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Rachel Jay will be helping administer the contest.

Today's (10/6/10) concept is "G- Rated". A little different (but fairly open challenge), post your best image of a human  model that is family friendly enough to be rated "G". People not familiar with the movie rating system in the US can PM for explanation.

Thursday's (10/7/10) concept will be "Soft". Post your best image of a human model that portrays soft.

A winner's medallion is available for the winner's profile page (past winners may also receive it).

Here are the rules. Please read them before participating.

1. One entry per person per day.
2. One vote per person per day.
3. No bumping your entry.
4. No voting before 12:00 PM MM time (Pacific) unless page 2 has been reached.
5. No collages or multiple images.
*6. No editorial comments that accompany your entry.* This includes image titles.
7. No vote stacking. DO NOT recruit votes!
8. Voting will end at 4:59 AM MM time (Pacific) the following morning.
9. "M" (18+) images must be linked and noted as per MM rules.
10. No voting for an image you participated in creating.
11. To vote, quote the entry you wish to vote for and type "Vote".
12. Images that are past winners of a daily theme are not eligible to be entered if that theme is repeated. This applies to images that have won on or after 1/4/10.

Please PM me with any questions, concerns, suggestions or concept ideas. Let's have fun!

* There has been an increasing amount of editorial comments lately. The idea of the contest is to portray the concept with an image and no words. It is fine, however, to credit those who worked on the image.

There have also been too many rule #9 violations lately. This could result in the thread being locked and is not fair to those who abide by the rules. Please abide by the MM rules for forum posting or more stringent action may be taken.

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I am withdrawing my entry, so as to not run the risk of disqualification.  Inasmuch as I just posted on Twitter, wondering whether anyone has any clue what "G-Rated" means  - since several people appear to have voted for an  Implied Nude shot- I figured it might draw unfair attention to my entry and thus be considered vote stacking.

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