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It is extremely important for those of you out there to understand that I am not looking for nor require any services from other Retouchers! Thank you for your interest, but I have over 20 years invested in photo-retouching, therefore I do not need you.

Secondly, some people seem to think I'm a bit snarky. That very well may be true and if you can't handle it, that's not my problem. I'm completely comfortable with myself and know that I am a good person with a heart of gold. I am kind and compassionate. I do my best to provide my skills and services to any and all interested persons wishing to work with me. Honestly, I wish more were interested in working with me because I conduct myself in a professional manner and you will have a great experience modeling with me. I do not make lewd or sexual comments or gestures toward my models. I do not hit on or make any sort of sexually charged requests for "services off camera."

I have heard enough horror stories from models about how other photographers mistreat them and conduct themselves more like pigs than professionals. In a word, this disgusts me. It also gives me a bad reputation as well as those of you who are also clean and on the up and up. If you are a photographer, be a photographer! If you're looking for sex from a model, conduct yourself as only a true gentleman should and court the person who catches your eye without involving your profession as a photographer. Otherwise you're just a (GWC - Guy With Camera) trying to pick up chicks. Just a heads up... I will prosecute such persons if I catch wind of such a cameraman's sexual overtures and/or advances toward any model I have worked with or any acquaintance of mine.

You can always reach me through any of my links below. Whether you're an aspiring, beginner, or have more experience, I'm always ready and willing to work with you! Open Calls are always going on with my photo studio, so please follow me to keep up on my news and events.

I have many themed photo-shoots, events, contests, and creative concepts planned for 2016 and lots of cool stuff in mind for next year as well. If interested in knowing more and would like to schedule a session with me, please contact me.

I'm a registered professional photographer based in Connecticut. I have photographed many different subjects and styles of photography including: family portraits, life events, children of all ages, engagements, weddings, couples, product photography, pets, group photos, and more. That being said, the thing I am most passionate about is working with models and assisting them with gaining better exposure through my creative services to see them become successful in the modeling industry.

My main objective is to network with models, hair stylists, makeup artists, costume and fashion designers to collaborate on artistic concepts. I'm passionate about the work that I do and pride myself in maintaining a professional reputation when working with models. I have a light, fun, and relaxing personality, which I feel helps to disarm and relax my subjects and muses so that the creative images we create together are the absolute best they can be.

I have been photographing since 2002 using digital cameras, but am also familiar with 35mm "film" cameras as well. Although I have only ever taken one college photography course, my primary focus at that time was in graphic design. My "Photoshopping" skills are quite excellent. I've used this program since 3.0 back in 1995. I prefer to use a very light touch when editing/airbrushing/retouching photos by taking out flyaway hairs, smoothing blemishes, acne, pimples, scars, birth marks, rashes, wrinkles, and can effortlessly "brush" teeth to a pearly-white sheen that doesn't make you look like you have a mouth full of Chiclets!

Although I am pretty much a self-taught photographer, I have worked for some of the best in the industry, who have been photographing for well over 30 years! I've worked for Lifetouch and Portrait Scene, now "Smile America." I draw, paint, and know my way around an airbrush too, so body paint concepts are definitely something I wish to pursue this year.

If you like my work or wish to get to know me better, please add me here and on my Facebook page too at [url=][/url] to show your appreciation, to say hello, and to see more of my work as my account is limited here on MM!

I am the owner and founder of Abbamondi Studios, LLC and have a registered modeling agency as well called Phoenix Phlash Photography, Modeling Agency, LLC. Since this agency is still in its infancy, I have to explain to you the services my partner and I provide.
- Creative custom Comp. Cards & mini-comp cards
- Comprehensive Portrait Packages
- Well-rounded Portfolios featuring multiple styles/themes/genres
- Facebook & other Social Media Banners
- Catalog & other Publication Submissions
- Custom Calendar Creations
- Indoor/Outdoor Photo-sessions
- On Location Shoots
- Photo-events
- Contests
- Helpful tips and information on improving modeling poses
- Coaching and teaching of model etiquette
- Guidance toward the best avenues to better your modeling career
- Fun Experiences

I love the human body and I love and admire women. I also have the ability to find at least one physical attribute that I feel is the most beautiful and try to exploit that feature in the most flattering, aesthetically pleasing way possible. Please do not mince my words when I say "exploit" as I do not do that to women. I find it unprofessional and degrading. I seek only to celebrate a woman's strengths, beauty, and inner personality through my vision as a photographer and artist.

Everyone is beautiful in my eyes. Yes, some may be more blessed than others, but once they are in front of my camera and I see that special something in them, then I begin warming you up to the camera with compliments and direction to pose them in provocative and interesting ways. I'm not interested in taking a boring mug shot nor am I interested solely in exposing a woman's breasts or nether region simply because I am a man. It's a tough business for a male photographer to get into with all the stereotypes and GWC (Guy With Camera) commentary out there putting models on high alert for perverts seeking to see some skin. Yes, I do nude and implied scenes, but if you aren't comfortable with that, I never pressure you to bare it all.

Creating a theme or setting up a scene or specific location helps to complete the composition of my photos. From Corn Fields to Waterfalls, my ideas are limitless!

Anyone can pose for a camera. Everyone can do their hair and make-up, put on a dress, a costume, a bathing suit, a bra and panty... but not everyone is cut out to be a model. It takes hard work and dedication. I have worked with many people who claim to be a model, but aren't. They are "modeling" something. The way I see it is this, a model is a professional who gets paid to model a clothing line, a product, or a concept. This is someone who is comfortable stepping outside his/her comfort zone to get the job done. If you are shy and inhibited or close-minded and adamant about not posing nude, semi-nude, or even state that you are an exclusive alternative model only, then I don't think you are very committed to your profession. Perhaps you are a thrill-seeker who decided to strip for the camera one time just to say you did it. Maybe on a dare? That's not what I'm looking for. I much prefer to work continuously with a model and help him/her improve and develop themselves while teaching them all along the way. Anyone can psych themselves into getting naked for some photos. Again, that doesn't make you a model either.

By nature I'm a bit of a goofball. I crack jokes and am a touch forgetful at times. My mind never shuts off. I run a bit at the mouth. I'm chatty and very open. I crave intelligent conversations. I'm also very sensitive and compassionate, but I try my best to remain stoic in the face of a crisis. Ball up all these things and you have the basic elements that are me.

I expect my muses and subjects to be just as relaxed, silly, smart, and open with me. I truly feel that makes for a much better photograph than one who is uptight, nervous, uncomfortable or distrusting. I'm never going to touch you in an untoward way. I may brush sand off your knees or flick a hair off your shoulder or pluck a fuzzy off your sweater, but never "man-handle" you. I stay on my side of the camera and keep you to yours. If I sense you aren't comfortable, I will put my camera down and talk to you about it in an attempt to overcome any issues you may be having.

Although I've remodeled my apartment to make it more "studio ready", it isn't a full-fledged photography studio yet. The living room has a pair of gorgeous rich red couches that sit in front of a cafe' creme colored wall. I own many other backdrops, props, and other materials we can use to create interesting images. I am also in the process of restructuring my basement to turn it into another photo room. This one will include a queen-sized sleigh bed that will be decorated to create boudoir-style imagery. I have portable equipment that I can take outdoors, make house calls or go anywhere your heart desires to pose for a shoot.

I've always loved the soft beauty of Playboy Magazine's models. One of my favorite photographers is Keith Selle, you can look his work up here <a href=""><</a>. I idolize his portrait style in that he manages to capture beauty in a soft way, yet the color pops of the model's eyes, hair, lips, outfits, and especially tattoos are amazingly vibrant! It is a style I try to emulate in my own world. He operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada, so maybe you'd like to work with me in New England as an alternative until you can travel to pose for him?

My ultimate goal is to become a successful modeling agent/photographer by assisting aspiring models to reach their own goals by becoming successful, professionals in the modeling industry. That to me is the greatest satisfaction I can achieve for myself. I've seen many potential models fall from grace, which saddens me greatly. Some just refuse to get out of their own way. Others turn to drugs and alcohol. Still more get pregnant or have parents and/or relationships with others who aren't positive role-models or supportive in their endeavors. This too saddens me greatly. You will always be met with a kind, professional interaction with me as well as a genuine, heart-felt intent toward helping you gain the positive exposure and fan base. I am friends with many other photographers whom I trust that I can introduce you to for even more opportunities. I will go to the ends of the Earth for the right person if I feel they are taking this profession seriously enough. If you want to get into catalogs, do runway, want to become Miss America, get into magazines, parts modeling, shoot pornography, the sky is the limit! I don't judge, I only offer my higher than average IQ and professional opinion to help guide you into a safe and prosperous direction.

My plan for the future is to own and operate a full photography studio and have multiple professional models, photographers, hair and make-up artists join me on my quest to improve the modeling industry for all races, backgrounds, petite to plus-sized models, and everyone in between. If this sounds like something you'd like to partner up with me on, contact me!

I'd love to get at least one if not two of my own personal model magazine concepts off the ground this year. If that interests you, contact me!

I'm also looking forward to joining the IBMS company this year to become more involved with swimsuit and lingerie model photography. If that interests you, contact me!

I am working on putting together a fresh new type of model magazine and will also be doing themed shoots this year for 2017 calendars! It's a fun and exciting time to get involved with me! I am looking to opening a brick and mortar photography studio in Connecticut within the year and am poised to launch my new website, so be sure to look for that!

There are also many themed photo-events planned for this year, which I will be announcing periodically as an open call. Add me on Facebook to be included in that.

I remain open-minded to TFP/TFCD shoots, but with what I am offering models during my photo-shoots, I am limiting these to special cases or if I feel someone has something unique to offer my own portfolio. We both deserve to be making $100+ an hour for our time, regardless of skill level, expertise, amount of clothes being removed during a session, etc. I cannot remain in business or maintain my camera equipment, studio rental fees, or waste my time and gas travelling without some sort of compensation for the services I provide. I am willing to work within your budget to come to a mutual agreed upon rate we're both comfortable with.

I have never paid for photographing models so please don't try swindling me into paying for any type of shoot. I can find someone else and I don't mean for this to sound smug or rude, but people try taking advantage of me all the time.

I do not charge a booking fee per se, but for sake of holding your sitting, I do require partial payment up front. This helps weed out the flakes and prevents me from losing business. This payment will be refunded in the event of an emergency or incliment weather. Otherwise the payment will be put towards your selected photo package.

Again, I work professionally, which means that I stick to my side of the camera and keep you to yours.

If I contact you looking to do a shoot or to inform you of an Open Call, please respond when you can, even if to decline my invitation.

I'm not a fan of doing Pin-up or Burlesque style shoots. Goth, Steampunk, and Cyberpunk are okay. Fetish and Erotica are okay too.

I prefer to schedule a brief "Meet & Greet" session with potential models. Bring your notebook, any portfolio or photos you'd like to show me during this time. Ask me any questions you like, I'm an open book.

Don't wear a lot of heavy make-up during the Meet & Greet. I want to see what you look like au naturale. Bring your make-up and changes of clothes/shoes with you during the shoot. If we're shooting in a rugged area outdoors, bring hiking boots with you too.

I care about my models' safety as well as their health. Get plenty of rest the day before you shoot with me. If you come in looking like you've had no sleep, are hung over, drunk, stoned, or a hot mess, I won't even bother picking up my camera. I do however bring snacks and bottled water on location for my models to stay hydrated. I also have a portable pop-up changing tent, which takes 2 minutes to set up for your privacy in changing in a public area.

I do have a "personal assistant." She is equally professional and attentive to detail. She too photographs, and can assist with doing your hair and make-up. I do the body paint if that's the type of shoot we're doing on a particular day.

I'll photograph you if you're only "just considering" a modeling career and want to test the waters, but please don't waste my time. I am looking to work, train, and guide someone who wants to become a pro model.

I do not mind if you bring a family or friend with you for moral support. So long as they are willing to hold a reflector or otherwise be respectful during the shoot, they're welcome to stay. I don't handle distractions well, so please bear that in mind.

I'm also here to shoot. Please save your questions and conversations you have for me until after the shoot or ask them during our Meet & Greet.

I will offer private feedback after a photo-shoot.

I will be happy to write a nice testimonial for you if you'd like. I won't write a nasty testimonial if I didn't like working with you. I keep it all private and professional. I ask only that you treat me with the same respect.

I reserve the right to release or not release, publish or otherwise share any photo with you or anyone else. I want you to understand that I own any and all photos or video content created during a photo-session. This is law. A law protecting photographers. This means that I am under no obligation to share or give anyone any photo. I am typically a generous and kind person and am willing to give many photos from a given session to a model or client, quite possibly more than the average photographer. I believe that you should have enough photos from a shoot to create a nice gallery for yourself.

I reserve the right to state that in a perfect world I prefer to have your photos edited, watermarked, and sent to you within a 2-4 week time-frame from the day of the shoot. We do not live in a perfect world unfortunately, therefore I ask you for your patience. Please do not pester me about your photos. I've heard photographers taking up to a full year before issuing images. Also bear in mind that some photos may be withheld for publication purposes.

Speaking of submitting photos to publications... this can take a long time. I will try to keep you up-to-date with that.

One thing I require before, during, and after a photo-shoot is that you do NOT take any selfies! I believe in the laws of scarcity, which basically states that the less of something you have, the more valuable it becomes. Besides, you are having a professional shoot done, why take an unprofessional photo in the same outfit and leak it on social media? It defeats the purpose and ruins your chances of getting published and paid for your images.

Feel free to bring music with you. That I don't mind.

I was an art major in high school, 1994 grad, continued to pursue my interests and passion by attending a local community college for graphic design, art, and photography. Admittedly, I leaned more heavily on graphic and web design over the past 20 years rather than photography. Where I may lack in picture-taking skill, I feel I more than make up for it with my Adobe Photoshop and related software skills and experience. After several failed attempts to go back to college, I was successful back in 2008 and have since graduated with an Associate of Art in Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a focus in Web Development as of January 2013.

Now that I have graduated, I can finally turn my full attention toward my photography business. Taking online classes takes a great deal of self-discipline and focus to maintain decent grades to earn a college degree, which I have excelled in. So you can count on my professionalism to see projects through to the end. My eye for detail and adherence to delivering clean, high-quality work can not be denied.

Full Portfolio:
Facebook: (Personal Page) (Family Portrait Fan Page) (Model & Fan Page)
Email: (Personal) (Portrait Studio) (Modeling Agency)
Flickr: (Abbamondi Studios, LLC)


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- Associates of Arts in Business @ University of Phoenix - Axia Online College, 11/30/2010
- Bachelor of Science in Information Technology @ University of Phoenix - Axia Online College, 01/31/2013
- Certificate in Graphic Design @ Northwestern Connecticut Community College, 06/15/1996

- 20+ years experience using Adobe Photoshop for Graphics & Photo-Retouching
- 10+ years experience using DSLR cameras
- 4+ years experience being a Projectionist for a Movie Theater
- 10+ years experience in Management & Supervisory positions
- 25+ years experience Drawing, Painting, & Airbrushing


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