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Chris Warkocki

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Welcome to the second annual NEWbie Model of the Year Competition!!!

theLIST proudly presents the top NEWbie Model of the Week in the year of 2010.

These programs have been instrumental in assisting new models find their way in the world of modeling and strengthening the model pool by helping new models get started on the right foot.

The LIST ~ a list of veteran photographers dedicated to helping "new" models build their portfolios.

The NEWbie Model of the Week Contest is a members only weekly competition exclusively for TheList photographers and the newbie models who have connected with them through The List. This is an opportunity for members of TheList and the newbie models they have worked with to showcase their work! Tom deL ~ Contest Moderator

Rules and Regulations for the NEWbie Model of the Year Competition :

This is the only general forum vote on a NEWbie Model competition until next year. Please bear in mind that when this contest is complete, the NEWbie Model of the Week Contest will continue to be voted on only by members of the Top Drawer in private e-mails to the moderator.

Our Top Drawer members will be voting in the thread as well. These are the members who have guided our programs for over two years and who vote behind the scenes in the weekly contests. The Top Drawer has been selected expressly for their experience and inclination to assist new models. Normally these are the folks who judge the potential displayed by our new models. In this open voting contest, their votes will be weighted at 1.5X.

Mission for this contest (what you are voting for):
The NEWbie Model of the Week Contest is intended to help new models by connecting them with experienced photographers to help build their books. We also help new models gain recognition and exposure by showing off their abilities. This annual contest will continue the spirit of the weekly contest.

Take some time to go and review the profiles of the contestants. We have used the composites that were offered in the weekly contest = this means that the photos you see below are most likely very dated and most of the models have progressed beyond what is presented here.

So please be fair to the contestants and look at the recent work in their profiles before making your decision. We have tried to facilitate this by making the composites "clickable" - a mouse click will take you to the profile. Those using tabbed browsing can right click then "Open Link in New Tab" and do on.

To Vote on a NEWbie Model of the Year entry:
Reply to this thread (please do NOT quote the OP showing the composites upon which we will be voting).

In your reply, please simply say:
Vote # xx where "xx" is the number in the lower left corner of the composite showing your choice.  [/b]

Vote stacking, begging votes or any other way you wish to characterize a VOTE FOR ME!!! campaign is more than just not cool, it is against Model Mayhem site rules. This includes similar campaigns on facebook or anywhere else. We will be observing this both in the context of the votes cast as well as monitoring most of the major networking sites.

If our volunteers see signs of this, the candidate accruing these ineligible votes will be disqualified. So if you want to help a friend please do NOT engage in these practices

Seriously, please just play fair, OK?

Without further ado, let the voting begin!!!

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Tallinn, Harju, Estonia

#6 (Though the third photo is weak as hell, while first two are so damn terrific!)

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Makeup Artist

Sara Vande Vyver

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Wardrobe Stylist

Kaitlin Elyse

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vote #35

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White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

#31 by far!

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SJH photography

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Stephen Thorne

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A vote from


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Broze PhotoGraphic

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William Crawford

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Vote #23

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Sarah K Barton

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Vote #23

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29, 30, and 41

oops that's more than one

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Tom deL

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A message from

Tara Bates wrote:

How do I participate in this list? I have the right attitude and loos to win.
Please personal message me asap.


Hi Tara,

You would normally sign up over here at theLIST but check your PM's - I will get you on the PJSM list within a few days.

Thanks for your interest and best luck!

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Motordrive Photography

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vote #10

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Tom deL

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Tom deL

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Lexington, Ohio, US

CONGRATULATIONS to our first place winner this year Charlotte De Bleecker MM# 1372730 our Second Newbie Model of the YEAR January 8, 2011 ~!!

Model-Charlotte De Bleecker
Photographer-Chubs Photography

We have a tie for Second Place this year:

CONGRATULATIONS to our second place winner this year Sarah K. Barton MM# 1694929 our Second Newbie Model of the YEAR January 8, 2011 ~!!

Model-Sarah K. Barton
Photographer-Stephen Thorne

CONGRATULATIONS to our second place winner this year Alinavina MM# 1446844 our Second Newbie Model of the YEAR January 8, 2011 ~!!

Photographer-Stephen Thorne

The LIST ~ a list of veteran photographers dedicated to helping "new" models build their portfolios.

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chubs photography

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College Park, Maryland, US

Thanks everyone!  That was a pleasant surprise.  On behalf of Charlotte De Bleecker (MM#1372730), I again thank everyone's support.  I must confess that she did everything and I did zilch except flexing my right index finger.  Nam

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Makeup Artist


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Vote #30

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Charlotte De Bleecker

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Gent, East Flanders, Belgium

Thank you for all the votes! This was quite a surprise smile

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vote # 21

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LeDeux Art

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Gallery 59 Photography

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vote #7

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VOTE #29

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Sarah Love Thurston

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I would like to compete in this endevour. How may I ask do I?

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