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Nataliya Turovets

Posts: 19

Mesa, Arizona, US

5'4 here! smile

Apr 06 13 12:43 pm Link


Ashley Alexiss

Posts: 291

Boston, Massachusetts, US

I'm 5'4 when I work, and 5'3 the rest of the time tongue

Apr 06 13 12:45 pm Link


Danielle Reid

Posts: 4379

Little Rock, Arkansas, US

I don't know how tall I am haha. My agency says 5'3, I said 5'0-5'1. Either way I'm a shortie! My poses lack interest and my face never seems to do anything different besides frown or smile but I'm working on it smile

Apr 06 13 01:29 pm Link


Mekia Akins

Posts: 312

Bossier City, Louisiana, US

5"1 hello

Apr 07 13 09:51 pm Link


Lola Magdalene Scott

Posts: 79

Lexington, Kentucky, US

4'11...and doing well for myself..there is a market for just have to put in the effort to tap into it.

Apr 08 13 12:50 pm Link


Katie Pagani

Posts: 248

New York, New York, US

L I L I T H wrote:
I would like to add to my List, "Good Things Come In Small Packages" ..

I think all the shorties out there could deserve a little love too! smile

So, state your height and say hello! smile

hello! 5'2" here smile

Apr 08 13 03:27 pm Link


Fist Full of Ish

Posts: 1918

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, US

Erica Anne Stewart wrote:
5'3 and I adore it!

This person dug this thread up from three years ago!  The person (alias: Erica Anne Stewart) is not active anymore.  It's just a nasty trick - the first post - just here long enough to post this.

Apr 09 13 12:14 am Link



Posts: 2531

Kihei, Hawaii, US


5'2...and a quarter! big_smile

Apr 11 13 11:16 pm Link



Posts: 56

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Barely 5'4 and loving it!

Apr 17 13 01:58 am Link


Nicki Starr

Posts: 3

Hammonton, New Jersey, US

im 5'3" =] short n loving it

Apr 17 13 02:21 am Link


Gina Dee

Posts: 314

BRONX, New York, US

Hi Gina here at 5ft 3inches

Apr 17 13 04:34 am Link


Dollvyn Van Luyn

Posts: 1

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

i'm 5'1 and so proud of it,,,,!!!

Apr 17 13 04:43 am Link


Christie Cain

Posts: 33

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am 5'1 and think this is the most amazing thread!!!
Thank you!!!

Apr 23 13 07:01 am Link


Ella Manon

Posts: 9

Detroit, Michigan, US

5"1 and leggy!

Apr 27 13 08:55 pm Link


Rachel Aurie

Posts: 47

Albany, New York, US

5' 4" and i wouldnt have it any other way!

Apr 27 13 09:03 pm Link



Posts: 124

Washington, District of Columbia, US

5'2 and rocking it!

Apr 29 13 08:44 pm Link