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Iona Lynn

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Art House

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Simply Wow!!!

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Sita Mae

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I so don't get fashion.

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Art House

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Sita Mae wrote:
I so don't get fashion.

The photos are very fashionable advertisements for the jewelry that the models are wearing. The actual website for the Jewelry is kind of annoying in it's navigation though, but beautiful stuff none-the-less.

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Jessica Explains It All

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Great. I'm now completely in love with that jewelery line. THANKS.

Those pictures are insane though! I love them.

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digital Artform

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that hair brooch pin thing is gorgeous.

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"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto"

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Vivian de Milo

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Muarw wrote:
that hair brooch pin thing is gorgeous.

I knoooooooow, isn't it? Want.

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Kam Arose

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Wow. Awesome. Screw the jewelry; I'm in love with the clothing.

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Makeup Artist


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Kabuki did the makeup

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Julia Dando

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I simply adore every photo.  The clothes, the jewelry, the makeup, everything.  Stunning!  Totally my kind of thing.

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