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Beauty by Divine

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Miami, Florida, US

For the users of Imagenomic Portraiture can you share your settings and an example image if possible.

I have the program and I can't quite figure out how to use it to smooth the skin and retain the texture.

*Yes I know that smooth skin with texture can be achieved by Dodging and Burning.

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Paul Brecht

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I posted mine here...

Paul Brecht wrote:
Here's a couple examples: (click on images as they will prolly resize to fit your browser)

Once I had set it up to my spec's, here's 1 w/ auto everything 100% (no adjustment)

Here's a close-up of same edit, but w/ a -2 in brightness:

Here's one w/ brightness, contrast & warmth adj:

This would be the effect @ 100% strength. I have done no other editing on these images whatsoever. Just open - Portraiture & screen cap...



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GM Photography

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I use the default settings and use the eye dropper to select the skin tones I want to affect.

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