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*UPDATED July 7th*
I know there's a lot on my page to read, but if you take a moment to go through it all, you will have a better understanding what bodypainting involves.

My name is Aerick and as a bodypainter I am able to transform the human body into amazing works of art with only some makeup, a brush and my vivid imagination and creativity. When hiring me, you will be getting an artist with twenty years experience in bodypainting, and has worked with hundreds of models, photographers and businesses along the East Coast and will always strive to create the best bodypaintings possible.

Bodypainting is an amazing form of art and entertainment, and does take a great deal of time and effort in creating the perfect design that everyone will absolutely love. Please be aware that what I do is not a hobby. Bodypainting is my job and how I make a living. As such, my prices are competitive and based on the amount of time, detail and materials required to create each bodypainting, as well as to secure any additional talent necessary to ensure the perfect photoshoot, event or party.

$150 for partial/half body - $250 for full body

Please note the prices above only include my services as a bodypainter. If you are looking for additional talent (modeling, photography, hair & makeup, costumes & props, etc.), I can recommend many talented individuals who can work with us at a fair rate.

In addition, I do create various sizes of bodypaintings; from accent and partial body designs, to full body transformations. So even if a full bodypainting is not within your current budget, smaller more affordable designs can still allow you to rock bodypaint like Kate Upton or Ronda Rousey. Simply discuss with me what you may be able to afford and I will always do my very best to create a design for you that you will absolutely love.

(Rates are effective as of July 1st 2016)

Free/Trade Shoots
Please note that I do use professional bodypaint makeup from Kryolan, Mehron and Sephora on all my designs, (This stuff is EXPENSIVE!) so painting people for free is not always possible in my line of work. Feel free to ask around. My rates are rather affordable. Everyone wants to be paid, I included, but there times when I offer trade shoots for certain projects. However, I generally only offer trade shoots to established and emerging talents, and in exchange for promotion of the bodypaint and my business. To be considered for this you must have 10K+ Instagram followers and be willing to post the photos from our shoot on all of your social media accounts.

Modeling Requirements
The main requirement to be painted, is simply, your desire to be painted. I have and will always provide my services to both professional and private clientele alike, and no matter who you are, if you would like to be painted it would be my pleasure to paint you. In addition, I have never and will never discriminate or refuse service to anyone due to their gender, age, race, orientation or disability. Bodypainting is designed for everyone as everyone has a body to paint.

Bodypainting does, however, require partial or even full undress during the painting process. So those wanting to be painted must be comfortable wearing no more than the paint itself. If preferred, clients may choose to wear adhesive nipple coverings, and/or a pair of strapless underwear while being painted. They can also later choose to wear additional clothing or costumes over their bodypaint, and/ or to utilize props in order to provide more coverage as they see fit.

Painting Process
The time it takes to do a bodypainting can vary greatly depending on the size of a design and how much detail is put into it. Photoshoots are always scheduled for a minimum of 6 hours, with additional 2 hour intravals depending on how detailed the design is. This is to assure enough time is spent creating the perfect bodypainting and while also assuring time for a complete photoshoot. Casual and event bodypainting can be quicker, with "breast art" designs, (similar to what you see at Fantasy Fest or Mardi Gras) taking a half hour to an hour to complete. Full body designs are available at events as well, but are limited to 2 hours and may not have the detail as a professional photoshoot design would have.

Products I Use
I use a variety of professional quality bodypaint makeups that are specifically designed for use on skin, including; Deviant Liquid Latex, European Bodyart Vibe and Endura, Mehron Liquid Makeup, Kryolan Aquacolor, and Sephora Artist. These are among some of the highest-quality, professional makeups available and each are FDA approved as a body cosmetic, and not only look great on the skin but also feel great to wear.

These makeups also come in different formulas, including; water-based, alcohol-based, and latex-based.

The water-based makeup is the most common formula used and has a moderate wear time of 6-8hrs. This makeup can generally be washed off easily with soap and water or sweated off if you are particularly active. Some colors such as reds and yellows can also linger after a shower. In such cases, lingering colors can be removed with mineral oil. The water-based makeup is preferred for photoshoots and light everyday wear, and is typically the best choice for children, women who are pregnant and those with sensitive skin and allergies.

The alcohol-based makeup is more durable and with a continuous, waterproof wear time of up to 2-3 days. This makeup does require more attention to remove than soap and water, and can only be removed using Isopropyl alcohol, of which a complimentary bottle will be given to each client to use, along with instructions on how to properly remove the makeup. Alcohol-based makeup is preferred for models, performers, dancers, and cosplayers, and anywhere a long lasting, and smudge proof makeup is required.

The latex-based makeup is a liquid latex product that, once dry, will provide indefinite wear. The recommended wear time for liquid latex is 1-3 days. This makeup is removed simply by peeling off the latex from your skin when desired.

As for clean up, water-based bodypaint can be washed off simply with soap and water, though some colors such as reds and yellows can linger after a shower and should additionally be removed with mineral oil. The alcohol-based bodypaint requires a little more attention than soap and water and can only be removed using rubbing alcohol, of which a complimentary bottle will be provided to you along with instructions on how to properly remove the bodypaint. And of course latex-based bodypaint can simply be peeled off when desired.

Showing off and wearing your bodypaint
Please be aware that bodypaint cannot currently be worn or displayed legally as clothing, costuming or even as an artistic expression in most public or private locations. As a disclaimer, the bodypainting I provide is designed primarily as an artistic novelty, and is not a true, nor legal means of wearable fashion, costume or artistic expression. At least not yet...

New York City is an exception as they have an open topless law, allowing women to legally walk around topless anywhere within the city. Full nude bodypainting is also permitted in NYC as an artistic expression and protected under the First Amendment. However, private businesses and venues can still require traditional clothing for your entry. For instance, you are free to walk around Times Square in nothing but bodypaint, as well as utilizing public transportation, (just as long as you are not creating a disturbance) but you cannot go into McDonalds, Starbucks or Walgreens.

If you are not in NYC, and upon completion of the bodypaint, I encourage clients to wear the bodypaint responsibly. However, how you choose to wear the bodypaint is totally up to you, but I do highly recommended you research if and where you plan on wearing the bodypaint out as certain locations and venues have different rules regarding wearing bodypaint. If you do choose to wear your bodypaint out in public, I advise bringing a light robe or shirt to wear while entering any location. This is the best way to enter safely and with little hassle.

Preparing for a bodypaint shoot
To ensure a positive experience, each client is encouraged to shower the morning of their session. (I can't believe I have to mention this, but yeah...) It is recommended you arrive with no hair on any portion of your body that will be painted, including the pubic region, unless the esthetics of the design require it. Shaving is acceptable, though waxing or epilating is preferred. Additionally, please do not apply any body lotions, moisturizers or oils to your skin prior to the session. This is important as they can create a barrier on your skin that affects how the makeup adheres to the skin.

You are also encouraged to eat and drink plenty of water a few hours prior to your session. However, please make time to use the restroom prior to the painting process begins, as few breaks are permitted in order to keep the session prompt and on time. Dress casually, with loose fitting clothing that can be worn over the bodypaint after your session. As bodypainting does require hours of standing, for your comfort please bring a robe and a comfortable pair of slippers to wear during the painting process and out on location for any resulting photoshoot.

Studios and Shoot Locations
I do not have a fixed studio. I primarily work on location, traveling to various photography studios, venues and events along the East Coast. As I frequently travel, I am able to come to you. With the painting being done in the privacy of your own home, at a hotel, or at a designated location or event. If a location requires paid admission, an additional fee for entry for myself and an assistant will be required.

Availability and Contact Info
I am available any day or time with proper notice given. Please plan ahead! 2-3 weeks notice of a shoot is good, a month is great, 2 days is a joke. If you expect me to work during a major holiday or event, I will be happy to do so, but you must book me months in advance. Halloween has been booked since April, NY ComicCon has been booked since March.

I can be contacted day or night by email or phone. I will do my best to get back to you quickly, but if I don't that just may mean I'm painting someone, so please be patient.

I also have an extensive internet presence and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube - @Barebeautybody

Aerick Cambrensis


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