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Editorial Fashion Shoot London Seeking 1 Young Model and 1 Middle Aged Model

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Nov 01, 2008

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Dec 31, 1969

London, London

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Female Models

Cash Money

A fabulous up-and-coming hat designer is looking for 2 models for a fashion / hat shoot in November. We need one middle aged female model and one girl aged mid twenties. Height: 5'7' and over please. It's all about the face. There is only a small budget so please give your realistic rate for day, based upon 8 hrs work, include costs and travel in your quote. Shoot is in South West London, around SW18.

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Priscila Silva
Hi, I am interested in doing this photoshoots, and that would be a great opportunity aswell!
Im 18, and I am 5'9 feet.
You can have a look at my portfolio and features and if you think I am suiteble for the job, you can contact me on 07846004508 or just leave me an email.!
I am looking forward for your response!


Yours, Priscila
hello, i am very interested in this assignment... Im 5'5 in height, but have a good look in hats?? Let me know if your interested. Thank-you Lauren x
Da LuA
sure , I would like to be middle aged , but am young lol I am interested !
Louisa Drake
Hi, I'm interested..thanks
AngelinaJolie lookalike
Lilah Veronica
Interested please reply with details
Janina Maibaum
Hat shoot sounds fantastic! I am 5'7 £100 (day) + £20 travelcost
Hi. I'm very interested. Please reply with details.
Sarah Hussain

im really interested
Irina Kiseleva
I am int...ed. :-)

20 pounds/h
Brittany A Malecha
very interested let me know if my look suites what you are going for
I'm interested. Let me know if you think I'm suitable.

love Portia x xx
Miranda Barrie
Sound brilliant! Let me know if you think I'd be right for it!
sounds like perfect for me....sadly away from 31-7nov...

any time before or after- i'm in....
Kate Banks
hello1 very interested so please let me know if suitable x
Ayesha Jones
im interested, let me know if im what ur looking for
Very interested. 5'8

Bianca Laver
Hi i am interested, but 5'6, if that would still be any good?please check my profile and if interested too let me know, thanks

Rieanna Lewis Wilkinson
Very Interested beauty shoot Model
i'm 5 ft 8...Aavliable...Plez Contact if you require more Beauty Shoots...
Low Rates: £100 for day + £20 for cost & Travel.
Please let me know if i'm suitable
Thank you x
Very interested, 5'10.5 size 6-8, let me know if I am suitable. Thanks
interested.....experienced.....available.......in the area......low rates.....please contact me if u require more pics from me and if ur interested xx
Hi, I'm interested, please let me know if I am suitable.
Hi, very interested if suitable.

Bibi said
Hi I'm interested
Ms Lauren
Very Interested!
Alessia b
Elle Bugge
I there! I am very interested in this shoot. I wear hats on a regular basis so this would be in my style as well. hope you like my look.
x elle
Amina 2009
very interested
im interested, and i live in south london which makes things easier.
hey im very interested,im 20, 5ft9 & size 8
have a look at my profile and let me know
thank you!
Preeti S
hi there, i am in my mid-twenties, 5'7" in height and a size 8

looking forward to hearing from you
Michaela Costello
Hey i am very interested in taking part i am 21 & 5ft 7 size: 10-12
Carolina Barrios
Hi i would looooove to work with you, your work is amazing, check out my profile drop me a msg if you are interested x
Charlie Holder
Hi i'm interested :)
Ella Darling
Interested! x
interested :D xx
Amy-Louise MacKinnon
am interested..xx
Ella Shea
Don't know if you're still looking but if so I'm definitely interested. I'm 5'10" and my face is, obviously, in my port. I'm based in London as well so easily available. Rates are negotiable - we'll sort them out via pm or phone if you think I'm appropriate.
Georgina lee Flemons
i'm very interested my rate is £30 hour but i am flexiable. your welcome to look at my port. regards georgina lee
I'd love to be in.. :)
Interested. xx
simply elle
Hi, Im very interested if suitable and i live in south west london too :) x
Kelly Stelfox
interested x
sarah wood
I am interested
i would love to be the young model!!

comming to london is no problem for me (it's 1hour and 30 minutes by tgv)

Ana Rodrigues
Hi Jemimah, i am very interested, let me know if i am suitable.
Many thanks
Rea Jasper
very interested if suitable PM me for rates if interested
intereste dif suitable..x
Dorothy Tenkorang
Very interested. Dotx
Hi im interested in being considered, if i am what you're looking for PM me and we can discuss rates , reasonable ones.
Hi i am very interested and i don't mind about not getting paid as i am just looking for more experience and to increase my portfolio. Please let me know if i am suitable. Thanks Rachael
hi there...
I would be very interested in this assignment... thank you for viewing my portfolio if you would like some more images especially fashion please go to www.portfolio.shellyradley.com

thank you xx
Sarah-Jane Lambert
I am very interested in doing this I am a middle aged model ..Pleas view my profile I am 5"7 . If you are interested in me Please email me and i will give you a very good Quote..Many Thanks Sarahjane x
I am interested :)
Emma Coady
im interested. I am based in SW London so it would be easy for me to get too. I am 5"9. please view my profile,
Emma x
malicka marie Alexandra
im interested but im black will it be ok because most auditions like that are for caucasian models!
Emilia Rossi
Hi there,
I am very interested.
Please check out my portfolio to see if I am what you are looking for.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Tatiana Moxey
Hope I can squeeze in!?
I'm 22, 5'11 and interested. Please let me know if I'm suitable.

Interested. Please let me know if I'm suitable.
Ela Malek
I am very interested in that project. I am 5'5" only but as you said "It's all about the face" so might be suitable? Please advise and I will send you a quote
Eve Wynter
Hello I am 5'11 and have a lot of experience in fashion portraiture. I look particularly good in hats! I am nearly 21.

If you are interested in me, please indicate and I will send you a quote.
Milly Baker
Hi, I am interested, please take a look at my profile and see if you feel I would be suitable. I am 5ft7 and aged 27..Thanks
Charlotte Leroux
I would love to do this kind of shoot as have'nt yet. Im 5'6 though size 12?? Im 21 and dont live far. Let me know if im suitable.x
Letitia Anna-May
Hey sounds great i am only 17 but can look older, im based in sw london so it is very easy for me to get to. im dress size 10, 5'7. Let me know if interested x
Sophie-Leanne Evans
Hi There,

I am 5'8, I'm 19 but a modelling age upto 24. I am extremely experienced. I am reliable, versatile and very creative.

I am located in Soith East London, so travel is no problem at all.

Please view my profile.

I hope to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

interested x
L e e l a
Hi there. Im very interested. If by chance I could be of help, please let me know. Thank you , have a nice day xoxo
Jenni Bruce
Very interested.
Irene Russo
I am interested
Natasha Beardmore
Just sent you a msg.

Hey Jemimah.
I'm interested - give me a shout if you're interested.


Layla V
Hi im a SW London model and im very interested.
hey im 5ft 10....size 14....xxx
ı am v ınterested...
jaymie jarvis
I am interested in this, 5 foot 8. Let me know if i am suitable ?

Nessa Martin
Im interested.

hi i am interested x
hey i m interesed 5'10'' let me know if suitable maria x
Emzy Louise
hi, id be very interested in this, let me know if your interested in me x
Da LuA
beautiful! i l look exceptional in hats , dont mind the afro , am now bald lol

very interested !
hi ya hunnie im interesed and im 5"10 message me if im suitable
i'm interested, 5'10
Margarita L
I'm interested
Rox Weller
i'd love to do it, i like hats and they like me

Pauline Romana
Hi! I'd love to take part xxx
hollie bryant
I am intrested..i hope to hear from you
Shaz - Zenith
Hey there

I'm interested, but far too short. If you are in desparate need, then do contact me. Based in SW15, so no travel costs etc to be considered.
Hi im interested

Pernnelle x
Hello, i would love to be concidered. I have sent you a message. Thank you and i hope i am suitable for your project. Love Rhiannon xxx
hi im interested...although im 20???
please let me no!
Interested if suitable and can travel,

Lisa x
I am very interested in the shoot, and hope i may have the right look your after??
If i am suitable i can mail rates over ASAP...
Good luck with the shoot....
Boo hoo i will be heavily pregnant.But i have a great face.Love hat fashion.If you like my port,and its all about the face we can take it from there

Laurel Alexandra
Definitely interested
Claire Summers
hi would be interested if suitable for the younger role.
Sophia Nooshin
hi there..yes i am interested in this one..please also look at my website, www.sophianooshin.com

i am interested.
Hi, I'm interested x

im interested x
lucy margaret maria
Hello, I like to do this.
Nata B
Hi there, would really love to be involved - check out the hats in my portfolio. Happy to discuss rates any time if i'd be suitable, thanks
Renata x
Lynz Bass
Hi, sounds great! Take a look at my portfolio I feel i'd be suitable for the younger model. Take care, Lynz x
jo rich
if you are still looking im interested although im 17..
5'10, agency represented.
Kristen Wojciechowski
Hello, I would be suitable for the young model. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Arabella T
hey this sounds cool. am interested

Sarah Amos
hi interested,please get in touch if im suitable for more info x
Charlotte HB
hi, i am interested in the young female fashion model role. please get in touch
Extremely interested yet confused if it's all about the face and a hat shoot. Why is height stated at 5.7 ?
Im Interested
Natalia Zhulova
Hi I'm interested
Im very interested and would love to work with you,
x x
marissa charles
If I am suitable for the middle age model, would love to help.
regards marissa
Im interested..
Charli Paris
Message me if I am suitable then I will message you my rates.
I am interested. Could you let me have more details please.
Hi I'm also interested.

hi i am very interested in working with you.
please see my portfolio and let me know whether you would like to work with me.
my rate is negotiable.
many thanks.
Im Interested if suitable! look forward to hearing from you
Malgorzata Bekus
Hi. I am very interested, plas have a look at my profile and let me know if I am suitable. Rates negotiable. Many thanks
Annabelle Assiabo
im vey interested & rates are very negotiable! check my port and let me know what you think. thanks
heya would be very interested rates are negotiable thanx
Hi Im interested!! Low Rates and live in west London!!
hi, i´m interested. please check out my port and let me know if i´m suitable. after i will pm you my rates. thank you.
Hey i would love to do this, please let me know if im suitable and I will message you with rates etc... Thankyou, Kelby : )
Samantha I
Very interested and hope you find me suitable
Candice Lemonius
very interested !!!!
Hi there,
I'm interested!
i am interested
Emily Hakin
I owuld love to do this shoot.. I reckon iv got a good hat face!!!!

Striking features and very clear skin

If you are interested, please get in touch!

I am very interested. Rate negotiable
Rates negotiable please let me know if suitable. xx
Rhian Skelton
Interested. Am 5'8 and rates are negotiable so let me know if i am suitable.
Natasha Musson
interested and have pm you
Annabel John
interested but i am not 5'7
Johanna Taylor
I'm interested and I've emailed you...Jo
Lydia Fahy
Hi I'm interested! Rate of £100 per day plus travel £30.


hi im very interested.
terishma seewak
hiya, i am interested, i am 5'9, but i am younger than what you are looking for, please check my profile, and see if i am what you are looking for
take care x
Nia Valentine
im interested only 5ft5 but if its all about the face????
ella kerr mccutcheon
i am interested
I am very interested, I'm 5'9 thanks x
Hi I would love to be involved please check my profile. x

Mant xx
Anna Ruth
I would love to be considered for this,
Hope to hear from you soon
AnnaRuth x
Karli Eisemann
HI, I am absolutely intersted. Look forward to hearing from you.

Kareena Sims

I have experience in hat modelling. And have rather expressive eyes which helps! Anyway, if you like my look please get in touch and I can negotiate a day rate. Thanks,

hello im very interested, only 5'6... from south east london, hope im right for this, please mail me if im right for this. thanks

take care
Evie Effects
Hello, I would be interested in this shoot if you think I would be suitable..I am based in south london..costs negotiable.


roxi leah
hey would love to be considered thank you!!!!!!!!!!! i am really interested!!.......................

thank you!!
Ms iModel
Hello Jemimah, am intersted. if you could let me know more, if you like my look.
thanks,take care.x
Maria Salvador
Hi there, I am interested, get in touch for more details if I am suitable x
yes i am interested please. i can be either or i guess lol
Angel Adams x
Hi, I'm interested, relatively new to modelling so low rates.
Best Wishes
Angel Adams
Rosie Campbell
hi i am really interested in this. the train would be 20, and then 10 pounds per hour so 100 all together? Is this in your budget?
get back to me as am v. interested.


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