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I HAVE to get my tummy looking a HELL of a lot better by June. Toned & slimmer. Help me!

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Staci Styles

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exercize and eat right

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Cut out all dairy. Exercise regularly. Do some cycling.

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I have been using some of the information in this book, and find the diet portion very helpful. Between the food-based supplements the author suggests, and eating in accordance with the plan provided, I dropped about 3 pounds the first week (probably water weight, but stomach IS visibly more toned), which was equivalent to about a half-inch from my waist. I'm typically very skeptical about any sort of "diet" plan, and was highly skeptical of this one, but it seems effective and healthy. It is also cheap to eat the foods recommended, easy to follow, and the book includes basic information on weight-training, and an explanation of why doing a lot of cardio work-outs is not necessarily worth your time. … 386&sr=8-1

When I first began working out in 2006, I found this book very beneficial, and highly recommend it to people: … 1578260868

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Nicole Ferreira

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Pilates 3x per week, cardio 3x per week 1/2 hour time frame, try to cut down on dairy and saturated fats, and if you're on birth control it can make your abdomen a little bloated.  You look great... Just a few things I've done in my 38 years, and after having a

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I've put this up in a few posts now, and have added some each time.


1- First, weight loss and gain is one simple formula unless you have something very wrong with you- It's cal in vs Cal out. Eat the same that you burn during the day, your weight will stay the same. Burn more than you eat, you'll lose weight. Eat more than you burn, you'll gain it. It doesn't matter if it's from M&Ms, all fruit and veggies, or a healthy balanced diet. That is how weight loss and gain works. How healthy that is is a completely dif thing, but as far as gaining/losing goes, that's it in a nut shell.

2- Stay active, walk/bike more places, get out and do things, don't sit around. it will help boost your metabolism as well as burn cal.

3- Most forms of cardio exercise are time driving in how much you burn. Or in other words, running or walking a mile for one person will burn a nearly identical amount of calories. To run the mile you'll be working harder/moving faster, but you'll also be out there less time. So if you cant run, walking places will help.

4- You don't need a gym to actually train/workout either. A space on your floor large enough to lay down in is plenty to get one of the best looking bodies you could want, trust me on this one.

5- Eating healthy and smart is going to help a lot. You don't have to be a freak about it, but be smart. This doens't mean you can't have some foods that fall outside of the healthy arena, but limit them. One of the reasons healthy/whole foods are great for weight lose is simply that they are a lot more nutrients and a lot less cal dense for their size, so you'll get hte healthy things you need without 500 extra calories.

6- having a high or low metabolism shouldn't stop/change how you view things, just the numebrs a bit.

If you can figure out what your body is doing now, its very very easy to make changes. If you are staying at the same weight, knock a little out each day. I have no idea how large of a person you are, so adjust as needed, but for someone looking to safely lose weight and keep it off (slowly taking it off tends to lead to permanent changes), a cal deficit of around 300-500 a day is safe and will allow you to keep doing whatever you do during the day. So if you are maintaining weight right now, take a look around at your foods, and change the little things first.  A loss of that amount of cal a week will put you losing around a pound a week, which is a healthy number for most normal sized adults.

Cut soda/extra juice out, a cup of juice and a soda cut out a day is going to knock out 200-300 cal right there. find as many little things as you can, pay attention to salad dressing, added sugar and cream, how much oil you cook with, butter on food. Just through those things it may be possible to cut out more than you need to in order to hit/maintain your weight, and you've not cut out ANY real food yet. And anything you can do it make it healthy on top of that will help.

Now back to stuff you can do at home. Biking, like running is a great workout. All i do right now is bike and run (although a LOT more of each than i'm guessing anyone on these boards), but those can get you there.

Biking, like running and most aerobic activites is more time than intensity driven, but riding hard will help a lot.

At home, a simple core circuit that you can do in a space the size of your body will go a LONG way and can be all you need. Contrary to what most people think, you wont gain weight from lifting/body weights if you dont eat more than you burn, and lifitng/body weights can be a very very good way to help lose weight.

Here is a list of body circuit/core work that anyone can do at home, and something i have the athletes i coach do 3-4x a week. The abb/core ones you normally do in sets of 15-25, pushups in the range of 5-15, the holds (like plan), normally 1-3min.

pick and chose what you like.

Plank hold
russian twist
flutter kicks
side planks
wall sit

With the more in shape athletes we'll do 25 of each ab workouts, 10 pushups, 1 min on the holds, and run through that 2-5x total.

As you get in better shape, add more rotations through, not more reps to each exersice (once you've worked up to the numbers mentioned).

If you run through those a few times a week, and eat smart, and keep it up for a while, you'll be amazed what you can do on your living room floor

let me know if there are any other ways i can help.

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Thankyou soooo much for your help everyone!

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Slimmer tummy: running, perhaps mixed in with biking and hiking
Better toned tummy: various abdominal exercises (situps, crunches, etc)

Do the above 5 to 7 days per week.  Make exercise something that you do every day (with an occasional day off); set aside an hour of your day every day so that it becomes part of your daily routine and don't let things interfere with that.

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