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Brooks Ayola

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Chatsworth, California, US

Seriously, updating this thread is a pain in the ass. I wonder if anyone has ever been contacted through it for assisting work. Either way, I still keep it updated, but coming to Model Mayhem usually just makes me sad nowadays. If anyone wants a copy of the edit code of the list to start it in their name (so the links all work) and wants to keep it going, please let me know. **It will make you famous and revered throughout Model Mayhem and beyond!


This thread is for those wishing to assist photographers.

Please DO NOT post if you are looking for an assistant!

Keep it simple.

Post your...

Primary Interests:
Qualifications and other Details:

New entries to the list below will contain your name and location ONLY with a link back to your post in this thread or the old thread so that interested photographers can read the rest of your details.

••If you are NO LONGER ASSISTING, please let me know so I can remove you from the list••


THE LIST (aprox. 320 listings)



Leroy Dickson
Location: Mobile, AL

Malcolm Gideon
Location: Huntsville, AL

Location: Huntsville, AL


Jen B. "Gennaver"
Location: Fairbanks/Anchorage, AK


Dean Farrell
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Theresa Webber
Location: Phoenix, AZ


Location: Little Rock

California (Southern)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Chanel Rene
Location: Huntington Beach, CA (but willing to travel to Los Angeles)

Carlos of C Squared Imagery
Location: Los Angeles / Orange County, CA

Star Foreman
Location: Southern CA

Angelo Lorenzo
Location: Simi Valley, CA (Travel to LA, etc)

Location: Southern California

Adaeze (ay-day-zay)
Location: Costa Mesa, CA (but willing to travel)

Todd Akers
Location: San Diego, CA

Chip Morton
Location: San Diego

Johnathen Lieber
Location:  San Diego

Deborah Holzer
Location: Calabasas, CA  (SF Valley)...will travel

Bobby Clayton
Location: Burbank, CA

Brian Morris
Location: Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA

Jeff Waters
Location: Los Angeles, CA (for the summer 2011)

Deirdre Holmes
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Michael Schoelen
Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Brian Scanlon
Location: Tarzana, CA

Jay Lee
Location: San Diego, CA

Jenna Kraczek
Location: Orange, CA (Los Angeles)

Brian Heller
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Gary Livingston
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Jigs Tambong
Location: Valencia, CA

Nick Kane
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Rose
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Rick Matulac
Location: Placenta, CA (Orange County / LA / IE)

Marc Dedeaux
Location: Long Beach, CA

Karen Stiles
Location: San Diego, CA

Roberto Gamez
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Nadirah B
Location: Victorville/Los Angeles, CA

Cindil Ashley
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Connor Stewart
Location: Los Angeles, CA (+Orange County)

Robert Sawin
Location: San Diego, CA (Carlsbad)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca Peloquin
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Alan Sponholz
Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Brian Morris
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dylan White
Location: Anaheim Hills, CA

Moises Saldana
Location: Hollywood, CA

Martin Luong
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Joe Gunawan
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dang V.
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Nick Kane
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Arkun
Location: Los Angeles/Santa Monica, CA

Kyle O'Brien
Location: Antelope Valley, CA

Robert Patin
Location: Los Angeles, CA

William C. Mitchell
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Location: Tustin/Los Angeles, CA

Brian Walsh
Location: Long Beach/OC/LAC, CA

Dant Heskett
Location: Los Angeles/Hollywood Riviera, CA

Kirk Grodske
Location: Los Angeles/SF Valley, CA

Jennifer White
Location: Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA

Savannah LeJeune-Stodieck
Location: Los Angeles, CA

California (Northern)

Mike Wong
Location: SF Bay Area & Sacramento

dave wright sf
Location: San Francisco

Ivan Ramirez
Location: San Francisco and the Bay Area

Ronald n. tan
Location: Sacramento, CA

John Sharp
Location: Sacramento, CA

Jenni Anne
Location: Sacramento, CA

Moses McKenzie
Location: San Francisco

Location: Ukiah, CA

Philip Tieu
Location: Fremont, CA

Kelly Daugherty
Location: San Francisco

Mariah Carle
Location: Oakland / San Francisco

Velella Velella
Location: Berkley / San Francisco

Gerald Osuna
Location: San Jose (South Bay Area)

Christopher Mackessy
Location: San Francisco/East Bay, CA

James R. Shortridge Jr.
Location: San Francisco to Sacramento, CA

Jasmine Bradley
Location: Berkley / San Francisco

Paul Pardue
Location: San Francisco to Sacramento, CA

Bruce Jenkins
Location: Vacaville (between SF and Sac), CA


Mike Yamin
Location: Danbury, CT and New York, NY on weekends throughout 2012

Location: Middletown, CT

Rob Dennis
Location: Middletown, CT


Location: Denver, CO

Rodney Cook
Location: Denver, CO

Randy Poe
Location: Colorado Springs, CO


District of Columbia - See Maryland / District of Columbia below.


Location: Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota

Kelby Barrett
Location: Tampa, FL

Nick Moody
Location: Daytona/Orlando Florida

Stephen Young
Location: Clermont, FL

Location: Miami, FL

Clarence Zimmerman
Location: Orlando, FL

Pierre Gussman
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Jerry Rinehardt
Location: Tampa, FL

Charish Brown
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Location: Jacksonville, FL - Savannah, GA

Jimmie Davis
Location: Tampa, FL

Warren "Curt" Leimbach
Location: Tampa, FL

Maximilian Rivera
Location: Tampa, FL

Russ Snyder
Location: North Miami Beach, FL

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Dion Burton
Location: Tampa, FL

Location: Palm Beach and Broward County, FL

Maura Housley
Location: Tampa, FL

Location: Tampa/Central Florida

Douglas Burns
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Adam Doyle
Location: Tampa, FL

Steven Barnhart
Location: Orlando, FL

Al Lipscomb
Location: Seminole (Tampa Bay area), FL


Cory Higginbottom
Location: Atlanta, Ga (Live in Alpharetta, willing to travel to Greater Atlanta Area)

Ceek Uno
Location: Atlanta, GA

Candace Perry
Location: Savannah

Kye Brown
Location: Atlanta, GA

Maryelle St. Clare
Location: Atlanta, GA

Nima Farsinejad
Location: Atlanta, GA

Ramone Pearson
Location: Atlanta, GA

Allison Wolpert
Location: Woodstock, GA

Location: Atlanta, GA


Omayra McCord
Location: Wahiawa, Oahu



Laura Ann Miller
Location: Peoria, IL

Lawrence Lau
Location: Chicago, IL

Solomon Abrams
Location: Chicago, IL

Eric Bohl
Location: Chicago, IL. (North Side)

Thomas Doggett
Location: Batavia, IL

Loren Fiedler
Location: Chicago, IL

Joel Geller
Location: Chicago, IL

Location: Chicago, IL



Judy Harmann
Location: Des Moines, IA

Lee Ilse
Location: Des Moines, IA


Location: Emporia, KS


CJ Cruz
Location: Lexington, KY


Location: New Orleans, LA

Christina Christian
Location: New Orleans, LA


Maryland / District of Columbia

Nori Zay
Location: Washington, DC (MD, VA)

Douglas Jacobs
Location: MD, DC, VA area

Lynn Muldrow
Location: Baltimore, MD

Thomas Van Dyke
Location: Washington, DC


Paul Hill
Location: Boston, MA

Angie Perez
Location: Lowell/Boston MA

Amanda Briggs
Location: Boston, MA & Lewiston, ME

Dan Orlow
Location: Boston, MA (all of New England) and New York City

Kaylyn Leighton
Location: Brighton/Boston, MA


Mattew A.
Location: Detroit

Demetrius Jones
Location: Ypsilanti (Ann Arbor/ Detroit)

Laur Nash
Location: Farmington, MI

Kevin Randolph
Location: Detroit

Steven Wrigley Warner
Location: Detroit


Location: Minneapolis MN

Brandon Sweet
Location: Saint Paul Minnesota

Chris Fischer
Location: Otsego, MN (St Cloud to St Paul)

Andrew Richardson
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Andrew Thomas Evans
Location: Minneapolis, MN



Location: Kansas City, MO




David L Brown
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Rebecca Evans
Location: Reno, NV (often traveling throughout West coast)

Harold Pasion
Location: Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire

Bill Rogers
Location: Alton, NH

New Jersey

Kayla Sloan
Location: South Jersey

Location: Central NJ, NYC

Elyse Jankowski
Location:  West Orange, NJ (also spend most weekends in Belford, NJ and/or Belmar, NJ)

New Mexico

New York

Cat Melnyk
Location: New York

Shastri Babb
Location: Rotten Apple, NY

Chris Linton
Location: NYC

Val Tourchin
Location: NYC

Jim Lafferty
Location: NYC

Phoebe DeSantis
Location: NYC as of September

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Frank Mattoni
Location: New York, N.Y. and Upstate Connecticut

Jonathan Hutt
Location: NYC and NJ primarily.

Patrick Terry                                             
Location: Rochester, NY

Location: Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Ben Cornet
Location: NY

Benjamin Hayon
Location: Rochester, NY and WNY area

Guy L. Smith
Location: Westchester, NY and NYC area

Joseph Gray
Location: NY (Manhattan)

Mike Gong
Location: Mahopac, NY

William Tam
Location: NY (Brooklyn)

John Bishop
Location: NY (Queens)

Christian Ortiz
Location: NY

Location: Rochester, NY

Patrick Brassard
Location: NY

Jiyang Chen
Location: NY (Manhattan)

Shana Cutler
Location: New York, NY

Ally Moy
Location: New York, NY - New Jersey

Francis Vazquez
Location: New York, NY

Shane Drummond
Location: New York, NY (Queens)

Lorenz Sprotofski
Location: NY (Brooklyn)

Allen Carr
Location: NY (Brooklyn)

Kevin Barker
Location: NY (Staten Island)

North Carolina

Dan OMell
Location: Charlotte

Tierra Zabulon
Location: Fort Bragg, NC

Dustin Clewell
Location: Charlotte, NC

Chris Shepard
Location: Wilmington, NC

Location: Raleigh/Durham, NC

Carmen Lyons
Location: Harnett County, NC

Chris Telesca
Location: Raleigh, NC

North Dakota

Location: Fargo, ND


Dwain Thomas
Location: Columbus, OH

Eric Paul Owens
Location: Columbus, OH

Scott Meyer
Location: Cincinnati, OH

Ryan Besst
Location: Columbus, OH

Elle Martine
Location: Toledo, OH


Geri Stockton
Location: Oklahoma City, OK


Anthony Thurston
Location: Salem, OR

Jennifer Jurca
Location: Portand, OR

Barret Spangler
Location: Eugene, OR


Francis Gomes
Location: Warrington, PA

Corwin Prescott
Location: Philadelphia, Pa and New York, NY

Kevin Greggain
Location: Harrisburg, PA (but will travel)

Joel Avery
Location: Philadelphia, Pa

Ralph Ocava
Location: Philadelphia, Pa

Brian Hunt
Location: Philadelphia, Pa

Hunter Wald
Location: Valley Forge and Greater Philadelphia, Pa

Michael Alestra
Location: Philadelphia, Pa / South Jersey

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Chandra Smith
Location: Charleston, SC

South Dakota

Laura Kate
Location: Sioux Falls, SD


Location: Nashville, TN

Tom Delfino
Location: Nashville, TN

David Lee Smith
Location: Nashville, TN

Elgenor (L G Nor) Douglas
Location: Jackson, TN


Roxy Photos
Location: Plano, TX. Willing to assist in Dallas area

Brian Hilson
Location DFW, TX

Tom Suarez
Location: Central Texas, Austin and San Antonio

Donnie Moreland
Location: Houston (Katy), TX

Location: TX gulf coast

Robert Covell
Location: Dallas, TX area

Nikki Peden
Location: Houston, TX

Adam D.
Location: Houston, TX

Jason Jones
Location: Dallas, DFW area

Kyle Emery
Location: Houston, TX

Juls Gilmore
Location: Wichita Falls, TX (Travels)

Kevin Marlowe
Location: Houston, TX

Location: Austin, TX

Michael Napier
Location: Dallas, TX

Scott Gregory
Location: Dallas, TX

Location: McAllen, Rio Grande Valley, Austin/San Antonio, TX


Location: Taylorsville, UT


Jacob Fales
Location: Northern VT


Shon D.
Location: Virginia Beach, VAs

R. Slaughter
Location: Newport News, VA

Randall Morris
Location: Northern Virginia


Margaret Hope
Location: Seattle, WA

Rakesh Malik
Location: Seattle, WA

Nyk Fury
Location: Port Townsend, WA.

Susan Nagy
Location: Edmonds, WA

West Virgina

Location: Beckley, WV (statewide)


Cuica "John" Cafezinho
Location: Madison, WI



New South Wales

Location: Sydney (Newcastle, Hobart Tasmania)

Mitch Pinney
Location: Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane

Andrea Cronshaw
Location: Sydney

Location: Sydney

South Australia

Jesse Mullins
Location: Adelaide


Wendy Haigh
Location: Melbourne

S de Varax
Location: Melbourne

Location: Geelong & Melbourne

Lacuna Ellmini
Location: Melbourne

Justin Tapp
Location: Melbourne


British Columbia

Jarrad Kevin
Location: Vancouver, BC

Chris Naidu
Location: Vancouver, BC

Tiffany S.
Location: Vancouver, BC

Holly Rose
Location: Victoria, BC

Felix Jordan
Location: Vancouver, BC, (also Whistler, BC and Cologne, Germany)


Darren Kirby
Location: Edmonton


Jeff Zavitski
Location: Toronto and Ontario Area

Kira Bucca
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Katie Moore
Location: Toronto Area, Ontario

Location: Toronto (Central), Ontario, Canada

Location: Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Eva Fydrych
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Corey Graham
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Emmanuel Umukoro
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DBIphotography (Danny)
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas H. Robinson
Location: Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Alex Mayer
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mansoor Tanweer
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eric SUN
Location: Toronto/GTA, Ontario, Canada


Eric Allard
Location: Sherbrooke, Montreal, South Shore

Nicole Small
Location: Montreal

Location: Montreal

Nova Scotia

Alan Marr
Location: Halifax area, Nova Scotia, Canada


Location: Shanghai, China


Mohamed Osama
Location: Cairo, Egypt


Adrien S
Location: Paris, France, Europe

Charity Thomas
Location: Paris, France, Europe


Location: Berlin, Germany, Europe


Stefano Kaluza
Location: Italy - Slovenia, Europe


Dragos Codita
Location: Bucharest, Romania



Jay Cain
Location: London, UK

Location: London, UK

Danny Mahoney
Location: Dunmow Essex (London)

Nicola Gaughan
Location: London

Location: North of London

Adam Phillips
Location: London

Jenna Davies
Location: London

Location: London and Hertfordshire

Location: London

Chris Stanton
Location: Hampshire

Sheila U.
Location: London

Neil Gwillym
Location: UK, England, Hampshire

Alex Pavlou
Location: London

Mike Taylor
Location: Cambridge and London

Ricky Locock
Location: London

Location: London

Location: London

Murad RM
Location: London

Barry Green
Location: London

Daniel Gregory
Location: Birmingham

Stella Morais
Location: London, West Essex

Andrew Hiles
Location: London

Gemma Glynn
Location: Yorkshire

Location: London

Ollie Jarman
Location: London


Robbie Adam
Location: Scotland

Vlastimil Blaha
Location: Glasgow, Scotland


Kathy Silke
Location: Dublin, Ireland


Diana Silvia Teodorescu
Location: Cardiff, Wales


Location: Geneva, Switzerland

**None of my claims are guaranteed.

Mar 17 11 05:42 pm Link


Brooks Ayola

Posts: 9754

Chatsworth, California, US

I'm still updating from the old thread. I'll only be going back a year (I've only made it back about 9 months so far), so if you posted in the old thread and are not on the above list, let me know.

Mar 17 11 05:49 pm Link


Carle Photography

Posts: 9271

Oakland, California, US

Name: Mariah Carle
Location: Oakland / San Francisco
Primary Interests: Commercial
Compensation: Paid
Other Details: Experience with small crews as well as larger ones up to 12+
Experience with many camera and lighting systems, as well as 35 and med format digital.

Mar 17 11 06:05 pm Link



Posts: 150

Long Beach, California, US

Name: Marc Dedeaux
Location: Long Beach, CA
Primary Interests: any
Compensation: none, I'd do it for experience
Qualifications and other Details:  real estate photography

Mar 17 11 06:51 pm Link


Paul Hill

Posts: 79

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Name: Paul Hill
Location: MA / Boston
Primary Interests: any
Compensation: paid (rate negotiable)
Qualifications and other Details: Familiar with Capture One tethered shooting, able to function as digital tech, Phase One and Leaf backs, Broncolor and Profoto power packs. Very familiar with Hasselblad Series V. Have assisted for Lois Greenfield.

Mar 17 11 07:00 pm Link


Randall Morris

Posts: 37

Sterling, Virginia, US

Name: Randall Morris
Location: Northern Virginia
Primary Interests: Any
Compensation: Any
Other Details: I am trying to learn the tricks of the trade and "get my feet wet". I am punctual, polite  and willing to learn. Weekend mornings work best for me.

Mar 17 11 07:03 pm Link


Jason J Photography

Posts: 983

Mesquite, Texas, US

Jason Jones
Area: Dallas / DFW Texas
Compensation: Paid
Availability: WEEKDAYS, evenings and weekends and for travel ( I shoot and assist full time)
Very experienced with most name brand lighting systems, architectural, product and portrait lighting skills and tethered shooting/ light digital tech work. And when it comes down to it, I can lift heavy stuff and take the blame for most anything you mess up.

I also have a small studio (1000 sq ft, 12' white infinity sweep) in Mesquite, and I assist for half of my usual rate if you rent the studio.

Lots of A-list references if you need them.

Mar 17 11 07:21 pm Link


Demetrius Jones

Posts: 1

Orlando, Florida, US

Name: Demetrius Jones
Location: Ypsilanti (Ann Arbor/ Detroit)
Primary Interests: Photography
Compensation: Gas, if its far away, and active participation in the shoot.
Qualifications and other Details:
Equipment: Gripped T2i | Canon EF 28-135mm USM| EF 75-300mm | Canon Kit 18-55mm IS |Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II | AB800 + Cybersync Receiver and Transmitters.

Experience: Self-taught with a little experience from a good friend. Reading, discussions with other photographers.

I'd like to get experience with a pro or Simi-pro. I would rather not be someone’s “go get me coffee” assistant, but I will assist in holding reflectors, as long as I get a chance to take at least a few photos. I’m here to learn, and have fun while doing something I really enjoy. If you would like a young motivated individual to assist you in shooting an event, or need assistance with a shoot, I’m here for you.

Mar 17 11 07:35 pm Link


Brooks Ayola

Posts: 9754

Chatsworth, California, US

Updated to here.

Mar 17 11 08:10 pm Link


S de Varax

Posts: 7313

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

posted in the wrong thread lol

Name: S de Varax
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Primary Interests: Fashion/Beauty/Editorial
Compensation: paid or internship
Qualifications and other Details: two years freelancing

Mar 17 11 09:52 pm Link



Posts: 3592

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Name: Harold Pasion
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Primary Interests: Fashion/Editorial
Compensation: paid or internship
Qualifications and other Details: 3 years shooting.

Mar 17 11 09:58 pm Link


Gary Livingston

Posts: 3391

Los Angeles, California, US

Sweet. Good to see things organized smile

Mar 17 11 11:27 pm Link



Posts: 159

London, England, United Kingdom

Name:Adam Phillips
Location: London, UK
Primary Interests: Commercial
Compensation: Paid only.
Qualifications and other Details: Experience assisting on Fashion, Beauty, still life and sport. Rental Background. Proficient with Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom, HMI, Dedo, Kinoflow. Some Briese experience. Wide range of grip. Hassleblad H+V systems and Phase one. Capture one, Phocus, Data management, archiving and backups. Professional experience with Photoshop. Able to troubleshoot on set. Good knowledge of electrical distribution.

Mar 17 11 11:29 pm Link



Posts: 3152

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Name: maryelle st. clare
Location: Atlanta
Primary Interests: fashion editorial, beauty, commercial, weddings, engagements
Compensation: Paid and a short reference letter if possible
Qualifications and other Details: I use Nikon cameras and pro lenses. I'm familiar with AB and Genesis/Calumet monolights and Nikon/third-party speedlights; experienced in shooting in low light / high ISO; well versed in Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture NX; self-employed so generally have 24/7 availability. Able to travel easily to Nashville and Hilton Head.

Mar 18 11 09:14 am Link


Monito -- Alan

Posts: 16524

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alan Marr
Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Able to travel.

Experienced in digital (full frame, crop, Canon), 35 mm film.  Have used 120 and view.
Film development, B&W printing.
Digital workflow, post-processing, retouching: PSCS2.
Computer graphics, image processing, database and website programming.
Discreet, mature, knowledgeable, flexible, lots of stamina.

MM message, or phone number at my website.
Would consider longer term positions.

Mar 19 11 08:23 am Link


JM Davies Photography

Posts: 141

London, England, United Kingdom

Jenna Davies
Editorial, beauty and advertising
Paid mainly, but will assist for experience with the right photographer, travel must be covered

2 years film camera assisting experience, 4 years still photography assisting experience.
Experience with Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad and Phase One camera equipment.
and Elichrom, Hmi and Bowens lights, including use of softbox and beauty dish adaptors
Knowledge of processing images in ‘Abobe Photoshop Raw’ and ‘Capture One’
Mid range ability of retouching

contact through mm

Mar 19 11 08:42 am Link


Kevin M Photo

Posts: 8

Conroe, Texas, US

Kevin Marlowe

Houston, TX Will assist in Austin as well.

Interests: Commercial work

Compensation: Paid, contact for rates

Qualifications: I've been full time assisting for three years.  Worked with over 20 photographers in Houston, Austin, as well as NY, San Fransisco and Chicago. Experienced with DSLR, medium and large format. Leaf digital backs and a full range of strobe and continuous lighting.

[email protected]

Mar 19 11 09:34 am Link


JimmieD Photo

Posts: 20

Clearwater, Florida, US

Name: Jimmie Davis
Location: Tampa, Florida
Primary Interests: Any and All
Compensation: Paid/Knowledge Transfer from the "right" photog/Gas and lunch
Qualifications and other Details: None currently...which is why I'm looking to assist and looking for a mentor.

Mar 22 11 11:23 am Link


Eva F

Posts: 107

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Mar 22 11 11:29 am Link


Fashion Studio

Posts: 2

London, England, United Kingdom

Name: Eva Fydrych
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Primary Interests: Fashion
Compensation: Internship or Paid
Qualifications and other Details: Please contact me for details.

Thank you!

Mar 22 11 11:32 am Link



Posts: 1647

London, England, United Kingdom

No longer available.

Mar 22 11 11:36 am Link



Posts: 247

Detroit, Michigan, US

Name: Laur Nash

Location: Farmington, Michigan

Primary Interests: Fashion & Portrait, Commercial or Editorial, or Events

Compensation: Paid or Internship

Qualifications and other Details: Experienced with Nikon and Olympus DSLR gear; able to process & print 35mm film; proficient in retouching using photoshop CS3-CS5 and lightroom; understanding of studio and location lighting techniques; freelance portrait photographer for 1+ year in Metro Detroit area.

Mar 22 11 11:49 am Link


Stiles Photography

Posts: 1

San Diego, California, US

Name:  Karen Stiles
Location:  San Diego, CA
Primary Interest:  Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Commercial, and Fine Art.
Compensation:  Negotiable.

Qualifications and other details:  Five year photography student at San Diego City College.  Professional experience in shooting digital and film for weddings, portraits, sports, commercial products, HDR and fine art.  Experienced in wide variety of studio and on-location lighting techniques and equipment.  Proficient Photoshop CS5, color profiles; B&W film development.  Equipment includes: Nikon D700 & D50, variety of quality lenses, home studio with backdrops, studio lighting, light meters, SB600, SB800.  When assisting, I'm fast, reliable and intuitive.

Mar 22 11 12:07 pm Link


Gamez Photography

Posts: 68

Los Angeles, California, US

Roberto Gamez
Los Angeles, CA (willing to travel with stipend 100 mile radius)
Primary Interests: Editorial, Fashion, Swimwear, Erotic, PinUp, You name it-I'm interested. I don't restrict to any one form. I love various types of modeling and willing to assist on any project.
Compensation: $25 hr, TF if being published or good amount of exposure with credit
Qualifications and other Details:SLR/DSLR(Canon, Nikon, Pentax), Film/Digital Medium format (Able to load backs correctly and efficiently[Hasselblad, Mamiya, Pentax, Holga]), Experienced with digital backs and software(Phase One, Leaf). Large Format( Able to load file Correctly[4x5,8x10] and good eye to comment on bellows correction), Experienced with Photoshop(Light editing and Color Correction, Great technical software/hardware problem solver(I work in I.T. so computers and technology is a passion of mine, Great experience with lighting and technique(Speedotron, Bowen, Norman, Profoto, as well as any Mono light/stand alone lights, Great with continuous/Hot lights as well). Quick setup, break down and clean up.
Attended Santa Monica College and Los Angeles City College, majoring in Liberal Arts with emphasis on Photography

Mar 22 11 12:20 pm Link



Posts: 4591

Rochester, New York, US

I am whiling to assist another photographer that is in the Rochester NY area.

Mar 22 11 12:26 pm Link


Brooks Ayola

Posts: 9754

Chatsworth, California, US

Updated to here...


Post your...

Primary Interests:
Qualifications and other Details:

(just copy and paste that to your post, and fill it in.)

Mar 22 11 02:18 pm Link


Nadirah B

Posts: 28521

Los Angeles, California, US

Name: Nadirah B
Location: LA/Victorville
Primary Interests: Commercial / Beauty
Compensation: Paid
Other Details: I use Nikon Gear, but can figure out how to set up equipment with a little instruction, I am great at holding reflectors big_smile , etc, and a mule when it comes to lugging things! Happy and Cheerful, I work well with others!

Mar 22 11 02:23 pm Link


Infinite Bliss

Posts: 615

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Name: Susan Nagy
Location: Edmonds, Washington
Primary Interests: Wedding Photography
Compensation: Negotiable.
Qualifications and other Details: Been shooting for 7 years. Upgrade equipment very soon.

Mar 22 11 04:11 pm Link


Cindil Ashley

Posts: 40

Los Angeles, California, US

Name: Cindil Ashley
Location: L.A.
Primary Interests: Fashion/Commercial/Print/Ect
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
Qualifications and other Details: Currently receiving a B.A. in Photography. Competent in most lighting set ups/canon/capture one/photoshop. Four years assisting experience.

Mar 22 11 08:13 pm Link


Chloe Turner-Rowe

Posts: 16

Hitchin, England, United Kingdom

Name: Arissa
Location: London and Hertfordshire
Primary Interests:Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Commercial etc
Compensation: Any (Paid/Travel/Internship etc)
Qualifications and other Details: Currently studying BA (Hons) Photography and  Digital Imaging at university. I have some experience in studio work due to university assignments and am also able to process and print B&W 35mm film. I also have experience using Adobe Photoshop, for both photography and graphic design purposes.

Apr 13 11 02:51 pm Link



Posts: 26

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

Name: David Lee Smith
Location: Nashville, TN
Primary Interests: Fashion, Beauty, Commercial,
Compensation: Free Local / Travel paid for expenses
Qualifications and other Details: Self Taught Photographer of 3 years looking to work hard to improve my technique ...I understand some lighting technique and will follow instruction well.

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Posts: 1163

Dallas, Texas, US

Name: Connor Stewart
Location: so cal LA/OC
Primary Interests: fashion
Compensation: neg
Qualifications and other Details: i own a truck big_smile

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Andrew Thomas Evans

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Name: Andrew Thomas Evans

Location: Downtown Minneapolis

Primary Interests: Being told what to pick up and where to put it down.

Compensation: Any, just has to be interesting/motivating enough for me to take a day off of work.

Qualifications and other Details: I've used a bunch of cameras, formats, held a Mamiya with a P30+ in one hand and a Jack/coke in the other while shooting at a friends studio (camera not mine, didn't drop it), Dropped a Speedo head which I won't do again. Can setup lights and some computer stuff, I know what looks good and crappy and am not afraid to let you know, and I've used both my Wacom and card reader to hold pizza. Did I mention I like to lift things and put them in different places?

I can do some retouching and digi tech stuff although I really wouldn't want it as a career.

Andrew Thomas Evans

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Warren Leimbach

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Tampa, Florida, US

Thanks, Brooks for organizing this!

Warren "Curt" Leimbach

Tampa, Florida, USA.

941-266-1898 cell … UserId=100

$300/day   - sorry, paid work only.

Proud traditional assistant, trained in the bad old film days.  Also available for scouting, PA, grip work.  I love technical setups, high speed sync, stop action, etc. and especially love working with sports shooters.   I have 20 years experience in high end commercial work in the US and Japan.  Speedotron rental available.  Reliable van.  Passport.  Travel at the drop of a hat.

Recent photo assisting clients:
Tampa Bay Rays
New York Times Magazine
Kelby Media
Trans Siberian Orchestra
New Era

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Robert Sawin

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Carlsbad, California, US

I am san diego more specifically carlsbad. 

I would love to assist other photographers but can only accept paid work. 

My flat day rate with out equipment is 200 $ minimum.

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Brooks Ayola

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Chatsworth, California, US

Updated to here...

Post your...

Primary Interests:
Qualifications and other Details:

(just copy and paste that to your post, and fill it in.)

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Santa Monica, California, US

Primary Interests:FITNESS PHOTOS
Qualifications and other Details:INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED

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Velella Velella

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Berkeley, California, US

Name: Velella Velella
Location: Berkeley/San Francisco, CA
Primary Interests: All genres
Compensation: Negotiable
Qualifications and other Details: Some art school. Current student.

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Flash N Burn

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Los Angeles, California, US

Sold! To the lady in the white hat.

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Retouch Artistry

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Tampa, Florida, US

Deleted due to lack of availability. If/when I have some free time again, I'll repost from my photography account. Thanks. smile

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