Fly to San Francisco at our expense for group shoots

Created By: American Glamour Photographer
Female Models
Nationwide - United States
Event Date(s):
Mar 01, 2013 - Apr 30, 2013
Paid (550)
Posted on:
Feb 20, 2013
We are one of the largest producers of workshops and group shoots in the U.S.  We currently put on about 175 every year.  We regularly fly talent in from out of town to appear at our events.  We are currently looking for models to fly in for March and April of this year. 

Models are welcome to submit from anywhere withing the United States.  Unfortunately, we cannot fly models in from Canada or other countries.  We will pay airfare up to $250 plus provide you with a place to stay as well as meals and reasonable expenses.  If airfare from your location is over $250, you may use other forms of transportation, such as the train, or pay the overage yourself.  In some limited cases we may be willing to budget more than $250 for airfare.

In return for coming, we guarantee you a minimum of $550 in income for the trip which is earned through bookings with the photographers at our shoots, plus a share of the admission at some of the events.  Most models earn substantially more than $550 but that is a guaranteed amount.  We have plenty of references from other traveling models, plus if you look at our site, you will see models who have flown here from out of town, many times. 

Most of the models we fly in from out of town are comfortable with full nudity, but we will consider models who do implied nudity only.  Full nudity is not necessarily required.

We are currently looking to fill weekends in March and April.  You may reply here by PM or e-mail [email protected]
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