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Dec 06, 2016
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Mar 04, 2008
5' 4"
135 lbs
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Internationally published model. Well over 150 times. I don't really keep up with this anymore, so your best bet is to contact me below (email and FB is best).

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I've worked with:


Glenn Perry Images
Darkside Photography
Tillett Studios
Boss Lady Photography
Isaac Suttell Photography
Kevin Cool
Time Obscured Photography
Kayla Jean
Erik Von Gutenberg
Hatter Marie
BME Inc.
Gas Oven
Kitdee Hello
Laura Dark
Creative Edge Photography
Blind 7 Photo
Fan The Flame
Force 4 Photos
Poppy Photo
Georgi Ruley
Ronnie Hoxsie
Dana Tarr
David Appuzzo
Greg Thevenin
Ralph Mercer
Haus of Hadz
Kris Rodammer
Matthew McKee #260459
Nicolophobia #1336104
Alison Wonderland #1558355
LancelotTheVampire # 336832
Shawn Kempton # 1597615 X2
Brittney Taylor Photography #1307789 X3
Topher Cox #101079 x2
Tiffany Ann Photography #775086 X6
Shilo McDonald #1250274
Luigi Ciorra Photo #299169
Brian Calabrese #1045934
Frank Bradford Photography #635400
Michael Randazzo
Greg Rowe
Jeff Daricek
Ratatat Tat Photography #1566572
Jim P Photography # 500576
J. Baxter #12391
Joel Pacheco
Mistdragon Photography
EDK Photography #656982
Jessyka Ann Photography # 545177
Fab Ink # 73788
Stephen Crocker # 904489 X2
CandyLust # 159152 X2
DustinGen Photo # 811684 X4
NefariousArts # 137540 X2
Tony Colella # 675732
WPKS Photography #
Lauren A. Farrington # 718417 X2
The Dark Jester #1150752 X6
Chris Addams # 412357
Patrick D. Wade # 71784 X3
Justin Hyte
Michael Leach #249667
Chromalight Studio #1016222
John Maciel Photography No MM# X3
Earl Christie # 1050157 X 2
Behind the Glass # 847167
Phillip Chitwood #362191
Brian Burke # 152142 X3
KillerShotz #584415
DLHPhoto #676536
Dastardly Dave # 105703 X3
Greg Easton Photography # 828792
Kourafas Photography # 555360
DavidGarciaPhotography #638431
MeccaFoto #326371
Nick Bessette # 582945
M Prophet #525902
Modelinglightstudio # 473104
Manuel Rego # 44477 X2
Shayl Photography # 559181 X2
Room 111 Photography
SMP Photography #758961 x who knows!
Raj Jain # 44719 x2
Death Wish Photography #323607
M. Stone # 16686
Knight Photographic # 632556
Ama #18006 x2
Alyssa Silvestri # 679386 x2
Tattoos and Portraiture # 686238
Timothy J. Steiner #695546 x2
XCD # 368602
RedRum # 226008 X2
Michael Vincenzo # 688133 & 529669 X2
Mathew Handelman


Miss Lady Kay
Alabama Deer
Scarlett Lash
Amelia Dinmore
Sarah BAMF
Melissa Johnston
Northern Siren
Sara Pandora
Bright Side # 239288
Sin Cera #497397
Elyse Mayhem # 1061396
Ouriania # 466119
Dominic Ciolino #535563 X2
Marlo Marquis # 712342
Lydia # 477955 x2
Miss Abby W # 593654 x2
Serenity # 513605
Eric X # 264865
Kat X # 681655


Lindsay Springer
Jackie Steinert
Lady Luck Boutique
Nikk Noir
Shauna Lemay #872753
Lauren Ojea #1125264 X3
ShellsBells x2
Heads Will Roll # 1422561 X1 million
Ouriania # 466119 (hair)
Bright Side # 239288 (hair & makeup)
Cherry Cat Hair # 1225415
Project Riot # 1182606
Kristen Strassel #251772
Krisann Kiley # 1010544
Designs by LJ # 322 X3
Sisters of the Moon # 594865
Looks by Crystal # 622812

Prints, Publications, Tear Sheets, Other:

Haven't updated this in forever!
*February 2013 Cover of Global Tattoo Magazine
*March 2013 Cover of Deadly Dessert Magazine
*Issue 198 of Bizarre Magazine with Ludella Hahn
*February 2013 Issue of Urban Ink (coverage for Inked out NJ)
*February 2013 Issue of Deadly Dessert Magazine
*February 2013 Cover of Riot Vixen Magazine
*Jan/Feb 2013 Tattoo Magazine (coverage for Inked out NJ)
*January 2013 Issue of Alt Girls Magazine
*January 2013 Issue of Riot Vixen Magazine
*Jan/Dec 2013 Issue of Dark Parlour Magazine
*2013 Licked Magazine Calendar
*2013 Hatter Marie Calendar
*2013 WinterWolf Studios Calendar
*2013 Cover and Inside of Fetasia Calendar
*November/December 2012 Cover and spread Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine
*October 2012 5 page spread Rebelicious Magazine
*October 2012 Cover of Goomah Magazine and spread
*November 2012 Issue #2 Ink Fashion (12 page spread)
*October 2012 Cover of Bella Morte Magazine and spread
*October 2012 Issue of Hungarian Tattoo Magazine with Dave Navarro
*Fall 2012 Catalog for Sourpuss Clothing
*October 2012 Premier Issue (Cover and feature) of Le Purr Magazine
*September 2012, Issue #4 Radiant Inc Magazine
*September 2012 Cover of Tattoo Art Magazine
*September 2012 Issue of Cat's Meow
*Sept/Oct 2012 Cover of Rebel Ink Magazine
*August 2012 Issue of Worcester Magazine
*August 2012 Cover of Ink Pushers Magazine
*August 2012 Issue of Vanity Magazine
*August 2012 Issue of Cat's Meow Magazine
*June 2012 (Issue 190) of Bizarre Magazine
*May/June 2012 Issue of Custom Tattooz Magazine
*June 2012 Issue of Radiant Inc Magazine
*Book: Tattoo Candy 3
*June 2012 Issue of Cat's Meow Magazine
*June 2012 Issue of Petite Alternative - feature on Metalbec
*Summer 2012 Issue of Filigree Magazine
*May 2012 Cover of 10th Anniversary Issue of Tatuarte Magazine
*May 2012 Cover and feature Gorgeous Freaks Magazine
*2012-2013 Calendar for PARL
*May 2012 Issue of Bella Morte (feat. on DawnaMatrix)
*April 2012 Cover of Tattoo Envy Magazine
*March 2012 Into the Dark Magazine Vol. 3
*March/April 2012 Issue of Skin & Ink Magazine
*February 2012 Cover of Tattoo Scout Magazine
*February 2012 Issue of Von Gutenberg Magazine
*February 2012 Issue of Radiant Inc Magazine
*January 2012 Issue of Giusepinna Magazine
*2012 Calendar for Skin & Ink Magazine
*January 2012 Issue of Koncept Magazine - feature on MTCoffinz
*January 2012 Issue of Pain Magazine
*Cover of January 2012 Hype Tattoo Magazine
*Winter 2011 Issue of Filligree Magazine
*Winter 2011 Issue of Pretty In Ink Magazine
*2012 Calendar for Skin Deep Magazine
*December 2011 Issue of Rebel Ink
*Winter 2011 Issue of Alt Fashion Magazine
*December 2011 Issue of Rebel Rodz
*November 2011 Issue of Custom Tattooz
*2012 Calendar for Hatter Marie Photography
*November 2011 Issue of Petite Alternative (feature on Tiffany Ann Photo)
*October 2011 Cover of Tattoo'd Lifestyle
*December 2011 Issue of Skin & Ink Magazine
*2012 Tetovani Magazine Calendar
*October 2011 6 page spread in Rebel Rodz
*October 2011 Cover of Tattoos Only Magazine
*October 2011 Cover of Tattoo Expo Magazine
*October 2011 Issue of Petite Alternative - 6 page spread
*October 2011 Issue of Rebel Rodz - spread
*September 2011 Issue of Devolution Magazine (Feature on MTCoffinz)
*Cover of Tattoo You Magazine September 2011
*September 2011 Issue of Skin Deep (Issue 202)
*Snapmatter Magazine Swimsuit Edition (August 2011)
*Skin Tight: Rubber (volume 1) book
*August 2011 Feature Cats Meow Magazine
*Issue 19/August 2011 Issue of Custom Tattooz
*August 2011 Cover of Tattoo Spirit Magazine
*Tattoo Bible II
*Book: Miss Mischief
*September 2011 Issue of Tattoo Savage Magazine
* May 2011 Issue of Pin Up Perfection Magazine
* May/June 2011 Cover of Blip Bop Magazine
* June 2011 Issue of Car Kulture Deluxe
* May/June 2011 Cover of DGN Tattoo Magazine
* May 2011 Issue of Skinz Magazine 6 page spread
* Pin Up Issue of Bella Morte Magazine
* April/May 2011 Cover of TatuArte Magazine
* Spring 2011 Issue of Glam Rock Magazine (feature on Tiffany Ann Photo)
* April 2011 Cover of Tattoo 1. Tribal
* March/April 2011 Cover of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine
* April 2011 Cover of Move Magazine
* May 2011 Issue of Tattoo Savage Magazine
* March/April 2011 Cover of Tatouage Magazine
* March 2011 Issue of Rebel Rodz Magazine
* February/March 2011 Issue of The Pin Up Mag
* February 2011 Issue#172 Bizarre Magazine
* February/March 2011 Issue #4 Dark Beauty Magazine
* January 2011 Issue of Giusepinna Magazine
* Issue 3 Machete Girl Magazine
* Issue #50 Marquis Magazine - DawnaMatrix
* January 2011 Issue Kustom Magazine
* Issue #1 Gaunt Magazine
* 2011 Skin Deep Calendar bonus model
* Tattoo Vixens (book published by Skin Deep Magazine)
* Winter 2010 Issue 12 of Renegade Magazine
* Autumn/Winter 2010 Issue 9 of Unscene Magazine
* January 2011 Issue of Tattoo Savage Magazine
* November 2010 Issue of Bella Morte Magazine
* October 2010 Issue of Giusepinna Magazine
* December 2010 Issue of Rebel Rodz
* October 2010 5 page spread in Rebel Ink Magazine
* Second Page of Boston Herald
* August/September 2010 Cover of Tattoo Couture Magazine
* August 2010 Cover of Tatuaz Magazine
* August 2010 Cover of LMH Magazine
* August 2010 Issue of Vblazin Magazine
* Autumn 2010 Issue of Alt Fashion / Toxic Vision
* July 2010 COVER Tattoo Scout Magazine Issue #18
* Summer 2010 Issue #5 Glam Rock Magazine 4-page feature
* June 2010 Issue of Milkcow Magazine
* Summer 2010 Issue of Sik Whipz (online) Magazine - Feature
*Issue #15 Spring/Summer 2010 Issue of Alt Fashion 3 page spread / Mother of London
*Issue #1 Retro Lovely Magazine
*April 2010 Cover and 4 page Spread Tetovani Magazine
* March 2010 Cover of Culture Asylum
* March 2010 Cover of Inclination Magazine and Interview
* 2010 Issue #37 Sexologies
* April 2010 Issue of Rebel Rodz
* 2010 Issue #245 Massad Magazine
  3 page feature with Dominic Ciolino
*March 2010 Issue of Front Magazine
*February 2010 Cover of Skin Magazine
*January 2010 Interview Fixe Magazine
*Fall/Winter 2009 Issue of Alt Noir Magazine
  3 page feature
*Cover of Winter 2009 Issue of Alt Fashion Magazine
*December 2009 Lollipop Magazine, Model Gallery
*November 2009 Issue of Mids Magazine (Miss Mids)
*Issue 2 of Inclination Webzine
*Album Cover for Dido Spin
*September 2009 Issue of Q Magazine
(out and about)
*September 2009 Cover of Online Magazine; Bombsite eZine Ten
*Album Cover for 81 Punk
*Album Cover for the band SexCoffee
*August 2009 Feature on Guitar World Magazine
*July 2009 Interview with EGL Magazine
*June 2009 Issue of Status Ink
*June 2009 Spokesmodel for INCLINATION WEBZINE
*May 2009 Feature on Guitar World
*May 2009 Issue of Status Ink
*May/June 2009 Ad in Bust Magazine for MTCoffinz
*May 25, 2009 Feature for Goth Girl of The Week
*Cover of online Magazine Eye of Lakshmi

[/u] Other Websites, Etc.. [/u]

*Commercial for Blunt Force Tattoo
*August 2012 Feature on Rockeresque on
*Women Alternative Online Magazine
*AntiBody Magazine
*December 2010 Contact Girl for Tattoo Road Trip
* / Feature on DawnaMatrix
*Darklands Magazine
*July 2010 Obsession of the week: Dustin Generaux Photography
*May 2010 A Potrait on Shaun McCurry
*August 2009 Creepy Queens Magazine / Spotlight on MTCoffinz
*June 2009 Fangoria Fango Fashion Profile Sisters of the Moon

Ads/Fliers for:
Flier for Skin & Wheels in Puerto Rico
Flier for Darq August 2012
Flier for the 2012 Surf N Ink Convention
Flier for 2012 Fetish Flea Market
Flier for Nokturnal
Fetasia Latex
Flier for the Darque Gathering
Flier for The Purgatory Ball
Darklands Piercing
Flier for Gothic Maine
Flier for August 2010 Painful Pleasures Tattoo Convention
Flier for 2010 Tattoo Convention Puerto Rico
Ad and Poster for PsychoKustoms
Poster for Axis Casterboarding
Inclination Magazine
Fear of the Dead Radio
Flier for Darq
Flier for Femme Noir
Flier for Fangoria


Sullen Clothing
Black Norns Designs
Deer Couture
Too Fast
Rubenesque Latex
Oznola Apparel
Ashley Rose Custom Designs
Kinky Cat Designs
Burning Violet
Romantic Threads
Love Child Boudoir
Deadly Couture
Cinched Tight
Organic Armour
Sugar & Spikes
Lady Moon Designs
Voluscious Wear
Janine Basil Hats
Exquisite Restraint
The Lost Boutique
Shhh Couture
Fetasia Latex
Jane's Corsets
Jacci Jaye
Facing Costumes
Soiled Dove Designs
Ruffles & Stripes
Vengeance Designs
Naucler Designs
Katie Kansas
Artificial Intrigue
Shitsville Clothing
El Vaquero Muerto Leather
Furious Creations
Berit NY
Truly Fallen Designs
Venomiss Designs
Sibyl Vain
Synari Designs
Timeless Trends X2
Mother of London
Axis Casterboarding
Isabelle Batz
Latex Bizarre - Primary Model
Toxic Vision #1065495
Latex and Lovers
DawnaMatrix #150321 X3
Painter Productions X2
Sparklle T #801665
Berit New York #842309 x4
MTCoffinz # 626710
Artwith Latex
Sisters of the Moon # 594865
Latex Nemesis # 588031
Vicmes No MM#
Fashion Wings No MM#
Dementia # 597845

Shows, Etc.:

*Model for Rebel Ink table Inked out NJ 2012
*Judge at 2012 Rock & Tattoo Expo
*Judge at 2012 Boston Tattoo Convention
*Featured Performer 4/27-4/29 2012 RI Tattoo Expo
*Performance at The District for Ashley Rose
*Finale Performer at the 2012 Fetish Flea Market, Providence, RI
*Dancer at Decadence
*June 2011 Perfomer at Ulteria, CT
*May 2011 Performer & Dancer at Jaded
*March 2011 Performer & Dancer at Ulteria in CT
*February 2011 Fetish Flea Market - Vengeance Designs
*January 2011 Gogo dancer for Jaded
*October 2010 Fashion Show Sisters of the Moon
*September 2010 Judge and Model Motorcycle Bash
*February 2010 Gogo dancer for Jaded
*January 2010 Gogo dancer for Jaded
*December 2009 Gogo dancer for Jaded
*November 2009 Gogo dancer & performer with Fetish Dolly, Club Hell, Providence, RI
*November 2009 Gogo dancer at Castillo's (Clubx)
*October 2009 Gogo dancer at Castillo's (ClubX)
*September 2009 Fetish Performer at Castillo's, Everett, MA
*August 2009 Gogo dancer for Jaded
*June 2009 Gogo dancer for Jaded
*June 2009 Fangoria New York / Berit NewYork
*February 2009 Fetish Flea Market Broken Brains, Sisters of the Moon & Latex Nemesis
*Sisters of the Moon - several
*Latex Nemesis - several

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