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vote: 18

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InnerGlow Studios

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Vote # 06

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Prestons Perceptions

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Vote:  #18.

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Tom Linkens

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#14 Lorayne York

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GQ The Couture Model

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# 13

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Tom deL

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Moving the comps to page 2 for easier voting:

Welcome to the NEWbie Model of the Year Competition!!!

We have decided to present the models who have been chosen as the NEWbie Model of the Week in the year of 2009.

These programs are very important to me and I have found my involvement to be very rewarding. It is really gratifying to watch these new models learn and develop their skills ... and IMHO we are strengthening the model pool by helping new models get started on the right foot.

The LIST ~ a list of veteran photographers dedicated to helping "new" models build their portfolios.

The NEWbie Model of the Week Contest is a members only weekly competition exclusively for TheList photographers and the newbie models who have connected with them through The List. This is a chance for members of TheList to showcase their work! Tom deL ~ Contest Moderator

Rules and Regulations for the NEWbie Model of the Year Competetion:

This is the general populace's only opportunity to vote on a NEWbie Model competition until next year. Please bear in mind that when this contest is complete, the NEWbie Model of the Week Contest will continue to be voted on only by members of the Top Drawer in private e-mails to the moderator.

Purpose and Mission for this contest (what you are voting for):
The NEWbie Model of the Week Comtest is intended to help new models gain recognition and exposure by showing off their abilities. We hope that this yearly contest will continue the spirit of the weekly contest.

Take some time to go and review the profiles of the contestants. I've used the composites that were offered in the weekly contest = this means that the photos you see below are most likely very dated and most of the models have progressed beyond what is presented here.

So please be fair to the contestants and look at the recent work in their profiles before making your decision. I have tried to facilitate this by making the composites "clickable" - a mouse click will take you to the profile. Those using tabbed browsing can right click then "Open Link in New Tab" and so on.

To Vote on a NEWbie Model of the Year entry:
Voting will run through Midnight on New Years Day (1 Jan 2010).

Reply to this thread (please do NOT quote the OP showing the composites upon which we will be voting).

In your reply, please simply say:
Vote # xx where "xx" is the number in the lower left corner of the composite showing your choice.

Vote only once in this contest. More than one vote will disqualify all of your votes so please consider your choice and vote your heart.

Please Note:
Only currently active models have been included. For the purposes of this contest, "Currently Active" means that they have logged into their MM account within the past month.

If a 2009 winner has switched profiles or for any other reason has been excluded please let me know ASAP and I will include you in this contest.

Without further ado, let the voting begin!!!

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Sungoddess Studios

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I Vote Fred
# 03

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Kristyn K

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my vote for # 13

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Illini Photography

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Vote # 6

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Scott Sullivan Photo

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my vote is for #18 if I'm not too late

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Michael Alan

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Vote goes too..  # 9   

NINE - for many reasons..

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Tom deL

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An announcement from

This contest was a last minute decision and I didn't get the notice out to the Top Drawer until this evening ... and I also neglected to properly qualify the deadline for votes so let's make it fun:

Votes will be accepted until Midnight (EST) Sunday, the third of January, 2010 so ... VOTE!!! lol


As an aside, I just collated all of the winners of the NEWbie Model of the Week Contest and here is something we can be proud of: Approximately 80% of those newbies are still active.

This is not a scientific observation but I'm pretty sure that this is a MUCH higher percentage of new models sticking around and still working - many for two years now - than in the general populace here.

I like to think that means that we are doing well with these programs - Here is a huge thanks to all of the contributors and faithful participants!

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You're doing great things with the Newbie Models!

Best wishes for 2010!!!

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Samantha Johanna

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Richard Allen Photo

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Vote # 16

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Niece Waidhofer

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Am I allowed to vote for myself? If so, I humbly vote for #13 wink

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Images of Light

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Between # 3 and #13

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My vote is #13 but all these women are incredible. Tough decision

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Danielle Nicole Olson

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Tatiana Paris

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Vote # 13

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Mike Kelcher

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#20 Lolo

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C Mirene

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Lucinda Wedge

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# 17 is my vote.

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Bill Jones Photography

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Vote #8

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profile removed

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vote for #24  and i'd like my vote to be counted 11 times  smile

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E R I N _

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my vote's for #19.

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Paul Tirado Photography

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tenrocK photo

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Tom deL

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An announcement from

So it's pretty obvious that Craig and I have both been busy and haven't coordinated very well between these "of the year" contests.

I just amended the rules above to bring the closing time into line with the other contests.

Voting will continue until Sunday 3 January 2010 at Midnight (EST)

Thanks again everyone!

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Nikki Magnusson

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vote for # 13

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Leopard Noir

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#14 Lorayne York

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Peter Buckley-Saxon

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Some very worthy winners, but my vote (very close) goes to #13.

Congrats to all involved.

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Body Painter


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Fotowerks LLC

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My Vote for #3

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Vote #11

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E Carousel

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Vote #15!

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