Model Mayhem’s August 2016 cover model is Marissa Centrella

Kasia Rain is a motivational fitness and lifestyle coach and author. She developed the FOGA Fitness method and The Model Body Workout. Her book series, Healthy & Simple with Kasia Rain, is a guide to nutrition guide for people making the transition to staying fit and healthy. We talked to Kasia recently about her own battle […]

Model Mayhem’s July 2016 cover model is Liz Ashley

Model Mayhem’s June 2016 cover model is Nathalia Rhodes

Eleanor Rose talks about the intricacies of getting published as a model and lays out the steps you can follow to get yourself in magazines

Jill Billingsley talks about some of the challenges models face

Model Mayhem’s May 2016 cover model is Caroline Summers

As a model in any genre you will have limits and you will have to to learn to set, enforce, and perhaps adjust those modeling limits

Preparing for a photo shoot is a key part of the job of a model, and good preparation is always best done in advance and not at the last minute

This guide will help you through the process of reviewing a photographer’s portfolio and deciding whether you wish to shoot with them based on what you see