Here’s a list of Karin Elgai’s favorite items to style with, the wardrobe gifts that keep on giving, when you don’t have a full team to shoot with

In contrast to the previous clamshell lighting tutorial, this setup uses a light-design where you and your model’s area for movements is much wider

One crucial part to creating a great image is choosing the right lens for the job. A lot of the choice can be based on preference, but there are a few things to consider when choosing a lens for the shot you’re doing

Marius Troy, the founder of online fashion magazine Ben Trovato, has reviewed thousands of emails and submissions from photographers. In this article, he discusses the common mistakes made that lead to being rejected

GW Burns is a glamour and fitness photographer based in Sarasota, FL. His powerful imagery often combines an exotic location with a beautiful model and the stylish influence of his art background

Some of you are eager to go and want to start off with a bunch of lights. But I believe this to be an area where less is generally more. So try starting out with just one main light

This is the first in a series of excerpts from ESSENTIALS: Studio Lighting for Nude Photography, by Dan Hostettler

The new Nikon D810 boasts at 36.3-megapixel full-frame FX-format CMOS image sensor with a 7360 x 4912 resolution and no optical low pass filter

Model Mayhem’s June 2014 cover photo features Kelli Kickham

August Bradley is photographer, cinematographer, director, producer and creative director. He creates distinctive portraits, conceptual images, TV commercials, music videos and short films for major brands and publications