So you’re working on building your book and resume as an aspiring model when you get a call from an event coordinator. They want you to walk for an upcoming show – hair, makeup, designer clothes, the works but there’s just ONE little catch.

So you’ve been hired to work with a bodypaint artist, but you are wondering… how should I prepare? What should I expect? What should I bring?

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Making money freelance modeling can seem vague, confusing, and overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it. This article is intended to be a clear point zero for aspiring professional freelancers to build from

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For models just starting out, working for trade is very important. However I want to stress the importance of trade shoots that even the most experienced model can benefit from

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Longevity: in the fashion world, it’s a rare occurrence. There are but a few names that have withstood more than a single season

Okay, so you are all waiting with bated breath for me to weigh in on this heavy trade, tfp, tfcd, pay, conundrum. If you are a model/actor/photographer then you know all shoots fall into two categories: paid and unpaid.