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Phoenix E

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one of the only things that i would really like to do for a shoot and yet have not done is full body paint.........something beautiful and artistic, a painting with my body as the canvas....i'm not even sure how to go about finding someone with experience in this......any suggestions? nominations? recommendations?

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American Glamour

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We've done a number of projects with body paint for clients.  It is being done often.

You've already asked online.  I suspect that you will get some answers.  What you need to do is to find a make-up artist in Oregon that does body paint and then find someone to shoot you.

I can't do much for you because we are so far apart, but I agree with you, there can be interesting results.

Good luck to you.


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Road trip a little South and make offerings to Rich.

or ask MUAs in your own area? Put a notice in the Casting Call section?

My first body paint was my lady (at the time) smearing some gold body paint on a client. It was her first time and it came out O.K. but only elaborate with the help of Photoshop. It you want it elaborate, you need a pro.

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never done body paint yet. sounds cool though.

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Phoenix E

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megafunk wrote:
Road trip a little South and make offerings to Rich.

thanx smile
his work is amazing

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bijan studio

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I did one last week. It's in my port.

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guide forum

Makeup Artist


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I was also going to mention Rich, he is very good.  Not many artists can do this kind of work, it's not easy.  I wouldn't touch a body painting, my attention span is too short and I'm short on patience and this kind of talent.  Whatever people like Rich charge, it isnt enough smile

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Lost Coast Photo

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There's a guy near here, in Blue Lake, CA who does full body airbrush work and I don't think he's on any of the photo sites.  I'll mention it to him, since this seems to be in demand.  But there's got to be someone closer to you?

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Body Painter

BodyPainter Rich

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One more try at posting...

Thank you to Megafunk, the early heads up is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Mary. The esteem of a profesional of your caliber is especially valued by this self taught artist. It is easy to impress those who don't get what it takes...impressing those in the know is much harder, and felt more keenly.

Phoenix has mailed me already, but thought I'd put my $.02 in.

For models looking for painters...
make sure they use MAKEUP NOT PAINT
make sure they are insured for liability...your skin is your livelihood
make sure they have references

and most of all...

make sure they don't talk you into a "cool" handprint design!!!!!!


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