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Makeup Artist

Brittany Young MUA

Posts: 77

Atlanta, Georgia, US

I would love to assist another makeup artist!
I am in the Atlanta area and willing to travel around Georgia.
Unpaid is fine, I'm working for experience and some education.

[email protected]

Dec 11 12 05:15 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Cynna Stylz MUA

Posts: 217

New York, New York, US

My name is Cyn.
My makeup application style is natural. The looks I can create are clean, smokey and glam. I am freelancing and I continue to perfect my skill daily.
I would like to work with a PRO MUA in NYC to assist and learn.
I can also be useful and helpful as an assistant to another Pro MUA. I am willing to assist in weddings for the learning experience.
You can reach me at [email protected]


Dec 13 12 02:02 pm Link

Hair Stylist

Belkys Hair and Makeup

Posts: 1

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Id Love to assist with makeup and hair in Massachusetts area preferably paid but can be non paid if right artist!

Dec 13 12 03:59 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Averi Lee

Posts: 3

Milford, Connecticut, US

I am seeking to assist! I live in Connecticut but (happily) willing to travel to NYC!

Jan 05 13 07:06 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Leslie F Makeup

Posts: 11

Huntington Beach, California, US

I am seeking to assist experienced Makeup artist in LA or OC.
[email protected]

Jan 14 13 01:44 pm Link

Makeup Artist

ShannonJennings MUA

Posts: 127

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I would love to assist experienced artists on the Gold Cost or possibly Brisbane.
[email protected]

Jan 14 13 03:49 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 60

Chicago, Illinois, US

I'd love to assist paid or unpaid!

Jan 15 13 12:51 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Eve Bills

Posts: 16

New York, New York, US

I am located in NY and will travel within the 5 boroughs. I would love to assist another makeup artist. I have an open schedule and will gladly assist in SFX and beauty! Please message me for my email if interested.

Jan 15 13 03:01 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Madelynn Austin

Posts: 10

Chicago, Illinois, US

I am seeking to assist. I pride myself on efficiency and fast learning, and would love any part of a project with an experienced key MUA. Paid or unpaid. I'm experienced in beauty, and am detail oriented. I am willing to travel throughout Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Thank you!

Jan 17 13 09:03 am Link

Makeup Artist

Kayleen Viaud

Posts: 8

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I'd love to assist a makeup artist in the montreal quebec area smile
You can reach me via message on here or by email, [email protected]

Jan 17 13 05:31 pm Link

Makeup Artist

miko wu

Posts: 1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I would love to assist! Available in Vancouver area. Open to paid and unpaid opportunities!

Jan 18 13 10:44 am Link



Posts: 5187

Tampa, Florida, US

Tampa, Fl
paid assignments only
extensive experience as a set assistant for muas, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, etc.

Jan 18 13 02:41 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 1

Honolulu, Hawaii, US

Im wanting to assist an established makeup artist  in the Honolulu hawaii area

Jan 22 13 10:13 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Danielle Verde

Posts: 122

San Diego, California, US

Would love to assist in the San Diego area paid or unpaid

Danielle Verde
[email protected]

Jan 23 13 08:29 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I would love to assist in the Ottawa, ON area. I want to learn as much as possible! Weddings, film, television (although I don't think there is not much of that here) .
I would love to offer my services unpaid in exchange for the valuable experience!

thank you!
[email protected]

Jan 25 13 06:22 am Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 2

Boston, Massachusetts, US

I am very interested in assisting a professional Make Up-Artist or Hairstylist in exchange for some awesome industry experience! I am licensed and have experience in the salon world, but I want to expand my knowledge and skills!

I can work anywhere within the Bay Area!

Feb 10 13 11:35 am Link

Makeup Artist

Anna Baxter

Posts: 1

London, England, United Kingdom

I'm willing to assist make-up wise, paid or unpaid.
Based in the UK, in the North-West, but happy to travel!

[email protected]

Feb 11 13 08:32 am Link

Makeup Artist

Jessie Gomez

Posts: 4

Saint Louis, Missouri, US

I would love to assist in the St. Louis area as a makeup artist, traditional or airbrush.  Want to soak up as much information as I can!

Feb 12 13 01:01 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Viola Makeup Artist

Posts: 1

New York, New York, US

I would love to assist established mua's, I do makeup, hair, special FX, nail art.

Feb 17 13 05:05 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist Cat

Posts: 5

Long Beach, California, US

I would be honored to assist an experienced MUA.  I am a MUA in training and I am hungry for paid or unpaid (depending on project) work.  Cheers!


Feb 22 13 06:57 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Liza Mooney MUA

Posts: 13

Halifax, England, United Kingdom

Would love to assist.

Liza Mooney

Leeds, UK

Feb 23 13 02:30 am Link

Makeup Artist

Nereida Padilla MUA

Posts: 19

Tampa, Florida, US

I would love to assist experienced artist-Paid or unpaid.

Located in Tampa FL.

[email protected]

Feb 24 13 07:15 am Link

Makeup Artist

Adina Pintilie

Posts: 18

Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey, US

I am willing to assist a top Make-up Artist in NYC area.
A few things to know about me:
I am well educated overall with plenty common sense in my bag, I know the What/What Not's to do/say/ask, I am aware of the rules that a MUA should apply in his/her professional environment, I work in sanitary conditions, I have a basic training in Photography as well as PhotoShop that allows me to understand better the work of the other artists I work with, aside a Make-up training and over 3 years of experience, I am perfectionist, I practice the light theory in every look that I create and I have a big passion for my job as well as hunger to learn more. I am not lazy and I do sacrifices for things I love such as my job. No need to say that I will always be in time.
I am willing to hand over brushes, clean tools, bring coffee but I am very eager to watch, observe and apply make-up as my mentor will allow/want me to do so.

Gossip was never my thing. I sometime practice it so that the other people doesn't feel offended or/and so I don't look like an arrogant person.

I am not the best MUA out there, but I am sure I can be the best assistant.

Thank you for the time taken to read my post.

Feb 26 13 02:14 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Marina Boichuk

Posts: 17

Seattle, Washington, US

I would like to assist experienced MUA in Seattle area. Paid preferred. Also I have skills in nail design.

Mar 06 13 01:57 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Valerie Walls

Posts: 17

Saint Louis, Missouri, US

I would love the opportunity to assist anyone in the St. Louis or southern Illinois area. Paid or un paid I love to learn through experience. I have 14 years in the salon doing mainly bridal hair styling, make up and airbrush. Licensed in both Illinois and Missouri, I'd like to expand into editorial, video, spfx and body paint.


Apr 08 13 07:43 am Link

Makeup Artist

Esoteric Makeup

Posts: 39

Tucson, Arizona, US

I would love the chance to assist an experienced mua, paid or not, in Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia areas of Washington state. I feel like learning through experience is the most valuable way to go about it, and assisting a more experienced makeup artist would be incredibly educational!

[email protected]

Apr 08 13 12:41 pm Link

Makeup Artist

C Her Makeup

Posts: 10

New York, New York, US

Would love to assist industry professionals in Makeup

I'm in new York city (Mamhattan)
Will assist for experience, but prefer to be paid please.

Apr 08 13 01:40 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 6

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Hi there!

I'm Katya from Sydney, Australia and I'm looking to assist with a make-up artist. My intention is to get trained and gain experience.

I will take on both paid and unpaid jobs, willing to travel and am available weekends and weekday nights. smile

Apr 09 13 06:28 pm Link

Wardrobe Stylist

Capricia Rae

Posts: 2

Boston, Massachusetts, US

I would love to be a Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion assistant.
Located in Boston, MA.

Apr 11 13 05:59 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 8

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Willing to assist experienced MUA, paid or unpaid. Salt Lake City, UT.

I have had, and will always have a love for makeup. Transforming and reinventing everything touched. I am very common sense based and have spent a lot of time on my business. I am very willing to learn and find out more about what I don't know

Apr 14 13 06:43 am Link

Makeup Artist

Charlotte Farr

Posts: 3

Stockport, England, United Kingdom

I would like to assist a make-up artist in the Cheshire/Greater Manchester area- paid or unpaid.

Apr 18 13 07:57 am Link

Makeup Artist

Brandi Bravo

Posts: 34

San Diego, California, US

Please count me in!  I would love to assist in makeup, especially with an artist who is also able to teach some hair styling along the way.  I available in Southern California (Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Orange County, and San Diego).  I am interested in paid and unpaid assistant work as long as I can learn a thing or two from another professional!

Apr 18 13 02:02 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 1

Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

I would love to assist in makeup in Bavaria, Munich/Nuremberg Germany

Apr 18 13 02:47 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Makeup by Aviva Leah

Posts: 114

Brooklyn, New York, US

I'm happy to assist in RI, CT, MA, or NY smile

Apr 18 13 04:10 pm Link

Wardrobe Stylist

Bella Styling Co

Posts: 57

Fullerton, California, US

OC/LA stylist looking for paid assistant gigs.

Apr 18 13 04:40 pm Link

Makeup Artist


Posts: 161

Norfolk, Virginia, US

I know I already responded a while back but I don't see myself in the OP's list.. so, just in case:

Available and more than willing to assist!

Paid or Unpaid considered

Norfolk, VA

Willing to travel within 3 hours for paid/unpaid
North Carolina

Willing to travel beyond 3 hours, paid.


Rock V.

Apr 18 13 06:40 pm Link

Wardrobe Stylist

Alannah The Stylist

Posts: 1549

Los Angeles, California, US

I really would love to assist other wardrobe stylist.I'm in Long Beach/Los Angeles.
[email protected]

Apr 18 13 06:59 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Jessica Xerri

Posts: 1

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Looking to assist Hair and/or Makeup artist for both paid or unpaid work.
From Melbourne, Australia

Apr 23 13 05:08 am Link

Makeup Artist

Leila Nadine

Posts: 36

Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Looking to assist to extend experience and knowledge (I know my info says retoucher even though I have now finished training and I am testing, having trouble changing it to makeup artist)

Location Bristol Uk although will travel around the southwest & London for a great oppertunity:-)

Apr 24 13 08:31 am Link

Makeup Artist

Urban Chic Beauty

Posts: 18

Rosedale, Maryland, US

I would like to assist makeup artist in Maryland and DC paid or unpaid. I'm pretty new to freelancing and would like to get some experience by working with an established artist.

Apr 25 13 11:03 am Link