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Raven Wylde

Posts: 76

Columbus, Ohio, US

Name: Raven. Ohio -Willing to travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid
-Genre: Nude/All kinds of nude.

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Posts: 835

Baltimore, Maryland, US

Crimson Reign- Baltimore, Maryland
   Paid shoots with very limited TFCD/TFP (willing to travel with expenses paid)
   Art, glamor, fine art, light fetish/alt nude

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Posts: 5

Columbia, South Carolina, US

Location: Columbia,S.C {Will travel if expenses are paid for U.S travel only until I apply for my passport}
Compensation: Paid assingnments ONLY.
Genre: Artistic nude,Glamour nude and Implied nude

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Posts: 5

Columbia, South Carolina, US

Location: Columbia, South Carolina {Will travel if expenses are paid for U.S travel only until I apply for my passport}
Compensation: Paid assingnments ONLY.
Genre: Artistic nude,Glamour nude and Implied nude

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Nordique Fier

Posts: 117

Los Angeles, California, US

Nordique Fier- Terra Bella, California
Available throughout CA and U.S. with expenses paid for of course wink
Rates are $75-$150 per hour
Half day and Full day rates available upon request.
50% off if you come here to shoot me, guest room available.
I will shoot topless, nude, implied, spreads and pink.
Booking Los Angeles and San Diego for August.

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katlyn lacoste

Posts: 492

Chicago, Illinois, US

Full Time traveler. Travels to Boston, NYC, SF, & Chicago mostly. With Passport.

Has a car.


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Posts: 22

Burlington, North Carolina, US


-Burlington, NC but willing to travel if exspenses are covered.

-Compensation is dependent on the project. Will trade with photographers who will benefit my portfolio, though pay is much appreciated.

-Artistic, some erotic/bondage/fetish work, outdoors.

Jul 29 11 06:25 pm Link


Lindsey Bailey

Posts: 3

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Florida, Orlando and Palm Bay area locally. Can travel with expenses paid
Available for all kinds of shoots, but with exceptions of course.
Paid only. Please no TFP/CD offers for nudes ever ever.


Let's do this!

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Posts: 3751

SYLMAR, California, US

Name: Lory
Location : Los Angeles (Glendale), California
-compensation: always negotiable; hourly, half day and full day rates. trade available for select artists or publication opportunities. will travel with expenses paid.
Also barters for camera gear (canon) or special wardrobe
-Genre: art, figure, glamour, beauty. clean, classy, tasteful. provocative without being vulgar.

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Dommi B

Posts: 9

Eugene, Oregon, US

Deandra Vay: Prescott, Arizona
-Compensation: depends on assignment...and if I have to travel expenses must be paid as well....usually $100 or more per hour....we can negotiate....
-Genre: I am open to nearly anything - artistic nudes,glamour, bodyscapes, fetish, concepts, playboy style nudes, erotica, etc....

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Silly Rabbit

Posts: 207

Los Angeles, California, US

Name: Location Silly Rabbit: Los Angeles, CA
-Compensation: Paid, negotiation, trade if I love you....
-Genre: Anything but spread shots (I think)

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Alabaster Crowley

Posts: 8283

Tucson, Arizona, US

Name: Alabaster True
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Travel: Anywhere with expenses payed.
Compensation: Payed, will discuss.
Willing to Shoot: pin up, fetish, corsets, latex/rubber, leather, bondage/shibari, goth, fantasy, nude, implied nude, with other women (but not men), probably something else.

Aug 11 11 01:41 am Link



Posts: 403

Marlborough, Massachusetts, US

Name: Hades Muse
Location: New Hampshire & Boston, Massachusetts
Travel: Most New England areas considered. I require the minimal cash to cover gas beyond 25 miles, or round trip plane or train tickets where that is applicable.
-Compensation: Cash is preferred please. Message me and I will send you my rate based on whatever it is that you are asking for .... TF*=selectively.
-Willing to Shoot: Artistic nudes & implied nudes. Including all things related to glamor, unique/artistic fetish & BDSM, lingerie, ... and MORE. Available to shoot just about anything at the right price... and I work and play very well with others.

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Sevgi Jane

Posts: 3

Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Sevgi Jane, located in Morgantown, WV. Will travel anywhere with compensation, I do have a passport and have been out of the country a few times before.
- My rates vary depending on idea and location.
- I do glamour and art nudes. No erotic or hardcore, including posing with pornographic props.

Aug 14 11 11:54 am Link



Posts: 1671

San Francisco, California, US

Location: San Francisco, CA
Compensation: Paid. Rates depend on medium, content, and usage.
Genre: Art nude, conceptual, some fetish and erotica, non-photographic art, etc

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Posts: 2

Texarkana, Texas, US

Will travel anywhere if traveling expenses are paid for.  I do not have a passport, but I could get one if needed.

Compensation - Prefer Cash. Will also do TF/TFP

Genre - Nude; Art / Pin-up / Fetish / Glamour
If interested in a style not mentioned just ask.

Aug 20 11 02:14 pm Link


Red Alice

Posts: 3

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

ALICE (QUEEN OF HEARTS): Auckland, New Zealand
Compensation: Paid assignments only.  Reasonable rates available upon request.  Willing to travel if travel costs are covered as well.
Genre: Nudes: Artistic, fine art, dark art, glamour, fetish, BDSM, alternative, outdoor

Aug 23 11 05:27 pm Link


Jac k

Posts: 412

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Name:Jac Knight
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada but willing to travel is expenses are paid
-Compensation:cash or paypal( if i am to travel.) willing to do for some nice shoes
-Genre:Fashion nudes, creative nudes, body scapes, and maybe open to other ideas too

Would love to travel around canada or to newyork,florida or california areas smile

Aug 24 11 06:17 pm Link


Desiree Chivon

Posts: 1998

Long Beach, California, US

Desiree: Work/live in Boston, willing to travel, if expenses are covered.
-Compensation: Negotiable rate/Occasional trade.
-Genre: No Genre - tell me what you have in mind!

Aug 27 11 09:56 am Link


Roni Kul

Posts: 23

Delhi, Delhi, India

Hey! Let me know if anyone is ready for Indian time.
We seldom get those chances here.
I been trying the art but never got all in one shoot...

Aug 29 11 09:07 am Link



Posts: 223

Los Angeles, California, US

Carlotta Champagne
located in Pensacola, FL  but I travel often, ask me about coming to you!
Rates are listed on my portfolio*
Genres- art nude, glamour, lingerie, swimwear, fetish, etc.

Have trips set currently for New Orleans, San Francisco, NYC etc. Contact me for more info*

Sep 04 11 12:28 pm Link



Posts: 6

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Goldie H.

Salt Lake City UT, Boulder CO, and St. George UT; travel around the U.S. and U.K. frequently

Paid work, negotiable

Artistic nudes, keep it classy - my look is All American Girl (woman, actually, I'm in my 40s)

Sep 04 11 04:15 pm Link


Smiles for the Camera

Posts: 13

Salerno, Campania, Italy

Please update. Old info (Florida entry):
Studio di Mare (I go by Smiles): Fort Lauderdale, FL. Travel: Love it! Will go anywhere if expenses are paid and can fit my dayjob schedule.  If closer to home and I need to drive more than a half hour, please compensate gas money (I drive a Jeep - it's not exactly efficient).
-Compensation desired: $75hr for unclothed or may be willing to barter.
-Genre: art nudes, glamour, fitness, live art, bodypainting. No erotic or fetish.

Correct info:
Smiles for the Camera. Based in Panama City, FL.
Travel: Yes, expenses must be paid and need at least 1 week notice for scheduling. If close enough to drive, I do bring my dog.
Compensation: $75/hr nude/implied, $50/hr clothed for local area. Travel rates to be negotiated based on assignment.
Genre: Art nudes, glamour, fitness, live art, bodypainting. No erotic or fetish. or MM#1586396

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Posts: 58134

Gainesville, Florida, US

BlackxxxRose wrote:
Name: Rose
Location: Nashville, TN. (I only travel if expenses are comped or you're within a 1.5 hours drive from me)
-Compensation: Prefer paid, but willing to do TFCD depending on shoot.
-Genre: All (glamour, art, erotic, hardcore, etc)

No networking for adult work on the site...

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Posts: 58134

Gainesville, Florida, US

Valeri K wrote:
Valeri Kimbro - Colorado Springs, CO (will travel)
-Compensation: $100/hr or $400/day (will consider other offers)
-Genre: Art Nude, Glamour/Boudoir, Editorial (no hardcore/adult)

last update for now, the rest will be updated later

Sep 07 11 03:08 pm Link

guide forum



Posts: 15978

Austin, Texas, US

Damianne: Edmonton, AB Canada, willing to travel and am able to legally work in both US and Canada. Have passport, must have expenses covered.
Compensation: Paid, but will occasionally trade.
Genre: I'm open to pretty much everything, just ask and I'll let you know.

Sep 10 11 12:56 pm Link



Posts: 58134

Gainesville, Florida, US

katlyn lacoste wrote:
Full Time traveler. Travels to Boston, NYC, SF, & Chicago mostly. With Passport.

Has a car.


Please post the information I asked for or you won't be added.

Sep 12 11 09:25 am Link



Posts: 58134

Gainesville, Florida, US

Everyone has been updated. If you have been skipped, review your entries and make the necessary changes then REPOST your entry. I will not be going back to check for edits, so please make sure to REPOST.

Sep 12 11 09:54 am Link


Mickey Maurer

Posts: 942

Danbury, Connecticut, US

CT based, NY, RI, MA

compensation: Paid however I will TF with select photographers that will enable me to build my own port.

Genre: Fine art nudes, Fashion nudes, Glamour nudes, Fitness nudes.

Sep 14 11 10:52 am Link


Rebecca Seung

Posts: 2

Montgomery, Alabama, US

Location: Nashville, TN but will travel
Compensation: Paid only, rates negotiable
Genre: Absolutely anything, but prefer artistic/editorial

Sep 15 11 08:47 pm Link


The Rus Life

Posts: 10

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Ruth Medina: Dublin, Ireland
-Compensation: Paid Assignments Only, TF with Select Photographers.
-Genre: Nude, Fashion Nude, Art Nude, Fetish, Open Legs, Lingerie, Erotica, For Some Photographers G/G G/G Pink, Open to Discuss all Concepts and Styles.

Sep 17 11 05:10 pm Link


Jessica Vaugn

Posts: 7328

Los Angeles, California, US

Hi Miss Fifi, can you edit my entry under "SOCAL" to read as follows:
$400/half day $800/full day (Studio in LA included in rate. www.jessicavaugn/studio)

(The note about the Miami studio is from 2009 and I no longer have a studio in Miami.)

Sep 17 11 05:17 pm Link


Laura UnBound

Posts: 28342

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fifi: I know that it would be a bitch to do now because you have so many entries, but it would be easier in the long run if you used the link to each models posts, so that they can edit the details themselves, rather than having you go back and re-edit each time something changes. Again, pain in the ass to do, but it would be a one-time thing, and then youd only have to add new models, rather than constantly maintain their posts. smile

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Andy Virus

Posts: 2230

Richmond, Virginia, US

I'm not sure if I posted in here, but just in case I will again

Name: Andy Virus

Location:Traveling [See profile for dates]  Based in Richmond, VA.

-Compensation: Paid, but am willing to negotiate.

-Genre: Art, Alt., Erotica, Fetish [Stills or Video], Bondage, Anything else you can think of.

Sep 17 11 05:28 pm Link


Mark De Rossi

Posts: 30

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

whats more impressive and artistic, erection or non erection

Sep 19 11 10:45 am Link


Sarah Jain

Posts: 33

San Francisco, California, US

Name:Sarah Jain

Location: Los Angeles, CA (Willing to travel anywhere within the US if travel is paid)

-Compensation: PAID- Hourly, Half Day, and Day Rates available.  Open to reasonable negotiation.

-Genre: Implied, Artistic, Playboy Style, Met Art Style, Erotica

website: (

Sep 19 11 04:59 pm Link


SF Nova

Posts: 1

San Francisco, California, US

Format:  Male Form Portraiture
Name:  SF Nova
Location:  Nor Cal, San Francisco, Tahoe
Compensation:  Of course. Let's talk!
Genre:  Nude, artistic, fitness
MM website:

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Posts: 11863

Los Angeles, California, US

I now live in Los Angeles smile

Sep 22 11 09:11 am Link


A Nude Muse

Posts: 3

San Francisco, California, US

Name: Location

Amber Kourtney
-Location: I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA but am frequently traveling. I am willing to travel within the United States, and internationally for travel expenses paid.
-Compensation: I prefer paid work or work that will be published, but also limited TF
-Genre: Artists' model available for wide range including: nude Fine art/Bodyscapes, Glamour, Light fetish, Figure studies/Life drawing. No porn/spreads/visible 'pink.

Sep 25 11 04:17 am Link


Theresa Manchester

Posts: 127

Santa Cruz, California, US

Los Angeles and ALWAYS TRAVELLING, would prefer to be listed under travellers rather than L.A.
I shoot anywhere between art nude to glam and erotica, also fetish work and fetish video/C4s, and solo video for private collectors.
Typically 100/h, 350/half day. Different rate for solo video.

Sep 26 11 05:34 pm Link