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I tried to leave out the overly redundent threads though many of these threads are redundent anyway.   I will try to add more later and organize them for easier viewing.


Also view
List of copyright arguements and discussions

The search for release … mit=Search

A site that answers many questions on releases.

An intelligent article on Model Releases ( a short discussion on the site above)

A program to add info

Photographers cancelling because of release form

Model Release's......(agency model's point of view)

I haven't signed a model release form and.....(model asks.  photographer using images but says model cannot)

Paid release form? (strange scenario)

Signing a Model Release Form from an Email...

Question about releases (need for different ones)

it's not a test if I sign a full release (is photographer asking too much?)

Model Release Translation ( discussion of translating releases and problems)

runway show - release

Fashion Shows - individual releases needed?

Photographing minors without a consent release

steffans responds to release of old porn footage:

Art Galleries And Releases....

Release?  (good Answers in a short thread)

Model release question for anyone who might know..(rights to photographer or client)

How NOT to handle a model release: (cameron Diaz case)

Two part release:At end model signs: no fowl play

When a model doesn't sign a release form, but you(want to use the images)

What, no model release? ( most agency photographers do not use releases)

stricter copywrite laws in ca. releases/contracts (laws for California)

Don't sign that release! (should you sign release before you have images?)

Release forms??(hairstylist asking question)

Model Releases.... (info on making release fit certain images)

Photos and their releases....(a) Would I need to have the photographer's permission to do so?  and b) Would I need to have the stylist sign a release to be provided to the photographer?)

Model Releases

NEW question about model release forms....(arguement type thread- different sides)

question about model release forms (similar thread to 31301 above)

Release for paid work ( a version of someone's included in thread)

2006 Maxim Hometown Hotties copyright release form (Bad thing?)

Model Release (do I need a model release to put images on a web site?)

Model Release form?

Model Release for Orphan minors (Street Children) (release for street/travel photos)

When A Model Seems To Forget Release Terms...

Model release (strange need)

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Page 2,
Some left off.

An all inclusive release. Any changes needed? (release for old pictures, inclusive to many shots over a period of time,  as per family shots)

release statement (beginner question, usual dispute of need)

Photog Busted for forged Model Release

model release for minors

Free Online Model TFP Releases

PhotoAttorney's tips on Model Releases

Model Release (shared copyright, and usage arguements)

Model release? ( the usual back and forth arguements)

Should models have a release form?

A question about release forms (can a release be signed retroactively and still valid?)

copyright / release form question (dispute of how far a release for tf shoot should go)

Model release help? Maintaining approval rights.

limited model release ( the need for more limits due to nude shoot)

Model Release (use of images in portfolio without release?)

Caught one of my models in breach of my release.

Question Model Release forms (Does model have rights if she signed release?)

Opinions on my TFCD release? (critique of a TFCD release)

How often do you use model releases?

Would you charge extra to sign a release? (question from model)

why would a photographer who owns the rights to his photography be required (for what reason) to have a signed by the model release. releasing from what?

anyone have a good phot/model TFCD release? (critique of releases posted)

Model releases (reading releases before the shoot day)

Model Release for each session?

project-eve release, what do you think?

Need photographer release form (actually needing a contract)

Event model releases (night club shooting)

Releases  I keep photos for backup only) to compare with the one I have now.  Can someome point me to one they like?

MUAs, Stylists - do they sign a release as well?

Releases and Agency models. how do you handle it?

June 19th update.

Will have to add more that have been done since the last update but these are two good ones.

"The War On Photographers"

A Release For "Us" Stylist

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releases anyone?

MUAs, Stylists - do they sign a release as well?

I need a copy of a photo release to a model

Model Release Question

Photographers cancelling because of release form

make-up artists/hair stylists and release forms

A Release For "Us" Stylist

Release Forms

Model Release's......

Model Release - need some feedback

Question about release forms for models who need..

RELEASE??? CONTRACT??? Wich or Wich???

Releases and very old images

model release

Get a damn release form

Location release

Confusing (for me, anyway) release situation

Model Release, description of clothing from shoot.

model release form (where to find a copy of one.)

Sale, publication of tfp images- release ideas?

Model release escrow house (arguements over an idea)

Non-Released Events, no posting images w/o Release
(big arguement with foot in mouth)

Signed Model Release (should model get a copy)

Release and Usage

I Found a good Model Release Form (critique of a release.)

Model release ( model wonders what happens to the images taken of her)

What is the issue with releases? (model asks.)

Where's that Photographer Release Form??? (model asks if photographers would sign something)

Release witness (is a witness needed and how to prove something signed)

Post Shoot 'Conduct' Release

Release form for paid shoot?

working with un-released images (George Michael case in London)

Images held as ransom for model release..

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A note.

The higher the number of the thread the more recent the thread.

So a thread numbered 1985 would be very old from the beginning of MM.
A thread numbered 63400 would be rather recent.

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One more slipped in.

Should I have my own release form?

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Need to update
But here are a couple of threads on models editing images

Please read these threads.

Models editing edited photos

and less recent, though bumped up recently.

Can model edit pictures?

Can a model edit the images you took of her?

Many more to be found.

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A good one to add.
Many more to add or missing,
Do a search for recent threads on the topic.

Here is one to add.

Contracts for MUA's

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