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Created as a resource to read and to link to.
To help.
Please keep it clean and none repetitive.


list of wardrobe stylist, fashion stylist threads

Will add more later to this space.

You can find more lists at
The list of lists. answers already answered

If you are looking for the makeup FAQ
make-up faq's

Body Painting and Hair FAQ to come soon.

Group Threads

HMS group only, list of those willing to assist
Being updated with The LIST at the top.

The Golden Brush Awards: Theme-80's!!!!!!!!!!!!

list of body paint / bodypaint threads

Are you a makeup artist, hair stylist, or stylist and want a critique?
Then post in the critique section but you can post a link to the critique section in the thread below.

Links to critique section for Stylists. Read first

EVENTS for (not a thread to list castings,  a thread for events that the stylist group would enjoy or meet at.)

The stylist section free advice thread (a place for all to post advice about the issues of makeup artists, hair stylists, stylists)

Portfolio questions
Portfolio questions.  Where to buy?  What size?  What size prints?  etc

Portfolio sizes

Testing and TFP questions

What is the norm for working with a stylist?

A question for stylists / MUA's re TFP

styist question
At What point do we STOP the TFCD's/TFP's?

"Spec shoots" vs TFP/CD (mostly photographers discussing in the model section)

Please explain "tfp/tfcd" Versus "spec"... (stylist groups view mostly)

Dumb question? test vs. tfp (stylist group question)

Difference between TEST and TFP/CD shoots?

Tear Sheets Are Not Pay: This Needs To Be Clear.

For photographers who want to learn makeup and styling for emergencies or just for a quick shoot.
Learning about makeup, styling (good answers so far from photographers in the photography section)

Another great resource thread started by Envy

Where to buy clothing / shoes / accessories thread

And linked in that thread.
Where to buy sexy outfits/swimsutis for photos?


Thrift Stores in So Cal

The search for where to find … mit=Search

where to find wings

Body Glue...Where To Find , Brand or Name?

Props - Where to Find

from that thread.

SayCheeZ! wrote:
This company specializes in selling props, and has a larger inventory than I've seen practically anywhere else!

Where to find commercial photographer's directory

Where to find vintage clothes?

where to meet NY designers? (more discussion of what is couture)

Fetish Model clothing


list of body paint / bodypaint threads


The topics of releases, copyrights, and rights is a contentious one.
Finding agreement is hard.   

The list of release threads, samples, questions.


List of copyright arguements and discussions

From those lists.
And one given by Alan often on releases.
A good place to start.
Model Releases

With a short discussion of the site on MM

MUAs, Stylists - do they sign a release as well?

A Release For "Us" Stylist (what is wanted,  ethical, and how to go about it)

MUAs, Stylists - do they sign a release as well?

Release forms??

Copyright Makeup, redux
Which links to

The MUA's stake in image and likeness rights

Contracts for MUA's

What rights does a designer have to images?

Wardrobe Stylists Requesting RAW Files

Should Hairstyles be Copyrighted ?
Added 4-23-07
Total Rip Off..

And related thread
MUA getting bashed in this thread


The list of release threads, samples, questions.

make-up artists/hair stylists and release forms

who owns copyright? (if someone else presses the button)

Copyright of images, MUAs, and photographers


list of tax threads and discussions.


list of ethical question threads/dilemas

Unethical ways of getting great clothes (a good conversation on returning clothes)

returning clothes? (ethic of returning clothes-stylist section)
Continuation of the above thread.

Buying outfits for shoots


Portfolio questions.  Where to buy?  What size?  What size prints?  etc

Portfolio sizes


Two more lists posted at the same time.  Most are directed towards models or photographers but the logic will translate.  Rachelrose listed some threads above.  Check those first but here are the lists on charging.

MODEL RATES-- questions answered here.

By Josie.

list of What to charge? what do you charge
By myself.

From that thread

Stylist group.  makeup artists, hair stylists, stylists(wardrobe, fashion, clothing, prop)

what to charge when traveling with a model (Makeup artist asking)

When just starting out how much should you charge? (stylist asking)

How you charge (photographer asking makeup artists.)


list of agenc /agency/ agent thread list.

Agent (stylist)

Advice from that short thread so far from Narvell.

Crystal Wright's 'The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide'.  It has a lot of great information on agencies.


I will add more as I see them that relate to this section.

Total Rip Off..

And related thread
MUA getting bashed in this thread

Need to update more.

Question about showrooms.....

Information on how to measure your body.

Josie Nutter wrote:
This is what I send people who get suspended for blaringly incorrect measurements:


Josie is cool.


Josie Nutter wrote:
One of these may help: … easure.pdf … ments.html



theda wrote:
Suit/Dress: Women's sizes are insane and vary greatly. There is no stanardized sizing. Men's suits are sized by chest circumferance (example 40) and sleeve length (short, regular or long). I don't know the numbers for dertmining that bit, though.

Shirt/Blouse:  For men, it's by neck size. For women, it's anybody's guess.

Neck: Measure around your neck.

Sleeve: See above with the I dunno

Pants:  For menswear (and some women's pants), it's inches around waist and legnth of inseam (crotch to floor).

Inseam: Crotch to floor. Inches.

Bust: This one is fun. For bust size, measure around the fullest part of the bust. To determine bra size, measure directly below the breast and add 5 inches for the band size.  Cup size is determined by subtracting the underbust measurement from the measurement around the fullest part of the bust OR measuring under the armpits and sutracting the number from the fullest part of the bust measurement.

Waist: smallest point of the torso

Hips: widest point around the tush

Hat: I know you measure the circumference of the head and divide by something freaky, but I forget the formula.

You left out shoe size and glove size.

Search for measure on MM

Search for measurements

one thread
how to measure

Working on this currently
Sorry if it is a bit messy.
Will clean it up.

Need to update.
Here is a start.

Can you be a Fashion designer and not know how to draw?

Post Here: Civilians with hair/make-up questions

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