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Artist/Painter Male Palm Desert, California, US
Mayhem # 845157

About Me

Welcome!  I am Gene Phillips, aka "Grazi" (pronounced "gratzee"). "Thank you" for coming by my port!

Having had so much fun creating rather whimsical full size mermaids, fairies and the like, my new focus is to create serious thought- provoking pieces that speak of high emotion -  meaningful portrayals of injustice in the world, that can be "put into stone" so to speak, for the ages.
To accomplish this, I am looking for models that are willing to stretch the boundaries with me, in creating art that is unique, bold and emotionally charged. This will require using the human body to replicate real  historical events, that ring true to the injustice they embody.

Please let me know if you are interested in immortalizing yourself in these kinds of projects!

My Casting Calls will center on these main themes:

The Holocaust (Auschwitz)
Woman's Liberation
Drug Addiction
The Crucifixion (completed)

You, the model, are paid in advance at the start for your posing.  Depending on yht Theme, models will be asked if they would be willing to freely volunteer their modeling time, to be a part in the creation of a lasting tribute for the ages, and be paid a percentage of actual future sales.

For any other projects,
If you would like to buy the finished sculpture of you- your posing fee will be credited toward the actual cost of the artwork.
For example, if you are paid $200 for the session and the typical artwork actual cost is $700, you can buy the artwork of yourself for $500. Retail price is usually around $1500.

Besides your cost of posing , my costs to recreate you include:
several hours of prep work and mixing formulas to use for the project,
hiring an assistant and paying their travel,
my time to create the body mold during our session,
pouring detailing and finishing the artwork after you are gone,
and all the materials to create your bodymold and the finished piece.

xxxxxxxxxxx  LIFE SIZE CREATIONS MADE FROM YOUR BODY !xxxxxxxxxxxxx

My Art is unique in that I create works  that do not take up floor space but can be hung on a wall. I make impressions of models to create their exact features as a plaster, fiberglass or bronze sculpture.
I work in a casual atmosphere with the model - and work to create some wonderful and inspiring artwork with body definition and realistic skin detail.


Life Size Bodycast Sculpture of Kelsie Leigh   MM Model #659810

MM and Playboy Model Elizabeth Marx #1663877 recreated as a "Copper with Patina" Mermaid

    I can carve A SCULPTURE from your FAVORITE PHOTO (you would not necessarily have to be present)
I have an extensive gallery of Art for Sale.
"Serene Siren" -Life Size bodycast  Sculpture of  Niki Vice,  MM model,  recreated as a "Bronze" Mermaid

PLASTER BODYCASTING is the method I use to take an impression of your body pose and actually RECREATE YOU as a sculpture in detail and full size!
An exciting and unique experience. For models to see themselves as an immortal sculpture is very rewarding! The finished sculpture can remain white, or skin colored, or, I can give the sculpture a bronze finish and patina which makes the plaster/ fiberglass piece look like a real bronze statue.

Holding poses (called figure posing) is not the same as quick photo posing!
First timers may be skittish, as it is a completely nude process, requiring hands on application of materials to your skin in all areas where detail is to be replicated. The environment is calm and peaceful, there is a female assistant, me being the only male allowed.

The process is messy work, and your skin is covered with prepping and impression paste or plaster and all the materials needed to recreate your image. 
It is a a process that takes a good part of the day, so it is better not to book anything for that evening. You will be asked to hold only a couple poses for not more than 40 minutes each.
We introduce, you show proof you are 21, I explain the procedure in detail and we both sign the release. We decide on a pose, take some in-house -pictures for proportional reference, and then get started.
We prep your skin (and hair and face too, if we are recreating that), then you hold a pose (leaning or lying on an adjustable mat) as impression material is hand applied on you that picks up practically every detail of your skin. Then a plaster shell is applied over that. All in all, release creams, conditioners, plaster, clay, bandages, and bracing could be applied to you depending on the pose! Very messy process for sure!
After 35 to 50 minutes, we pull the whole thing off you. If time permits, we can do a small test cast as well.
You then shower in the studio bathroom.  I pour plaster or fiberglass into the newly created impression, and after drying a day, pull it all apart and...  there YOU are... in "statuesque" form! A lasting image for the ages! (The original impression material quickly deteriorates and cannot be saved or re-used.)
Then I finish detail it, and may "bronze" or paint it, or make additional copies.
Bring female chaperones but the male love of your life is welcome only at the start, not during the sessions.  Pregnant models must bring an escort.

Due to costs of time to prep, and premix materials, and prepaying an assistant for the day,
                             I truly need to HAVE MODELS SHOW UP.
After 3 car mechanical breakdown Cancellations on the same day, in the last 7 castings projects, please...DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION IS A MUST.

BodySculpture  Models-

Talena Corinne     MM# 1455488 San Diego         
Mariah Victoria-Rose MM# 524059  Temecula       
Nikki Vice            MM# 1756996 San Bernardino   
Lacheln               MM#671776   Phoenix             
* Model Elizabeth Marx MM#1663877 Houston
Joylyn              MM# 151363 Los Angeles         
Frances Ber       MM#1683947 San Diego           
Louise Mc Cartney MM# 1277598 Anaheim         
Kristine Adams (PREGNANT casting)  MM# 795512     
*Model Liz Ashley MM#26159 Houston         
Devin Marie       MM# 507746  San Diego             
PREGNANT Katy May MM#1917389 Yucca Valey     
* Model Jessi June MM#1430220             
Sarah Jain         MM#900278 Los Angeles                       
* 3 Playboy models - only to show the importance of having a good shape,
"Wade"- International Calvin Klein Model
Randy Caserta, model for "Crucifixion" cast

My Philosophy:
I sculpt models in poses that intrigue me with ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCE.
When I sculpt, I am drawn to the mythological, the whimsical and the historical. I want to convey strong emotion in the piece. Does it capture the allusive human mystique? Is power captured  in the flowing curves of  natural beauty - to transcend mere  attraction- to  "awe" inspiring?

The essence of my work is trying to achieve only a true reflection of what a human being  already has - and that is... God given natural, beautiful curves-

Artwork in my port is intended to display my developing talents and not necessarily for selling.   
I study your pictures as my visual instruction material and creative advancement, for which I am immensely grateful! I will not sculpt a picture of yours nor publish my creations of you without your permission.

Are we using our Special , unique and wonderful talents to enrich and promote a better World for our children to inherit?

The exhilaration of the heights of success are finally realized only after they come from determination and the perseverance through failure upon failure upon failure.

True Wealth is measured by Emotional Health

Don't do it... unless you give it your all

It is Not Fair to judge a person... based only on his Last season.

No kind deed is ever done in vain

I may be one person in this world - But I can be the world for at least one person.

It is a wonderful world, when others genuinely care

One of my Favorite Stories:
Two men were walking on the shore conversing, and noticed all the thousands of starfish that had washed up on the beach that were dying. As they talked, one man bent down and picked one up and tossed it into the ocean. They walked a little further and he did it again. The other man said "why do you bother to pick up one and throw it back? There are hundreds of them- whats the use, what does it matter" the other man replied "its no big deal to me, but it matters THE WORLD to them!"   

We all matter. Even if there are millions of us on this planet, we all cry and bleed the same. And we all deserve eachother's respect and kindness- we are all in this soup called living- why not make it the best we can for everyone?


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Credit Notes

I live in the California desert, I have 25+ years of ceramic and plaster art experience. I have worked with body and face castings now during the last 12 years.
For fun, I am also a rock and roll drummer, having played in countless bands for also 20+ years, and I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering that just hangs on the wall! I am Academy of Life Casting certified and a fairly accomplished ceramicist, basically smart enough to work with you on my earnest projects!. smile
I had a Gallery on prestigious El Paseo (Gems and Treasures) and presently have about 20 works of art hanging in several galleries in town and up in the mountains of Idyllwild. I have won a few ceramic competitions from my sculptures and my unique process of glaze techniques! 

My "claim to fame" is that I have two of my 16 inch mermaid sculptures  in the home of MICHAEL GODARD, the Most Popular and Best Selling artist- painter in the world today! And I had one of my pieces come in the back door of the NY Metropolitan Art Museum! Hey hey! but not one to boast! It's the story of my life- not quite as bright as some, - but with hard work, and a little luck- I can see the light! lol._____________________________________________________________

Mosh Model #219654
SCULPTURE FROM PHOTO by Michael Woodward #128
Emily Addison Model #240590
SCULPTURE FROM PHOTO by Anthony Guerra #610863
Liz Ashley Model #26159:
SCULPTURE FROM PHOTO by VisualVenturi #497084
Katie Damron Model #807449
Melissa Trout Model #752466
SCULPTURE FROM PHOTO by Michael P. Randazzo
Kess M Model #     

Andrea Yeager     Model #1478970*
Incendiary Angel   Model#326805
Nikki Vice             Model# 1756996
xElizabeth Marksx  Model# 1663877

Jodi James MM# 507013
Jillian Wilkerson
Kristine Adams MM# 795512 
Katy May MM#1917389

too numerous to mention! but see my latest schedule!

Special thanks to:
Faye Davis
Kelsie Leigh Model #659810
Annelise Marie Model #1303139
Miss Stefanie Marie Model #874944
Faye Davis*
Chambria Morrell*
Katherine Kay
Cindy Romano Modeling and Talent agency 

CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS responsible for  "molding" my talents!

Aryna Ryan, Creativity Instructor, mentor
Arnold Capitanelli, Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Playwright
David E Parvin MM #1141218 ALI, Master Sculptor, Teacher, Mentor
Mike Neal, and Faye Davis - Singers, Songwriters, Artists, Actor, Playwright
Ned Reidy, Spiritualist, priest, mentor and friend
Email me at for list of phone numbers or drop me a line.

Thai Spa and Gallery, Palm Desert CA. Grazi Gallery, Palm Desert CA.
P.S. Wine and Art,  Palm Springs CA.
Gems and Treasures, EL PASEO Palm Desert CA.
De Luca Jewelers and Fine Art, EL PASEO Palm Desert
Gerry High Gallery, Cathedral City CA.
Dore's Art Garden and Metals Gallery, Mountain Center CA.
Angel and Nature Expressions, Idyllwild CA.
Artspresso, Idyllwild
Naked Noodle Italian Restaurant, Indio CA.
College of the Desert Street Fair , Palm Desert
Palm Desert City Hall Artists Showcase
Soroptimist Club, Palm Springs
Desert Art Center, Palm Springs
Home Show, Palm Springs
Coachella Valley Arts Alliance
Kaleidoscope, Rancho Mirage, CA.
Palm Springs Art Center
AAA Home Care, Rancho Mirage
Riverside County Fair, Indio CA 14 awards and one Best of Show


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