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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia … 80?ref=sgm my page with my other creative work! o(~_O)o

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CSDewitt Photo

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Makeup Artist

Makeup by Rushmila

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New York, New York, US

Fans are awesome!! Too bad I don't have that many.!/pag … 479?ref=ts

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Ed Frazier Photography

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Charlotte, North Carolina, US

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Palmer - permanent station of the US, Sector claimed by Argentina/Chile/UK, Antarctica

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Aylin Marie

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I joined few!! But I don't have one, I just made an normal FB page, so if anyone wants to add just let me know you were from here..

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oli prout

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London, England, United Kingdom

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Roswell, New Mexico, US

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Cat Rennie

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South Shields, England, United Kingdom

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I just made today.

It seems to be a trend. smile … 3922668871

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Vivid Vivka

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Los Angeles, California, US

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marce fay

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have two. feel free to join both.

I'll try and add yours. thanks

one for my Bibi's Catwalk production … 7315003033

and my regular … =796670384

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Russell Perkins

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Dallas, Texas, US

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Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

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Body Painter


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Tampa, Florida, US

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Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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Thomas Dodd

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Nina Lux Photography

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get yourselves a unique URL, will ya?

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Lillian Raven

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Los Angeles, California, US

Why fans would be fine and dandy like sour candy! ^_^

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Abby Hawkins

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

I made one just because it doesn't take much time to set one up.  Like 3/4 of the people who "like" it are friends.!/pages/Boston … 7100889016

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Tony J Collins

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Tampa, Florida, US

Facebook fan page?  This is the first time I've heard of this.   The profiles I've seen look very interesting.  I just may create one soon (my fans will prolly be my family members... LOL).

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Brian Erzen

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I have a fanpage, redoing my website and I'm also on twitter @erzendesign

I had an older fan page, which I used to get familiar with the best way to use it then I deleted it and created this new one for my media work.  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.
*I just found out that you can set a custom URL, thanks MM!

Also here's a word of advice, make sure that you set your Fan Page category properly since once the page is made you can not change it.  This can have major negative effects, for instance if you choose by accident a movie for your career fanpage, then you'll show up in that users movie profile under their movies.  There's a really good chance since you are not a movie you'll be unliked.   This is just one example.

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Danger Ninja

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Portland, Oregon, US

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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Imageri by Tim Davis

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Here's mine... it's a work in progress. … 2711741898

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London, England, United Kingdom

Here's mine.. could do with a few more fans sad … 774?ref=ts

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

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Cherilyn Fontaine

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This is mine, it's really new so if you whore me out to your fans I will most certainly return the favor! … 3715996458

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Brooklyn, New York, US

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San Francisco, California, US

I just set up a fan page a couple days ago smile
I've linked it up with my twitter which is linked to my blog and I'm always blogging updates and such so there's going to be plenty of fun stuff on there smile

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Oh! And I almost forgot!

for my naked sushi people I work with:

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A LaRue

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San Francisco, California, US

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Josh McCaghren

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Long Beach, California, US

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Just Shoot Me Photograp

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Katey Dee

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hmmm, I don't think I've posted this in here yet....

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