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Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming...


What do I do?









You might have to inquire within!
  (Um, yup!  That would be me.  I'd recognize that ugly mug anywhere...)

+++  OCTOBER 2012  +++

Part-time/hobby sketch artist.  Learned from comic books a long time ago (plus several art classes in high school, college, and beyond), but still appreciate superhero types!  Now that I can draw Spiderman, Hulk, and Superman in my sleep (almost), I favor Super Gals...  Fit, athletic women are highly appreciated as art models.  And yes, Dance and Yoga definitely count as "athletic"! 

Many directions this could go in as my skills, experience, and portfolio develop:  web, video, animation, and concept pieces are some of the possibilities; we'll see what happens.  For now, though, it's pretty much strictly not even "back to", but "still on" the drawing board!  Or the sketch pad, anyway.  Enjoy!  : )

OK, sorry I need to say this, but...  "NO SMOKING & NO DRUGS", period.  Yes, I'm an artist.  But actually, I'm an athlete first.

(And yes, I may on occasion serve wine to friends of age who drink responsibly...)

+++  NEWSFLASH!!!  +++  APRIL 2013  +++

Photos!  Ya mean all I had to do was point this thing and press that button?  And I get a picture-perfect image virtually every time???  Why didn't anybody tell me???  This is SO MUCH easier than slaving & sweating over the drawing board for an hour!  More fun, too.

Yes, I'm adding photos...  I still consider myself a sketch artist first, but since framing and setting up image composition are so fundamental to drawing in the first place, photography is, well, just a click away...

So if you're a model in one of my genres (clean-cut, classic-style, "Bond Girl"/fitness/superhero/"Daisy Duke"/etc. type of gal), just let me know whether you'd prefer to model for a photo shoot or for drawing, or for both!

+++  OCT 2014  +++

Well, somehow my 2nd thousand photos weren't quite as much fun as my 1st thousand...  I'm heading back to the drawing board!  Really, photos are cool, and depending on the situation can even be priceless, but normally, I'm finding drawing to be much more fun.  It really lets you savor the moment, rather than just "click - done - next".  And it's fun to see my skills evolve...  When I compare my newer drawings (not posted yet) with what I was doing even one year ago, Wow!  What a difference...  Can't wait for more...

: )




Yes, I'm an artist.  But actually, I'm an athlete first. 

Seriously, if you smoke or use illicit drugs, please:  Stop reading now and go on to some fellow druggie's web page.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but all that toxic garbage is much harsher on your body and mind.  Health statistics say smoking kills some 400,000 Americans per year.  That's like a hundred 9/11s.  Every year.  (No arguments, please.  That's not what this page is for; that's what junior high school was for.  By the way, since when did "judgement", as in "good judgement" become a bad word?)

"A sound mind in a sound body"...  We're here, on this planet, to "model", as in to be "model human beings".

(I think that was another public service announcement...  Yeah, the smoking section is outside on the wing of the airplane...  No smoking within 25,000 miles-- that's one Earth circumference-- of my place!)


I realize this website, Model Mayhem, is very aptly named, and things happen; however, if a model were to flake (canceling with less than 24 hours' notice), usually I will reschedule, but that model should expect a 33% reduction in whatever I may have offered for that shoot.  Should that model for some unfathomable circumstance flake twice in a row, again, I might be willing reschedule (if I'm in a really nice mood... and I likely will be!), but she should then expect an additional such reduction.  Three flakes in a row and I probably would not reschedule (and if I do, it probably will be at a very low priority for me).  Should some kind of mayhem occur, and a flake happens, then once it has been made up to me as above, then we are good as new.

Since I practice what I preach, should some unforeseen event force me to flake on you (very unlikely), I will "take care of you", probably just giving you whatever I had offered you anyway.  (You'd do the same for me, right?)

Obviously, flaking wastes my time in booking, scheduling other activities around that time block, and possibly even preparing, etc.

Further, FLAKING ALSO HURTS OTHER MODELS, because if a model flakes on a session, that was a booking I could have offered to another model, since obviously I was available then.  Thus, you should criticize other models who flake, because their flaking indirectly hurts you too.  (Even if they flake on a gig that you would not have taken yourself, it still hurts you, because maybe a model who would have taken it took another gig from you instead.  That's called "Karma", i.e. what goes around comes around.  Karma is real, just like entropy, or love.)

As I mentioned, once I do book a session with you, I am at least 99% reliable for it.  As you can see from my port, I have booked hundreds of sessions (of course I don't post pix from every one), and I've barely ever canceled one, with any amount of advance notice.

"Snow flakes are good.
Frosted flakes are ok.
Model flakes kinda suck.
Remind everyone you know."

"Be excellent to each other!"  (BX2EO)


Gotta admit, I don't really get it...  (The website "Friends" part, I mean.  The real "friends" part I totally get!)  So generally, I don't spend my time "Friending" thousands of people I'll probably never meet, nor do I really check my "Friend Requests" too often.  I mean, if you really cared, you'd send a note, right?

Seriously, after browsing someone's profile that you like, why click "Friend" when you could click "Send", with a meaningful note attached?

* * *

DEFINITELY A PLUS if you're more than "just a pretty face"...  I love it when models bring or shape good ideas too!  Art/photo modeling projects are definitely a great place to start, but potential future projects could go far beyond that...  scripts/screenplays, entrepreneurial projects, who knows?  Let's create!

Best wishes,

- D.

PS -  I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!  Think I'll name my first 7 kids after it:

          Matt Magnum?

          Melinda Melody?

          Max Monday?

          Michelle Moment?

          Mick Montoya?

          MaryJane Mink?

          Mitch Montgomery?

          Mindy Magic?

          Michelangelo Miles?

          Marion Mezza?

          Music Major?

          Multi Million?

          Mega Mojo?

          Meta Motif?

          Mint Mocha?

: ))


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