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I always liked this one from several months ago.
Photgrapher: DS Studios

Tinted version below...

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Megan E Griscom

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Photgrapher: STAPHOTO

I liked this one as well. My personal faves are always the images where the model still has her skin. I'm not a fan of the over sharepened doll skin that is posted 80% of the time, but by far these are the images that get the most praise. Its perplexing because I think it really takes away from the work of everyone involved, the photographer, the MUA and the hairstylist.

But perfection is perception I

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Silverstone Productions

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Also this one is good. My before and after

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PixelNation Retouching

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tvandang retouching wrote:

awesome work....
What are you doing to pull up the details in the hairs on her neck?

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PixelNation Retouching

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vtrantien wrote:
Another one
(Taken by: #241209)

The details in her skin is awesome... willing to share how?

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My favorite muliple image thus far:

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amberlyn studios

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This is maybe not 100% the best edit, but someone requested to do a pageant style edit, and I was very happy with it. … tana11.jpg

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Johnnyboy Photography

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Til This day, I believe this was my best edit.

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I did this last year and am rather fond of it. Original photo by Parthiv Mehta.

The original photo had a different background; I also composited in about 30% of the rocks and sea; leveled the photo (which is what necessitated the compositing of the rocks and water), composited the front part of the tutu, and composited in her leg from the original because leveling the photo and cropping it cut it off.

I barely did any work on her skin; since it wasn't a close-up, I didn't see the need to spend lots of time on her face. She really didn't need it anyway - gorgeous skin. Also changed the overall coloring - it was a lot different in tone - still very nice, but cooler, if I recall. It was a really nice picture to work on - Parthiv does some interesting shoots.

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probably these

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Digital Artist

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I think my latest became my new best smile

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Or maybe this one:

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The latest one...

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Zorka wrote:
The latest one...

Very nice.

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probably these

Amazing work

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Maddy Cleveland

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I love this edit of mine; and Stefan Boursons photography. The skin just needed a minor retouch. As well, the lighting was corrected.

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Pascal Flor

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Don't know if it's my best edit (that's what you have to decide), but I like the image that's for sure;

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one of my favourite

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