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Hey whats up everyone?  I have a couple of people interested in doing body paint shoots sometime in the near future.  I went out and found a female art student friend of mine whos a really talented painter, but has never done body paint before.  So Im curious,  from anyone whos done it, can you guys answer these questions?

-- What kind of paints are best to use?  Where can they be purchased? how much do they cost? how much will i need?

-- Whats the best application method?  brush? airbrush?  both? 

Thanks a bunch smile

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Brian Diaz

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I'll move this to the Stylist Chat forum.

BD, MM Moderator

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Body Painter

BodyPainter Rich

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Justin, no disprespect intended, but do a forum search first. You'll find this question has been asked and answered many many times.

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