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About Me

What I am:
Part time Bondage Photographer,
Full Time Deviant Spirit,
General Smart-Aleck,
Accused Know-It-All, &
Confessed Gear-hound;

Locations I have shot in:
San Diego, CA- 2007;
Tucson, AZ- 2002; 2007-2010, 2015;
Marana, AZ- 2008;
Benson, AZ- 2009;
Phoenix, AZ- 2009;
Thatcher, AZ- 2009-2010;
Mesa, AZ- 2010;
Goodyear, AZ- 2010;
Tempe, AZ- 2010-2011;
Aurora, CO- 2010-2015;

Coming in 2017 to:
Denver, CO (Thunder in the Mountains- 20-23 July)

Formerly an Arizonan (and still one at heart), I unexpectedly became a resident of Colorado in 2010 and now I have landed in the State of Washington after over a year of global travel.  I am picking up the camera again now that I have arrived in the Seattle, Washington area, so looking to work and network and enjoy all of the opportunities that my new home state has to offer!

The Monk of Mayhem's mission is to capture the beauty and variety of the *willingly* captured female form.  I'm here to meet interesting damsels who enjoy being bound before a camera, immobilize them in fun and visually appealing ways in a variety of environments and make it a worthwhile expenditure of time and resources for everyone. 

If I had a nickle for every time I've been told how...ordinary and non-kinky I look in comparison to how some people have pictured the Monk- well, let's just say I'd probably be able to retire from my day job and get to shoot bondage models full time.

I love shooting outdoors, but not in public. I enjoy a good deserted building, ghost towns make me giddy & buildings under construction or renovation makes me ponder the possibilities. I look at furniture with an eye of how can I attach someone to it & then enjoy their captivity.

1) First and foremost, I ONLY shoot bondage imagery!  If you are NOT willing to do bondage, we will NOT work together.  It doesn't have to be intense suspension bondage, but you do have to be bound in some way.     

2) You do NOT have to get naked, but you DO have to get bound!  I shoot a variety of restraint types, from steel to stocks, from rope to ripped clothing, from leather to leashed, so I am sure there's something that you'll enjoy the look of.

All models that I shoot with receive complimentary copies of the raw imagery from the shoot for their own uses, regardless of whether they are amateur or professional, and without regard to any additional compensation. (Bring a thumbdrive, or let me know if I can buy you one as part of your compensation package!)

Ideal Wants: Great legs, B-D cup, hair of a naturally occurring color, at least shoulder length with some wave or curl.
Negotiables: Based on position and type and number- Tattoos and piercings.

Shoot Compensation Packages:
If you don't match what I am looking for, however, you still want me to shoot you:
1- You Pay Me: $25/shoot hour + $100/100 basic edited images, prorated 1/1 if you request fewer images. 
-For the record, I've never had the heart to charge a model who is volunteering her services.  Could be I'm possibly just a decent sort of gent, but don't you dare let that word get out!     

CONDITIONAL PACKAGES- Must meet all my wants or negotiate based on conditions:
2- Trade: We both get full use of the media, with no money changing hands.  *These shoots are always available and will take scheduling priority.*
3- Investment: 1 Hour Flat Rate on signature of model release at end of shoot;  Your remaining compensation (to maximum of double hourly rate; higher ratios for repeat models) to be paid from sales.  
*Up to three of these are available per month if the month's shoot budget has not been allocated yet.*
4- Day of: Flat Hourly rate, paid at completion of shoot upon receipt of signed model release. 
*There is only one of these available per month.*

Basic Rates for those who meet ALL my wants:
(Add 25/hr for any shoots that result in 1 hour of video shot)
*paid AFTER receipt of a signed model release*
$50/Hr: Beginning Models or models without bondage experience that I recognize;
$75/Hr: Lingerie or equivalent;
$100/Hr: Topless required;
$125/Hr: Full nude required;

I am *NOT* going to approach you to see if you will work with me.  This isn't a source of income for me, this is my passion.  I only want to work with those who WANT to work with me, not those that I have to coerce.  Besides, if you want to be restrained in front of a camera, especially mine, I'd be a fool to say no if we can find a way to make it happen.

If smiling & laughter does not come naturally to you while you work, you're not doing what you love.  Work isn't just a job if it's something you like doing, and I rather like what I'm doing.  Please have the same attitude.

I LOVE to shooting with with models interested in getting a start in bondage modeling or just want to try it out for their portfolio.  It gives me a chance to do quite a bit of show and tell, and they get an opportunity to sample a variety of restraints. 

If you're an already established bondage model passing through the Denver area... you're quite likely on my bucket list, so odds are if I have enough warning I can make arrangements to be prepared for your stop in the vicinity!

* Tattoos, piercings and other body modifications will be considered on a case by case basis.  If I like the model's overall look and considers her requested rates acceptable, it's on.  Other items that may get you moved up or down on my priority list are-
* Short hair.  I'd prefer that my viewers be able to easily imagine wrapping their hand in your hair while you are their captive, and short hair does not make this easy.  So, shoulder length or longer is preferred.
* Rainbow hair.  I've had some issues with non-natural color hair leaving it's mark on my gear, rendering it basically useless from then on.  So, if your hair isn't a color that would normally be found naturally on a human being, I might turn you down until you've shifted colors.
* Upper torso tats.  It's strictly a matter of personal preference, but upper torso tats always distract me.  So breast, cleavage, neck or belly (these can be covered with corsets, so not a show stopper!) tats are liable to influence my decision in a negative manner.  I've shot them before, however, so it's not a total killer.  Back and limb tats I'm generally OK with, however.
* A note on piercings.  If you have enough facial metal to set off an airport scanner, please look elsewhere.

*Collaborative shoots or TFI (Imagery)*
* Depending on the amount of time we have set aside, Trade shoots will ALWAYS get the more interesting shoots- the outdoors sets, the new idea sets, the model's special request sets.  Particularly if I am not racing against a stopwatch as I am during paid shoots.
* Will get higher priority on my schedule, since it allows me to stretch my resources.  For the Monk, success means that at the end of the day I can look back at our work and say with pride... "I shot that..."- and I can still afford to eat afterward. :-)
*Regarding Friend Requests...*
* When you make a friend request without having commented on one of the pics in my gallery, or sent me a message, odds are I don't know why you've bothered to send me an FR in the first place. Since I do not make any money from my photography (again, that's not what I'm here for, but if I can help you make money, then let's get to work!), I can afford to keep my friends list limited to the following:

•real friends who I know in person.
•fans who have enjoyed my work to date and can handle the wait between shoots to when I have models to shoot with
•models who I have shot with, will shoot with or would love to work with
•established producers who I can network with.

If you send me a friend request but say you don't model bondage in your profile, or show you in SOME form of restraint in your portfolio, odds are I won't approve you since I'm here to meet new damsels to bind and distress and make them look good while doing it, and more experienced photographers to pick their brains and benefit from their wisdom.

So please either comment a pic or let me know in an email which category you come under prior to making a friend request.

For more information, email for the Monk's introduction packet and questionnaire.'s+Flock+of+Mayhem/labels_1/pageviews_1/flags_1/


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Erica Ross

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Credit Notes

Lovely ladies on ModelMayhem I'm delighted to say I've worked with!

Kimberly Marvel #178524 (AZ***)(CO*)
Samantha Grace #3188 (AZ***, once as a house guest)
Kaylee Blythe #1112998 (AZ*)
Pantera Noelle #1852898 (AZ**)
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Josarah #104467 (CO*; 2014 return possible)
Dakkota Grey #2509818 (MI*)
Alex Reynolds #1232528 (CO**)
Brianne Blu #2647335 (WI*)

Shooters/Togs who I've assisted and can vouch for my existence...if not necessarily my non-demonic character...:-) #123976
Prose Photography #4688

Yes, I know they're short lists, but I'm hoping to change that over time!


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