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About Me

My primary style and focus is fashion advertising and fashion editorial. I do other things like portrait editorial, portrait lifestyle, swimwear, fitness and non-fashion conceptualized shoots. Keep in mind I am also an Art Director of all my shoots unless otherwise mentioned.

Facebook: | All of my fashion work can be found on my website - - Instagram @chrisadval

=========== Please DO NOT Contact me if you are looking for me to hire you. When I am looking to hire a creative (like a model, MUA, etc.) I find that creative I think is best for my needs or I run a casting, that simple. I get it, if you need cash you need to knock on as many doors as humanly possible but I am telling you now I will not open that door.

=========== Setup a Shoot

I am available to travel the world. If you love my style and want to hire me for any professional quality work for your professional portfolio or agency use I am available for hire. If you are with an agency I highly recommend speak to your agent first for approval, but if you are an agent yourself please simply contact me for interest. Models, if interested also please simply message me here on ModelMayhem or facebook, call me, anything you feel comfortable with. Check my website for more details and more images. Instagram @chrisadval

===== What Do I Expect From You?

If we're working together I'd expect you have trust in me. I understand this is model mayhem and creeps and other jerks are here but if you want to get confirmation of my legitimacy please don't hesitate to contacting me and ask a million questions if necessary to ease your nerves or even better talk to any of the models I've worked with. My best form of communication is facebook and texting.


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  • Model
  • Female
  • New York, New York, United States

Worked together 1 times; Most recent: October 2016
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Credit Notes

*Worked more than once
[Models are numbered based on how recent I shot with them, 1 being older, the higher the number the sooner I last shot them.]

1) X1 - Friend
2) X2 - Friend
3) X3 - Friend
4) MM#: 2017364 - Yelena Anya (Chains)
5) MM#: 2011635 - AShley Lynn
6) MM#: 1967712 - Miss Shadow (On-Location/Kirby Park)
7) MM#: 2022786 - Stephanie Nieves
8) MM#: 1963275 - TreyC Caps
9) MM#: 1570815 - Rebecca Jayne
10) MM#: 2271648 - Lanie Rose
11) MM#: 2272629 - Jesse O'Malley
12) MM#: 1356446 - ILYA
13) MM#: 2154680 - Ash Amore
14) MM#: 2231057 - Heather Dink
15) MM#: 2343720 - Bradlee Munson*
16) MM#: 2158062 - Ashly Lynn (MUA Portfolio Photoshoot)
17) H. Love - Friend
18) MM#: 1175310 - Khimaira (-*-)
19) MM#: 2329589 - Onyx Sunkiss (-*-)
20) MM#: 1313347 - Amber Fortune (-*-)
21) MM#: 152466 - Candi Dahlia
22) MM#: 2423682 - Aya Stam
23) MM#: 1896871 - Deja Dee (-**-)
24) MM#: 2222245 - MissVoodoo (-***-)
25) MM#: 2516352 - Janine Gantz (-***-)
26) Stephanie B. (-***-)
27) Katelyn G. (-***-)
28) MM#: 2220068 - B Dollar B/Angelique
29) Chelsea
30) Valerie
31) MM#: 2554646 - Jill
32) MM#: 2510657 - Nikki Lynn
33) MM#: 1811888 - Emma Jane (Dieme) * (-****-)
34) MM#: 2439008 - Alexia Pik (-****-)
35) Asia ***
36) Jess N.
37) MM#: 2554210 - Tyrell P. Lee (Digital Days 2012 Philly)
38) MM#: 1784114 - Kevin Taylor (Digital Days 2012 Philly)
39) MM#: 2092799 - Toni Marie (Digital Days 2012 Philly)
40) Shannon Smith (Digital Days 2012 Philly)
41) Nina Falcone (Digital Days 2012 Philly)
42) MM#: 2646664 - Rebecca Vend ** (-*****-)
43) MM#: 2226921 - Alexandria Kohler (-*****-)
44) MM#: 2721215 - Jessii Young
45) Professional Wrestler Sienna DuVall
46) Alanna
47) MM#: 1220506 - Melanie Swank *
48) MM#: 1871658 - Shay Ash
49) Elura
50) MM#: 1890608 - Dora
51) MM#: 2825139 - Jamie Gemstone
52) MM#: 1819663 - Billy Hentz
53) Bianca
54) Quinten
55) Samantha
56) Himitsu Kirschtorte
57) MM#: 2673402 - Tre Hazel Heyday ***
58) Cami - Contest Winner
59) Kitty Lisamarie - Contest Winner
60) Kayla Hutzky
61) Eric S. *
62) Ashlyn Mae ***
63) Evie
64) Lizzette**
65) Madizon
66) Tiffany D.
67) Alexis Wrecks' us
68) Sarah Liz
69) Josh
70) MM#: 1396694 - Christian**
71) Courtney Nicole
72) Kitty B.
73) Donna
74) MM#: 3226243 - Natty J (NYC Shooting Nov. 2013)
75) MM#: 3154135 - Electrify (NYC Shooting Nov. 2013)
76) Kimberly J.
77) MM#: 2697692 - Sam Dauphin (NYC Shooting Dec. 2013)
78) MM#: 2500038 - Jacquelyn Lee Ann *
79) Kelly Marie
80) John Hacker
81) MM#: 2963534 - Heather Elaine (Posing Project 01) *
82) Krista
83) Violet
84) Heidi
85) Megan
86) Jocelyn ***
87) Kristen W.
88) Stephanie S.
89) MM#: 3157861 - dina111
90) MM#: 3461035 - shaun hardy
91) MM#: 3416126 - Alfredo Montez
92) MM#: 3290290 - Josie Grandstaff
93) MM#: 3529820 - Edward Gerard
94) MM#: 2488819 - Keith DiRienzo
95) Steve
96) Lisa
97) Todd
98) Tamara
99) Dutch
100) MM#: 2715549 Samantha Emberton
101) Gold Classic 2014 Winner Fitness Competitor Chelsea Keyaskov
102) Lynsey Noel
103) Kristina Oberto

(-*-) Philly's ALL DAY Street TF Shooting Event, apart of the TF 2012 Shooting Tour
(-**-) Harriburgs's ALL DAY Street TF Shooting Event, apart of the TF 2012 Shooting Tour
(-***-) Morgantown's ALL DAY TF Shooting Event, apart of the TF 2012 Shooting Tour
(-****-) Harrisburg's ALL DAY TF Shoot Event, apart of the TF 2012 Shooting Tour
(-*****-) East Stroudsburg's ALL DAY TF Shoot Event, apart of the TF 2012 Shooting Tour

Testimonial From MM#: 1967712 Miss Shadow: "I was pleased with my final results of our shoot, especially since it was your first time shooting outside. You seem educated about your equipment, so it was good we didn’t have to spend a lot of time while you changed settings. I didn’t experience any problems during the shoot with you specifically, so overall it was a good experience for both of us.” - June 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 1963275 TreyC Caps: "I was comfortable through the entire experience with Chris Adval Productions. Each outfit change and concept moved quickly and the photographer allowed me to try my own ideas as well as his own. We did both outside and studio sessions and both ran smoothly. The pre/post production products came out great and I have many that I am able to use for my portfolio. I would work with this photographer again." - July 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 2154680 - Ash Amore: "As a complete beginner, Chris was the first person I've every worked with (ever). He takes his craft very seriously and you can see the effort he puts into his work. I can absolutely say that the communication was very consistent and the photos came out beautifully. He was able to help me get my feet wet with what I may expect in the future, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. Also being able to be a part of post-production made me feel very included and I knew where the photos were going. I can say now that I expect the same level of communication, involvement, and quality in future shoots as I received when I first started out with my shoot with Chris." - August 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 1356446 - ILYA: "I liked working with Chris. Photos turned out great and the whole shoot went smooth." - August 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 2343720 - Bradlee Munson: "Chris Adval was one of the first professional photographers I worked with. The photos he took of me are simply amazing and have gotten me far in my modeling career. I have gotten gigs from being a cover model for website to having the honor of being part of
magazine photoshoots and much more. His work is outstanding and I would gladly work with him again." - September 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 152466 - Candi Dahlia: "The shoot went well. Chris Adval was easy to work with and many of the images I received were spectacular!" - December 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 2423682 - Aya Stam: "As a beginner with little experience, Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable on photography. He gave me great direction and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I had a great time and the results were amazing. Overall, it was a great opportunity to work with him." - December 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 1896871 - Deja Dee: "I usually get nervous shooting with new people for the first time but Chris Adval has a sense of humor making the shoot fun, creative and memorable." - Jan. 2012

Testimonial From Asia M.: "I enjoyed working with Chris Adval he was very professional. I recommend his services for others in the area. His work is amazing and I'm sure you will love working with him as well." March 2012

Testimonial From Val W.: "Working with Chris Adval was a great experience. As a fellow photographer and client his work is beautiful and shows promise to get better with every shoot he does. He is professional at what he does but does try to keep things comfortable. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with him and would personally recommend him to others." - March 2012

Testimonial From MM#: 2646664 Rebecca Vend: "I really enjoyed working with Chris and highly recommend him to other models looking to expand their portfolios and obtain some high quality portraiture. I appreciated that Chris has a clear and established process describing exactly how he works with models, spelling out expectations and outcomes on both sides. Having that written down provides you both with something to refer back to so you can be prepared. I also liked having the chance to touch base with him, though remote, via a skype call before our shoots. This gave us a chance to talk through what we were both interested in doing and what our limitations were.

I met Chris in a location he wasn’t familiar with, but I was pleased to see how excited he was to get creative and play with light in different ways. While shooting, he made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to bring my own ideas into the shoot while also providing parameters, setting up key locations for shooting, and giving me overall direction. His style is conversational and creative-on-the-fly, and his pace isn’t stressed or rushed, but we still came away with a huge amount of useable shots. I also thought it was fun to take really quick breaks to take a look at the shots on his camera.

Chris is professional, respectful and fun to work with. He definitely has a passion for beautiful model photography and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get a great photo!" - June 2012

Testimonial From MM#: 2226921 - Alexandria Kohler: "My first experience working with Chris Adval was a very good one. It was my first water shoot and it was a lot of fun. He was very professional and he made sure my safety came first which was very nice. He joked with me while at the same time getting down to work taking photos and talking me through poses. I felt very comfortable working with him and we communicated very well. He threw ideas out went along with mine as well. After the shoot we talked about how it went and what we liked and different styles for future shoots. I would definitely work with him again and his pictures came out great. I love the editing." - June 2012

Testimonial From MM#: 2721215 - Jessii Young: "Well I felt confident in my performance and confident in Chris Adval's execution as a photographer...Changing outdoors and sweating was not ideal, but I managed...Taking breaks is key...Chris never rushed me and allowed to to express my individuality. The beginning was a little rocky to get acclimated and what not but the end result was beautiful...I am proud to have worked with Chris Adval." - July 2012

Testimonial From Sienna DuVall, Professional Wrestler -
"I'm a simple girl who wants nothing more than simple things. But I am also a girl who wants to go to the next level. Going to the next level means to step up the game and that's what I did with Chris. Very professional and nice. I had an amazing shoot and these were honestly the best photos I have ever taken. Chris has helped me tremendously because I feel with these photos, I would be taken more seriously as a sexy female wrestler than ever before, more people saw my feminine side and the production was smooth because I and Chris had very good chemistry. A big plus Chris knows about the industry which helped the production go much smoother. If you want more, check him out!" ~SD - August 2012

Testimonial From Elura: "As a first time model, I really had no idea what I was getting myself in to or how to approach the idea of working with a photographer. I am so happy that my first experience was with Chris Adval. He was able to provide the professional guidance I needed, along with a very personable attitude that enabled me to relax and get the most out of my experience. He is a photographer who can deliver amazing quality and an exceptionally positive working environment. Lastly, his contract is easy to understand and a necessary feature used to alleviate any misunderstandings or copyright infringements. It protects the model, as well as Chris’s work." - August 2012

MUA & Hair Styles I've worked with
*More than once

Sharon TheStylist *
MM#: 2158062 - Ashly Lynn*
Angela Melnick
Ashley Novak (Glam On Demand)
MM# 3477228 - JasiFace

MM#: 3257120 - Khevyn Xacau Couture - Green Pine Dress


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