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Caroline Alexander

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom

I have thought about making one but there's nothing more annoying than people who are like "Like my page!" and "Only 998 more likes till 1000!" I guess they're just trying to promote their work but when it just becomes a numbers and popularity game it does my head in.

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Sabryna S

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Quakertown, Pennsylvania, US

Caroline Alexander wrote:
I have thought about making one but there's nothing more annoying than people who are like "Like my page!" and "Only 998 more likes till 1000!" I guess they're just trying to promote their work but when it just becomes a numbers and popularity game it does my head in.

It honestly does get like that a lot of the time. I do S4S (Share for Share) sometimes because it's nice to help other pages while getting your name/work out there at the same time, but I rarely ever make note or post statuses being like "OH YAY ___ fans!". I mean it's cool, but in the end it doesn't really mean anything, especially since not all of your fans even see your content unless you pay Facebook, which I will never see myself doing.

Plus, there are people who will just like your page because they happen to like what you look like in some photos, but then might not ever bother visiting your page again.

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Kristen Rice

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Chicago, Illinois, US  This is my site.  I "like" back...  smile

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Kay K

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BOISE, Idaho, US

Here is mine! … 2713867121
Thanks for your time (:

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Bath, England, United Kingdom

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Miami, Florida, US

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Angelize Photography

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Sacramento, California, US

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Darius W

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Los Angeles, California, US

Please Support My Fan Page !!

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Paul Reiffer

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Southampton, England, United Kingdom

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Union City, California, US

Got one, but only use it for people I've worked with or may soon work with. Maybe 1 or two others on there. But like many parts of our lives, we lose contact with some, and some people don't want to share that part of their past with the people that are in their lives now.

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Colored Photos

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Los Angeles, California, US

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Portland, Oregon, US

This isn't exactly a fan page...but it belongs to the man that does all My retouching work

Dreizen Design

He's new..but does great work....Go check him out and hit like..Of course..If you like … 7692963696

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Crown Point, Indiana, US

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Laura Slater

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia … 656?ref=ts

Here is mine folks, thank you :-)
Do find it great to show portfolio off on there,

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Veit Photo

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London, England, United Kingdom

Look forward to adding some new folks to my list.
I'm getting a really good flow of stuff to look at in my stream but I can always use more.

Hope I get at least one like out of this - last time I did one of these threads it was a total disaster sad

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Photography by Sean

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

I have one but its not photography related.

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Miss Tanya Love

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Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

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Vienna, Wien, Austria

Here is mine, check it out:

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Raven Nyx

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Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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B Elaine

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Richmond, Virginia, US

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Seoul, Seoul, Korea (South)

Like it, share it, love it, comments! all will be returned!

Thank you for the love and support in advance! smile
In trading likes and sharing, I would also love to grow my professional modeling network! smile

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Kaimana Lee

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South Miami, Florida, US

I don't have a fan page, rather an actually profile dedicated to my modeling.  So check it out, friend me and spread the love.  I shall do the same in return. big_smile

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Carolina Goddess

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Augusta, Georgia, US

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Vashti Starr

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Richton Park, Illinois, US

YUP!  Hope to see you there!

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Charger Photography

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San Antonio, Texas, US

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KY Photography

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Like and I like back smile

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Veronica LaVery

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Temecula, California, US

People seem to be more into subscribing to my profile, but I have Fan page as well, Czech them out wink


Fan Page-->

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Aly Catt

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Oneonta, New York, US

Just started mine smile … 8626544275
Ill like yours back!!

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Jeannie Kayla

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Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Here is mine, check it out:

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Ontario, California, US

I do, but not many "fans" as you so call them.

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Michael Sundin

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Napa, California, US

I do... It's not much in the way of "collecting fans", just another way for me to try to get gigs. But if you like it, then by all means, "Like" it... … 1695634100

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Abdul Sharif

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Louisville, Kentucky, US

no, im not a celebrity

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Bailey Adriana

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BOISE, Idaho, US

here is mine smile

Bailey Adriana Facebook


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Patryk Stanisz

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London, England, United Kingdom

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Kristen Rice

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Mine is  I return all likes and I also do share 4 share!!  smile

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Unseelie Allure

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Coram, New York, US

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Neil Snape

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

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Thomas Art Studio

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Carthage, Tennessee, US

Here is mine though I may or may not like back just because you like my page however if I like what I see I will definitely like your pages.

The page also includes some of my artwork as well so enjoy smile

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

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