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Cristen Troop

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Howell, New Jersey, US

Can anyone suggest the best brand of full body makeup to pull off a statue like look that dries matte looking and wont rub off too easily on everything around the model? Should it be liquid or pan/palette kind you apply with damp sponge? Ive heard Kryolan pan or Mehran lig? What is going to be the easiest? Thanks everyone!

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MP Make-up Artistry

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Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

the two you mentioned are what I would recomend. use a sponge and dab away. I have other tricks but you need to ask me personally, cant just give em away. smile..Mandy of Deadly Design Make-up Artistry

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Make Up the Design

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North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

For body painting I've often times used Fudge Paint which you can get from hair salons (at least here in canada i do).  You can paint it on with a brush, sponge, fingers or dilute it to use with airbrush.  I find it lasts a fairly long time and easy to work with...comes in some great colors too....although it has proven a lil harder to get nowadays.....when ya find something that works..they stop makin it...hahaha.  Hope that helps, bestest of luck.

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Cristen Troop

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Howell, New Jersey, US

Thank you both!!!!

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Sean Doyle

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

For over ten yrs and dozens of bodies including myself at least 20 times the one that stays on the longest (up to 18hrs if applied right ), is easy to get off, is very cheap and have never had any complaints about breathing, rash irritation etc. is: "non-toxic" Dick Blic Artist Acryic. 
Comes off with hot water, soap and patience.

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BodyPainter Rich

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Your first two repliers are right on, and you can do a forum search that will yield you many more answers as well.

I have to disagree with the last poster. WHile I know plenty of people that have used "non-toxic" acryilics for bodypaint I know of no professionals who use acrylic and for very good reason. Acrylics are not inherently harmful, but there is a slim but real chance of major allergic reactions. You will find that insurers will not cover you if you use acrylics, they tend to flake, and you will have little bits sticking stubbornly to body hair as well.

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