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Need a few more models for the GirdleBound Calendar

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Nov 14, 2008

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Dec 31, 1969

Long Island NY, NYC, NJ, PA, New York

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Female Models


I had to pull a few of the shots that were supposed to be in the calendar this year for unfortunate reasons. Therefore I need a few last minute shoots to complete the calendar (and of course for the catalog and website.) PLEASE USE THE COMMENT FORM BELOW TO SHOW YOUR INTEREST. (please do not email me about this unless you really have to. I have over a hundred emails in my MM inbox right now that I still need to answer and it's a little crazy in there!) I have a tall steamer trunk full of GirdleBound pieces for these shoots, but they tend to be in the size range extra small to medium. I also have some pieces that I would need models who are towards a medium to medium-large but quite busty as the bullet bra shape on the top of the onesies is cut pretty generously. See GirdleBound.com for a peek at our outfits. I need to shoot/reshoot the following months: July: 4th of July BBQ (Unfortunately I have to reshoot this) Dec: Christmas Shoot! Feb: Valentine's Shoot! I may be asking Bombshell Mandy to help with Makeup/Hair/Creatives on this as well. She is amazingly skilled at this. If anyone would like to join forces on this please let me know. Interested in hearing from not only models, but stylists, MUAs, hair stylists, hat designers, accessory designers, set builders, retouchers, etc. Models please include in your reply a little about yourself and if you have some props or something special to add to the shoots. Also, models who have worked with me on GirdleBound generally get invited when I have GirdleBound Fashion shows to do the runway, I may have one coming up soon. So please also state whether you can participate in fashion shows and how far you are willing to travel for such a thing. All replies that say "interested" or "very interested" or "please send more info" or similar tiny comments will be erased (though specific questions are fine.) I look for personalities in my tfp shoots. Not looking for the people who hit every single casting call and write "interested." I have taken the time to write this casting call in some detail, so please show me what an awesome person you are in your reply. These shoots are about fun. Feel free to ask specific questions in the replies and watch the comment section below as I will be adding updates and replying to questions within that section. Additionally, feel free to comment on whichever shots in my portfolio on MM call to you so I may get a sense of your style/taste and personality. I will do the same of course! I'd love to see you girls strut your stuff. ~Kristine

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Mel S
Hi Kristine!

If you are still looking for people for the calandar I would definately be interested. But i would like to know more info too. I would be available for the shows, where would they be?

Talk to you soon!
Essence of Cassie
Hi Kristine,

I would excel at this shoot and have already met Bombshell Mandy if you need a reference;)

Edwina K
Hi!! I am new to MM and came across your page and casting. I loved your bio because you like to capture women in there essence strong and beautiful yet sexy and powerful. I also like that you like victorian and pin images. I am def an old soul. I am a dancer so I have a few dance accesories for example a cane. I also can embellish to create costumes check out my port.
Miss Mary-Leigh
wow..I see I'm probably a little late on responding to this thread...but if there is any way you can squeeze me in, let me know! I realllllly want to work with you, and I love the girdlebound stuff! :]
even if it doesn't work out for this, I hope we can still do a shoot with Sharon too sometime soon! :]
Hello Kristine!,

I would be very interested in having the opportunity to work with you! I have always been a fan of your work!! Your work is very unique and amazing! I'm willing to travel anywhere anytime, place etc, don't mind traveling far places, I am very verstaile with working with photographers, fun, very creative, unique, but I can pull off any look, and have done so weather it be from goth to casual to glam, I've done it and I do not mind doing nudes I have and I'm still doing them, I haven't worked with many designers only 3 and for runaway I was only in Catwalk Tragedy! but I have done some local shows around the area for practice in case someday I may need and went to school for it. Even I can't do runway with me not being tall enough. I still enjoy it! I hope I have the opportunity to work with you! If not being apart of ur show etc, I understand but I do hope sometime in the future I get to work with you! Also for props I have a couple in mind, not many but some, If I have missed something or let something please let me know!


Missy Missles
Hi Kristine! I would really love the opportunity to work with you and create some amazing pin-up shots for your calendar project, and for my port. Right now my port is very limited...but please don't think of me as only a bikini model! I have always been fascinated by pin-up style...super sexy, feminine, the naughty girl-next-store type of shots. I feel that is my true nature, and it will show up in my work! I am alot of fun to work with, yet always professional. I am more blonde now than in my pics (just dyed my hair...I can send you pics if you like!)...I have thigh-highs, fishnets, tons of shoes, platforms heels and mary janes, boots...I can probably get some old style vintage stuff from my sis (she collects vintage wear) like some really cool hats with the netting over the face, maybe an old cigarette holder...well I can go on and on! I do hope that you see my potential and we can work together! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I will see you at Tony's party on the 6th :) I hope to work with you soon.
Miss Rockett Girl
hey krisitine! this sounds like a great time! you know that i am super curvy and have model the girdle bound before foy ou at the first snapm. if you do have any pieces that would fit me i would be more then willing to help ya out. i definately can fit a bullet bra with no problem! it will be a hoot to hang out with you and bombshell mandy !! yay for girl parties!
Summer Siren
Hey, Kristine. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to not only work with you finally, but to strut my stuff in some of that gorgeous GirdleBound lingerie while reaping the benefits of having Bombshell Mandy on hand. I am willing to travel wherever necessary to be involved in this shoot and would do the same to be part of the fashion show. GB was one of my favorites at SMACK this past May.
As for props, I have a lovely leopard print hat box case that can be seen in one of the photos in my port, a variety of pumps and a bunch of hair accessories, jewelry and gloves. Also, all my tattoos are very traditional, from my swallows on my shoulders to my beautiful Betty Page mermaid on my lower leg.
I am extremely easy to work with and am willing to do whatever is necessary to get that killer shot.
Pin-up is my passion and a part of my everyday life. I am happiest listening to rockabilly/punk and hangin' at classic car shows and tattoo shops. I am looking to do more print/ web work this year and can't imagine a cooler way to kick it off.
I really hope we can collaborate on this one. See you at Tony's.

Summer Siren
Hi Kristine,
Your work is amazing and I would be honored to model for you. I love the pin up looks with a modern twist! They are so sexy yet playful and classy. I'm the type of girl that can find the fun in almost any situation. I love makeup and costumes so being a model works out great for me! I hope we can work together on many of your projects, including runway!
Nessie Monster
I would love to have an opportunity to shoot with you for GB. I'm only 5'2" but I have a couple pairs of 7" platform shoes if height is important. I have the desired curves of the classic pinup era with a slightly alternative look. Most of my tattoos are on my midesection though. I'm highly attracted to fantasy and darker imagery. I love your shot of Mosh with the tricycle. I love being edgy and I'm willing to do just about anything to get the right shot. (I've cut myself climbing on rusty abandoned construction equipment, climbed into abandoned buildings, and have stripped down in cold temperatures, for example.)

I have red hair past my shoulders and a bunch of wigs (including dreadlocks and a huge beehive). I have shoes ranging from styles in sweet lolita maryjanes, to platform stripper heels, to classic pinup pumps and stilettos. I have clothing articles ranging in styles from goth to punk to anime/Japanese fashion. I love variety and I love drama, so I have fashion accessories from many style genres. I also have some really strange props, like a mechanical ape head.

I've done a lot of artistic and nude work in the past and I'm looking to go into more of the alternative fashion and print work direction, so I would be incredibly thankful to receive this opportunity to work with you on a calender shoot. I hope that you will take the time to look at my portfolio, which demonstrates my versatility, and I really hope to be considered for use in your project.

Maria Bella
Hi Kristine, I would love to do the calendar and am available anytime! I hope we can FINALLY get together ;)
Jade Summerfield
Hey Kristine, since we always wanted to collab, I think this would be a chance to make it def. work.
I think I could help you out with a strong Valentines or SAntas Look since blonde do that pretty good.
Tell me what you think
Hey sweetie! What a fabulous casting! I would absolutely love to shoot with you and finally get an opportunity to meet you :) I am available to shoot pretty much anytime and anywhere (though December is hard as I will be away for very very large chunk of the month.) I'm in New York, but thankfully because of trains, buses, cabs, etc. I can get to where ever you may need me to go. I'm not sure what else you would like as we have talked in the past, but if there is anything please don't hesitate to ask! Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Nina Dolce
Hey I would love to be a part of the project! I am very creative and have plenty of my own crops to use. I am available and reliable! Let me know if you are interested! I have a lot to offer ;)
Mona deLux
Hey Kristine, I would love to do a GB shoot calendar sounds fun! If Mandy does mua/h we can easily travel together to you unless you want to be here. I can discuss a great set with her. I would be interested in any of the months. Just let me know:) yay, xo, M
Arwen Love
If you are still looking for models, I'd love to be part of this project. I certainly fit the "busty" requirement. While I do have the curvy physique of a pin-up, I know my look is outside that for a traditional pin-up (I have short black hair with pink bangs and a monroe), but I think that would add diversity to the calendar and broaden its appeal. I've modeled for such designers as Torture Couture, Darklocks, Pink Label Corsets, and Naughty Girlys. I'd love to participate in fashion shows. NYC is about as far as I can travel.

I've been following your work since I first saw your photos of Nicotine with the boa and the ballet boots. I'm drawn to darker imagery as well as those with a dreamlike, surreal, or fairytale quality, so I would have to say your photos entitled The Being and Sharon TK in Wonderland appeal to me the most, as well as the photo of Mosh on the tricycle.

I hope to hear from you!
The Glamamora Pandora

My name is Pandora and would like to apply for the Girdlebound Christmas or Valentine's shoots, I have several Girdlebound girdles and some that I am modeling in my port, I am a size medium and do have access to some interesting locales in Park Slope, Bklyn looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

Best wishes,
Robin Sara
I hope you are still considering models to finish off the '09 calendar, because I would love to be one of your GirdleBound Gals! Vintage is my middle name ... and this shoot would be perfect for my personality and right up my Lindyhopping alley!

I am available for PA, NJ or NYC shoots ... And if you need references as to how hard I work on shoots, I'd be happy to provide some or you may contact Balance Headshots, who featured me in their 2008 Thank You Calendar for the Troops.

I look forward to hearing from you and having the chance to collaborate!
Nicola Olivia
i do believe we were supposed to shoot some pieces a while back...perhaps we can now make that happen? if nothing else, do keep me posted on future philly trips. need enough time to acquire those pointe shoes for you!
Howdy! If you want amodel for christmas I have BOXES of vintage decor to use. I'm on the Girdlebound site from quite some time ago for a valenties shoot and on Cameo Intamates in the red bullet bra with the space gun...and about 20 pounds..eep! Now I'm a size small and you can check out my current work here on MM. I'm a burlesque performer as well so if you need some burlesque props, feather fans, pasties, etc. I've got it all.
Kita St Cyr
Hey Kristine! I've been a fan of both your and Mandy's work for a long time, and would LOVE to collaborate with you! I'm about an M/L, I do much of my own photo retouching (Yaaayyy retouching) , and I can try to grab any props or accessories you want. Christmas shoot? I'll bring my tree! 4th of july shoot? I'll grab some fireworks! Let's do it! :D
Deanna Marie
Hi my name is Deanna Marie Im 25 I am 5'2 and my measurements are 34-29-36. I can fit a small/medium corset. I love your work and Girdle Bound! I have been modeling pinup/burlesque for some time now and have worked with some of the top pinup photographer (Viva Van Story/New Jersey, Terribly Girly/Florida, etc.) There is an image in my portfolio of a Versatile Fashions corset I modeled shot by Viva Van Story. I have a wide range of vintage props and wardrobe. I am open to traveling. I can book any time with the exception of Jan 3-7th (I will be in Vegas.) Thank you for your time.

~Deanna Marie~
Red Rhapsody
I'm up for almost anything. I love abandonments. Trespassing rules are meant to be broken. It's worth any trouble to shoot in a beautiful decaying building. I have no problem getting dirty, wet, hopping fences, climbing trees, etc, to get a great photograph. I love your work and want to be a part of it.
Demi Davis
I would love to be apart of the calendar. I am a spicy girl and a chameleon at that. I can be any character and put a lot of effort into making a great photo

Nori Zay Nishi
I'd love to shoot with you for this! I'm a Japanese fashion girl and would love to bring some of that style to the shoot. I can shoot with you in December, of course I'd love to do that as we could maybe go outdoors in the snow. I always picture a contrast of the dramatic Japanese-style hair and makeup to a clean winter background.
The streets in DC as well as the surrounding Maryland suburbs create great backdrops to the scenery and complements to the background of any great shoot.
I have always loved GirdleBound clothing and being in their calendar would be...more than spectacular. I hope that you consider me for the shoot, I'd love to be a part of the magic.
*^_^* take care, stay warm and dry!
I would love to shoot this with you! I could easily shoot either Christmas or valentines day. I own a full blooded egyptian arabian gelding (gray in color) whom we could work into the shoots. I could obtain a wreath for his neck, and ornaments for his mane and tail. For valentines day, i can get a set of cupid wings, and a bow and arrow set.

We could shoot at the barn i am renting- we have two large paddocks, the indoor barn area, a hayloft, and we also have trails reaching down to a lovely little stream i could take my horse into. There is also another bay horse at the barn whom i would be allowed to shoot with, if you would prefer a different color animal.

I also own a calico colored kitten whom is a bit of a camera whore, and could also get in on any images you would like to use her for.

As long as i do not have any tests or finals for college, i am willing to travel up to 10 hours away for an event. I can also travel quite a way in order to shoot with you.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

I would like to have the opportunity to shoot with you for the calendar. If you think I have the look you are looking for please get back to me. I am a size medium. I hope I hear back from you.
Kitty V
Hey Kristine I just saw this! I want to be in the calendar!!!...I love GirdleBound and I'm dying to shoot with you anyway so...what do you say?! Oh and I already have a few GB things of my own. I don't know if that's good or bad but at least I know it fits. But you could probably guess what would fit me anyway. ;)
shaneequa brown
hey, my name is shaneequa brown and i am 19. i am really interested in being apart of the magazine. i would love to do the valentines shoot, with red and pink, lingerie, whole bedroom and rose petals theme. also the christmas shoot, with snow and white and different xmas colors. i can also do the 4th of july bbq with the grill, grass, lounge chair, music scene.

i am very cool, fun, reliable and resonsible. i take direction well and learn fast. im very comfortable in lingerie or swimwear and implied.

i also would like to be considered for runway. i love stage presentation and preforming.

i am a small to medium. so i think your lingerie would fit. please look at my page and let me know if you would like me to model for a part in your calendar.

i find this concept very cool and unique and i would like to have my own calendar with a different scene for each month soon. so goodluck with the concept. i look forward to working with you and finishing your calendar.

thank you!! my email is neequa89@tmail.com at all times. :)
Kate Boyer
Hey Kristine, this is Kate Boyer again. We spoke briefly in a message about shooting at a location near the art museum a few weeks back.
I would love to be a part of this calender shoot, it sounds fun!
More so, I just want to shoot with you, your images are inspiring to me!
Also, I feel my port is very boring, I am very into 50's fashion and would love to have images portraying that
Well, a little about myself..
I work for electric factory concerts and take care of the artists who come to perform in Philadelphia. I'm also an actress and currently majoring in film. I actually will be in NYC working on a film for the next week but hope to hear from you soon.
PS: if you feel I am not what you are looking for I would love to help out on any shoots to learn something new.
hola :) i would love to work with you on the december christmas shoot. christmas time is my favorite and i think we could get some great quality photos. it would be awesome to work with you :)
Carlotta Beacon
Hello, I would love to work with you, I'm available on 11/16. I have a bubbly personality and I take direction very well. I do have experience in runway, I participated in various fashion shows. Looking forward to work with you.
Miss Chloe A Creepy
I'm always willing to come play. =P
Hi Kristine, I will definitely find you on Sunday to talk about this!
Thank You!!
I'm very interested in being a part of this! I'm an NYC based model and performer. I'm highly experienced (you may check my profile for list of projects/photographers I've worked with) and have also been a part of several burlesque and dance productions around the city. As such I do have lots of extra lingerie, like stockings, frilly panties, pasties, gloves etc etc.

I currently live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn but can travel pretty much anywhere - I also have a background in fine art so I really enjoy being involved in the creative process on a shoot whenever I can! Typically I do my own makeup for all of my shoots unless otherwise requested by the photographer...

I'd be interested in these GirdleBound shoots or any others you may be able to use me for. "
a cold betty
Honey I have to choose?!
Your port is amazing... I love the Wings [FAV!!!], the pool [pg1], and the vintage all white with flower [pg3]...
I would love to work with you... I sent you a message already. You could check out my myspace on my page. I've done mostly runway, I'm now branching out into print...

Hope you like my look!!!
I'd love to bring something different to your port!!!
tara e
Just reminding you we spoke :) thanks!

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