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Jakki Browne

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Los Angeles, California, US

Jeska L Vardinski wrote:

i think so too sad

but its expensive and killing me faster!

What about those professional spray-on tans?

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Orlando, Florida, US

I like Tan or Pale...... Rachel Harrington in my last shoot was Dark Tanned........

She Came out Normal....... It has to do with light and what you like...... A good photographer can work with Pale and Tan ........... Just Bring Passion ......... ;-)

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LeDeux Art

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San Ramon, California, US

pale skin is more fun, tan skin is flat, black skin is beautiful

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Jane Burgess

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Tempe, Arizona, US

Jakki Browne wrote:

What about those professional spray-on tans?

I use that and they are great.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

i like both but i prefer pale on me

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Kitty Genoveve

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Norwich, Connecticut, US

i know it may sound odd - but to me, like you say i think of a tanned bleach blonde as a girl with her tits out in the Sun - i think you look beautiful pale (im naturally very very pale too) and i think black and white images - or images on black canvasses look so much more beautiful if you're pale.

but that's just my humble opinion
Kitty xx

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Sierra Sunshine

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MelissaLynnette LaDiva wrote:
Go pale!

Agreed. so many girls tan now. You stand out more with pale skin, and your natural colour is gorgeous.

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New York, New York, US

While tan does look better in photos, to me beautiful is beautiful...and you are beautiful!  I think you will get work whether you are tan or pale.

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C h a r l e s D

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Los Angeles, California, US

Whether tan or pale, I prefer they don't have tan lines. 
I guess I prefer pale to tan.  If I want a darker model, I'll hire a latin model.

Also remember that ALL tan is damage to the skin.

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Stacy Leigh

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New York, New York, US

it's all good.

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Raina Noel R

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Rio Vista, California, US

Bring back pale. Its sooo 80s. LOL. And all I can do. I need pretty faces with pale bodies like you to lead the way. 'Cause I CAN'T tan. sad Damn skin cancer!

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Damaged Daisy Syn

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Woodbury, Minnesota, US

I have heard recently that pale is very "in" in the fashion I don't think it will hurt you. You have a great skin tone!

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Modesto, California, US

I am insanely white and I like it that way. Keep it o naturale.

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Cherry Dollface

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Los Angeles, California, US

Pale and proud! I think that pale skin photographs younger and fresher.

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Menominee, Michigan, US

tanning beds wreak havoc on coloured tattoos after a while.... sucks the life right out of them sad

go natural!

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Shana Schnur

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New York, New York, US

Hey your darker than me lol


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Kylie Ann

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

Pale all the way! I get compliments on my dark hair and porcelain skin all the time. It's a cool contrast.

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Katya V Vall

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Los Angeles, California, US

Kylie Ann wrote:
Pale all the way! I get compliments on my dark hair and porcelain skin all the time. It's a cool contrast.

hell yeah girl! same here wink

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Kylie Ann

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

Katya V Vall wrote:

hell yeah girl! same here wink

Yeah! Awesome :]

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CANOGA PARK, California, US

funny enough i kinda prefer pale models especially female with red hair and being pale,to me it's sexy.

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SYLMAR, California, US

Jeska L Vardinski wrote:
so pale or tanned dammit i'm so lost

stay pale

if a photog REALLY REALLY REALLY wants you to be tan for a shoot, go and spray tan, or they can always ps your tan.

the difference between you tan and pale is only a few shades, its not really that significant

this for me is no tan vs tan... and i can still get much darker but ive never really had a request for that. most photogs just say please no tan lines

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Rafa Andreu

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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

I always prefer "pale" (but meaning natural skin tone without sun), I shoot the Winter Editorials, catalogs, etc. during the Summer and the Summer stuff during Winter.

Also, a pale natural skin tone girl, in my point of view, looks more dramatic, more fragile, more ethereal, unreachable, untouchable, you'd never find her at the beach or shrimp red and drunk at a Cancun club... You know what I mean?, the archetype of girl I like the most? Sophisticated, lots of class and spending endless hours studying the classics, playing Rachmaninoff.... Ahhhhh!..... what a vision!!! wink

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Sanchez Photo

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Tustin, California, US

You might look more pale in person but your looks good in the pale images looks like a healthy glow.

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Jynx Van der Steen

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I say pale. I'm half English, and half Dutch and live in Canada so I'm normally very pale. If I try to tan, I end up burning savagely and then I get dark, but I don't see a point in that so I don't. Also, I like scars, which are hidden by tanning, as well as I find a lot of times tans can hide imperfections, which I'd rather embrace than stow away.

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West Branch, Michigan, US

Wow - I hate to go against the grain here, but I have to say tan.  No, I don't mean go to the tanner every other day - but a little color gives me a little bit of life and I just feel better about myself when I have a bit of a tan.  I'd try the spray tan, if I were modeling full time!!
I don't think you have much to worry about either way girlie - your port rocks!

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

One thing I have noticed, makeup can look 100 times better on paler skin. It can so easily get lost in your tan.

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tenrocK photo

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New York, New York, US

Either will work well for you but my preference would be a light, healthy looking tan.

Kick ass looks and port!

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The Porcelain Doll

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Memphis, Tennessee, US

pale all the way

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Lexi Williams

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Covington, Washington, US

stay pale.

it looks a lot better when photographed
and with pale skin you are more versitle.
you can always make pale skin tan, but to make tan skin pale is much  harder,

I get more work being a redhead and pale then I ever did being blonde pale/tan.

and now im not geting any work bc Im sun burnt and a tomato : (

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San Francisco, California, US

People who are naturally a beautiful "pale" color make me jealous.
I pale out to hot dog brown. It's not pretty.

My vote is: PALE.

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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I'm pale and have been so for a while since I stay out of the sun for the most part(also health issues).I'm part portuguese so I tan really easily but in the long run UV rays wreak havoc on your skin(seen it happen to my mom).

Great thing about pale skin is no tan lines and personally I think it has a "fresher" look!

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Chichester, England, United Kingdom

Pale. The tan makes you look similar to Paris Hilton which is my opinion isn't the best thing to look like. With the pale skin though you look lovely.

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Alluring Exposures

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Mesa, Arizona, US

I really don't care as long as there are no tanlines.

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

when your brain is as attractive as your butt ,it's called perfection
tan or not

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robert christopher

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Snohomish, Washington, US

pale for sure, plus you will look better longer, i can make you look tan in post if i need to.

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Charlotte MH

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Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

pale all the way!

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Shades Of Gray

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Anything but a farmers tan. Those are so hard to fix

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Abbitt Photography

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Des Moines, Iowa, US

Personally, I prefer models who are a uniform 18% gray.

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Jesse Ann

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, US

You look amazing tan. You glow smile

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Alpharetta, Georgia, US

Lyndsay Johnson wrote:
pale pale pale. i wish i could have white skin :[

Just curious... What color is your skin now?

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