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Stonekey Photography

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I have done a lot of figure modeling.  Being naked is the easy part.  holding a pose for 4 hours is the hard part lol....

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Lady Bronze

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Where are you now?

ward wrote:

Oh nooooooo. Now you tell me. sad

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Jordan K

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Fotticelli wrote:

It doesn't make any difference to me whether a person has clothes on or not. I'm a bit nervous at first that the person may not feel comfortable but in a few minutes it just doesn't matter.

It's still the same person. Nude or with the clothes on.

yea, true... but I was more nervouse when I was posing with another model. she was nice enough to understand I'd never done anythign like that and before the shoot we got together a few times and "practice posed" in order to be more comfortable on the shoot. we're great friends now.

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terminated user

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Hamza wrote:

Now that's the silliest thing I have ever heard!

So with the above logic, I should try giving a blowjob, for perspective...?

Just because the Photographer poses nude for someone doesn't mean he will handle the situation on the other end any better.  It won't mean he will be able to know how a model will feel, the only thing he will know is how HE feels...  What makes the Photographer comfortable or uncomfortable is going to be different than the model, specially if they are of a different sex.

Do you pose in a Bikini if you shoot girls in Bikini's? 

Naked or clothed, the model is the product, if you can't see it like that maybe you need to find another job...

Sorry you have such a narrow view, but in light of most of your responses to things, I shouldn't have expected any less....

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WI Lifecaster

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Great Miss Qthulu wrote:
...I love being nude for a camera.
Yet, of course, most of mine are self portraits, as that is what I'm known for.

But damn, if I could model nude for someone else, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

"Raises hand to volunteer"

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Dances with Wolves

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CafeAulait wrote:
depends.its weird when its with someone you havent slept with.


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Dan B

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There's a moment of "Dude, I'm taking my clothes off" and after that I just stop thinking about it, honestly. I've actually forgotten I was nude before.

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Ben McPhee wrote:
I had an interesting experience the other day, and I just wanted to explain how it came to be. But if you don't feel like reading, just skip to somewhere around the bottom. smile

A model I had organised for a shoot backed out at the last minute, leaving me high and dry for an assignment I had due in a few days time.

While it didn't specifically call for nudity, I wanted to explore it because the assignment was to do with Black and White Printing on Fine Art paper, with fine grained film, and skin seemed to suit it.

I was telling a good friend of mine from my course the situation - more just venting than anything - and she volunteered to stand in. I was careful to explain to her that my original ideas involved some level of tasteful nudity, but that they could be adapted to levels she was more comfortable with, but she felt like it was something she was curious about, and agreed to just go with the original plan.

I'd taken nudes before, but every other time, the girl had some expereience or was very open minded, and I was usually way more nervous than they were. smile But this time, the model was a good friend, who had never posed nude before.

It started off slowly, with her in a robe and my back turned until she was in place. When she was ready, I turned around, and it was then that I first saw her boobs, and I have to admit it gave me a bit of a rush - not in a sexual way - but in an "I can't believe this is happening" way. Maybe it was because she was a friend, and it satisfied some curiousity I may have had about what she was like under the clothes, or maybe I'm just a typical guy. smile But I hid my amazement as best I could and got to work.

At one stage - before I'd even really seen more than boobs, I tried to direct her to pose a certain way while she held a piece of fabric in front of her. It wasn't quite working the way I'd planned, and I couldn't find the words to describe to her how I wanted her to hold it, but I was too scared to physically approach since she was naked, you know? smile After a minute or so, she just dropped the fabric and let me see her in her entirety. Jokingly frustrated she said, "Is this what you want"? We both laughed nervously, but from that moment on, things got a lot more comfortable, and the shots improved beyond believe.

But it occured to me during the shoot, that it must be so odd to take your clothes off and be photographed. But I wasn't really sure what feeling would stand out the most.... Fear, Insecurity, Excitement, Freedom or all of the above?

So my questions is, how does it feel to pose nude - especially when you are new at it? And is it better or worse to know the photographer well first?

I'd love to hear some feedback. smile


Ben, it feels fucking great!  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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Kelli wrote:
Nudity is not a big deal, unless someone makes a big deal out of it and then I don't want to work with them cuz they're obviously a pervert not interested in actually working!

I agree with you hun,!!! Very true!

I love to pose nude as long as there is no BIG deal made and is done tastefully x x x

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I've only modelled twice, I'm hardly serious about this, but both times were completely naked. The advantage, or I guess it helped was that I was doing artistic nude body shapes alongside my model wife. So she helped.
I didn't feel nervous, but 'evidently' I was. Then again, I'd never spent so much time naked in front of another man.
If it was supposed to be sexually exciting, it wasn't. Kinda' boring actually and at times very uncomfortable in the sense of having to hold awkward poses a long time or support my wifes weight additionally for extended periods of time.
A woman naked is a woman naked, maybe her nipples change shape. For a man though there's one obvious thing that changes and if it shrinks then that's embarrassing for a fella AND I DID SHRINK! But i wasn't actually too embarrassed, although my wife found it amusing. That's just the male ego thing though I guess.
If you want a really pleasurable naked expereince - the beach, when it's hot.
Damn, I sound like a naturist or something, but I'm not.
Trying nudity in front of others for yourself is the only way to get the perfect answer, as it's all subjective anyway.

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