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About Me

Hi.....I am Erin and This has been a dream for years and years and I believe that it is only a matter of time before I reach my goals!!!!!
    I have come to a time in my life when i can be me, and do what i want to do, to make my mind be known and free.  I think the stories a picture tells can be so much imagination spread thru the world.........thru you eyes and mine!

Just a note ~ I am also a liescensed cosmetologist and have infact done ALL of my own hair (colors and styles) and 99% of All make-up in All of my Photos!

ideas of shoots i have not done yet i will have to add and take off this list as i think of them or get that story captured........

    I want to do some kind of shoot that has my old t shirts or sweaters or whatever clothes i have kept all these years for memories that they hold.....tell the story in the picture (or act like ) the person that gave it to me, or if it is an old uniform from beauty school, my prom dresses, or my letter jacket from high school, mostly alot of silly t shirts.

  A bunch of Wrist WATCHES and Punky Brewster styled clothes and colors

   Always thought i need water shots in gowns or pretty flowwy stuff

   Want to be body painted or beadazzled and maybe do some kind of cameleon look/set

     Some sets of different renditions of hear no evil, see no evil, hear no evil

A set with me and my beat up hoody with my ex's ring on the wrong finger and my chained chastity belt and panities on, compleeeeeetly destroying my collection of toys collected durring our past relationship, laughing all the way...... because it made me the woman i am way to say thank you artisticly...

    Love love love mirrors and glass work

   How cool  would it be to do a set with thoes plastic ball pit balls....and then like incorporate it a bunch of pics after that to tie it all together

    Still need pin up, want to have it but realy dont have the clothes

And last but not least i want to be creative and if you have ideas let me know and we can brain storm something cool.....
...... and if you have clothes and any add on's i am down to sport them, and please be ready to give me an idea of what all you need me to bring too!

        THANKS TO ALL THE GREAT PEOPLE I HAVE MET AND WORKED WITH FROM MM......And i look forward to more to come!

This is card #5, and is in a way - the male counterpart to the card The High Priestess. This is basically the High Priest... and in my world, a woman can be priest.
She is the spiritual leader, the giver of light and encouragement. She has answers and advice and gifts. She can make the complex seem simple, and turn panic into ease.
She does not judge... she knows. Traditionally placed between two pillars (probably Jachin and Boaz), and oft surrounded by the cardinal rulers - The Man, The Eagle, The Bull, and The Lion... there is often a predominance of the bull energy. She sometimes has children clinging to her cloak, or a pair of beasts... not so much pets, more like acolytes.  Above her to the left and right are Thoth - the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge, among many things... and Hermes Trismegistus - a Greek legendary figure of suspiciously similar attributes. There is power involved with being the holder of knowledge, and the symbolism of the bull and the forceful part of Taurus energy indicates that this power has perhaps soured. There is something a little sinister about this card, and the mysteries it holds are not always pleasant ones. Some cards incorporate elephants into the throne, or around it, so you are placed here on the throne of Ganesh - the Indian elephant headed god... who happens to be worshipped by bull headed servants.
The text behind the flames is from a 4,000 year old hidden text that has been removed from the Torah, containing controversial descriptions of the 'Gods' preparing to build a space vehicle. And behind your throne is the wheel of the zodiac - representing the entire universe, and its mathematical order.


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Credit Notes

Here is a shout out to all the photographers in my past (TODD HARMON) and i thank you for all the help you have given me.....And here is to all the great work...

Todd Harmon Photography ~ mm# 661253

Robert Christopher ~ mm# 15776

D. Robert Park ~ light Craft Studio ~ mm# 595332

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Mark Miller ~  mm# 720204

Gabriel Choy ~ Gobo Photography ~ Black Mist Bikini Bash 2009 ~ 2011 Seattle Fashion Weekly

Mike Luong Photography ~ mm# 586528

Contessa Black ~ mm# 424053 Original Black Mist MAMMA TESSA , SHE IS WHY I OWN THIS NAME KARMA, i am just tryin to keep the KARMA good!!!!!

Russ Warrick ~ Ten Ball Photo ~ mm# 552463~Black Mist Bikini Bash 2009~2011 co-owner Rob Alfather Black Mist Bunny Bash

~Margot Leonard and~
~Roy Mitchell Harper~ Penman Imagery Black Mist bikini bash 2009~Black Mist Haunted Shoot 2010~Black Mist Bunny Bash 2011 WINNER mm#620234

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Darren ~ Fox Island Models

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Nyk Fury~ mm #1440919~ lycanthropes II event May 2011

Randolph Pollett~ lycanthropes II event May 2011

Robert Davidson~mm#736966~ sept 2011

MODELS i have worked with and/or shot with

Model ~ Sir Mark Bruback mm# 1076890 ~ Black Mist, Bikini Bash 2009/Haunted Shoot 2010/ Bunny Bash 2011

Model ~Rebel~Kristy Jessica Harmer mm#779356 ~Black Mist Bikini Bash 2009/Black Mist Haunted Shoot 2010/Black Mist Bunny Bash 2011 WINNER

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Model ~Zoe Belle~Black Mist Haunted Shoot 2010 WINNER

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Model ~ Faun Nelson Birch~ Black Mist Haunted shoot 2010

Model ~ Bernard R Butler Jr. ~ Black Mist Haunted shoot 2010 WINNER/ Black Mist Bunny Bash 2011

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Model ~Cassandra Dietman~ Black Mist Haunted shoot 2010

Model ~Aly Hellcat~ Black Mist Haunted shoot 2010

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Model ~Persephone lllyri~ Black Mist, bikini bash 2009/ Bunny Bash 2011

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Model ~Clint Crabtree (my brother)~ Black Mist Bunny Bash 2011~ MM #2176635

Model~2011top 40 KISW rock girls~ Carmen Gardner~mm #1202546

Model~Kristen Walker ~2009 top 40 KISW rock girls


contact info:

Thank You to All and To All a Goodnight!!!! wink



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