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About Me

My rates are extremely reasonable and include unlimited use of all final high-resolution images. I will do select TFP/CD opportunities for mutual portfolio development if I like the concept or it fits one of my photo concepts described below.  My style usually has a more relaxed, softer, sexier look.  Am looking to do more edgier images and push the artistic boundaries a bit!

Instagram: @boudoir2glamour

Also open to other ideas, themes, concepts, and always interested in expanding my portfolio with new and interesting looks.

Escorts are always welcomed! Working together comfortably often translates to better final images.

Any models under the age of 18 must have signed parental consent on the model release or guardian approval and an escort.

Listed below are several test concepts I'm currently developing and seeking models to shoot on a TFP/CD basis. I'm always open to suggestions if you have ideas you'd like to try.

Concepts under development:

Lunch/Picnic Shoot

Great for a fun, relaxed session.  Focusing on head/beauty shots and some relaxed casuals.  Poses range from sweet and innocent to sexy and sultry depending on your interests.  Wardrobe can spans from shorts and cute top, sun dress, swimsuit, lingerie, nude/topless. Fun props may include hat, sunglasses, fruit, wine glass, flowers, or scarf.

River Nymph Shoot

A morning shoot along the Chattahoochee river starting early morning (~7am) while there's mist over the water in the soft morning light. Plan on doing a few different looks: the nymph look needs an off-white or earth-toned, sheer, simple dress or toga (think river nymph, nature child, Greek goddess) an ivy or floral head wreath (or cut flowers) really helps complete and polish this look.  Some shots include partial nudity. Bring some additional clothes for a casual style look (jeans, shorts, sundress, swimsuit) to provide a range of looks from this session.

Hiking Shoot

Hiking trails along the Chattahoochee River in shorts, jeans, blouse, vest, or sweater. Think high-energy, athletic, tomboy, yet with sexy feminine flair. Looks to range from outdoor portrait, wholesome Land's End catalog spread, or to a more flirty topless or implied theme.

Glamour Shoot

Traditional glamour style photo session starting with a few casual portraits, beauty shots, then focusing on sexy glamour imagery. Comfort with partial or implied nudity recommended. Think lace, pearls, and flowers. This is completely open to interpretation ranging from a traditional glamour/boudoir style to very sexy abstract nudes.

Retro Film Noir Shoot

Classic old Hollywood type looks with very moody and lots of "attitude".  Wardrobe and props: Large hats, long gloves, sexy dress, lingerie, fishnet stockings, high heels.  Mainly capturing high contrast black and white images, very sexy and extremely glamorous.  Looks will range from formal cocktail dress, to lingerie, to partial nudity or full nudity depending on comfort level.

Artistic Color Wrap Shoot

Concept shoot with nude subject strategically draped or loosely wrapped in colorful plastic wrap (groin and chest can be covered). Think candy cane wrapping with several wraps around one leg (starting at the toe, covering the torso at the groin and chest, then wrapped around the opposite extended arm. Numerous other configurations are possible with one or more colors.

Sexy Private Eye Shoot

Think sexy siren wearing a trench coat, fedora, fishnets, garter, stockings, and heels, with something sexy or nothing underneath the coat.  This likely will be in black and white and aims to have a 40"s sort of retro feel.  Think hard-ass, edgy private eye who also has a softer sexier side. For make-up I'd suggest evening makeup generally heavier than usual.  Cool props include garter, toy gun, handcuff, cigarette or cigarette holder, or flask.

Haunted House or Graveyard Shoot

Think low ambient light, with depilated house or graveyard as background.  Pancake make-up, heroine chic, or a perhaps a goth style look.  A variety of looks are possible with this concept. Attire could vary from vintage, to long flowing sheer or translucent wrap.  Several of the final images will be composite images crafted in Photoshop to add a translucent, ghostly, surreal look. 

Couples Shoot

This would be an outdoors portrait look, think engagement picture.  Looks to vary from light, fun, casual look to a sexier topless Calvin Klein jeans type ad vibe depending on interests.  Mainly thinking casual look in slacks or jeans, collared shirt and nice blouse or would also be interested in doing a vintage (30's to 50's) type look in black and white.

Fine Art Nude

This would be a fine art nude session ranging from abstract to classical study of light and form.  There are several themes I like to explore including: posing in long back gloves, stockings, and heels; the other would be a traditional fine art nude session with the addition of colorful, wide ribbon strips to add additional visual interest.

Body Paint Shoot

This would be a shoot using post production Photoshop work to add "digital" body paint and applying music symbols, geometric patterns, poetry, or math equations in interesting patterns.  Could either be a standard full nude body shoot, or a parts shoot depending on interests.  Full-nudity not required, but should be comfortable with topless or implied nudity.

Forest fairy, pixie, or nature’s child shoot

An early morning session, while the morning light is soft and warm, capturing a mythical fairy, pixie, or a natural nature’s wild child look. My vision is to capturing soft, lovely, images of a nude or partially nudes of a lithe or athletic figure darting playfully among the trees and rocks.  Some looks partially hiding either playful, pensive, or scowling at the intrusion in to their domain. Also some images to be processed to blend or morph the model in to the surroundings for a more surreal, artistic flavor. Full or partial nudity optional; you must be comfortable doing revealing or implied shots. Suggested wardrobe can range from toga to sheer gown or nude, with or without wings, antennae,…  Make-up should be minimal with smooth skin tones and emphasis to the eyes.  Suggested props include cut flowers, magic wand, bag of pixie dust,….

Credit Notes

Favorite models that I've enjoyed working together:

*Megan Suleiman, Mayhem #899962
Brooke Clandestine, Mayhem #446264
*Kassi Kimbral, Mayhem #834221
Demi Alewine, Mayhem #1334180
*ktmooney, Mayhem #1221939
Erin Amanda, Mayhem #1307443
Colie O, Mayhem #1078393
Vdb Nudes, Mayhem #1068431
Vandenbudenmayer, Mayhem #641997
*Heather Schull, Mayhem #1280946
Tara Collins, Mayhem #834820
Lauren Nyx Alexander, Mayhem #1435898
Rebes, Mayhem #1562738
Ginger Snap, Mayhem #1531921
Jolynn Taylor, Mayhem #1593325
*Gretchen Rebecca Gordon, Mayhem #791527
Casey Leona, Mayhem #1666701
*Katya Selinevich, Mayhem #1576736
Modern Flapper, Mayhem #1592021
Kelsey Custer, Mayhem #1683593
Zarah Rautell, Mayhem # 1722630
DanielleTurner,  Mayhem #793169
Grace Hannah, Mayhem #1870840
Nicollette B, Mayhem #1036328
*Katya Bost, Mayhem #1910757
Jenn Mc, Mayhem #1681096
Elena Sandy, Mayhem #1942640
Sherise Farmer, Mayhem #858836
LR_Daisy, Mayhem #1726181
Isnotabell, Mayhem #2132840
*Vivian Kyle, Mayhem #2030351
Darriana, Mayhem #1273687
Ondie D, Mayhem #818847
Gabrielle Kathleen, Mayhem #1022653
Tiffani Twiddy, Mayhem #1409509
Becky Joy Watts, Mayhem #1346330
Bella Wille, Mayhem #2305231
*StephanieShon, Mayhem #2342447
*Ashley Duncan, Mayhem #2284266
*Victoria Murphy, Mayhem #2279219
Angeleyesii, Mayhem #2423428
Brittani Bumb, Mayhem #2480992
Zayde Zee, Mayhem #244660
Kristie Marie_SD, Mayhem #2368073
Katie Didd, Mayhem #2116746
Kathryn Joy, Mayhem #2147628
marti w, Mayhem #2014843
SerenaLee, Mayhem #1815038
*Brenda Lee 1111, Mayhem #2673968
Morgan Mage, Mayhem #2699474
*Zephyranth, Mayhem #328036
*Eva Forte, Mayhem #2724071
Emmiq, Mayhem #2674732
Reagan Lynn, Mayhem #2766294
*Wendy Carver, Mayhem #2611714
HellKat Kennedy, Mayhem #2799647
*Jessica Lzzz, Mayhem #1001588
*NaturallyJess. Mayhem #2790138
Emi Lehn, Mayhem #3013292
C Minor, Mayhem #3493983
*Karen R Brock, Mayhem #3173448
*TJ Sanson, Mayhem #357555

* - multiple photo sessions