The beauty dish has long been the primary modifier in the glamour photography industry. The light that this vital modifier creates is a mixture between a softbox and a parabolic reflector, though it does sit much closer to harsh light on the spectrum

The core of this lighting technique is diffused lighting and it’s most commonly seen outside on very overcast days. But, there’s a simple and affordable way to create this incredibly soft and flattering lighting without spending a fortune or being tied to a single location

As with any other job, we get paid for our time—but not just the time behind the camera. Truth be told, that’s only a third or so of what we put into a shoot.

For those of you who don’t know, cyc is short for cyclorama. They are in most professional studios and have replaced the seamless paper almost entirely. Why? Because with a cyc, you have complete control over your background. A cyc is where the corners and seams are not visible. Cycs normally cover two sides of the [...]

Model Mayhem’s November 2014 cover photo features Organic Portraits by John F. Cooper

From the beginning, the intent of John F. Cooper’s Organic Portraits project was to create a series of timeless and fundamentally beautiful images that would create awareness for—and help preserve—the world’s rainforests

In this article, Sean Armenta demonstrates one way to achieve a high key scenario using two lights and some reflection

In part four of Dan Hostettler’s glamour lighting tutorial series he talks about how to create the perfect cover shot

This series is part of a fashion editorial shot from morning to sunset. It was a 12-13 hour location shoot, using the sun as a primary light source. I had my camera, a 50mm lens, and a fabulous team

There will be some agencies that really like you and your work and will want to help you, while others may not show that much interest