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About Me

I am an experienced freelance photographer, specializing in glamour, maternity, and commercial work and am working on building up those areas the most.  I do mostly studio shoots but will do outdoor or location shoots when feasible.  Because of other responsibiities, my ability to travel is limited.  My studio is well-equipped and my rates are very reasonable, so if you would like to do a shoot, please message me and describe what you have in mind, and I will send you a quote.

I am currently accepting limited offers for TFCD photo shoots from female models, so if you are interested in such a shoot, contact me, tell me what you have in mind, and I'll consider your offer.  If your proposal includes something that can benefit my port, I'll be happy to do a TFCD shoot with you.

My rates are $60/hour for the first three hours, and $30/hour thereafter.  A $50 deposit is required for any shoot that you initiate, whether it is paid or TFCD; the only exception is for models I have worked with, and who have never been a no-show.  If it is a TFCD shoot, you will get your money back when you show up for the shoot; if it is a paid shoot, the deposit will apply to the total payment.  A 24-hour minimum notice is required in order to reschedule and not forfeit your deposit.  It is unfortunate that this policy is necessary, but there are too many models who casually and flippantly blow off shoots that they have committed to, and for which I've reserved my day.  Of course, there are exceptions; I very much appreciate those models who are responsible and dependable (you know who you are).

Another of my services, besides photography, is photo retouching and compositing; see my Photoshop Wizard page on ModelMayhem (#789329 or for details.

I would like to include in my "Friends" list only those people with whom I have worked or have plans to work, so if you would like to add me as a friend, please propose how we could collaborate on some photographic project.  If you are a model, MUA, or wardrobe designer, this would probably be a shoot; if you are a photographer, send me some ideas on how we could work together on something.  Thanks!

The CD: Typically, two weeks or less after a shoot, the CD is done and ready for you.  If you're close by, you are welcome to pick it up; otherwise, I'll mail it to you.  The CD will contain all of the photos taken--€”even the duds--”and they will be high-res JPEGs unless you prefer unedited Raw files.  By default, I don't just pick out my favorites, because it's very likely that my favorites will be different than your favorites.  If you'd like me to send you only the ones that I thought turned out well (at the risk of missing some that you would have liked), let me know and I will gladly do so.  Only minimal editing will have been done to all the photos: brightness and color balance, but little else.  Once you get your CD, look over the photos, and then you can tell me the image numbers of up to a dozen of your favorite photos, and I will tweak them more diligently (e.g., balancing the color and brightness more precisely, cleaning up background [unless you want it removed completely], removing lipstick from teeth, removing skin blemishes, etc.), and will also tweak them according to any special instructions you may have sent me (e.g., convert to black-and-white, reshape/enhance body parts, crop, rotate, remove background entirely, eliminating muffin-top, convert to sepia, apply Photoshop filters, etc.), and get them to you.

Models: There are few things that can damage your credibility as a model (i.e., give you a reputation for being a flake) faster than failing to show up for a scheduled shoot.  In most cases, there is no malice on the model's part, but rather, simply a lack of organization.  So here are some ideas that will be helpful in furthering your successful modelling career, and give you and your photographers a much more pleasant experience:

Stay in communication with the photographers with whom you have scheduled shoots.  If you have a shoot that is scheduled for more than a week in the future, an email every week or so—even something as simple as "I'm looking forward to our shoot!"—reassures the photographer that you haven't forgotten about it.  (Forgetfulness happens more than you might imagine. . .)

Turn on Notifications if it is not already on.  Speaking of communication, quite a few models have missed potential shoot opportunities because they didn't check their MM account often enough to see I had sent them a message.  However, MM has a feature that will let you know if someone has sent you a message (or a tag or comment, etc.).  In the "Settings" option (under the "My Stuff" page of your MM account), do you have Notifications turned on?  If not, you can turn it on, so whenever you get a message in your MM account, MM will let you know via email to your regular email address.  This way, you don't have to try to remember to check your MM account every so often; you'll be notified whenever there's something you should know about (like a message you should respond to).  And of course, set your spam/junk filter so messages from are not sent to your junk folder.

Take steps to remember the shoot appointments you've set.  Get a wall calendar and hang it in a conspicuous place: on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, by the toilet, etc.; basically anywhere where you'll see it regularly and be reminded of upcoming shoots.  If you have a PDA or a calendar program on your computer, put the shoot into them, as well as reminder events every week or so leading up to the shoot.  Most cell phones have calendar functions; add reminders to notify you every so often that a shoot is coming up.

Reread previous communications from time to time to make sure you don't forget what you've already agreed to.  This will prevent conversations like the following (all of which I have experienced): "Oh, the shoot was this week?  I thought it was next week!" and "I didn't know you wanted to do that kind of shots!" and "I didn't bring any outfits like that.  Was I supposed to?"  If the models making the above comments had reread our email conversations occasionally, they would have remembered what had already been agreed upon.

Make a list of items you typically need for shoots.  While the clothing may vary from shoot to shoot, there are some things that are likely to be needed every time: hair ties, bobby pins, makeup, makeup remover, curling iron, jewelry—€”whatever you typically take to shoots.  Put this list into your suitcase, and as you're packing for a shoot, it will be easy to ensure you include everything in your suitcase(s) that you're likely to need.

Pack your suitcase(s) the night before the shoot and put it in the car, or at least by your front door, so when it's time to leave, you don't have to be rushed, packing at the last minute.  Being rushed usually results in forgetting things you'll need, and the clothes that you do remember are often badly wrinkled by the time you unpack them at the shoot.

Print out a MapQuest map of the location of the shoot and put it in your car the night before, so even if you forget about it when you leave for the shoot, you'll still have it with you.  I've had many a model call me from somewhere out on the road and say, "I printed out the directions to your studio, but left them on my table at home.  How do I get to your place?"

• If you need to make childcare arrangements, arrange for a backup babysitter if at all possible.  I've had quite a few shoots get cancelled because a babysitter flaked out, and although this is not the model's fault, it still reflects negatively on her reputation for reliability.  On the other hand, if you foresee potential problems and deal with them proactively, this reflects very positively on your reputation for reliability.

• On the day of the shoot, call the photographer an hour or two before the scheduled shoot time as a last-minute confirmation that you'll be there.  There is often some significant setup time for the studio equipment, not to mention studio rental costs, and it's frustrating to set everything up and then tear it down again without a shoot to show for it, so a confirmation call is courteous and very reassuring that his setup/teardown time won't be wasted.

• If you absolutely have to postpone/cancel a shoot, notify the photographer as soon as possible so he'll have as much time as possible to schedule someone else in the suddenly-open timeslot.  And please make sure it's a good reason for postponing or cancelling; if it's just a case of "I found something else I'd rather do," then perhaps you shouldn't call yourself a model until you're more serious about it.  Of course, life happens, and things will occasionally come up that are out of your control and prevent you from making it to a shoot.  In these cases, as soon as possible, contact the photographer and let him/her know (because of the aforementioned setup time and studio rental costs, as well as increasing the likelihood of being able to reschedule the time).

I look forward to shooting with you!

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Model Mayhem models I have worked with (most recent first):
  * Gladrea (MM #2825038, Westminster):
  * Coco Soleil [3x] (MM #2419379, Fort Collins):
  * Anna L (MM #1656274, Parker):
  * Kjersten Kelley (MM #1894151, Fort Collins):
  * Chelsea B (MM #471212, Westminster):
  * Jenny Renee (MM #2304811, Fort Collins):
  * Terrie H (MM #2822578, Loveland):
  * Ché M [2x] (MM #2749198, Keenesburg):
  * Ashlee S [2x] (MM #2769664, Keenesburg):
  * Ché M (MM #2749198, Keenesburg):
  * Ashlee S (MM #2769664, Keenesburg):
  * Erin M (MM #2729323, Fort Collins):
  * Suzanne Kelley [3x] (MM #2369467, Fort Collins):
  * Mariah Griggs (MM #2301383, Littleton):
  * Kerri Beth (MM #2693164, Broomfield):
  * Corinne Victoria [2x] (MM #2586069, Lafayette):
  * Talia Brauchler (MM #2498149, Longmont):
  * Renee Unique (MM #2590143, Cheyenne):
  * Carli Rotten (MM #577130, Denver):
  * Quest [4x] (MM #9306, Westminster):
  * Randy Wrain (MM #2375107, Denver):
  * Coco Soleil [2x] (MM #2419379, Fort Collins):
  * Danya Daroux (MM #1110754, Fort Collins):
  * ScarlettRose (MM #2565426, Denver):
  * Hot Angie (MM #2254940, Milliken):
  * Alancia (MM #2585576, Denver):
  * Tiger K (MM #2639974, Fort Collins):
  * Jazzy Jazz89 (MM #2601523, Denver):
  * Corinne Victoria (MM #2586069, Lafayette):
  * Kitten Karlyle (MM #2621787, Boulder):
  * Caitlin Ratliff (MM #1247586, Aurora):
  * Ariel Gaia (MM #2201986, Denver):
  * Jessica Lynn Johnson (MM #894406, Cedar Rapids, IA):
  * Ana Danae (MM #2513358, Estes Park):
  * Drea DeVille [2x] (MM #1652080, Fort Collins):
  * Ming Min (MM #2448230, Fort Collins):
  * Coco Soleil (MM #2419379, Fort Collins):
  * Torae Amore [2x] (MM #2244990, Estes Park):
  * Brittney Briddell [2x] (MM #785996, Arvada):
  * Leslie [2x] (MM #1124750, Windsor):
  * Suzanne Kelley [2x] (MM #2369467, Fort Collins):
  * Nikki [2x] (MM #2357149, Fort Collins):
  * Sarah Rose [2x] (MM #2470504, Savannah, GA):
  * Robin Lindsey (MM #2514276, Fort Collins):
  * Cim (MM #1432849, Fort Collins):
  * IAE [2x] (MM #2179741, Fort Collins):
  * Stacie Amber (MM #2423067, Fort Collins):
  * Raven18 [2x] (MM #850605, Boulder):
  * Leslie (MM #1124750, Windsor):
  * Byron Fear [3x] (MM #823996 Loveland):
  * Nikki (MM #2357149, Fort Collins):
  * Bailey (MM #2421998, Fort Collins):
  * Selina Kyl (MM #2327433, Denver):
  * Torae Amore (MM #2244990, Drake):
  * Quest [3x] (MM #9306, Westminster):
  * Kari Marie (MM #390875, Loveland):
  * Meg Ostrander (MM #1095019, Lakewood):
  * Brittney Briddell (MM #785996, Westminster):
  * IAE (MM #2179741, Fort Collins):
  * Suzanne Kelley (MM #2369467, Fort Collins):
  * Sarah Rose (MM #2470504, Savannah, GA):
  * Lauren H (MM #2144444, Loveland):
  * TantalizeM3 [2x] (MM #1095112, Denver):
  * Drea DeVille (MM #1652080, Fort Collins):
  * Marsha C (MM #55856, Denver):
  * Anastasia3287 [3x] (MM #284540, Fort Collins):
  * Mary Lynne Collins [4x] (MM #1266679, Fort Collins):
  * Quest [2x] (MM #9306, Westminster):
  * Carmelia (MM #1894423, Denver):
  * Cellista [5x] (MM #340372, Denver):
  * Cellista [4x] (MM #340372, Denver):
  * Cellista [3x] (MM #340372, Denver):
  * Elaine Scherzi [2x] (MM #665636, Aurora):
  * Byron Fear [2x] (MM #823996 Loveland):
  * Ashley Simone (MM #1011180, Denver):
  * Sumi (MM #149134, Thornton):
  * TAngel [2x] (MM #671584, Wellington):
  * Mandi Dexter (MM #1507198, Fort Collins):
  * Heather Grey (MM #414062, Boulder):
  * Devil Vixen (MM #122212, Fort Collins):
  * Shay (MM #1080464, Cheyenne):
  * Kirsten Elise (MM #630075, Fort Collins):
  * Brittany Nicole Lewis (MM #748115, Greeley):
  * Kristen Kroonenberg (MM #1177146, Littleton):
  * Mary Lynne Collins [3x] (MM #1266679, Fort Collins):
  * Victoria Gunn (MM #1000914, Boulder):
  * Amanda R's baby boy [2x] (MM #487537, Loveland):
  * Stylar [2x] (MM #1120737, Littleton):
  * Alyx Luck (MM #1395167, Cheyenne):
  * Cellista [2x] (MM #340372, Denver):
  * N'kechi Williams [4x] (MM #1086118, Denver):
  * N'kechi Williams [3x] (MM #1086118, Denver):
  * Victoria Meredythe (MM #1212055, Durango):
  * N'kechi Williams [2x] (MM #1086118, Denver):
  * Shannon G (MM #1279072, Fort Collins):
  * Angie C (MM #1184141, Fort Collins):
  * Mary Lynne Collins [2x] (MM #1266679, Fort Collins):
  * Mary Lynne Collins (MM #1266679, Fort Collins):
  * Megan G (MM #366794, Aurora):
  * Nancy Rae (MM #1267711, Denver):
  * Miss Mirage (MM #1208513, Northglenn):
  * Peachncream24 (MM #1061190, Gering, Nebraska):
  * Lala Marie (MM #1123754, Colorado Springs):
  * Shandea (MM #1263738, Thornton):
  * Nicole Garufo (MM #1207062, Loveland):
  * N'kechi Williams (MM #1086118, Denver):
  * Byron Fear (MM #823996 Loveland):
  * Kat Woman (MM #837774, Denver):
  * Erica Jane (MM #1074593, Denver):
  * Stylar (MM #1120737, Littleton):
  * TantalizeM3 (MM #1095112, Denver):
  * Miss Amanda R (MM #487537, Loveland):
  * LaDonna Marie (MM #448337, Denver):
  * Jen V Leigh (MM #655726, Longmont):
  * Elaine Scherzi (MM #665636, Aurora):
  * Froze (MM #891187, Fort Collins):
  * Maamet (MM #901721, Denver):
  * Raven18 (MM #850605, Boulder):
  * Estrella Amatista (MM #300968, Fort Collins):
  * DePhedre [2x] (MM #775164, Denver):
  * ViolettaVolare (MM #555717, Denver):
  * AMedina (MM #868302, Denver):
  * Quest (MM #9306, Westminster):
  * Chrissy77 (MM #801797, Greeley):
  * AmberTYang (MM #849203, Denver):
  * SpArKle97 (MM #837455, Denver):
  * Koyumi6 [2x] (MM #826889, Loveland):
  * Koyumi6 (MM #826889, Loveland):
  * Melly Kitty (MM #586998, Littleton):
  * Mizz Melyssa (MM #380229, Evans):
  * Lady Baty (MM #721953, Denver):
  * DePhedre (MM #775164, Denver):
  * Aurora [2x] (MM #785188, OMP #102627, Fort Collins)
  * Luna (MM #769827, OMP #374805, Lakewood)
  * Aurora (MM #785188, OMP #102627, Fort Collins)
  * Vyolet (MM #363357, OMP #104795, Boulder):
  * Brandi E (MM #442350, Cheyenne):
  * Mimi1981 (MM #272986, Denver):
  * TAngel (MM #671584, Wellington):
  * Nici [2x] (MM #258922, Fort Collins):
  * Milady Li [2x] (MM #553427, Fort Collins):
  * Michelle MyBelle (MM #643614, Fort Collins):
  * Anastasia3287 [2x] (MM #284540, Fort Collins):
  * Cellista (MM #340372, Denver):
  * JamieDoll (MM #214432, Longmont):
  * Pari Vahabi (MM #562275, Denver):
  * Anastasia3287 (MM #284540, Fort Collins):
  * Kyttikat [2x] (MM #452773, Loveland):
  * Meaghan Drake (MM #442294, Highlands Ranch):
  * SAJC (MM #401000, Lakewood):
  * Ashley Klotz (MM #529860, Greeley):
  * Mari Lynn (MM #528863, Cheyenne):
  * Mimi Glover (MM #502642, Denver):
  * Nici (MM #258922, Fort Collins):
  * Kat Of Diamonds (MM #572517, Greeley):
  * Lindsay T (MM #584036, Fort Collins):
  * Elia Ann (MM #553810, Littleton):
  * Tiffany Ann Hill (MM #449847, Cheyenne):
  * Milady Li (MM #553427, Fort Collins):
  * Melissa Beez (MM #538317, Wellington):
  * Pam S (MM #534514, Boulder):
  * Angelheart (MM #457676, Fort Collins):
  * Sarah Cate (MM #324990, Loveland):
  * Ittijat (MM #230837, Greeley):
  * Karina K (MM #542376, Greeley):
  * Tiffany Ocean (MM #517393, Fort Collins):
  * Andrea Lauren (MM #332856, Fort Collins):
  * Kyttikat (MM #452773, Loveland):
  * Charmed Seed (MM #473134, Evans):
  * Kari Jo (MM #504503, Fort Collins):
  * Sarina Mardesen (MM #480985, Greeley):
  * Chrystal (MM #300889, Loveland):
  * Indigo Khlyst (MM #367086, Denver):

Non-MM models I have worked with (most recent first):
  * Brittany [3x] (OMP #365490, Fort Collins):
  * Dawn of the Rockies [2x] (OMP #507, MB #105655, Fort Collins):
  * Jae Mignon (OMP #403561, Aurora):
  * Veronica Kelly (OMP #393428, Parker):
  * Amber Castello (OMP #377191, Aurora):
  * Brittany [2x] (OMP #365490, Fort Collins):
  * Brittany (OMP #365490, Fort Collins):
  * Vivan (OMP #384629, Boulder):
  * Dawn of the Rockies (OMP #507, MB #105655, Fort Collins):

Unaffiliated models I have worked with (in alphabetical order):
  * Adrienne:
  * Allison L.:
  * Alyssa G.:
  * Allison R.:
  * Amanda C.:
  * Amberly S. [2x]:
  * Angie:
  * Annie L.:
  * Ashlie:
  * Ashley S. [2x]:
  * Bailey S.:
  * Brianna:
  * Brittany R.:
  * Chelsea S.:
  * Cheri S.:
  * Cintrena:
  * Colene:
  * Colette L.:
  * Courtney K.:
  * Danielle G:
  * Devon:
  * Diane P.:
  * Emilie:
  * Emma:
  * Ginger L. [2x]:
  * Haley H.:
  * Havilah:
  * Jessica K.:
  * Jolene:
  * Jon:
  * Jonny:
  * Julia (5x):
  * Kat G.:
  * Kat R. (3x):
  * Kate:
  * Katherine:
  * Kelli:
  * Kellsie:
  * Kelsey D.:
  * Kelsey T.:
  * Kevin V.:
  * Kim:
  * Kirsten M. [3x]:
  * Lana S:
  * Lauren H.:
  * Lindsay R.:
  * Madison:
  * Marcia:
  * Megan B.:
  * Megan S.:
  * Megan T.:
  * Meghan:
  * Melinda:
  * Michaela B. [3x]:
  * Michelle M.:
  * Mindy:
  * Molly:
  * Moriah:
  * Nataliya:
  * Nicole:
  * Nicole C.:
  * Nora M.:
  * Rachel:
  * Rachele:
  * Rachel N.:
  * Rebecca S.:
  * Ruslan K.:
  * Sabrina H.:
  * Samantha D.:
  * Sarah L.:
  * Sarah S.:
  * Sholay:
  * Siina:
  * Sofya C:
  * Stephanie J.:
  * Tatjana:
  * Tina:
  * Trisi:
  * Vanessa:
  * Vincent:
  * Virginia J.:
  * Vinnie:

. . .and others.

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