new stylist, models, artist etc. Readers can stay in contact with me at www.myspace.com/lipstick83, www.twitter.com/fallonseaborn, www.facebook.com/fallonseaborn, or www.modelmayhem.com my website www.fallonstyles.com is under construction and will be up shortly.

Is there anything else that you would like to mention or add to let the readers of Urban ELITE know?
Shout outs to my team Polo A.K.A (THEFURKING), Ms. Prina, Jodi Robinson, Dashana Williams, Leone Qualls, Marcus Redd, Jeff A.K.A. (VANITY SCIENTIST) Maggbeatz, Billy Blass, Prolificent and Belinda A.K.A. KATTPACK LOVE. Also big shout out to my Detroit team George Mckenney, Candice J. and Anthony from Eye Candy modeling! Much love to everyone!!!!



I laugh when I hear people ask that question. I don’t see why it’s so puzzling! To me, music and fashion go together like bread and butter! Yes! You can eat bread fresh from the oven without any topping; but wouldn’t it taste better with warm melted butter? Of course it would! That’s how I feel about music and fashion. The relationship is so strong. You have to look the part of the music that’s being represented. The art is respected more when you have the history behind the fashion and music. Perfect example, would you listen to Jeezy if he dressed like Mr. Rodgers? Yeah you would listen to him; but would he represent a vast majority if his fashion had no relationship with his lyrics! Let’s go to Beyonce, we all know B for representing diva, power, and sexiness. Would her lyrics match her if she showed up on red carpets dressed like Ugly Betty? It’s just like when an artist is painting a picture; his theme may be gloomy nights. When you think of gloom, you think of rain, dark colors like, black, deep purple, and navy blue.

The last thing you would correlate with gloom is a sunny day on the beach with tones of yellow, orange, soft blue, and crème. Some people think that it’s a stereotype type to categorize people. It’s been said, “If you dress urban you’re automatically into hip hop or if you dress contemporary you must be into r&b.” I don’t feel it’s a stereotype 100%. Let’s say if you saw an afro- American male dressed in a sarong with sandals going to a house party in Compton and Halloween has passed over three months ago. Not saying that it couldn’t happen; but you would wonder where this man was going. You would also wonder was he dressing like that to make people laugh. This can be looked at as a stereotype; or can be viewed as the style of dress not fitting the occasion. Fashion is really big, just like music is. The way you dress indicates to a lot of people what kind of person you are. Yes! This may sound shallow; but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I say, “there is an advantage and disadvantage to everything in life.” The advantage with fashion and music is, you can tell a lot about a person with these two little words that mean so much. Don’t believe me? Let’s go to an example. Let’s say, you saw a woman walking on Wall Street trying to apply for a job and she is wearing a dress that is hot pink, extremely short, with 4-inch black hills. The first thing that comes to mind is the color and length is not appropriate for the occasion. She can easily fit the part of a model, or someone playing a scene in a music video; but job hunting in corporate America, maybe not. Yes! On one hand, we have stereotyped this woman but; the point is, it’s a time and place for everything. Artist is respected more when their craft is from the heart. People can tell when music and fashion don’t relate because the true essence of the culture is not being represented. The only way someone cannot see the strength in the two topics is when someone takes these two powerful gifts and abuses it's natural correlation that connects all of us into being an individual.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling and Still Staying Fashionable

Let’s start with the don’ts first. Had to get this out of the way quick fast and in a hurry! Why do people come to the airport with the biggest Louis Victor’s they can find? (LMAO) Instead of representing Louis Vuitton in the proper light, they would rather walk around with their noses in the air and there knock off replicas in their possession. You know you have seen the ones in the airport causing a scene; because they want everyone to know they have just bought the best Louis Victor’s from the Alley in L.A. or Canal Street in New York! These individuals tickle me. They walk with such pride like they’ve just dropped $2,000 dollars or more on designer luggage. Then, what puts the icing on the cake; these same people strut their stuff with all their so called Louis Vuitton carry-on’s and have the nerve to fly on a buddy pass sitting in Coach!... (LMAO) PEOPLE GET IT TOGETHER!!!!

Pet peeve number 2. Ladies… Why do you feel the need to wear the tightest, sexiest, most revealing clothes to the airport? We are not going to the club or auditioning for the next music video. We are going to be on an airplane that is pretty much uncomfortable for an hour or more. I know we’re all trying to look our best because you never know who you will meet and it would be great to catch a pilot’s eye. As women, we always have hidden agendas on why we operate the way we do; but let’s do it with a lot more class ladies.

Last but definitely not least; fashion traveling mistake number 3. People; let’s stop getting on the plane without the proper utensils in order to keep you fresh. Be polite!

Keep breath mints, gum, baby wipes, a skin moisturizer and a great fragrance to keep you smelling delectable. Haven’t you sat by someone that BO was so strong that it smelled like their Right Guard went left and Secret told on them hours ago? Sure you have, we all have or maybe that person has been you. Keep a clear zip lock bag of small refreshments. I love Kerstin Florian Spa Face Aromatherapy. This spray is excellent for refreshing and soothing the face and body. $35, kerstinflorianusa.com I love Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. It’s very exotic and makes the men go GAGA you can purchase a bottle for $85 at Neiman Marcus. Men try Antidote by Victor & Rolf. The ladies will always want to be close to you. Grab your fragrance at Saks Fifth Avenue for $90. I live by Huggies baby wipes in Shea Butter. These easy to keep pick me uppers will have you clean and soft like a baby. Can’t get to soap and water? Baby wipes are the saviors of the day! Also, always have great breath! Keep minty flavors like the ones from Orbitz gum or go tropical with the delicious flavors from Trident. Keep these tips and you will be clever in your dress and never smell a mess

Now that we have covered the don’ts of traveling, let’s venture into the more positive side of things! Do come to the airport with nice luggage. You don’t have to have designer names in order to feel in style. You can get very nice sets for discounted prices at Wal-Mart, Ross, T.J. Max and Marshalls. Get something solid and classic or have fun and grab something with a print. If designer is more your speed, go with your budget and get the real designer merchandise. How would you feel walking through the airport and you spot a horrible rendition of your luggage set? Remember, designer doesn’t make you better or clever. Style makes you a trendsetter!

Ladies! Do come to the airport in something cute and comfortable. Be polished and ready. I love to see a nice fitted jogging set, a tailored skirt, suit, or a great pair of jeans on a woman. Men do the same. Be clean and comfortable. A great button up and a pair of denim is always classic. A suit is great, especially when it has stretch fabric built in the inside for traveling. This eliminates wrinkles. Jogging suits are a cool option for men as well. A nice solid color with clean sneakers will make you look laid back and ready for your trip. Before I leave, let me reiterate the importance of keeping your personal hygiene bag close to you at all times. Refresh yourself when needed. We should always want to put our best face forward, our clothes speaking in confidence and our aroma smelling approachable. Your favorite style Queen Ms. Fallon Signing off

5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Fallon Seabon, FEATHER Clothing
Posted on January 25th, 2010 in 5 minutes 5 questions with, interview
JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Fallon Seaborn
(FEATHER Clothing)

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to be a part of the fashion industry?
Fallon Seaborn: My inspiration for wanting to be in the fashion industry honestly started at home. My grandmother was a seamstress. All the ladies in my family took dressing to another level.
My grandmother was extremely jazzy and just wore the best of the best. She hand made a lot of her own clothing from dresses and blouses to dress slacks. I always knew as a kid I would be into fashion and glamor.
JP: What sets your designs apart from other stylists? What do you provide that would make someone choose you over the others in your field of expertise?
FS: I feel I get picked for jobs over a lot of stylist because of my talent and personality. Some stylist feel they know everything, and that’s not true. I learn a lot from my clients and incorporate their personal style then add my twist to it.
I listen to my clients needs and not just what’s going to be hot. Yes, my client might look great. If they’re not comfortable, the look won’t come off as a winner.
As a stylist, you need to make sure you ease your client into HAUTENESS! Sometimes, fashion can be overwhelming to some. I’m not just a stylist. I’m a fashion therapist!
JP: Why did you decide to name your fashion line “Feather”, and what makes it unique?
FS: Believe it or not, my 10-year-old brother came up with the name for my clothing line. I was up all night thinking about a hot name that’s catchy, easy to pronounce, sexy, feminine and free. I was brainstorming out loud. Out of nowhere, my brother yells, “Feather!” I instantly fell in love with the name!
JP: Who are some of the people in the fashion industry that you look up to and emulate?
FS: I love Brea Stinson, June Ambrose, Misa, Patricia Fields and Phillip Bloch. I’m emulating June Ambrose and Patricia! I say these two because, like June, I have a fashion team that works with me. Plus, I’m writing my own book!
I emulate Patricia because I’m heading to movies for styling. I would love to wardrobe style a huge motion picture or a great sitcom. I study these women, and I learn what made them successful. Then I add my own twist, which many will see in the near future.
JP: What’s next for Fallon Seaborn?
FS: A lot is in the making for Moi’. I’m writing a motivational book for women. It will be a tool for skin care and great places to shop for less but still carry the designer labels. I’m also writing poetry that will be released inside the back of the book as well.
Currently I’m working on a independent film with Steven Bernheim. I will be styling the entire movie myself and showcasing pieces of my clothing line FEATHER for women.
I have a lot in the works. You may even see me on a Bravo show for styling soon! Keeping my fingers crossed on that one! Stay tuned because I always have something cooking and something ready to come from under my sleeves.
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..TR>  Lights…Camera…Fashion!
Ever wonder how Diddy picks out his shades, or who put J.Lo in that infamous low cut dress, or how about who helps Kanye pick out the perfect scarves? Well since everyone in the entertainment industry wasn't born with GOD given fashion sense; most if not all celebrities appoint a personal stylist to pick out or design the clothes that make them look their best. So who are these behind the scenes, trend setting people and where can we find one for ourselves? I caught up with an up and coming stylist/ fashion designer with an already pretty long and amazing resume. Meet Fallon Seaborne stylist extraordinaire. Find out how she got in the game and what she plans on doing to stay there. From Detroit to LA she is leaving her stamp in the fashion world and she's not taking no for an answer. Now, don't get it twisted from first look you would think that she's a model auditioning for a role, but once she opens her mouth you will realize that she possesses the vital triple B's that all women strive to conquer: Brains, Beauty, and Business sense. [By Ciji Michelle]   
[Ciji] Hi Fallon how are you?
[Fallon] I'm really good and you.

[Ciji] I'm good thanks. So let's start off by telling the world where you're from and how you got into fashion.
[Fallon] I live in LA, but I'm originally from Detroit. I've been designing clothes back home for years.

[Ciji] So what made you leave Detroit?
[Fallon] I wanted to further my career, I had 2 choices either go to NY or move to LA, so in order to make the decision I flipped a coin. Heads I go to NY, tails I move to LA. It landed on tails, and the rest is history.

[Ciji] Wow, that's amazing, you were able to just pack up and leave like that at the flip of a coin?
[Fallon] Yes, I paid everything off before I left and moved to LA with four hundred dollars in my pocket.

[Ciji] That takes a lot of courage, not to many people are willing to do that to follow their dream.
[Fallon] I know, it was worth it though.

[Ciji] What are you favorite things to design?
[Fallon] Women's dresses and men's suits.

[Ciji] What's your fashion fetish?
[Fallon] Glitzy accessories are a huge fetish!

[Ciji] What fashion related item can't you leave the house without?
[Fallon] A designer bag! I'm a bit of a label whore! LOL

[Ciji] I'm going to give you 3 names and I want you to tell me your honest opinion of their fashion sense and what they could do to improve if need be, ok? First is Kanye West
[Fallon] I love Kanye style because he pushes the envelope and creates trends. A lot of people try to hate on Kanye especially men because they can't comprehend all the high end and edgy fashion he brings to the game!

[Ciji] Next up is Mariah Carey
[Fallon] Mariah I feel is absolutely beautiful and at times she tries to be too sexy when she doesn't have too because everyone knows she's a sex kitten that can't be touched!

[Ciji] And last but not least Jim Jones
[Fallon] Jim Jones does his own thing I feel! He has a edgy, rugged type of feel to the game. The look he gives is fun. I've never seen him without the latest trends on!

[Ciji] Ok, so tell me what's the first word that comes to mind when I say… Speedos
[Fallon] LOL!!!!!!!!!!! One word, one syllable, one question! WHY? LOL! I don't care if you have a body like the model Tyson and an ass (excuse my language) like Will Smith. Men say this with me, NO TO SPEEDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

[Ciji] Ok… what about Crocs?
[Fallon] Crocs! Another fashion to simply laugh at; but your feet just absolutely worships them. I just wish we could get more comfortable shoes that are fashionable instead of making us all look like we are stand ins for Bozo the Clown!....LOL

[Ciji] The infamous sagging jeans…?
[Fallon] Sagging jeans, where do I begin to express how much I hate this atrocity of a so called fashion? This look should have been played out when it came in. I still don't know if people remember where sagging came from. This look derived from prison. Men would sag because they weren't allowed to wear belts. I don't know why our society took such a great liking to this mess! I blame this look on women. If enough women stood up and let these men know this look is so far from being cute, a lot of them would change! Instead they would buy jeans that fit there waist and had a fuller leg for comfort. TIP: Men! Please stop wearing your little cousins pants that are three sizes too small and thinking you can fool us to believe that you just like wearing your pants to your knee caps! F.Y.I. YOU LOOK STUPID!

[Ciji] Please pick the one that you would prefer from each selection… Boxers or briefs?
[Fallon] Boxers are sexy briefs are a little too metro sexual for my liking!

[Ciji] Boot cut or skinny leg?
[Fallon] Boot cut over skinny any day! I like boot cut because just about any shape can pull them off! TIP: Ladies stop trying to squeeze in these skinny jeans. They make so many other styles that flatter women's body frame. I know skinny is in; but it may not be in for all of us!

[Ciji] Stilettos or sneakers
[Fallon] I love stilettos but I love my sneaks as well! I like to switch it up! A true dresser in my eyes is someone who can kill it in any look! These looks can be urban, classic, couture, and trendy. This just depends on my mood and how I feel like rocking it!

[Ciji] If you had to choose what would you say was your favorite decade for fashion?
[Fallon] My favorite decade would be the 1940's! So classic and just style at it's best. The women and men where dressed so elegant! I think fashion took a great hit from the war but seem to pick its self back up through Hollywood glamour. I look at old photos from my grandparent's photo album and get so much inspiration from them. Back then a man or a woman wasn't dressed unless the top coat, hat, and gloves was there to match there attire!

[Ciji] In your eyes now who are the top 3 best dressed people in the game?
[Fallon] My top three best dressed is Kanye West, Beyonce Knowles, and Teyana Taylor! Kanye, for always being fearless with his style. Beyonce for always switching it up from so many fashionable directions and Teyana Taylor for being one of thee hottest young female trendsetters in the game.

[Ciji] Ok, I agree.. Bey
once is my favorite. She is the best at what she does. [Fallon] Oh, I absolutely LOVE Beyonce, she is such a bad b****. Everyone around me knows, don't say anything bad about Beyonce, or I will let you know about yourself. She is killing the game so much that people have nothing else to do but sit around and try to find something wrong with her. I don't play when it comes to Bey…lol

[Ciji] Are you a designer and a stylist? Please explain the difference between the 2. [Fallon] I'm a designer and a stylist! I've been forming my clothing line for years and now it's due to launch in the spring of "09". The name is FEATHER and it's catering to tall and curvy women. I'm designing slacks, jeans, blouses, and very sexy yet classic dresses. The difference between a designer and a stylist is... A designer puts there all into a garment or object and a stylist on the other hand puts there all in to the object and there client! A stylist main objective is to make sure they make the client and the designer look great! Stylist are very big in this business because if the right person is placed in the right look; this can take off too the public as the hottest new way too dress. The designer is getting a buzz as well as the person wearing it and in return the designer and the stylist can benefit.

[Ciji] You know what show I fell in love with a couple years ago... "What Not to Wear", it comes on TLC. Do you watch it?
[Fallon] I loved the show, "What Not to Wear"! It was soooooooooooooo funny! The stylist on the show would get big budgets like 3 grand to buy new clothes plus they get hair and makeup overhauls. They would get a little mean but overall I loved the show. I also really liked that they taught them what worked for them and there body structure.

[Ciji] You are very pretty; do you model your own designs as well?
[Fallon] Thank you so much Ciji! I take this as being a huge compliment because I think your drop dead gorgeous! smile I have modeled my own designs from furs I created, shirts, jackets, and dresses!

[Ciji] I know you're in school, what are you taking up?
[Fallon] I attend California Design College and my major is fashion marketing. I further my education because this is a very fast paced business with no benefits or retirement fund. You have to make your own investments to insure your security. You have to learn how to market yourself really well and maintain your money! This is a very fun business but you have to stay on top of your game because there is always somebody younger and hungrier coming up the ropes!

[Ciji] Who have you worked with?
[Fallon] I've worked with a lot of people in the industry but I will just name the ones that where fun and great experiences! The first one to make my list would be Dwele from Detroit Michigan, a very talented and soulful R&B singer. Rashard Morgan, also an R&B singer from Detroit Michigan. Very fun working with Ray! He is very talented and artistically capable of soothing anyone's ear who listens to him! Leslie Jones who is one of thee funniest women in comedy! She is such a fun loving person you can't help but want to dress her in the best because of her amazing personality and stature! Mr. Funny man himself, Katt Williams who taught me so much about this industry and that looked out for me extremely in California. The very talented basketball player, Rip Hamilton from the Detroit Pistons. Otis Williams from Motown's greatest group the Temptations. Just about half of the Detroit Lions, and last but not least one off thee hottest female rappers in the game introduced on the Katt Williams Tour soon to enter the world with her style and grace Ms. XPLICIT lyric. Her album will hit stores in the fall of "08"!

[Ciji] For models, artists or photographers that are just coming into the game, how would they get the opportunity to work with someone of your caliber?
[Fallon] For models, artists or photographers that are coming into the game they can email me at fallonmarketingcompany@gmail.com or hit me on MySpace at www.myspace.com/lipstick83. My MySpace will direct you to other sites I'm on as well! I love working with new people to the industry because there ideas are fresh and they keep you on your toes!

[Ciji] What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?
[Fallon] My biggest fashion pet peeve would be fake designer bags! Come on ladies, I heard the old saying too! You know, "FAKE IT TO YOU MAKE IT". I know the pressures of wanting the latest bag; but a lot of you are wasting money. Even Stevie Wonder can see that these purses are fake! Designer bags don't make you fashionable. You can take that forty or fifty dollars you spent on that Louis Victor not Louis Vuitton...LOL and buy you a really stylish leather bag or a bag with funky designs on it! Remember designer does not always mean fly! If you're hot your hot no matter whose name you're sporting!

[Ciji] Where can we see some of your work?
[Fallon] You can stay updated on my fashion styling and my designs on my MySpace at www.myspace.com/lipstick83 or keep checking me out on hot magazines like ENFLUENNZ! smile Love you Ciji wink

[Ciji] Any shout outs?
[Fallon] First I want to shout out Jehovah God for blessing me with my talent and tenacity to get up everyday and give this my all! Mom, Dad I love you! Polo A.K.A. Mr. P diddit, A.K.A. Polo, A.K.A. MR. FRONT COVER! This is my partner in crime and I love and appreciate everything he has and is doing for me! Ciji I love and respect your hustle! Thank you so much for allowing me to be in the magazine! You are really good people and I appreciate your presence! London Charles and Dashana Williams these are my big sisters that I love so much because they have taught me so much about life and this game. Katt Williams and Lena Smith for showing me tons of love and the whole Katt Pack family. Cookie and Leslie Jones I love you for always having my back even when you didn't have too! My homie XPLICIT Lyric one of thee hottest female MC's in the building. Product and Vito A.K.A. Von B! These two young men are very talented in the rap game! Dennis Greene for schooling me in this business from the age of 16. Carol Lee Walker my grandmother who would have loved to see me doing my thing! I love you Cobbie! My cousin Deante and Shanita Cole who are two of the baddest dressers in my family. Jodi Robinson who is my right hand in this fashion game and one of the coldest designers out! Lynda Sperling if it wasn't for this great woman I would not be in Cali. I love you Lynda! Crystal from Crystal Wright agency. This woman keeps the match up under me so I never sit down! Thank you Crystal! My girl Africa one of the hottest stylist and clothing designers in the game! This young lady inspires me in so many different directions! Moya fashion I love your flair and your hotness you keep bringing to the game! Brea Stinson from Detroit Michigan. I love that she's another pioneer in this fashion styling and designing game! I look up to Brea because of people like her the door was open for new stylist to enter! Last but not least my little sisters and brothers Jazzy, Alexis, Jade, India, Mo and Kaleb. I love you and my little cousins Dianna, Martika, D' Anthony, Demond, Kamel, Quinn, I love you for loving me and always keeping me on my toes and to my Aunt Denise that just passed I will always miss and love you! Charlene and Aunty Michelle thank you for always being divas and showing me how women do it! Love all yall and anybody I missed I love you too smile





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